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Where To Buy Jamaican Coffee

The Intriguing History Of Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The history of Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica is intriguing. As history tells it, in 1723 when Martinique was a colony of France, King Louis XV, sent a few coffee plants to Martinique to be cultivated. Five years later, the governor of Martinique gifted the governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes, with a single coffee plant. This plant was nurtured and many, many more were grown, signalling the beginning of the coffee industry in Jamaica!

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Clifton Mount Estate

If you tend to like chocolate-toned coffees, this coffee might be for you. Its also by Volcanica Coffee and is a single estate bag like their peaberry beans. This coffee is incredibly rich and flavorful, with the perfect balance of chocolate, floral, and even fruity notes.

The Clifton Mount Estate has been growing high-quality Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee on the slopes of Catherines Peak since the late 1700s.

Their expertise is reflected in the superb quality of these coffee beans. It has a great balance of flavor, and has absolutely no bitterness!

All in all, highly recommended!

Certified By The Jacra Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority

  • 100% Pure and Authentic

Responsibly Sourced

We work directly with coffee farms and local cooperatives, and have spent years developing relationships with importers to ensure the best possible products.

Over 130 Premium Coffees

We carry over 130 different coffees including single origin, estate, peaberry, decaf and flavored. Each is regularly cupped by our professional team for quality.

Fresh Roasted

We fresh roast on demand with our low emission roasters. Our SCA trained roast masters understand the nuances and delicacies involved in roasting different bean varieties.

The Perfect Cup

We take pride that our customers expect only the best quality and customer experience, which is evident of our thousands of 5-star reviews.

Brown sugar, winey, dried fruit, clean aftertaste Dried fruit, savory chocolate, orange Clean body, nutty, apple Raspberry, cranberry, fresh-cut redwood, alyssum-like flowers in aroma and cup
Process Traditional wet process then Swiss Water Processed Washed

jamaican blue mountain1 Pound

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:No
  • Product Dimensions:3.5 x 2.5 x 11 inches 1 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:Volcanica Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

4.3 out of 5 stars

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Best Blue Mountain Coffee In Vancouver Bc

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    We came here early on a Saturday to pick up a coffee and were thoroughly impressed! There is a one way direction in the cafe due to covid. Their space is quite small but the coffee would surely make any more

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  • How To Brew Blue Mountain Coffee

    Blue Mountain Coffee 100% Jamaica Roasted Whole Beans

    You should only brew this coffee when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durins Dayno, wait. Thats something else. Brewing a coffee this prestigious does demand your full attention, though. What coffee makers should you use with this bean?

    Here are a few general guidelines for brewing amazing blue mountain coffee:

  • Keep your coffee fresh
  • Grind it as close to using it as you can, preferably at home.
  • Use an immersion technique to bring out the best of the flavours. Drip,
  • French press or percolator will all do this bean justice .
  • Use good filtered water that has been boiled, then cooled for 30-45 seconds.
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    Why Immersion?

    Immersion brewing styles get every scrap of flavor out of your freshly ground coffee. These methods allow the hot water do its job of penetrating the grind and pulling out all the flavor and the oil that gives coffee its great mouth-feel. You could also experiement with a cold brew.

    If youre a real fan of espresso, then look for Jamaican Peaberry. These are beans that have grown to fill the whole cherry, rather than splitting into two. They make a better choice for espresso brewing.

    Roasting your own?

    Since its so expensive youll want to make sure you roast them in confidence a medium roast is recommended.

    We use a medium roast, which brings out the most of the complexity of the flavour of blue mountain coffee

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    Product Description

    Our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee comes from the blue mountains of Jamaica which are located between Kingston in the South and Port Antonio in the North, and is from Stoneleigh Estate. The mountains rise to 7,500ft with coffee being planted between 3,000 and 5,500 ft. Anything grown below this is either called Jamaica High Mountain, Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain, our coffee from Stoneleigh is genuine Blue Mountain classification.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain is a globally protected certification mark, and only coffee estates growing coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be sold as such.

    The following geographical directions define the area classified as Blue Mountain :Starting at Skibo and proceeding in an east-south-easterly direction to Swift River

    thence east-south-easterly to Chelsea thence east-south-easterly to Durham thence south-easterly to Belleview thence south-easterly along the western slope of the John Crow Mountain to Cedar Grove thence westerly to Font Hill thence north-westerly to Ramble thence westerly to Good Hope thence north-westerly to Dallas thence north-westerly to Industry Village thence north-westerly to Maryland thence north-westerly to Golden Spring thence northerly to Brandon Hill thence north-easterly to Tranquility thence east-north-easterly to Skibo.

    Why Buy From J Martinez & Company

    As Jamaicans, we grew up with Blue Mountain coffee and have been keen supporters of growers and processors on our famous island. J. Martinez has been an authorized importer since 1988 and has led the call for strict labeling and strict quality control of the coffee. We take great pride in both the selection and roasting of Jamaican coffee, and we guarantee all our coffees so that you can purchase with confidence.

    4 Item

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    One Of The Finest Coffees The World Has To Offer This Certified Blue Mountain Is The Best Of The Best

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Over the last several decades, this coffee bean has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world.

    We have been able to secure a small amount of this very special coffee indeed. This is Jamaica Blue Mountain No.1 Grade coffee from the famous Gold Cup coffee estate. Not only is Jamaican Blue Mountain considered by many to be the best coffee bean in the world, the No.1 grade Blue Mountain is the best of all the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees available. It’s the very highest estate on Blue Mountain and without question, this is the very best of the best.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a globally protected certification mark meaning that only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labelled as such. It comes from a recognised growing region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica and its cultivation is monitored by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

    Blue Mountain has an intense aroma and is perfectly balanced with a full bodied flavour that develops on the palate. It is exceptionally smooth with vibrant acidity and a persistent flavour.

    Region Blue Mountain Acidity Bright and clean

    Unroasted 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Green Coffee

    Sample Roasting with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

    For the home-roasters reading this review, dont worry: I didnt forget about you! Fresh Roasted Coffee allows you to purchase the unroasted version of their delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. If you want to try and bring out better and bolder flavor from your beans, home-roasting is a sure-fire way to do that.

    Fresh Roasted roasts their beans medium, but you might prefer a lighter or ever-so-slightly darker roast for your brew! Regardless, you can expect that bold body and unique flavor that only the best coffee in the world can deliver.

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    The Blue Mountain Terrain

    Hot lowlands giving way to cooler mountains and North East winds laden with moisture reach the coastal areas of Portland, Jamaica first and then rise up the slopes of the Blue Mountains. But, enough with the romantic descriptions.

    To be called Jamaica Blue Mountain, coffee needs to have been gown at an elevation between 3,000 ft and 5,500 ft meters metres). Anything above 5,500 ft in Jamaica is considered forest preserve and the law forbids for coffee to be grown.

    Even though coffee can be grown on the same mountains, the elevation plays a major role in the final quality of the beans. Anything grown under 1,500 ft is called Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain. It will produce a decent cup of coffee, but it will taste bitter. Especially when compared to authentic Blue Mountain coffee.

    The beans that are grown at an elevation between 1,500 ft and 3,000 ft are called Jamaica High Mountain. They are more abundant then Blue Mountain beans, cheaper to purchase, and generally do not taste as smooth.

    The legally defined Blue Mountain range is between 3,000 ft and 5,500. So, anything grown in that range is considered authentic.

    The Blue Mountain range itself is located on the Eastern end of the island and it consists of hilly and rugged terrain. The range covers 3 of 14 parishes and has Northern and Southern slopes.

    The geological history itself is quite complex because it exhibits igneous and marine influences where volcanic, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are all present.

    How To Buy 100% Real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

    Jamaica has a radiant culture and tropical scene that has attracted many tourists over the years. Even if you have never been to the island, you may have experienced it through music. If youve listened to any Reggae musician, most notably Bob Marley, then you may have a mental image of the place.

    Aside from infecting the world with rasta culture and irie vibes, Jamaica also has a top secret export that is not so secret, blue mountain coffee.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is certainly one of the most sought after beans on the coffee market. When sold it has to come with a seal of certification.

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    Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Wallenford Top Pick

    Volcanica has built a reputation as a great roaster of gourmet Arabica beans, so its not much of a surprise to see them top this list. This will be a soft cup with a sweet and orangey, buttery feel. Once youve swallowed, the chocolate and orange will linger, but in a good way.

    Some roasters would maybe cower to the Blue Mountain bean and roast it as little as possible to really let the flavor out, but Volcanica is confident in roasting it at a medium level. They say that this is the best way to experience the flavor that the coffee of the Blue Mountains has to give.

    They also guarantee delivery of the bean between 3 to 30 days of roasting, so you can count on a fresh batch of coffee arriving to your house. Of course, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you can just go pick it up. But for the rest of us, we can sleep well knowing that well only receive fresh, wonderful beans from the Blue Mountains via Atlanta.

    The bean itself is clean and wont muck up your grinder. It is also 100% certified by Jamaica Coffee Industry Board. And best of all, you can currently save 15% on these gourmet beans! Just enter code COFFEEAFFECTION at checkout.

    • Eventually the bag is empty

    About Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

    Coffee Roasters Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans 454g ...

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is much desired and sought-after the world over. This is mostly because of where the Blue Mountains are located. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are located between Kingston in the South and Port Antonio to the North. These mountains rise to a height of 7500ft , making them some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean.

    The climate in this region is predominantly cool and misty with a relatively high rainfall. This, combined with an abundance of rich, fertile soil and good drainage makes it especially suited to the growing of coffee. The mist also protects the coffee plants from the intense of the tropical sun, making them that much more succulent. The Coffee Industry Regulation Act specifies what coffee can bear the Blue Mountain label. These coffees are authorised and certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. This covers certain areas in Jamaica, namely those of Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland and Saint Mary. Indeed, only coffee grown in these areas can rightly be named Blue Mountain Coffee.

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    Clydesdale 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

    Nestled in the Grand Ridge, which is home to Jamaica’s largest National Park and Forest Reserve, the farmers in the Clydesdale coffee region produce an outstanding quality coffee, only of the typica variety. The Clydesdale brand represents, Blue Mountain Coffee from this and other select regions within the southern slope, which is the oldest coffee growing area of the Blue Mountains.

    Look For Seal Of Certification

    Once you receive the bag of roasted beans in the mail, or if you are at a store location that happens to sell blue mountain coffee, you will want to find the seal of certification from the Coffee Industry Board. Having the seal verifies that this product was reviewed and approved for export as it meets all the necessary qualifications.

    The seal is blue, with a circle surrounded by the words, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Inside the circle there is a barrel at the center. The background is made of the outline of the blue mountain. There is a silhouette of the county of Jamaica in the middle just behind the picture of the barrel. Within the circle, below the silhouette and barrel is a coffee bean plant.

    When on the lookout for imposters, one tell tale sign is the shade of blue on the seal. Those who try to copy the seal tend to make the ink either too dark or too light. It is best to find a copy of the seal online to compare to the color.

    Another tip, is to see how crisp the likes are around and in the seal. Some counterfeiters have blurred lines as this can be an identifier of a false product. This may be difficult to detect as the blurring can be a very small amount.

    Lastly you will want to check the pictures in the seal. Make sure that the seal only contains all the items as described previously! Check that nothing is missing from the seal and that the alignment is even. If something is off center or a symbol is missing, then it may not be the real deal.

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    About Coffee From Jamaicas Blue Mountains

    Like Kona coffee, authentic JBM Coffee comes from a small designated geographical region. As you could guess, it grows in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. To be called JBM coffee, it must be grown in the parishes of St. Andrew, Portland, or St. Thomas. The designation of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is an internationally protected trademark.

    Coffee plants first came to Jamaica in 1728. They came via Hispaniola, now known as Haiti, and thrived in the St. Thomas parish. By 1800, Jamaica had over 650 coffee plantations. But that was only possible with slave labor. When slaves were emancipated in 1838, the coffee industry declined.

    Since the interest in specialty coffee has grown, people will pay a premium price so that workers get paid and treated fairly. That has led to the resurgence of Jamaicas coffee industry.

    Today, the Coffee Industry Board is the sole body that handles certification of Jamaican coffee. Also, like Kona coffee, Jamaican coffee has its own grading system. The top tier is No. 1. This has the largest beans with only 3% defects allowed. That is followed by No. 2 and No. 3. Generally, the largest beans have the biggest flavor. The exception is the peaberry. It is small but packs a big punch. These top four grades of Jamaican coffee are usually sold as green beans and shipped in barrels.

    Japan’s Enduring Love Affair With Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Drink Recipe

    Once a symbol of post-war recovery, the aromatic and smooth brew from the Caribbean even has its own day on the Japanese calendar.

    Despite its popularity in Japan, the Jamaican coffee industry has experienced a number of major setbacks in recent decades

    Every morning, as Kazunori Kamiyoshiwara starts his working day in the bustling Chuo district of Tokyo with a mug of coffee, it reminds him of the spectacular peaks of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, where the haze creeps through the valleys and gives the region its name.

    It may be almost exactly 12,900 kilometers from Tokyo to the Blue Mountains, but that first coffee of the day transports Kamiyoshiwara to a place that has almost religious significance to millions of aficionados in a country that takes its coffee very seriously.

    As director of Japanese coffee importer Ataka Trading Co, Kamiyoshiwara has visited Jamaica’s coffee plantations in person. But Blue Mountain Coffee means so much even to Japanese fans who are unlikely ever to visit Jamaica that they have set aside a day, January 9, in its honor.

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    Does Blue Mountain Coffee Require Special Brewing

    When it comes to brewing the Blue Mountain Coffee there is no right or wrong way! Thankfully it can be sold in varying forms, as the whole coffee bean, coffee grounds, and even as a k-cup for our Keurig fans.

    There are some tips to make sure you get the best flavor!

    • The coffee comes vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. Once you have gotten the necessary amount to make your cup of coffee, then press out as much air as you can, then reseal to maintain freshness.
    • For those of us who like to purchase the whole coffee bean and grind them at home, make sure you only get the amount of beans you need to make your cup of coffee. If you grind up all the beans, then they will lose freshness and taste much quicker than if they remained in the bean form.
    • To get the best flavor use the immersion brewing technique. Using a french press or drip technique will get the most flavor per cup since the water is in contact with the grounds for longer.
    • Use water that has already been boiled, and cooled for 30 seconds to a minute. Having the water boiled beforehand, gets rid of any flavor the water may have that could throw off the taste of the coffee.


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