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How To Make My Own Coffee

Is Coffee An Important Part Of Your Day

How to Build your Own Custom Coffee Brand

If youre a serious coffee drinker like me, then you understand how important it is to have good coffee anytime you want it or need it. It took me years to understand what went into making a good coffee and to appreciate all the subtle differences you can find in coffee beans from around the world.

Good beans paired with the right roasting method can equal an amazing cup of coffee. And while it seems like a simple task, just like a fine wine needs a highly trained vinter, you need a coffee master skilled at roasting and blending beans for the optimal flavor profile.

In fact, we talk about coffee beans the same way we talk about wine grapes, referring to the varieties as varietals. Different varieties have distinct flavors, body , and other characteristics. The amount of acidity, bitterness , as well as differing amounts of caffeine all, make up the complex flavors that we have come to enjoy and expect in a good cup of coffee.

The Coffee Bag Method

Are you one of those people who wakes up with all your synapses firing, ready to take on the day? Or maybe youve found yourself asking the question, Can you steep coffee like tea? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, youre in luck you can make yourself a little tea bag for coffee grounds, just as the French did during the 18th Century.

First, get out that kitchen toolbox, Morning Person!


Coffee Roasting Levels Compared

Below is a list of common coffee roasts, some that you may have even had before at your local coffee shop.

Cinnamon Roast- a dry, non-oily, light-brown roast that tastes like bread and is slightly sour.

New England Roast- A little darker than the previous roast, but without the bread taste.

American, Light roast- A medium tasting roast that is often light brown in coloring.

City, Medium Roast- This roast will remind you of the color of chocolate.

Full City Roast- These taste similar to chocolate and will have a darker coloring, with a slight bit of oil release.

French, Espresso Roast- These beans will be covered in oil and start to look dark with a burnt taste.

Italian, Dark French Roast- A step up from french roast in coloring and oil, it does taste a bit more burnt than the previous roast level.

Spanish Roast- These beans will appear to be black in color.

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Contact Joes Garage Coffee To Create Your Coffee Brand

If you want to break into the coffee industry, trust Joes Garage Coffee as your private label supplier. Our state-of-the-art facility and advanced inventory management system makes it possible to build your coffee brand in just a matter of weeks. We offer a wide variety of expert coffee roasting, grinding and packaging services so you can satisfy your customers with complete control over your coffee brand. Contact us today to learn more about how the Private Label Experts at Joes Garage Coffee can help you build a successful coffee brand.

The Best Beans For Cold Brew

How to Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

The quality of your cold brew is directly affected by the type of beans you choose to use! Since cold brew is lower in acidity, the flavors of the coffee itself are more prominent than in regular coffee. This means that if you use low-quality coffee, you’re going to REALLY taste the bad notes. For this reason, we recommend using a high-quality coffee. It may cost a bit more, but you’ll still be saving money vs. buying from the grocery store or coffee shop.

I’ve tried many varieties to make my coffee with, and I’ve found I prefer to use a medium to medium-dark roast because the long steeping process will produce a deep flavor that I don’t want to be overshadowed by roasting. At this moment, my absolute favorite to use has become this half-caff Mayan water process from Stone Street Coffee. It has the best flavor , and I love that I can get a brew that’s lower in caffeine. I like to order in bulk from their website because they will coarsely grind the beans for you, and it’s a bit cheaper. Below are a few other options I’ve enjoyed:

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Make A Diy Coffee Bag

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This method is very similar to the one above regarding the brewing process, with a DIY twist. What do you do when you realize you have no coffee bags left? No, you dont cry or drink instant coffeejust make a damn coffee bag yourself!

If you have any type of coffee filter lying around you easily can make a decent coffee.

You can even use a tea bag and carefully replace the tea with coffee grinds. I prefer this method to the store-bought coffee bag since you have the option to grind your beans fresh.

Its simple, really: youre making a tea bag and replacing the tea with medium-coarse coffee grounds.

It’s Smoother Than Regular Coffee

While I love a cappuccino or an iced latte, cold brew is one of my go-tos because it is so much smoother than hotbrewed coffee or espresso. Traditionally, coffee is made quickly with boiling water to create a delicious, hotbrew. If you want a cold beverage, the coffee or espresso is simply poured over ice. While this is definitely a tasty option, you can sometimes end up with an overly-acidic, too-strong iced coffee.

To make cold brew, you mix ground coffee and water and let it steep for 12-24 hours. All coffee beans contain oils where fatty acids are stored, and these oils are best extracted using hot temperatures. The cold, slow brewing process prevents many of the oils stored in coffee beans from being fully extracted, meaning that the acids contained within them aren’t present in the final product. This leads to a more mellow brew that allows the flavors of the beans to truly shine.

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Step : Invest In A Scale

To brew better coffee at home, Jazmin recommends using a scale. Before becoming a barista, Jazmin measured her coffee at home with a spoon. It doesnt taste the same, she said. She now understands the importance of accurately measuring your coffee. You need to know how much coffee youre going to use in order to make the perfect cup. Having a scale will help you achieve the right strength and balance for you.

At Brew Brew, baristas measure 180 grams of whole bean coffee per carafe. Each carafe makes 12 8 oz. cups. At home, for a 6-cup, automatic drip coffeemaker, Jazmin recommends measuring out 90 grams of whole bean coffee onto a small, inexpensive scale before grinding and brewing.

Step : Know Your Coffee Bean

Keurig K-Cups * How to SAVE $ Money using your own coffee – Different filter methods reviewd

Knowing where your coffee comes from is important. Acidity, strength, and flavor are dependent on the growing region the coffee derives from. Usually coffee beans from Africa are dark and acidic, Jazmin said. Coffee beans from South America are less acidic and more of a medium roast. If youre unsure of what type of coffee to start brewing with, Guatemala is a good place to start. Grown in Central America, Guatemalan coffee is complex while still being balanced in flavor and medium in roast.

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How To Make Coffee Concentrate To Serve Hot Coffee To A Crowd

When I decided to throw a weekend brunch for my book club, the one aspect of the party that was a big question mark was the coffee. Ever since I ditched my drip coffee maker for a Chemex, making coffee for more than four people has meant a lot of me standing around in the kitchen slowly pouring hot water over coffee grounds while everyone else is having fun in the other room. I didnt want that to happen at this party.

Instead, I experimented with using a coffee concentrate the same type I had used in the past to make stellar iced coffee and discovered the process turns out a cup of hot coffee that is just as good: rich, flavorful and mellow. Even better, making a pot of coffee for a crowd of people with this method is literally as easy as boiling water.

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Arguably the best method for a delicious, aromatic and complex cup of coffee, the pour-over coffee maker won’t disappoint.

  • First, bring cold water to a boil in a kettle.
  • If using whole beans, grind the beans to a uniform consistency similar to granulated table salt.
  • Meanwhile, put a filter in the brewer and rinse with hot water. This removes the papery residue on the filter and warms up the brewer, keeping your coffee hot for longer. Discard the water used for rinsing.
  • Add the grounds to the filter, making sure the surface is level. When the water is between 195°F and 205°F , slowly and steadily pour just enough water over the grounds to saturate them completely, starting from the middle and working your way outward. Stop pouring before the coffee begins to drip through. This is called the “bloom” pour, which allows the coffee to de-gas.
  • Slowly pour in the remaining water, keeping the water in the dripper between half and three-quarters full. This should take 3 to 4 minutes. Carefully remove the filter, then serve and enjoy.
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    How To Make Your Own Coffee Single Bags

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 9 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 98% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 67,496 times.Learn more…

    Many people like the convenience of the new Folgers single-serving coffee bags. They’re great when you just want one cup and can they be taken to work or used when going camping. Unfortunately they’re very expensive. Isn’t there a simple, cheap method of making your own single-serve coffee bags out of readily available materials? Yes there is! Make your own using coffee filters!

    How To Roast Coffee Beans In The Oven

    How to Make Coffee Extract for Baking and Recipes ...

    When roasting coffee beans, it is important to have a constant airflow around the beans and for them to be agitated regularly to make sure that they are roasted evenly. To do this, place the beans in a perforated vegetable steamer in an oven with the temperature turned up as high as it can go. Open the oven every two minutes to agitate the beans and to check the color of them. You should hear the first crack of the beans at about 5 minutes and you should continue to monitor the beans every minute after this to remove them once they are just before the color you desire.

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    How To Create The Best Coffee In Your Own Home

    Are you interested in making a great cup of coffee? Do you just want to learn about everything that is related to this drink? If so, this is where you should start. Coffee has been around for quite some time and is used by many people. Follow along to hear more.

    Do not warm up coffee that has already been brewed. However, this is not because doing so will create dangerous chemicals. Some compounds in coffee begin to break down within a half hour of brewing, especially when it is nuked or left to sit on a burner. This will give the coffee a bitter or stale taste.

    Once you open a bag of coffee beans, transfer them to a different container. It is vital that you keep them from the air and the light. This simple step helps to preserve the beans freshness.

    Do you enjoy strong coffee? You should try using a French press instead of a drip machine. Pressing the coffee means more oil will end up in your beverage instead of being retained by the filter of your coffee machine. You will find that pressed coffee has more flavor and contains more caffeine.

    The type of water used can alter the taste of coffee, so make sure to use good tasting, filtered water. If the water is dirty, your coffee isnt going to taste good. Test the water before you brew the coffee.

    Making A Cup Of Coffee

    So you have your beans, a grinder, a scale and your hot water, now what? Irrespective of the brewing method, the basics are simple. You’ll be pouring hot water over coffee grounds.

    But how much coffee should you be grinding and how much water should you be pouring? Too little water and the coffee might taste too bitter, too much and it’ll be too thin. And just how fine or coarse should the grind be?

    All very important questions! The answer is, well, it’s all up to your taste. A good starting point is a 19-to-1 water to grounds ratio, grinding the beans at a medium coarseness setting. So for every gram of coffee you grind, you’ll be pouring 19 grams of water over it. For most people, that means 20 grams of grounds and 380 grams of water. That’ll net you two smaller cups or one kinda-generously-sized cup.

    There is, of course, some nuance to it. Equal Exchange Coffee has a handy guide that outlines various brewing methods and provides suggested coarseness and water-to-coffee ratios. French presses require a coarser grind because the filter isn’t as fine, and pourover can get away with a finer grind because of the paper filter. Still, we’re talking a difference between medium-coarse and medium-fine, with variances of 1-2 grams water per gram of coffee. When it doubt: Medium grind, 19-to-1 water to grounds.

    There it is, you’re done. You made a good cup of coffee. Your kitchen probably smells great right now. Now we just need to figure out how to feed yourself.

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    S For Making Cold Brew Coffee

    Here’s how it works: Grind the coffee coarsely, which you can do yourself at home or wherever you buy the beans. Combine the grounds with water, then let it steep overnight, or for around 12 hours.

    During this time, the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong, concentrated brew. Strain the next morning, and you’re ready to go.

    How To Start Your Own Coffee Brand From Home

    EASY HOW-TO: Make Your Own Coffee Pods

    A cup of coffee is an integral way to start the day for billions of people all over the globe. The beautiful thing about the internet is that if you have a coffee business, then your market is any one of those people that enjoys a cup.

    With this in mind, you only need a small fraction of those people to buy your coffee for you to be extremely successful. And you can do all of this from the comfort of your home if you do it right.

    There are a number of ways to create a coffee empire these days without needing to open a cafe in a brick and mortar location.

    In this article, I will go over the basics when it comes to starting a coffee business based out of your home.

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    Learn How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

    This guide will teach you how to make cold brew concentrate that tastes even better than the kind you can buy at the store! It’s very easy to make cold brew coffee concentrate at home. And you will save yourself a lot of money.

    Most importantly though, while the cold brew concentrates sold in the stores have a long shelf-life, coffee is best consumed fresh. If you make cold brew concentrate yourself, you won’t be drinking coffee that is months old.

    TIP: You can store this cold brew coffee concentrate recipe for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

    Once you have your hands on this cold brew concentrate recipe, it’s an eye opener. I really mean it.

    So after you learn how to make cold brew coffee concentrate, I doubt you’ll be going back to the store bought cold brews. And yes, I promise it is easy to make at home.

    The Frappuccino Conquers The World

    The word Frappuccino is a portmanteau of the words frappe and cappuccino. Frappuccinos are a popular coffee drink that is available at Starbucks and are often confused with frappes although they are not the same drink. They are a blended coffee drink that includes ice, milk, sugar and flavoring. The Frappuccino is a trademarked name and recipe for the beverage.

    The Frappuccino was introduced in the 1990s and it has been one of the most popular drinks at Starbucks ever since. It has been offered in many different flavors over the years including Vanilla Bean, Mocha, Smores, Salted Caramel, Java Chip Cookie Dough, Strawberries & Creme, Chocolate Chip Crème, and more.

    Frappuccinos are beloved for their rich coffee flavor and creamy texture. They are especially popular in the summertime because of their refreshing nature. My favourite part about a Frappuccino is the delicate sweetness. The ice and whipped cream really balances out the coffee flavor in a way I have not been able to find in other iced sweetened coffee drinks.

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    Roasting And Grinding For Stronger Keurig Coffee

    First things first, there are two varieties of coffee, Robusta, and Arabica. While the Arabica type is often preferred for its fullness and more complex flavor profile, when youre talking strength, Robusta is your best friend.

    Furthermore, Robusta coffee has almost twice the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica, respectively 2.7 and 1.5%. That should deliver a nice punch too.

    Many coffee roasters will combine both beans in a blend to achieve optimal taste results, as Robusta alone can be somewhat harsh on the palate.


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