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How To Make Latte Macchiato

How To Make Latte Macchiato

Coffee Expert Explains How to Make a Macchiato | Epicurious

If you are a coffee lover, you have probably heard of the term Macchiato. The espresso-dominated beverage is loved and enjoyed by coffee lovers all over the world.

The original version of Macchiato is called Cafe Macchiato, Latte Macchiato is an even fancier version of the traditional Macchiato, and is a favorite coffee beverage to many.

If youre a beginner and have no clue as to what these drinks are, and how are they made. Keep on reading, because we will be talking about all of that in detail.

How To Make Latte Macchiato With New

Dont let anyone from either the purist or sweet tooth schools of thought tell you that youre way of making a latte machiato is wrong. Ever since we started checking how automatic coffee machines handle layering, in our super automatic espresso machine reviews, Ive been enjoying it a lot more, too.

Lots of creamy milk, a strong coffee kick whats not to like?

How To Make A Macchiato

Heres how to make a macchiatothe real way! This coffee drink features a shot of espresso topped with a layer of frothy foam.

Heres a coffee drink thats one part espresso, one part foam, and equal parts delicious: the Macchiato! This espresso drink is like a lighter version of a latte, ideal for when you want a jolt of caffeine without all the extra calories. Theres a certain coffee shop thats tarnished the macchiatos name by causing some confusion about what it really is. Here well clear up those murky waters and show you how to make a macchiatothe classic way.

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How To Make Latte Macchiato At Home


  • How to make latte macchiato at home?

Coffee has many names. And as for inspiration in this topic, its best to turn to a reliable source, which is sunny Italy. So today I will show you a recipe for making a classic Italian latte macchiato in your own home. Because who wouldnt like to change their usual black cup of joe for a large white from time to time?

How To Make An Iced Macchiato


You still need the occasional caffeine boost on the most scorching days of summer, but a steaming hot macchiato might not sound as appealing. In that case, try making an iced macchiato to cool down while you caffeinate. To make your macchiato an iced coffee, you’ll need to fill your cup with ice before pouring in your milk, so the liquid remains cold. Then, you’ll be able to add your espresso to finish up your iced macchiato masterpiece.

If you’re in the mood for something icy cold and a little sweet, an iced caramel macchiato might be just the drink for you! Making an iced caramel macchiato is similar to preparing a regular iced macchiato, but you begin by pumping some vanilla simple syrup into the bottom of the glass, followed by the milk, so it can thoroughly mix with the syrup. A vanilla-flavored simple syrup makes a better sweetener for an iced caramel macchiato than genuine caramel sauce because the caramel will not have a chance to heat up to help it dissolve into the milk.

After you’ve put both the vanilla simple syrup and milk into your cup, you can add the ice. Next, pour the espresso on top of the ice whether you wait for the espresso to cool or pour it in while still warm is up to you. Finally, drizzle a bit of caramel sauce on top of the iced macchiato to give it the delicious caramel flavor that characterizes an iced caramel macchiato.

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What Is A Macchiato In The First Place

We should start with the word ‘macchiato’. It’s Italian for spotted, or marked. Originally the drink was known as a shot of espresso , with a whisper of milk foam on top.

Basically a ‘spotted espresso’. However in the past decades we’ve come to know another type of macchiato – the latte macchiato. This is pretty much the opposite of a traditional macchiato.

A tall glass of steamed and frothed milk, a bit smaller than a latte, with an espresso mark or spot – an entire shot poured into it.

The problem is that each coffee shop think is its macchiato as being ‘the macchiato’. So what in one shop may be an espresso macchiato, in another it might be a latte macchiato, depending on what the barista was trained to do.

And no one really talks about this, so you’ll have to be very specific about your order – either espresso macchiato, or latte macchiato, just so everyone’s clear and the barista won’t have a chance to misunderstand you.

In fact, we’d better stop and talk about the differences between latte macchiato and espresso macchiato.

The Certified Cappuccino Recipe

While many sources consider the definition of cappuccino as a 1:1:1 ratio of coffee, milk, and foam, the Istituto Nazionale di Espresso Italiano defines Certified Italian Cappuccino as follows:

  • It begins with 25 ml of espresso
  • It requires 100 ml of cold milk steamed to a volume of 125 ml
  • It is to be served in a white porcelain cup with a volume of 150-160 ml
  • It is to be topped with a visible dome-shaped cap of milk foam

To test this, we fired up the La Pavoni and brewed several cappuccinos to the INEIs precise specifications. They were exactly like the cappuccino we enjoyed at the Hotel Universo in Lucca on our last trip to Italy, where the barista added just a thin layer of foam on top. Sometimes, standards are delicious.

The key to the INEI cappuccino: the quality of the espresso. Where the macchiato is 75% espresso and 25% milk, the cappuccino reverses the proportions. This means that for cappuccino, espresso quality is of paramount importance.

A poor shot wont give you enough coffee flavor a perfect shot will render that magical balance of deep espresso and slightly sweet steamed milk.

Heres a video by Dritan Alselda on how to achieve the perfect cappuccino at home:

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Latte Macchiato: What It Is And How To Prepare It

Latte macchiato is a true Italian classic, now known and appreciated all over the world. Usually, people drink it at a bar, for breakfast or for a merenda , served in a tall glass that shows its incredible nuances.

With a Gaggia espresso machine, you can make it at home too, with a few simple steps! How? Read our article.

How To Make A Latte Macchiato At Home

Quick Tip: How to Make a Latte Macchiato and Espresso Macchiato

When making a latte macchiato at home, youll need a method of frothing milk. You can use a frothing wand, handheld frother, espresso coffee machine, or an electric mixer. If you dont have any frothing equipment at home, never fear, as you can do it the old-fashioned way whisking by hand or shaking in a jar.

What Youll Need:

  • ½ cup of whole or 2% milk
  • 2 shots of hot espresso

If you need to cut out full-fat milk, there are some froth-friendly non-dairy alternatives. Oat milk is generally the best pick for frothing, but almond milk can also achieve a decent foam.

Additional Add-Ins:

  • 1-2 tablespoons of flavored syrup

You wouldnt add flavored syrup or garnish on the top of a traditional macchiato, but when youre making a latte macchiato at home, why not? We recommend making a classic latte macchia first to get the process right. But you can easily add in extra flavor later.

If you enjoy a dash of cinnamon or other top garnish, its simple to add it as the last step of any drink. Make a traditional macchiato and give it a taste. If you miss your dash of flavor, spice it up with cinnamon or cardamom.

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How To Make The Perfect Latte Macchiato

Delicious coffee beverages are not only reserved for baristas at cafés – with a few simple tricks you can also prepare a perfect latte in the comfort of your home! Check out our step-by-step guide to creating the perfect latte macchiato and try it yourself!

This blog post was created in collaboration with our friends from the Rauwolf coffee roastery in Vienna. Roast master and founder Michael knows exactly what is important for the perfect latte macchiato, and therefore gives you a few tips and tricks.

But first, some fun facts about the latte macchiato! If you want to skip to the preparation right away, click here.

Does Macchiato Have Milk Froth

An espresso macchiato consists of one or two shots of espresso with a dash of frothed milk. A macchiato is usually served in an espresso cup and contains twice as much coffee as milk. 2. Caffè Latte: Caffè latte, or latte for short, is an Italian espresso drink made from frothed milk latte is Italian for milk.

What is a real macchiato?

Macchiato means stained or marked and espresso means marked with a dash of milk. Its about four ounces with equal parts espresso to frothed milk. A Starbucks-style latte is neither a latte nor a macchiato.

Is macchiato milk froth?

A caffè macchiato or espresso macchiato is an espresso with frothed milk. The word macchiato means spots in Italian, meaning that the dark espresso is tainted by the milk froth. Some sources say that the macchiato was invented to drink espresso well into the afternoon.

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What Is A Macchiato

Macchiato is an espresso-dominated beverage. Therefore, a good choice for someone who enjoys a stronger and bolder coffee flavor.

The word Macchiato means spotted in Italian. In Portugal, it is referred to as Cafe pingado or coffee with a drop. This is because of the way the drink is served by the baristas.

A dollop of steamed milk is poured over an espresso shot making it look like a mark or a stain. Macchiato is traditionally served in a smaller espresso cup around 2-3oz.

Latte Macchiato Layers: What’s The Point

Latte Macchiato

Believe it or not, the layers are more than just about making the drink look awesome!

Milk foam is largely made up of air. This creates a cushion that helps embed the espresso in the latte macchiato. When you stir, youre bursting the air bubbles and you might as well order yourself a latte or caffè latte , instead .

Even if layer upon layer is primarily a visual highlight, it certainly serves a purpose for a successful aroma.

With each unstirred sip you allow yourself a complex mouthfeel: strong espresso, creamy milk foam, warm milk. So if you want to stir something correctly, do it in your mouth, not in the glass with a spoon.

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Can You Make Latte With Regular Coffee

Is it possible to prepare a latte with normal coffee? Yes, but it will have to be a very potent batch thats made. Adjusting the proportion of coffee to water will result in a change in the overall strength of the beverage. To fortify a pot of drip or pour-over coffee, you can adjust the ratio of coffee to water to be anywhere from 1:15 to 1:1 or lower.

How Much Milk Does A Macchiato Have

When making a macchiato, just a very tiny quantity of frothed milk, roughly 1 ounce, is used, whereas a flat white calls for 4 ounces of milk that is smoother and has less texture. Macchiatos come in at 3 ounces, making them a more manageable beverage option than flat whites, which come in at 6 ounces.

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The Density Of Each Layer Is Key

The lower layer consists of steamed milk, and has to be much denser than the rest of the layers. This means that you’ll want to use a milk with a high fat content. If you intend on using a sweetener in your macchiato, then be sure to add it into the milk as it can also help increase the density. Weve chosen to use oat milk for our hojicha latte macchiato as it is very thick and foams well.

Can I Make A Latte With Coffee Instead Of Espresso

How to Make a Caffe Macchiato | Perfect Coffee

Prepare your coffee or espresso by brewing it.Use anywhere from one to two shots when youre preparing espresso, depending on how much caffeine you want to consume.TIP: Espresso is a strong, concentrated kind of coffee that is produced by forcing hot water under pressure through extremely finely ground beans.If you wish to use normal coffee in place of espresso in a latte, you should make the coffee as strong as you possibly can.

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Milk To Use For A Macchiato

The best milk to use for a macchiato is whole milk. Why? Whole milk froths the best because it has the highest milk fat. You can get away with 2% milk here too: especially if you have a handheld milk frother . Heres the important part: make sure the milk is as fresh as possible! Milk thats getting closer to its expiration date does not foam as well.

Can you make a vegan macchiato? Yes! The best non-dairy milk for a vegan macchiato is oat milk: it froths up the best and has great flavor. Go to How to Froth Milk for more about working with non-dairy milk!

Is A Macchiato Just Foam

The difference is that a cappuccino contains more foam. Whereas a macchiato only has a speck of foam at the top, traditionally the cappuccino has about 4 to 5 ounces , he says.

What is a real macchiato? Macchiato means stained or marked and espresso means marked with a dash of milk. Its about four ounces with equal parts espresso to frothed milk. A Starbucks-style latte is neither a latte nor a macchiato.

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Differences Between A Latte Macchiato And Caffe Latte

The latte macchiato differs from the traditional latte in that the former has more espresso, while the latter has a more balanced and delicate flavour. When preparing a latte macchiato, espresso is added to the milk. This is a different approach compared to when preparing caffe latte where the milk is added to the espresso.

Latte macchiato also has more foam compared to the hot milk used in Caffe lattes. In addition, latte macchiato uses half a shot of espresso or less. The latte macchiato is often referred to as a layered drink while a caffe latte is considered a mixed drink.

Source: Nespresso

How To Make A Latte Macchiato

Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks

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By Nicole Turner

Whether youre an expert homebrewer or youre learning how to order at your local coffee shop, youve heard of the macchiato. The macchiato is a classic alongside staples like the latte or cappuccino.

If youre learning the basics, you cant skip mastering the macchiato. Today, were going to introduce you to a variation on the classic coffee drink: the delicious latte macchiato.

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Prepare The Perfect Latte Macchiato Step By Step

Step 1

Step 1: First froth the milk for the latte macchiato. A longer drawing phase during frothing allows even more air to enter. This gives the foam more volume and stability.

step 2

Step 2: Now the warm milk foam is poured into a glass until it is about 3/4 full.

step 3

Step 3: Now prepare the espresso. Usually, around 25 to 30 ml of espresso are needed for a latte macchiato.

Step 4

Step 4: Finally, slowly pour the espresso into the glass. The espresso flows through the upper foam layer and collects on the warm milk.


Done: Et voilà! In front of you is the perfect latte macchiato.

We use this for the preparation of latte macchiato: Our milk jug from Motta * Our milk foam thermometer * Super good espresso beans *

Interesting Facts About The Popular Latte Macchiato

Before we go into more detail on how to make a delicious latte macchiato at home, we would like to give you some interesting facts about the beverage.

Anyone who knows at least a few words of Italian can figure out what is meant by latte macchiato. Latte on the one hand means milk, while macchiato is translated as stained. So in English it would be called stained milk. Hm, we’d rather stick with the Italian original.

According to origin stories, the three-layer coffee beverage was actually meant for children . Since the high caffeine content of an espresso was too strong and unhealthy for them, they were only given a shot of coffee instead, which was weakened with a lot of milk.

Nowadays, latte macchiato is fortunately an adult beverage. It scores not only with its taste, but also with its optics and there’s a large variety of art you can produce on the foam using cinnamon or cocoa powder. Even selfies have already been printed on the latte macchiato.

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How To Make Latte Macchiato Caramel With Tassimo

When you open the TASSIMO latte macchiato caramel package, you will find two different boxes. One contains 8 T DISCs coffee and the other 8 T DISCs of concentrated ultra-filtered cream, prepared with sugar and caramel flavour. With these T DISCs, you can create 8 cups of latte macchiato caramel. Just like the regular latte macchiato T DISCs, you insert the milk pod first and press the button. When you see that the milk is ready, you replace the milk pod with the coffee pod and watch how they mix together perfectly. The end result is a caramel flavoured latte macchiato, just like you wanted.


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