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How To Make Coffee At Home Taste Like Starbucks

Starbucks Shared 3 Easy Tips To Make Your At


Their tips call for ingredients that are probably already in your pantry.

As we continue to stay home and social distance to help slow the spread of COVID-19, our morning routines may look different. Instead of rushing out the door to work or school, many people are now making their morning cup of coffee from the comfort of their kitchen. But, if you don’t have a fancy coffee machine, you might be wondering how you can still recreate your go-to coffee order without your barista.

Luckily for us, Starbucks just shared three tips to upgrade your at-home coffee using simple, pantry-friendly ingredients on .

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What Ingredients Are In Masala Chai

Classic masala chai is made using a black tea like Assam. It is infused with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, cloves, peppercorn and star anise.

Often masala chai is made into a latte by adding a lot of milk and sweetener. The result is a very satisfying spicy, yet sweet tea drink.

Not surprisingly, Starbucks chai tea lattes are based on a similar flavor profile.

How Does The Grind Affect Your Coffees Taste

The grind of your coffee is its physical consistency! This is the size of your coffee particles. Grinding your own coffee fresh will make it taste quite a bit better than pre-ground coffee. However, it also needs to be exactly the right size.;

French press coffee needs a coarse grind, pour over needs a medium-coarse, Moka pots and drip filter machines need a medium grind, Aeropress needs a medium-fine grind, and espresso machines and Turkish press need a very fine grind! This guide covers all of this in a lot more detail.

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Your Beans Arent Fresh

Coffee does not have an infinite shelf life, no matter how good the beans look or how faintly they still smell. The second those little pockets of deliciousness leave the roaster, they begin to lose flavor.

Roasting produces a ton of carbon dioxide in coffee beans. They then leak carbon dioxide in a process called degassing. The longer they degas, the more flavor escapes. If your beans have been forgotten in the back of a cabinet for a year or improperly stored, it could be the reason behind your lackluster cup of coffee.

Think about it like this. For every 24 hours you leave coffee exposed to air at room temperature, it loses 10% of its shelf life. Thats a ton of flavor loss. Even if its stored properly, the constant release of gases and oxidation of the coffee oils will affect the taste.

How to Fix It: As much as it may pain you to throw away treasured beans, its what you need to do. Try not to be a coffee hoarder and always store your beans properly. Coffee is better when its fresh, so you want to make regular shopping trips and only buy what you need for the next week or two. And remember to look for a roast date instead of an expiration date on your coffee label.

When we say fresh, we mean between four days and two weeks old. Thats because really fresh coffee is still in a major degassing phase and hasnt had enough time to develop more flavorful oils.

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To Make A Frappuccino

How to Make a Cup of Coffee That Tastes Great at Home in ...

The quintessential beverage of popular middle school girls can be made easily in your very own home. Most Frappuccino recipes call for ice, coffee, and flavoring. If you follow that recipe, your Frappuccino will be weirdly soupy. Starbucks uses a thickening agent, which holds the Frapp together. A former barista recommended xanthan gum , but I used cornstarch, which is also a thickening agent, and it worked out fine. I used the All Recipes Caramel Frappuccino recipe, but with coffee ice cubes and a quarter teaspoon of cornstarch. I also dripped caramel in the cup before I poured in the drink. And then, feeling truly invincible, I blended three Biscoff cookies into the drink, and topped it with whipped cream and crushed cookies.

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Dont try this at home

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The Coffee Is Low Quality

We all love a good deal, but short-changing your coffee bean budget can bite you in the you-know-what. Generally, robusta coffee beans are considered to be lower quality, but that designation is more about flavor than the actual quality of the bean.

Robusta coffee is less complex and flavorful than arabica coffee, so thats something to consider if you find robusta beans dont quite meet your tastes.

Outside of the variety, theres also the specific bean and roast. If youre paying for cheap coffee, theres a good chance your coffee will taste, well, cheap.

How to Fix It: It helps to know how to buy the best coffee beans. If you stay away from pre-ground coffee with vague labels, youll have a better chance of discovering better coffee.

How Can I Get My Starbucks Coffee To Taste Like The Starbucks Store

I use Starbucks coffee they sell in bags. I have used both whole beans and ground. I’ve bought bags from the grocery, bags from the actual Starbucks store. I’ve tried many different brewers. But it never tastes quite the same. Does anyone know how to emulate their brewing technique?

  • 1What machine are you using ? filter ? espresso machine ? maybe the water is different, maybe the coffee age is different ? or the cardboard cup is different.;MaxJan 5 ’15 at 21:20
  • 2Could you describe the difference between your efforts and Starbucks’? To me the dominant flavor in most Starbucks brewed coffee is “burnt”.;wileeFeb 10 ’15 at 2:48
  • @wilee I have two or three flavors that I like. The rest don’t impress me. But I definitely wasn’t expecting all this Starbucks hate:) It’s hard to describe. Its kinda muddy and suppressed flavors verse theirs in the store which is lively and flavorful. I’m not even focusing on the beans so much. It just seems they have some magic way of making their beans come alive.;user6591Feb 10 ’15 at 2:52
  • I come from sydney, here there’s a bit of a coffee culture. I nearly threw up when I tried a starbucks coffee. When they opened a bunch of stores here, all but two went out of business immediately. That someone would want to emulate that taste is blowing my mind.

Here’s a list of things to consider

  • Weight your beans, do not measure them by Volume.
  • Use filtered water.
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    Step : Store Coffee In A Ceramic Canister

    Once opened, coffee should be stored in a canister that shields sunlight. According to Jazmin, you should always store coffee in a dark colored-ceramic or glass containerthis keeps the coffee fresher. Its also important to avoid freezing your coffee. When you freeze coffee, theres a chance that it will absorb moisture, which can affect its taste.

    Are Starbucks Refreshers Healthy

    How To Make Iced Coffee at Home II TASTE LIKE STARBUCKS II Pinay Rockhill USA #shorts

    Starbucks refreshers are healthier than most other Starbucks drinks. Some are healthier than others. To make them even healthier at home, you can lower the amount of syrup or sugar, or use Stevia to sweeten your drink.

    If youve tried any of our Starbucks Refresher Recipes, then dont forget to rate the recipe and let me know. I love hearing from you!

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    Easy Ways To Make Your Coffee Taste Like It Came From The Coffee Shop

    Do you remember the last time you whiled away time at a coffee shop? For me, it was March 2, just two weeks before our world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. I met up with a friend and we chatted for hours as we sipped our drinks an Americano with cream for me and noshed on cookies. We were blissfully unaware that it would be our last time sharing such a moment for the indefinite future.

    For many of us, coffee shops arent just about the coffee drinks but the experiences that come with them. From working for hours on a project with a steady flow of drip coffee to overhearing an awkward first date while sipping an expertly crafted latte, coffee shops are unique ecosystems. While we cant recreate everything about them, we can at least channel our inner barista and up our coffee game at home whether or not your local coffee shop has re-opened.

    From equipment to techniques, here are a few ways to make shop-worthy java at home.

    Starbucksrefreshers On The Menu

    The refreshers on Starbucks official menu are the most popular ones. Simply order the drink by the name. The size options are: tall , grande , venti , and trenta . You can also easily make them at home following our copycat recipes, and customize with your preferred level of sweetness.

    1. Strawberry Acai RefresherNutrition info: Calories: 90; Sugar: 20 grams This strawberry refresher is one of the hottest items on Starbucks refreshers menu. Its one of the healthier refreshers and has a nice red color, which mostly comes from strawberries. Starbucks uses freeze-dried strawberries to make this drink, but our homemade DIY recipe uses fresh strawberries, giving you an even more delicious flavor at the fraction of the price.

    2. Pink DrinkNutrition info: Calories: 140; Sugar: 24 gramsThis is a super-popular Starbucks refreshing beverage made with;Strawberry Acai Refresher;and coconut milk. It started as a secret menu item but was so popular that it became an official Starbucks beverage on the cold drink menu in 2017. Weve created a copycat recipe that you can easily make the pink drink at home!

    3. Mango Dragonfruit RefresherNutrition info: Calories: 90; Sugar: 19 grams The Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher has taken over Instagram and Social Media with its stunning bright magenta color and sweet, tropical flavors. Our copycat recipe is the real deal giving you the amazing fruity flavors and the same beautiful bright pink color.

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    Grind The Beans Coarsely

    Heres the only fussy thing about making cold brew coffee: you should take care to use coarsely ground beans. A fine grind can slip through the sieve you use in this method and create a gritty, cloudy end product.

    The grind you want is extra coarsea slightly larger grind than youd use for a French press or percolator. If youre buying your beans from a café, simply tell the barista that youll be making cold brew; they will know exactly what to do. If youre using the grinder at the grocery store or at home, opt for the coarsest setting.

    Does Starbucks Have A Skinny Iced Chai Latte

    8 Easy Steps to Make Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha at Home

    Now that you see how Starbucks makes an iced chai latte, you may be wondering if your barista can make it skinny.

    A skinny Starbucks drink is made with:

    • Non-fat milk
    • Sugar-free syrups
    • No whipped cream

    Unfortunately, Starbucks no longer has a low or no sugar version of their chai concentrate. Although, store brands like Tazo have reduced sugar versions.

    So if you order a skinny iced chai latte, the best a barista can do is use non-fat milk. Just beware, the concentrate still has plenty of sugar in it.

    Since this drink does not have whipped cream, thats not an issue.

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    How Does Water Temperature Affect Your Coffees Taste

    When your coffee is brewing, flavors are dissolving from the grinds into your coffee. Certain temperatures of water are needed to do this correctly. 200 degrees is the;perfect temperature for brewing coffee.;

    This temperature can be achieved by using a cheap laser thermometer to check the exact heat of your coffee. A less exact method is to remove your kettle from the boil around 30 seconds before use.

    Tips And Things To Consider When Making Iced Coffee

    Sometimes, the heat or cold brings out the unadulterated flavors of a coffee roast. What is the best coffee at Starbucks that will best fit the iced variant? Coffees with fruity or chocolaty flavors taste best iced.

    Do you want to drink coffee with a fruity flavor without having to add orange slices in the cup? Ethiopian coffee beans are famous for their fruity flavors. With a little research, you can find the right flavor of coffee that youre yearning for.

    While iced coffee is the perfect way to beat the heat, try to limit your coffee consumption to five cups per day. Studies say that if you go past that, you put your health at risk.; You increase the risk of developing heart disease by 22% when you go overboard with your coffee.

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    Does A Chai Latte Have Caffeine

    Yes, chai lattes have caffeine since they are made using black tea.

    However, you can adapt the recipe if you are trying to avoid caffeine. For example, you can substitute the black tea for rooibos.

    Unfortunately, Starbucks does not have a decaffeinated chai latte on their menu.

    If youre interested, heres a look at the amount of caffeine in each Starbucks tea.

    Cookies N Cream Frappe


    If youre feeling super fancy but bored of the usual flavours then try a cookies n cream frappe from Starbucks. It tastes amazing when hot or cold and its really creamy so smooth with no ice crystals. If you cant find the cookies n cream powder then try just doing a regular frappe, but putting Oreos into it instead! You could even crumble up some more Oreos and put them on top as well so that you get a good mix of texture in your drink. I think they also sell Oreos in Starbucks which would be perfect for this drink!

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    Prepare What You Need To Make Starbucks Coffee At Home

    Before we learn how to make iced coffee like Starbucks, gather everything you need. Like any recipe, you first have to prepare what you need to make a Starbucks-style iced coffee. Consider how many cups you want to make or the number of people youre preparing iced coffee for.

    For this guide, were going to prepare a pitcher of iced coffee. Are you planning on only having one cup for the day? Dont worry because well also include a recipe for one cup of iced coffee later.

    The items you need to make iced coffee like Starbucks are:

    • 5 and 1/4 cups of ice
    • Ground coffee of your preference
    • Sweetener
    • Coffee press
    • Milk

    Note that you dont need to have all the equipment that a typical Starbucks branch has. All you need is a functional coffee press. If youre considering getting an espresso maker, check out this guide from Espresso Canada.

    Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate Recipe

    Alright, here it is the perfect step-by-step Starbucks cold brew concentrate copycat recipe:

  • Coarsely grind 3.3 lb of Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast coffee beans into your brew bags. This should equate to about 20 cups of loose coffee grounds.
  • Tie your brew bags tightly at the top so that coffee grounds cannot escape, but make sure the grounds remain loose inside the bag so they can move around freely.
  • Place the brew bags in your pitcher, and fully immerse them in 32 cups of cool, filtered water.
  • Gently massage your brew bags under the water to ensure that all grounds get wet.
  • Cover your pitcher, and place it in the refrigerator for 21-26 hours. Rotate or gently agitate the bags one more time during this brewing period to make sure all grounds are staying wet. Do not agitate vigorously.
  • Open the pitcher, and drain all liquid out of your brew bags by hanging them over the pitcher. Let gravity do all of the work slowly. Do not squeeze liquid out of the coffee grounds. After draining is complete, you should be left with approximately 21 cups of super strong cold brew coffee concentrate!
  • Enjoy your coffee. You can keep the concentrate covered and refrigerated for up to one month.
  • Remember, if you want to make more or less cold brew, you can always multiply the entire coffee recipe by an arbitrary constant. For example, you could double the entire recipe, or cut it in half if you prefer.

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    What If My Coffee Tastes

    The temperature of the water can severely affect the brewing process. However, other factors may cause a disruption of flavor in your coffee.

    If youve kept your equipment clean and your coffee beans are fresh, but theres still some funky flavor happening, there could be other factors causing problems.;

    Your Equipment Is Dirty

    How to Make Your Favorite Starbucks Drinks at Home â Our ...

    It might not feel like you need to clean it out every timeafter all, you only made coffee. Just a quick rinse and itll be fine, right?

    Well, no. If you dont know how to clean a coffee maker, nows the time to learn. Thats because we tend to only think about the coffee pot and the filter area.

    Just when was the last time you cleaned the reservoir of your drip coffee maker? If you dont remember, it might be time to do a proper wash of your coffee gear.

    How to Fix It: Properly clean your coffee maker. Your taste buds and your immune system will thank you.

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