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Is Sparkling Ice Caffeine An Energy Drink

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks: A Discrimination

Sparkling Ice PLUS Caffeine Product Review, Healthier Energy Drink Series

Compared to coffee, energy drinks are often viewed in a negative light. While energy drinks are banned from most school campuses, coffee is tolerated. In fact, a high school in North Carolina opened a student-run coffee shop. Are the unequal attitudes towards these beverages justified?

Energy drink fans will argue no, as an ounce of an energy drink has 10mg of caffeine while an ounce of coffee contains 18mg.

It is important to note, however, that caffeine is not the only issue to consider. A Monster energy drink is known to have 54 grams of sugar , along with other ingredients such as amino acids and dyes.

Plus, the effects of coffee have been researched more than those of energy drinks. Also important to remember is that coffee is typically sipped, while energy drinks are consumed quicker, meaning the caffeines effects hit quicker.

Unfortunately, the media does often sensationalize the truth in order to get readers attention. While both coffee and energy drinks have their downsides, there are not as many people suffering those negative effects as the media would have us believe.

Talking Rain Launches Five

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Sparkling water maker Talking Rain will launch a caffeinated version of its Sparkling Ice drink as it responds to a rise in demand for beverages with caffeine.

Each flavour contains 70mg of caffeine, zero sugar, zero calories, and is said to be perfectly balanced with the just amount of fizz.

Talking Rain CEO Chris Hall said: Were constantly working to expand our product offerings to meet consumer demand.

Since were seeing a surge of consumer demand for caffeinated products in the industry, we wanted to leverage our expertise for making zero-calorie sparkling waters that consumers love with an added boost of caffeine.

A departure from our one-size-fits-all approach, were excited to reach a new audience of consumers through the launch of our Sparkling Ice +Caffeine 16oz cans, while continuing our ongoing partnerships with convenience stores nationwide.

Our distribution network has been particularly excited for the introduction of this immediate consumption solution.

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine will be available in the US as of January 2019, retailing at $1.89 per can.

Last year Talking Rain launched a $37 million campaign for its Sparkling Ice brand, which focused on the boldness of its flavoured sparkling water.

In total there are 16 regular Sparkling Ice flavours, including: kiwi strawberry, grape raspberry, pomegranate blueberry and ginger lime.

Rockstar Sparkling Energy Caffeine Content

While Rockstar Sparkling Energy caffeine can be VERY HIGH, the key is moderation. Ultimately, the caffeine in Rockstar Sparkling Energy is safe all that matters is how much of it you drink.

To learn more about the amount of caffeine in different energy drinks, shots, coffee or tea, check out other products we’ve researched.

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Why Do You Trust New York Best Reviews

Our Reviews are based on 168,424 reviews of consumer reports on . We compared 20 Best Sparkling Ice Flavors with the same type to give the best products for you.

Over the past year, New York Best Reviews have researched thousands of products and found ones that are best suited for most consumers. We’ve spent time analyzing this product, testing it out to make sure it was worth recommending- and if not, we discarded it. We only review products that are really good so you don’t waste your money on bad items as many other sites do! Check us out today to see what else we recommend!

We only receive money if you buy purchase a product through our links, and all reviews about the products are our own.

The Ultimate Hydration For Gamers Sparkling Ice +caffeine Review

Sparkling Ice Debuts First Ever Line of Caffeinated ...

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine is the perfect blend of taste, hydration, and energy, with zero calories, and zero crash Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Review

Im a gamer, editor, writer, and a person who sits in front of screens a majority of the time. To help combat the widely documents health issues, I do yo-yo between a keto and low carb diet as well as avoid sugar most of the time. It is hard to find a refreshing drink that does not have sugar, at least without alcohol. Thats where Sparkling Ice comes in! I often leave a grocery store with a six-pack, because sometimes you need a refreshing drink with some flavor. Sparkling Ice tastes good and doesnt mess with my blood sugar much. Its generally a perfect drink, that now also has caffeine!

You can pick up Sparkling Ice +Caffiene at your local grocery store or on Amazon:

Available on Amazon

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Sparkling Ice +caffeine Will Launch In January 2019

Sparkling Ice, a brand of Preston, Wash.-based Talking Rain Beverage Co., launched its first line of caffeinated products, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine, at the 2018 National Association of Convenience Stores Show , Oct. 8-10 in Las Vegas. Featured in the Cool New Products Showcase, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine is the newest product line to be added to the brand’s portfolio.

The 16-ounce cans are available in five flavors: Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Triple Citrus, Strawberry Citrus and Orange Passionfruit.

“We’re constantly working to expand our product offerings to meet consumer demand,” said Chris Hall, chief executive officer of Talking Rain Beverage Co. “Since we’re seeing a surge of consumer demand for caffeinated products in the industry, we wanted to leverage our expertise for making zero-calorie sparkling waters that consumers love with an added boost of caffeine. A departure from our one-size-fits-all approach, we’re excited to reach a new audience of consumers through the launch of our Sparkling Ice +Caffeine 16-ounce cans, while continuing our ongoing partnerships with convenience stores nationwide. Our distribution network has been particularly excited for the introduction of this immediate consumption solution.”

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine contains 70 mg of caffeine, zero sugar, zero calories, antioxidants and vitamins. The new product retails for $1.89 a can and will be rolling out to retailers nationwide starting in January 2019.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Cup Of Coffee

This very much depends on the size of the coffee. A grande cup of Starbucks coffee contains approximately 225 mg of caffeine. However, the grande cup is much larger than a regular cup of coffee. In reality, you would probably have to drink about four regular-sized cups of coffee to reach 400 mg of caffeine per day.

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What Are The Benefits

I was happy to see Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, and No Aspartame, but I was also very happy to see the added antioxidants and vitamins.

Were talking Green Tea Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3 , Vitamin D, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid all infused into one can!

So youre getting the keto macros, great taste, with the antioxidants & vitamins. What is there not to love?

Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Water BenefitsNaturally Flavored Sparkling Water

500 IU of Vitamin A Per Serving

5 Delicious Flavors on

What Sweeteners Are In Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Water

Deadcarpet Energy Drink Reviews – Blue Raspberry Sparkling Ice Caffeine

Instead of using aspartame as most diet sodas contain, Sparkling Ice Water uses Sucralose, a keto friendly sweetener.

Sucralose is known as having a very minimal effect on blood sugar levels, as long as you dont overdo it. I recommend only having one can a day as water is always the best and healthiest choice.

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Why We Think Its Great

Phocus caffeinated sparkling water contains 75 mg of caffeine, sourced from green tea and L-theanine to let you relax rather than crash. It is also free from carbs, calories, sugar, and other sweeteners. While there are available flavored options, the original is the best for your daily source of hydration.

The Case For Energy Drinks

Despite coffee being around for so much longer, energy drinks have become increasingly popular in recent years. Why is this?

Firstly, energy drinks provide a high dose of energy in a short time span. It is also easy to consume them anywhere and do so quickly. Coffee, on the other hand, is typically a more social drink that is sipped rather than guzzled down. Because it is hot, you have to wait for it to cool down a bit before drinking it and receiving more energy.

Because of delivering such a rapid and high dose of energy, it is important to remember that while energy drinks may seem like a more convenient way to earn a quick burst of energy, they can also cause you to suffer from a severe sugar crash. As soon as the effects of the energy drink wear off, you may start to feel more fatigued than ever.

Also important to consider is that energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives, additives, flavorings, and even dyes. With so many concerns, energy drinks may be worse for you than coffee.

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Four Tips For Buying The Best Sparkling Ice Flavors In 2022

What is the best Sparkling ice flavors on the market? That is a tough question. There are so many different products out there, and finding one that fits your needs can be difficult.

This blog post will go over four tips for buying the best sparkling ice flavors. The first tip is to do research online about what features you want in a product, as well as any important reviews of a specific brand or model. The second tip is to try out the product before you buy it.

You may find that some products do not work for you at all, even if they have good reviews from other buyers. The third tip is to know what your price range is going into this process because it could make or break your decision-making process when looking at various

Here are the 4 most used ways by consumers for shopping in 2019, 2020

  • Researching the information of the best sparkling ice flavors before you buy

  • Pay attention to what other consumers say about the product

  • Considering budget

  • Checking the brand before buying

Our Reviews are based on 168,424 reviews of Consumers report in 2022.

Is Sparkling Ice Better Because It Is Hydrating

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Product Launch Party

Because Sparkling Ice is primarily made of carbonated water, it will help to keep you hydrated. However, if you chose one of the caffeinated options, be aware that caffeine is considered a diuretic, which may cause you to urinate more frequently. Nevertheless, Sparkling Ice is no more hydrating than other drinks.

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Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Water Review Is It Keto Friendly

Last week at the Gas Station I was scanning the water section and found these delicious Sparkling Ice + Caffeine waters staring at me from the cooler.

I said to myself what the heck, lets give these a try.

Of course, before I purchased, I checked the cans nutrition label to make sure these were keto friendly.

Once I noticed the Zero Sugar label and the added sweetener of sucralose, I gave the green light as being keto friendly.

But what really stuck out was the added caffeine with antioxidants and vitamins. All of these benefits combined into one drink makes this a keto go-to beverage.

But how well do these taste?

In this review, lets take a look at the ingredients, how well these taste, and the benefits.

Isnt Sparkling Ice Better Because Of The Added Vitamins

While you may see the many vitamins listed in Sparkling Ices ingredient list and assume that this means the beverage is actively healthy, unfortunately, most drinks with added vitamins may not do as much for your body as you are led to think.

We examined Vitamin Water and found that many of the added vitamins in that beverage did not have a significant effect on the body especially as most people already get enough of the vitamins that are added, making them meaningless! This is because the vitamins are water-soluble, if you are an otherwise healthy individual and eating a varied diet, it is likely you are already getting these nutrients. Water-soluble nutrients consumed in excess are excreted in the urine.

While few studies have been done on Sparkling Ices vitamin content, its likely that the same issue exists with this beverage

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How Does Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Water Taste

The Sparkling Ice + Caffeine comes in five delicious flavors.

  • Blue Rasberry
  • Strawberry Citrus
  • Triple Citrus

Even though each flavor tastes crazy good, Triple Citrus is my favorite. It tastes like diet mountain but only a tad sweeter.

Before my days on Keto, I use to be a diet mountain dew addict. I was drinking up to 10 cans a day!

Once I read about the harmful impact of aspartame, I completely cut it from my diet.

Thats why Im glad I found these. Now Im able to enjoy what tastes like a diet mountain without the negative effects.

Getting Loud About Natural Colors Natural Flavors And New Design

Deadcarpet Energy Drink Reviews – Orange Passionfruit Sparkling Ice Caffeine

The company has completed four years of research and development to replace synthetic colors with dyes from natural sources including fruit juice, vegetable juices, beta carotene, and paprika, to fall in line with current consumer avoidance of artificial ingredients.

We havent really talked about the reformulation yet, Hall said. Were going to start getting loud about the natural colors and the natural flavors that will be the next big marketing push.

As a result of consumer feedback, Sparkling ICE has also developed a more modern and unified look, according to the company. The brand has highlighted the fizzy aspect of the Sparkling ICE with a new design and updated logo featured on each bottle, offering a stronger on-shelf visual impact.

In addition, the new design prominently features the ‘zero sugar’ claim, a transition from the original designs ‘zero caloriescall out.

Sparkling ICE delivered on the zero sugar promise by reducing the juice content in the new formulation, the company said.

The brand is exploring multi-serve options as well for its Sparkling ICE line.

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Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Sparkling Water Blue Raspberry

SKUaccount icon

Item No. 0309629

When sweet meets tangy and a little oomph of caffeine, you get Sparkling Ice +Caffeine in Blue Raspberry.

  • 70mg of Caffeine
  • Zero Sugar and Zero Calories
  • Antioxidants & Vitamins
Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Sparkling Water, Blue Raspberry – 16 oz
Package Count

Refrigerate After Opening. As in Life, Chill For Best Results.


Guru Sparkling Energy Water Caffeine Content

While Guru Sparkling Energy Water caffeine can be HIGH, the key is moderation. Ultimately, the caffeine in Guru Sparkling Energy Water is safe all that matters is how much of it you drink.

To learn more about the amount of caffeine in different energy drinks, shots, coffee or tea, check out other products we’ve researched.

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What Customers Have To Say

A customer was able to kick his soda habit by hopping on the seltzer train. According to her, Limitless sparkling water provides a bit of caffeine to go along with the fizz. This offers a nice little sweetener-free energy boost in the middle of the day, and the flavors in the multipack are not what you see in other brands.

Another shopper loves that Limitless is clear water, so nothing stains the teeth. It also has caffeine which she craves. It is not overly flavored but still has hints of fruity taste.

What Is Caffeine And How Much Is In Each Beverage

Sparkling Ice Launches First Line Of Caffeinated Drinks

Lets start by understanding what caffeine is. Caffeine is a stimulant that causes our brains to become more alert. This is what results in the energy boost that you get after you drink a cup of coffee or your favorite energy drink.

While it is very helpful in giving you both the energy and focus you need for studying, too much caffeine can disrupt your sleep patterns and cause confusion. It is recommended that a healthy adult does not consume more than 400 mg of caffeine a day.

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Tapping Into Caffeine Beverage Channel

Hall told FoodNavigator-USA the launch of Sparkling ICE + Caffeine stemmed from the companys desire to create a caffeinated immediate consumption solution for consumers and to make a direct play into the $16bn energy and CSD category.

The package is going to be something thats a little more user friendly for someone on-the-go, Hall said.

Sparkling ICEs identifiable tall and slim PET bottles tend to topple over in a car cup holder, explained Hall, and the addition of 70mg of caffeine will help the brand compete against the functional benefits of energy drinks and RTD coffees.

Sparkling ICE + Caffeine will formally launch in October at the NACS show and distribute nationally in 2019.

Were in testing right now with Sparkling Ice + Caffeine in several cities across the US, Hall added.

Hidden Source Of Caffeine

Most of us know that caffeine is a great way to give yourself a little energy boost. Nevertheless, caffeine does come with some health dangers. As Healthline points out, too much caffeine can cause anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, addiction, rapid heart rate, and more. Sparkling Ice contains 70mg of caffeine per can. The daily recommended maximum is 400mg, so keep this in mind if you also drink coffee and tea throughout the day.

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Is Sparkling Ice Really No Calories

Many people wonder if it is possible that Sparkling Ice really is zero calories. After all, there seems to be a lot of ingredients added to it!

If you were skeptical about Sparkling Ice really being a zero-calorie drink, you were not the only one. As of January 2020, Sparkling Ice was forced to update their nutrition information and state that its beverages actually contain 5 calories. Apparently, this change was because of a change to the serving size per bottle.

As Sparkling Ice explained on their website, the minuscule calorie count is due to the Malic acid, juice content, and colorings.


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