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Coffee Clubs Of The Month

Single Vs Multiple Roaster Coffee Subscription

Coffee of the Month Club | July 2022 – Candy Shoppe

There are many different roasters out there that will send you their coffee directly without having to go through a middleman. Single Roaster Coffee Subscriptions means you get your coffee directly from the roaster of your choice and in many cases you can decide how often you receive deliveries from them.

Often, single roasters will still curate beans from a variety of different locations across the world meaning you still get a ton of flavor variety, consistently roasted from a place you trust.

If you want a sampling from multiple independent coffee roasters all at once, then a multiple roaster is the coffee subscription for you.

There are many small roasters that have popped up all over the country and many are too small to operate their own subscription service. So theyve partnered with companies that offer coffee subscriptions and pull from this pool of smaller roasters.

With a Multiple Roaster Coffee Subscription, youll often be able to choose from many different roasters and experiment with new, small-batch roasts. Like the Single Roaster option, most of these subscriptions will allow you to customize when you get the coffee and how much you get in each delivery.

A Service That Offers Small Samples Full

Bean Box

Roast options: Light, medium, dark, espresso and decaf | Frequency: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a la carte | Sourcing: Bean Box sources coffees primarily from small roasters across the United States

Seattle is home to some of the best coffee roasters in the country, which is why a group of Seattle-based former tech workers decided to start Bean Box. The brand works with roasters across the United States, including Seattle- and Washington state-based roasters including Boon Boona, Bluebeard and Zoka Coffee.

You can choose to receive light, medium, dark, decaf or espresso roasts, or a mix of everything with the all roasts option. You can either order a Tasting Flight, consisting of four 1.8-ounce bags of artisan coffee from small-batch roasters, or you can order the Curators Choice where you can get full-sized bags. If theres a particular coffee or roaster you like, you can also order that coffee directly through their website without purchasing a subscription. Plus, youll get tasting notes, roaster profiles, brewing tips and an artisan treat with each delivery. And when you sign up, you get a free Tasting Flight with your first order.

A Popular Subscription Box That Makes A Great Present


Roast options: Light, medium, dark, espresso and decaf | Frequency: Every one, two, three or four weeks | Sourcing: Misto Box sources coffee from specialty coffee roasters

Another popular coffee subscription is MistoBox, which offers over 600 of coffee varieties from over 60 different artisan roasters around the country. When you sign up for a MistoBox subscription, youre paired with a coffee expert whos tasked with learning your personal tastes that way, they can match you with coffee youre sure to love. Alternatively, you can select the coffee yourself.

MistoBox offers two subscription tiers based on the average price of the coffee. In the deluxe tier, bags start at around $13, and these are usually large-lot single origins, espresso and medium-roast coffees. The exclusive tier, which includes only coffees that are considered the best of the best, starts just over $15 per bag. If youd like to gift a subscription to a friend, there are options for three, six or twelve months, or gift a bulk number of boxes for things like holiday presents or staff appreciation tokens.

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Why We Love Coffee Subscriptions

The benefits of a coffee subscription or coffee-of-the-month club are obvious. For one, they’ll never go without so you’re always looking at it and never looking for it. Then there’s the variety, with beans procured from far-off lands and micro-roasters to deliver truly unique coffee tasting experiences. And if a subscription feels like too much, most of these coffee clubs and retailers offer a one-time send of special beans — ground or whole. Hey, it’s certainly more interesting than a bottle of wine or fruit basket.

Angels Cup Pod Coffee Subscription

Coffee of the Month Club

Are you looking for something a little more adventurous? We recommend Angels Cup, which is a fun and stylish subscription club that aims to teach you how to taste and identify coffee like an expert.

Angels Cup offers three subscription options, two of which are packaged for blind tasting. You can brew and taste each sample, add your notes on a well-designed app, and then compare your findings with notes from the roaster and your fellow subscribers.

This game-like subscription club sends out challenging, unusual coffee, like a surprisingly delicious Robusta from Thailand and a complex, peppery Ethiopian coffee. This club is curated, so you cant customize the coffee you receive. Luckily, you can reorder your favorites directly from the roasters. If you dont like the coffee you receive, Angels Cup offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Want to know more? Take a look at our more detailed review of Angels Cup here.

  • Cant reorder favorite coffees, though you can buy directly from the roaster

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For People Who Think Variety Is The Spice Of Life

These companies are like the general ed classes you took freshman yearyou get to try a range of offerings from a variety of coffee roasters so you can decide what you like.

If youre just dialing in your coffee game, Trade is a one stop shop with hundreds of good options. Ive long been a fan for its approachable brewing guides, wide selection of beans from craft coffee roasters, and its commitment to ethical sourcing. To find your ideal bean, youll whiz through a speedy quiz that clocks your preferred gadgetryChemex, French Press, coffee maker, etc.before assessing your milk and flavor preferences. Do you favor a light or dark roast? How funky are you willing to go? It ends with the all important question of price. Select a subscription for $15.75, or swing for the premium beans at $17-$22 a bag. Regardless, once you select your beans, theyll be roasted to order and shipped directly from the roaster for maximum freshness. And whatever you choose, you can know that the company is committed to only working with roasters who pay farmers a fair price for their beans.

What Were Looking For

Consistency vs. variety: Coffee drinkers tend to fall into one of two camps: You either find a coffee you like and stick with it or jump from one roast to another. Coffee subscriptions work the same way. Some let you order the same bag of beans while others ship you new flavors each month. This depends on whether the purveyors sell beans they roast themselves or deal in beans provided by smaller roasters . If you prize consistency, those who roast their own beans have more control and likely an easier time delivering the same flavor month to month. But if you want variety, having access to a network of independent roasters is a plus. Below, Ive noted whether each subscription is best for consistency or variety.

User experience: Like with your favorite streaming platform, you want an easy-to-use website or app to help control a coffee subscription. Ideally, you can go to the website, see your order history and the next shipment headed to you, and make changes on the fly like pausing delivery when youll be on vacation.

Some purveyors do more hand-holding than others to help newbies find the right coffee. They include quizzes on which roast levels you like, how you plan to brew the coffee, and which popular chain coffee you enjoy all in hopes that the feedback guides the websites recommendations for you. Here, Ive noted these features to show how user-friendly the different interfaces are.

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For Animal Lovers: Bean & Bean

Quality coffee? Check. Making strides towards gender equity? Yup. Andgiving back to sloths? You bet! Bean & Bean is brewing up more than just a delicious cup of coffee. Every purchase helps fund positive change for people and the planet. We love the bestsellers subscriptions, which lets you choose your favorite roast or a monthly surprise. Bonus: Many of Bean & Beans coffees are sourced from women-owned and women-led farms.

Cost: Starts at $18/month

A Wonderful Option That Supports Independent Roasters

Spellbinders | Large Die of the Month Club | June 2022 | Paisley Dreams

Trade Coffee Company

Roast options: Light, medium, dark, espresso and decaf | Frequency: Every 1, 1.5 or 2 weeks with bundles available for multiple bags of coffee | Sourcing: Trade Coffee Company works with roasters across the United States who are sourcing speciality coffee

Often called the Netflix of coffee, Trade offers more than 400 types of craft coffees from roasting companies around the countryincluding top names like George Howell and Merit Coffee. When you sign up for a Trade subscription, youll take a quiz that matches you with varieties to suit your personal tastes, and youll choose from two subscription tiersThe Hookup, which sends you a wide variety of coffee, or The Classic, which sticks to more traditional flavors.

The cost of this subscription varies depending on what you order. Each bag of coffee usually costs between $15 and $22, and subscription holders get access to exclusive savings and free shipping. You can also choose how often you want new coffee deliveredfrom every week to every six weeksand the company offers subscribers its First Match Guarantee, meaning if you dont like your first delivery, theyll give you the next one for free. You also get $25 off your first order. All in All, Trade Coffee is a great option for people looking to learn more about small roasters and eager try out new coffees.

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Lady Falcon Coffee Club

If you’re bored with your morning cup of Joe, Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s single-origin coffee blends may be the perfect coffee subscription box for you.

Lady Falcon Coffee Club offers a decided split from prototypical coffee roasters. With standard brown paper bags and traditional flavors nowhere to be found, Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s craft coffee embraces the sensuality, flavor, and fierce feminity of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s pastel packaging and street talk-inspired names may catch your eye, but the flavor of the handcrafted coffee will keep you coming back for more. With six tasting notes to choose from, the small-batch coffee roasts will appeal to virtually every coffee drink.

The coffee subscription service starts at a deliciously attainable price, too. Mix and match up to eight 10-oz. bags to get your favorite specialty coffee blends delivered to your doorstep every month. If you can’t decide on a roast preference or want to mix things up, Lady Falcon Coffee Club has got you covered. Simply select “Lady’s Choice” and let the craft coffee experts choose your next blend for you.

To start your subscription, choose your size, your favorite single-origin, blended, or flavored coffee, and your preferred shipping frequency to enjoy artisan roasts and Golden City flavor in every cup.

Lady Falcon makes a strong argument for the best coffee subscription box for several reasons, including:

Does The Coffee Subscription Fit Your Desires

As a coffee drinker, the first thing you should consider is, naturally, the coffee itself. What coffees does the coffee subscription offer? Where do the coffee beans come? How do they source their coffee beans?

In terms of your desires, there are two different approaches you can take:

  • If you like trying lots of different coffees, look for a coffee subscription box that ships you new coffees each time.
  • If you already know what you like, look for a coffee of the month box that offers subscriptions for the type of coffee you know and like it.

Before choosing, make sure you’re clear on what you want. Is your priority freshly roasted coffee? coffee delivered quickly? or a service that will help you find your favorite coffee? Each coffee subscription box has a strength, and it’s your job to match your order with that strength.

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What Are The Best Coffees To Subscribe To

The best coffees to subscribe to are the ones that taste best to you and that fit with your preferred method of brewing coffee though high-quality Arabica beans are always a good bet. When signing up for a coffee subscription, if youre not choosing a specific bean, you will get to choose your preferred roast level. Many services also offer a subscription for espresso lovers.

Best Coffee Club Subscriptions Of 2022

Coffee of the month club with gift tin // Last Minute Gift

Keep your loved ones caffeinated with a curated coffee subscription or monthly club. There’s one for every taste.

David Watsky

Senior Editor / Home and Kitchen

I live in Brooklyn where I write about food subscriptions, cooking, kitchen gadgets and commerce. Anything with sesame is my all-time favorite food this week.

We’ve tested some mail-order roasters and coffee-of-the-month clubs to help you find the best coffee subscriptions. Each coffee subscription service does something different, and picking up on the nuances can help you find the perfect bean club. Best of all, the coffee drinker you love will always have a stock of fragrant coffee, and will love you right back every time they unzip a bag.

Great gifts for coffee drinkers are abundant these days. There are coffee grinders, mugs and the actual coffee maker itself, of course — although that last one may be best left for someone to choose themselves. What a coffee drinker can never have enough of is beans, which is why giving a coffee subscription that delivers high-quality and unique coffee is about as foolproof as it gets.

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Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box Best Overall

If youre an armchair traveler, youll love our pick for the best coffee of the month club. Atlas Coffee Club is a fun travel-themed coffee subscription service offering fully curated coffee from all over the world. Every Atlas box contains freshly roasted beans in fun patterned bags, plus postcards and detailed coffee origin information. You can expect brewing tips, tasting notes, and detailed roast information.

We recently sampled Atlass Peruvian beans, and trust us: theyre absolutely delicious. This fully curated club is incredibly easy to set up just set a few simple preferences and let the curators do the rest. The downside is that you dont get to choose each bag of coffee. But if youre busy and love drinking good coffee, this could be the perfect monthly coffee club for you. Plus, you can currently save 50% on your first bag!

All in all, we think this is the best coffee subscription service available this year. Read our full review and see what you think!

Our second favorite coffee subscription service is Driftaway Coffee, a stylish, travel-themed club that ships fresh, flavorful beans in thoughtful, convenient packaging. This subscription comes with lots of information, including detailed notes on flavors and coffee origin, and you can contact the farmer directly.

Read our full review of Driftaway Coffee here.

You can read our more detailed review of Bean Box here.

How Much Can You Customize

The best coffee subscriptions allow you to customize your experience while others offer fixed options. These are curated by professionals but often fairly inflexible.

Want to be active in choosing? Look for a coffee of the month club that tells you what types of whole bean coffee will be sent to you in advance, and will allow you to pick and switch varieties or roasts. Some services will tell you whats coming in the mail, but wont allow you to make changes.

Want the company to decide for you? Choose a service that curates coffees and roast types based on your preferences/feedback to a sample box. This is the best way to try beans that the coffee professionals at each coffee box company believe are truly great. You should also consider if you want them to grind for you or not.

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Coffee Of The Month Club: Year Long

Great coffee all year round. A roast a month. One order, twelve roasts. No Hassle!

Subscriptions begin in the month of initial sign-up with the current Coffee of the Month. Recurring orders follow the Coffee of the Month calendar.

List of Coffees of the Month: , , , , Mays Springtime Twist, , , , , , , .

Subscriptions renew automatically each month on the day of initial sign-up.* Orders continue for the twelve month length of the subscription, delivering monthly orders of fresh coffee without the hassle of reordering. Subscriptions can be monitored and modified inside customer accounts.

Makes a great gift! Give a subscription for a fantastic gift that just keeps coming.

** Want your coffee ground? Leave a note in the box for Additional Instructions at check-out. Tell us your brewing method , and we’ll grind your beans for the perfect cup.**

Each roast = 600 grams green coffee. You’ll receive approx. 18 oz. of roasted beans. Brews about 33 full cups of coffee.

*Subscriptions automatic, recurring orders do not qualify for the newsletters monthly promotion.

Electric City Roasting Co

Spellbinders | Large Die of the Month Club | August 2022 | Strawberry Patch

If you want to make a global impact while making your morning cup of Joe, then Electric City Roasting Co. may be the perfect pick for your coffee habit.

Pennsylvania-based Electric City Roasting Co. rounds out the list of the top six coffee subscription boxes. The specialty coffee roasting company meticulously sources, roasts, and blends high-quality coffee beans directly from coffee farms around the world, resulting in a closed-loop club perfect for the conscientious coffee drinker.

The company’s sustainability efforts aren’t the only thing worth praising, though. Electric City Roasting Co. features award-winning coffee experts and curators who work with you to find your new favorite blend.

Choose from 18 specialty blends or mix and match to create a personalized subscription, delivered straight to your door every month. Other benefits of Electric City Roasting Co. include:

  • Craft coffee sourced directly from farmers
  • Wide range of ground and whole coffee beans, espresso beans, and single-serve options
  • Effortless subscription management
  • Vast selection of taste profiles
  • Award-winning coffee selection curated by the ECR experts

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