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How To Make Turkish Coffee

What Kind Of Coffee/roast Should I Buy To Make Turkish Coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee | Authentic and Delicious

I have a few readers asked me if Starbucks coffees would work if they were to ask the barista to grind it as Turkish coffee. To be quite honest, I have never tried this, but I do not think so. What I know for sure is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi . This is the coffee that I use when I make my Turkish coffee.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Turkish Coffee According To A First

Its an art, not a science.

Dark as Hell. Strong as Death. Sweet as Love: Those are the words youll find printed across the front of every bag of Ruya Coffee. The Cincinnati-based business, which was founded by Melis Aydoan in 2018, is on a mission to rewrite the narrative of immigrants in America, while also creating a place where they can share their own unique cultures, stories and traditions. Its a welcoming way for someone to step into a new culture and learn about a new type of person, an immigrant in their community, Melis says.

One such Ruya is doing that is by educating people about the 500-year-old artform of preparing Turkish coffee. Popular throughout Turkey, the Middle East, Europe and Greece, Turkish coffee is celebrated for its strong, robust flavor and its thick, velvety texture. While the term Turkish coffee actually refers to the brewing method behind it not the coffee beans themselves achieving the perfect cup can take more than a few practice tries before you get it right. Heres everything to keep in mind before brewing your next drink.

How Strong Is It

Turkish coffee can taste very strong due to the unfiltered brewing method of placing the coffee in the water. This is another excellent reason why its commonly served with a glass of water. Its a traditional, delicacy drink, and its powerful, rich flavor is meant to be sipped and enjoyed.

As far as caffeine content goes, its definitely more potent than your average drip coffee but not as strong as a shot of espresso. This drink is more concerned about flair and flavor than packing a hefty punch of caffeine.

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How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik

If you like bold, strong coffee and havent tried Turkish coffee, youre missing out. Turkish coffee has a unique brewing style that gives it a rich texture and deep flavor impossible to achieve with any other method. Unfortunately, traditional Turkish coffee is made with a copper pot called an ibrik that most people dont have in their kitchen.

In this article, well teach you how to make delicious, authentic Turkish coffee without an ibrik. All you need to make Turkish coffee at home is a grinder, a small pot, and a craving for strong coffee. Lets get started.

Our Guide To Turkish Coffee

Learn How To Make Turkish Coffee with Step

A few years ago, I received an ibrik pot from my friend Pete when he returned from a trip to Turkey. Showing a distinct lack of curiosity, I put it aside next to a bunch of other brewing equipment that tends to collect if you work in specialty coffee. It didnt touch a stove for half a decade. This January, with a little more home coffee brewing time on my hands, I noticed that ibrik sitting in a remote corner of my Brooklyn kitchen and decided to give it a shot.

Two small problems: I didnt know the first thing about making Turkish coffee, and authentic Turkish coffee is usually ground super-fine with a special handcoffee grinder, which I didn’t own. The first problem could be helped with the vastness of the internet the second, well, I wasnt sure.

Before I begin, a quick note: Im going to be referring to this brew method as Turkish coffee throughout this article, as its the most popular way Ive found to refer to it in the US. There are many ways to refer to a similar process and some locations in which, in 2019, calling it Turkish coffee might not be acceptable. But for the context of this article, its the simplest term to use. And because I find ibrik to be more commonly used than the specifically Turkish term cezve, I will be using ibrik to refer to the brewer itself, so maybe thatll serve as a compromise as well.

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Does Starbucks Sell Turkish Coffee

Its not unusual for you to hop in the car and head to your nearest Starbucks location when the coffee craving strikes. But unfortunately, if that craving demands a cup of joe made Turkish-style, you wont find much satisfaction at the Seattle-born franchise.

Starbucks Coffee doesnt sell cups of Turkish coffee, but you can always purchase a bag of the brands whole bean coffee, grind it yourself, and use it to make the drink at home itll taste just as good as it would have if you purchased it from the coffee shop, and you didnt have to wait in a long line to get it!

How To Make Perfect Turkish Coffee And Its Social Importance

Turkish coffee plays an important role in Turkish society. It was like that in the past, when coffeehouses were the place to meet fellow countrymen and have a conversation about politics, religion, social and even scientific matters. But even today, almost 500 years after coffee was first introduced in Turkey, it still fulfills an important role in Turkish social life.

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What Is Turkish Coffee Reading Do You Believe It

It is a tradition that after you finish your coffee, you turn your cup upside down and let it cool down so that someone else can read your cup. This is a fun tradition, where someone looks into the cup and tries to guess your future based on the shapes of the coffees residue that stuck on the walls of your cup. If you are a believer of this kind of stuff, it could be quite entertaining.

My mom was one of those people, who would read peoples cups just for the fun of it. I no longer believe in such readings, but when I was a teenager and was falling in love with a different guy every week, I remember drinking a lot of Turkish coffee and begging her to read my cup to see if my new found love is going to ask me out any time soon.

Social Importance Of Turkish Coffee

Making Turkish Coffee & 4 important tips No One tells you

Traditionally, when a man was about to marry a woman, his parents would ask the permission of her parents by visiting the future wifes house. The bride-to-be was supposed to serve the guests the best Turkish coffee she can a test to show her skills. Today many people simple decide to get married and announce it to their parents. Yet, the traditional ceremony with the coffee treat is very rarely skipped.

Another well-known and still very common tradition while enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee is fortune telling . This is done by looking at the bottom of a finished coffee cup. Whether you believe the outcome or not, the fact is that its another nice invention to extend the conversation.

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What Is Special About Turkish Coffee

The basics of brewing Turkish coffee are slowly heating the cezve with finely ground coffee and water. From there on, there are a lot of technique variations that can be used but the crucial point is making sure that the coffee boils enough to make a foam even without the added dairy.

Turkish coffee isnât filtered, and itâs usually served on smaller cups. The idea behind this coffee is for you to sit down and take your time to drink and enjoy it. Hence, you have to wait until the coffee grounds sink to the bottom before taking small sips.

Also, you might want to try to get your fortunes read after drinking Turkish coffee! Fortune tellers in Turkey would often use the remaining coffee grounds on your cup to tell what life has in store for you.

Our Takeaway: Is Turkish Coffee Worth It

For most coffee lovers, it is an absolute must to try out every type of coffee there is. If youâre making this at home, it is a bit more cumbersome to do properly compared to your standard brewed coffee.

However, we believe that Turkish coffee is truly worth it. Aside from it is delicious, thereâs something amazing about the fact that youâve put the time and effort into your cup, and youâre forced to sit down and savor every moment. Itâs a form of art and tradition that helps you slow down and appreciate every drop of your coffee.

Plus, you can also have a bit of fun fortune-telling once youâre done with it! Just place the saucer on top of your cup and turn it over. Once you have the leftover coffee grounds, you can take the extra step to figure out what the grounds meant or just make up your own story for your enjoyment.

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How To Make Turkish Coffee At Home With Or Without An Ibrik

Please Note:

In this post, youll learn how to make Turkish coffee at home. With, or without an Ibrik.

Some people think Turkish coffee would be a great recipe to try at home as it doesnt need the magic of the espresso patronum, but others simply want to taste a different recipe that will bring new flavors and textures to their coffee.

Are you trying to mug this recipe from us? Well, you certainly dont have to keep waiting any longer! Here you have the recipe for those who and for .

Dont Drink The Grains

Learn How To Make Turkish Coffee with Step

As weve already stated, Turkish coffee is made from a combination of cold water and super-fine ground coffee. These grinds will settle to the bottom of your coffee cup when you pour it out of your ibrik. The grounds are often used to tell peoples fortunes afterwards. Though they wont do anything to you if you do accidentally consume them, you really shouldnt drink your coffee grinds. When Americans have Turkish coffee for the first time, they dont realize that they are not supposed to shoot back the grinds, Melis shares. Though itll be tempting to fully empty your coffee cup to the dregs, once your coffees gone, its time to call it a day: Once you finish the liquid, youre done. You dont need to gulp back the coffee grinds at the bottom of the cup. If you do, youve eaten your Turkish coffee fortune, and no one wants that!

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The Coffee Is Too Bitter

The problem is not uncommon in brewing Turkish coffee. Almost everyone faces it in their first time making the drink. This is probably because you over-extracted from the coffee grounds. There are two ways to resolve this issue: heat in less time with a slightly higher heat to get the foam quicker or reduce the heat on the stove or lift the ibrik a bit to slow down extraction

How To Drink Turkish Coffee

  • Let the cups of coffee stand for a couple of minutes to let the grounds settle to the bottom.
  • Sweeten further or add sugar to your liking.
  • Cream is never a part to this brewing method.
  • Enjoy with your chosen sweet.
  • Make sure to take sips of cold water in between the sips of the coffee. This serves as a palate cleanser for the robust coffee.
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    My Turkish Coffee Story

    If I could, I would travel to each country in the world and sip on their signature hot drinks. Matcha in Japan, mint tea in Morocco, pink chai in Kashmir. I wouldnt want to do this in touristy cafés, but with some locals, friends Ive made perhaps, the warmth of their hospitality included.

    This reminds me of my friend, Serpil, who taught me so much about hospitality and Turkish culture. We would sip chai at my house and Twinings Earl Grey tea at hers because it reminded her of the tea she loved from back home. She never mentioned Turkish coffee though. I later found out she thought it was too strong.

    I learned about Turkish coffee from a cheery Arab lady at the counter of an incense-laden Middle-Eastern grocery store. She was joyous and full of life and I can still picture her casually dancing to 3 daqat, telling me how delicious this coffee is. She insisted I needed an ibrik , the Turkish coffee pot, to make Turkish coffee. But I didnt want to invest in the pot only to realize I didnt like it.

    I bought a tiny bit of coffee from their bulk section to try before I committed to buying the entire box. Little did I know, it would become my chosen morning drink for months. Id be buying several more boxes.

    How To Prepare Turkish Coffee

    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    To prepare Turkish coffee, add water to the cezve with about 1.7 oz per cup of coffee desired. Add sugar to taste, stirring to blend, if desired. Bring to boil on stove top then remove from heat and add a teaspoon of coffee per cup. Boil coffee then remove the pot from the heat immediately after bringing to first boil.

    Discard foam and bring to boil again. Allow remaining powder to settle before serving.

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    What If I Am Making Turkish Coffee For Multiple People With Different Sugar Preferences

    If this is the case, you can do one of two things. First, you can make them in different pots, but for that, you would have to have more than one cezve.

    Second, you can start making it with no sugar, pour the first pour to all the cups and then add in the sugar in the second pour.

    For example: Lets say I making Turkish coffee for 2 of my guests. First, start with the person who wants his sade and then continue with the second person who wants his orta . Below are the steps I would follow to make them at the same time in one pot :

    • Start by cooking water and coffee for 2 servings with no added sugar
    • Pour your first pour halfway into two coffee pots.
    • Boil the second pour and fill up the first serving with no sugar.
    • Then add in sugar into the pot, mix it, and bring it to a boil before you top off the second serving. Since Turkish coffee is pretty thick and served in such a small cup, it will have enough sweetness.

    Traditional Turkish Coffee Recipe

    Turkish coffee takes many names and forms all around the Arabic countries, northern Africa, and basically all the countries around the Mediterranean. Lets just say people here have been enjoying coffee long before we started drinking it in the West.However, coffee in Turkey is a bit different from your average cup of joe. People mix coffee grounds, sugar and water first and then bring it to a boil. The result, though, is terrific an unfiltered, rich and flavorful cup of coffee.Learn how to make traditional Turkish coffee. Its easier than you think, as long as you have the right ingredients and items in hand. Dont worry if you dont own a traditional Turkish coffee pot, you can use any kettle and even a small pot for this one.

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    How Turkish Coffee Breaks The Rules

    This makes us smile, a lot. There is a certain snobbery among some gourmet coffee drinkers. So it with great pleasure and irony that one brews and serves up a small demitasse of Turkish coffee, knowing that the brewing method flies in the face of what experts today advise.

    First, the coffee grounds and water are boiled together.

    Second, you add sugar during the brewing process, not after the coffee is poured.

    Third, no filter is used. So you end up with plenty of coffee grounds in your cup.

    Milk or cream? Absolutely not.

    Turkish coffee may be sweetened, but it is served black, with a natural froth on the surface.

    Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    Grains of pistachio may also be added to the coffee, particularly in southeastern Turkey and the Mediterranean. The drinker of the Turkish coffee will typically consume all of the beverage except the sludge at the bottom of the cup.

    The grounds that remain in the cup after drinking traditional Turkish coffee may be used in the art of tasseography, or fortune-telling. The way this is done is to first turn the cup upside down on a saucer, and then read the patterns in the grounds to tell the fortune.

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    How To Make Turkish Coffee At Home

    Before you can make your own Turkish coffee, you need to get yourself some Turkish coffee cups .

    Youll also need a cezve the tiny, long-handled pot used to boil the coffee.

    These days, you can buy practical stainless steel coffee pots but were all for a bit of tradition.

    You can buy cezve in different sizes but our Turkish coffee pot is perfect for 2 cups.

    As well as the three normal rings, gas hobs in Turkey come with one small ring and a little bracket to bridge the gap over the flame so that the cezve can sit on top of it.

    Obviously, this isnt necessary for electric and halogen hobs.

    So, lets find out how to use our cezve to make a Turkish coffee

    When you make Turkish coffee, it is different because all of your ingredients, including the sugar, are added before you bring it to the boil.

    Thats why, when you are offered Türk Kahvesi, they will ask you how you would like it: sade, orta or ekerli.

    This recipe makes 2 cups.


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