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Coffee Shops In Grand Rapids

Double Dip Depot Ice Cream & Mini Golf

Brewing up an opportunity: New woman-owned coffee shop opens in Belknap Lookout neighborhood

As its name suggests, the Double Dip Depot doesnt just offer ice cream it is also a great place for a fun night of mini golf! It has an extensive menu of 18 flavors of hard-packed ice cream as well as soft serve ice cream and flurries. Many of its flavors are unique and exclusive to the Double Dip Depot like the Double Dip Decadence and Honey Lavender.

This ice cream shop also caters to those with special dietary needs, with lactose-free, cholesterol-free and dairy-free options. It also has fun options for the kids , like the Blue Monster, which features vanilla soft serve, blue magic shell, monster eyes, and gummy tentacles. You can enjoy your ice cream on the Double Dips gorgeous patio or while playing a round of mini golf!

The Coffee Tasted So Much Better Than Store Bought

Have been purchasing coffee at Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters for about ten years. Was initially attracted by the local start-up small business but continued to buy coffee beans here because the coffee tasted so much better than store bought. Craig and his staff have always been welcoming and very helpful. I have received an education in coffee beans and roasting. Wayne, July 2021

Salads Sandwiches & Smoothies

Taking bits and pieces from places weve traveled, our menu is eclectic, simple and as fresh as possible. We use as few frozen or packaged products and we try to locally source our product when it is in season so we can make it from scratch in our tiny kitchen.

Our food isnt meant to be fast but we do respect and value efficiency and convenience, so we offer grab-and-go items as well as the ability to order ahead for curbside pickup or to have ready after a fitness class.

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Water Street Coffee Joint Kalamazoo& portage

With café and drive-thru options in and around Kalamazoo, Water Street Coffee Joint is a go-to for coffee lovers in this college setting. Enjoy a latte made with hazelnut or other house-made syrups. Choose from amongst their other espresso offerings, along with shakes, smoothies, teas and a full food menu. Get cozy on a weekend morning at their original café along of course Water Street with a coffee and a freshly made pastry. Grab a bag of in-house roasted beans on your way out. Locations open early and close late, so there is always a welcoming spot and coffee waiting!

Best Coffee Shops In Grand Rapids Michigan

Inside of The Bitter End Coffeehouse

DISCLAIMER: This page might contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may make a commission, at no extra cost to you. This helps me continue creating travel resources so thank you!

Its common knowledge that Grand Rapids is Michigans best city for good coffee. Whether you plan your travels around coffee, or you simply want to visit a nice cafe, the Grand Rapids coffee scene wont let you down. Over years of visiting, Ive tested out the best coffee shops in Grand Rapids.

A few weeks ago, though, on assignment with Barista Magazine, I set myself the goal of a coffee day trip to Grand Rapids. The idea was simple: one day to research and taste-test all of Grand Rapids best coffee shops. Now, I didnt thoroughly think through the reaction my body might have to over a dozen cups of coffee in an eight hour time span. Learning experience. This was a dont try this at home, folks, type situation. Anyway, my caffeine-jitters were a worthwhile sacrifice in order to bring you this article on the best coffee shops in Grand Rapids! Try out a few on your own day trip, or better yet, plan a longer trip to Grand Rapids and explore all this city has to offer!

*Thank you to Experience Grand Rapids who covered my expenses on this day trip. Ive also tried out many of these cafes at my own expense, through the years. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Roosroast Coffee Ann Arbor

When in Ann Arbor its all about the Lobster Butter Love, the signature coffee beans of this unique shop and roaster. They dont do pour overs, but youll quickly recover from by ordering a Long Pull. RoosRoast roasts at their original Rosewood Street location, where you will find a quirky and throwback-style café. The shop Downtown is more modern and offers a small breakfast menu which includes delicious breakfast burritos. Coffee bean names like Portland in the 1990s reflect the vision and life experiences of their owner John Roos. Feeling adventurous? Order a Garlic Cortado!

To Help People Live And Give Joyfully In Their Community

Without people, there is no coffee. Seems simple, yet its so true. Yes, a commitment to great beverage craft absolutely matters, but its simply the vehicle that drives great community. Why not do it with your kids in the room.

Every coffee drink at EverPlay Cafe is made from in-house, fresh roasted beans from Rapids Coffee Co. We believe everyone deserves a quality coffee experience with a bean that is carefully picked, freshly roasted, and delivered with care. we have made it possible for you to drink the same delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home. You can buy whole beans in the cafe, or order online .

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Getting Caffeinated In Grand Rapids: Five Awesome Coffee Shops

While everyone knows where to get a beer in West Michigan thanks to our Beer City USA status, beer isnt the only thing brewing in this town! As a student who needs a boost and a dangerously caffeine dependent human, I set out to bring you some facts about five of the finest coffee houses in Grand Rapids. I was a little jittery by the end but if you hit them one at a time, these five will bring you great joy whether youre studying, meeting colleagues, reading a book, or just grabbing some java to go.

2. RowstersMy personal favorite of the tour was Rowster Coffee. Located on Wealthy Street between College and Fuller,the big windows and minimal decor gives it a clean, efficient feel. Rowster Coffee has been open for about three years and does all of its rowsting on site. They are open seven days a week and their most common roast is Milky Way, delightful in a latte or as a take-home bag of beans. They also do a variety of pour-over coffees, and use a simple syrup upon request to sweeten. They are in the first stages of their own Mug Club, a year long coffee membership that gets you deals on beans and coffee on site. Members will have their own mug at the shop, so if you live close, go check out the opportunity to join!

Are there other coffee spots you frequent in West Michigan? Comment and tell us about them!

Sincerely jittery,

Moose Jackson Cafe Iron Mountain

New Grand Rapids coffee and bar would cater to drinkers and non-drinkers

The Moose serves up over 15 custom blends of coffee, in addition to a full espresso bar and plenty of baked treats to pair your drink with! It also doubles as one of the town’s social hubs. It’s often busy, especially around lunchtime when sandwiches, wraps, salads and paninis fly out of the kitchen.

Dead River Coffee roasts a selection of Arabica coffees from various exotic locations. Enjoy your cup in the store and enjoy the delicious aroma of roasting beans, then grab a pound for the road!

About the Author: Aaron Cruz is a long-time resident of The Mitten. When not out on the open road, he’s probably drinking coffee somewhere. He loves exploring independent coffee shops, taking photos and road trips. He is the founder ofCoffee Ann Arbor, with the goal of helping to show off the college town areas thriving coffee scene. You also can find him on , and on his travel blog.

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The Sparrows Coffee & Tea Newsstand

The Sparrows is a super quaint coffee spot located in an older building that looks like it could be a friends house. And this is the type of vibe you get from the baristas too! They are super friendly it feels like youre hanging out in a friends living room, except someone is serving you gourmet coffee and tea drinks!

Now for the drinks at The Sparrow! They are very unique and delicious! They typically have seasonal drinks however their normal menu is already more special than most.

The normal drink menu includes options such as the Lady Lazarus, a coffee latte with lavender and honey syrup. The Behemoth is two shots of espresso with condensed milk. Law of Cardamom is their coffee latte with cardamom syrup and honey. Major Major features a latte with condensed milk and caramel.

For tea drinkers, theres always the Anne with an E, a matcha latte with honey. Dirty Harry is their earl gray latte with soy milk and honey.

If youre more interested in the less unique drinks, they do have your typical lattes, cortados, cappuccinos, and chai lattes.

We love their Lady Lazarus, Law of Cardamom, and cortado. They make a strong coffee with beautiful latte art.

Grcr Was Recommended To Me By A Barista Friend For Its Delicious Coffee And Amazing Staffand I Found Exactly That

Im very happy with the coffee I purchased from the Roastery Store and cant say enough good things about my customer service experience. GRCR was recommended to me by a barista friend for its delicious coffee and amazing staffand I found exactly that. I mostly make pretty basic drip-coffee for myself , but they were so friendly and knowledgeable that I ended up chatting and asking questions with them for almost half an hour about everything from the differences in beans from different regions, to what to expect from certain roasts, and when and whether brew method matters. The bright and inviting space was a pleasure to be in, and the wonderful people made it even harder to leave. I came away from that conversation with a better understanding of what I like and want to try in coffee than I have from a lifetime of drinking it. I made a pot of their new-to-me coffee when I went home it was delicious, and just as they had described . Learning the details from them helped me notice those aspects of the coffee so I could appreciate them, and it made the delicious coffee into an even more fun and interesting experience. Kokoro, P.

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Coffee In Grand Rapids

Beer isnt the only brew Grand Rapids does exceptionally well local coffee roasters also enjoy widespread acclaim. And like the areas renowned beer scene, our coffee culture is rooted in community, innovation and passion.

One local company has been roasting coffee for 100 years. Another is consistently ranked among the best coffee roasters in the country. Others distinguish themselves through distinctive ingredients, roasting techniques and brewing preferences. The result is a countless variety of homegrown flavors and blends available at coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets through the city.

Youre sure to find a new favorite cup of joe!

At Madcap, the garage door of the former auto shop opens out onto a patio during warmer weather months.

Must Visit Gr Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops In Grand Rapids Minnesota  Healthy Diet

Whether itâs the buzz of creative conversations or the actual buzz from the caffeine, I always feel more productive at a coffee shop. Since Grand Rapid experiences nine months of colder weather, itâs a true java hotspot thereâs nothing better than a steaming cup of craft coffee on a crisp fall day, amirite? Whether you drink coffee with creamer or creamer with coffee, there is a wide range of shops across town that have something for everyone.

The East Hills coffee shop opened a new location on the West Side with on-site roasting facilities just this month. Rustic wood floors, tasty drinks and chill vibes make it perfect for a coffee date or a productive afternoon out of the office. Donât miss their eclectic collection of magazines. 1035 Wealthy St. SE / 442 Bridge St. NW

One of Grand Rapidâs oldest coffee companies in town, Ferris Coffee and Nut Company has been a community staple since 1924. But it doesnât just roast nuts and beans, it also hosts coffee brewing and tasting classes. Plus, its menu features fun non-coffee drinks like a golden latte made with turmeric. With two locations and a mobile coffee truck, thereâs plenty of Ferris to go around. 227 Winter Ave. NW / 40 Pearl St. NW, Suite 100a

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Lantern Coffee Bar And Lounge

For another cozy coffee shop in Grand Rapids, head to much-loved Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge in downtown. The old building has been refurbished with a wide-open basement that cafe-goers can descend to, to enjoy their drinks among plush couches and chairs. Like Squibb Coffee, Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge uses Michigan-based roaster Populace Coffee as a supplier. The baristas serve up a variety of drinks, including specialty drinks, and there are also baked goods for sale, including Rise Authentic Baking gluten free and vegan options.

100 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503

Monday-Friday 6am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-10pm

Coffee Shops Near Me: That Early Bird

Located on Lake Drive, That Early Bird is a contemporary café with natural décor and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that serves all-day brunch and lunch in a laid-back and relaxed setting. The friendly coffee shop serves a variety of traditional and specialty coffee drinks, including americano, cappuccino, macchiato, and espresso-baked sips, as well as pour-overs, cold brews, and brewed teas. Brunch dishes range from omelets and egg scrambles to healthy bowls, fresh salads, homemade soups, and gourmet sandwiches. Freshly baked pastries, cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats are delivered daily and offer the perfect accompaniment to a steaming mug of coffee.

1445 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506, Phone: 616-258-8350

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Ferris Coffee And Nut Company

Ferris Coffee and Nut Company is a 94-year-old Grand Rapids institution, supplying the community with freshly roasted coffee beans and nuts since 1924. One of Grand Rapids oldest coffee companies, Ferris is part-coffee shop and part candy store, roasting coffee beans and nuts in-house and serving an array of inventive espresso and coffee drinks along with a rotating selection of house-made nut milk. Ferris Coffee and Nut Company also serve gourmet sandwiches and a selection of freshly baked pastries and hosts coffee brewing and tasting classes.

40 Pearl St NW #100a, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Phone: 616-228-8840

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Coffee Shops Near Me: Local Mocha Coffee

Coffee and conversations for Ukraine

Located in the historic Monroe Center in Downtown Grand Rapids, Local Mocha Coffee is a modern coffee shop serving a variety of coffee and espresso drinks made with beans that are slow-roasted to perfection by Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters. Open all day, the bright café also serves home-made chocolate and home-made caramel, healthy fruit smoothies, a variety of freshly baked pastries and other baked goods, homemade soups, and gourmet sandwiches.

96 Monroe Center St NW #100, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Phone: 616-459-0082

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The Sparrows Coffee + Tea + Newsstand

The Sparrows gained its way to the top of coffee in Grand Rapids list by being absolutely adorable, having delicious coffee, and offering Rises vegan baked goods. The homey and cozy atmosphere is even more welcoming with the houseplants. They offer oat, almond and soy milk alternatives. I got this mocha with vegan chocolate and it was heavenly.

Squibb Coffee + Wine Bar

Next up is Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar which offers a little bit for everyone and their favorite time of day. Squibb has an open and large spot offering a great place for someone to get some work done. My favorite aspect is the large, bright-orange squid mural on the wall. Offering both coffee in the morning and wine in the evening makes this a super unique spot. They had several nondairy milk options so thats a win!

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Fun Fact: Every 20 Cups Of Coffee Sold At Tea Trade Cafe Provide For One Day In A Safe House

The cafe provides on the job barista training to many of the people who work there so that they can gain learn skills and work towards gaining the confidence to seek other jobs and independence.

We tried their lattes and we were happy to support such a great cause!

Hope youve enjoyed this guide to coffee shops in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Were always excited to try new coffee places and will be adding to this list on our future trips back to Jimmys hometown.


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