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What Is An Aeropress Coffee Maker

Ease Of Making The Coffee

How to Make an AeroPress Coffee Out Of the Box

Each product was used by the testers to make a single espresso. The testers considered the instructions, the number of steps involved, how complicated each one was, as well as how stiff or user friendly the maker was.;

Consideration was also given to how easy each product would be to use at home, at work or outdoors and if it would be easy for those with different abilities.;

The best products were simple and smooth to use. The worst left our testers confused or with sore hands.;

How We Tested Portable Coffee Makers

To test these portable coffee makers we asked a panel of three experienced coffee makers to assess each one for ease of putting together, ease of making the coffee, the mess made, cleaning and the amount of residue left.;

Another researcher tested a select few coffee makers on their heat retention and how leakproof they were, as well as performing the drop test.

Due to postage delays, only one of our three testers was able to test the Huwaioury coffee maker.;

Aeropress Coffee And Espresso Maker

This model is the basic version available from the maker. It comes with the plunger, chamber, seal, filter cap, funnel, filter holder, scoop, , stirrer, 350 filters.

The fast and total immersion brewing process makes delicious coffee with low acidity. Makes about 1-3 cups of Americano style coffee in one minute or espresso style coffee in 30 seconds. There are 350 micro-paperfilters included avoiding excessive leakage of coffee grounds when compared to a French Press. After use, the coffee maker is easy to clean within a few seconds.

The Aeropress coffee maker is ideal for at home or when travelling and camping. In case you are wondering why you should buy an Aeropress coffee maker with all the other different models available on the market here are some reasons for you:


  • Works well for cold press coffe
  • No electricity needed
  • Portable and great for travelling


  • Produces only a small quantity
  • Reported leakage

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What Is An Aeropress Coffee Maker


AeroPress is a coffee maker invented by Alan Adler, President of Aerobie in 2005. Its made of two cylinders with the smaller one inside of the larger one to create an airtight seal very similar to a syringe.

Its quite forgiving in terms of coffee grinds. The size should be between espresso and drip coffee. These are the simple steps:

  • Place a microfilter in the bottom of the chamber;
  • Grind coffee beans and add two scoops to the chamber;
  • Place the chamber onto a coffee mug;
  • Boil water to about 165 -175 F;
  • Pour the hot water to pre-infuse the coffee and stir the water and coffee for 10 seconds. Let it steep for 30 seconds or so.
  • Gently push the plunger down to the bottom.

Youll have a smooth, rich and balanced coffee that many professional writers and coffee tasters couldnt stop raving about.

You may drink it straight up as espresso or add more hot water to make an Americano or froth/steam some milk for a cappuccino or latte. The chamber has corresponding marks for each cup of coffee with a total of 4. Each scoop of coffee makes an equivalent of a single espresso shot or 5-ounce of the American coffee. Adjust the water volume before the plunge or after.

Can you imagine the comparisons made by coffee aficionados against Drip, Espresso, French Press and other brewing methods? The secret why AeroPress has won over so many coffee enthusiasts can be summarized as follows:

Why The Aeropress Makes Great Coffee

2POUR dual brewer accessory for Aeropress Coffee Maker

Thus, the result with hardly any tinkering: Two very, very good mugs of coffee. I was able to taste qualities that I had mainly read about before, particularly on the floral, fruity, and sweet end of the spectrum.

Jeffrey Steingarten Vogue Food Editor

There are several reasons why the Aeropress makes such great coffee. One of the reasons is the total immersion of the coffee grounds with water, just like a french press. However, unlike a french press, the Aeropress has a filter. This makes the resulting coffee much healthier. If you want to learn why using a filter makes your coffee healthier read this article about the healthiest coffee.

The total immersion of the ground in hot water extracts all the robust flavors of the coffee. This extraction also results in a smoother brew compared to drip coffee.

The use of air pressure also helps squeeze out every last bit of flavor inside the coffee grounds. This enhances the flavor an extra level compared to regular french press and drip brewing methods.

This method of brewing also allows you to brew at lower temperatures reducing the acid level compared to other brew methods. Paired with the quick brew time with the air pressure the resulting cup of coffee has less bitterness and lower pH.

Laboratory testing done comparing the pH of Aeropress coffee compared to other brewing methods showed the Aeropress coffee head less than one fifth the amount of regular drip coffee. This makes it taste better and it is better for your stomach.

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Accessories For The Aeropress

The AeroPresss popularity has led a number of other companies to develop accessories for it, ranging from cold-brewer add-ons to espresso-maker attachments. So weve tested some of those as well.

The Fellow Prismo attachment, which allows you to make something like an espresso, is the only AeroPress accessory wed recommend. The Prismo replaces the AeroPresss paper filters and perforated cap with a metal filter and a small, pressure-actuated valve that allows you to force hot water through your coffee grounds with more pressure than you can using the regular AeroPress. This simulates the pressure created by an espresso machine when you pull a shot. The result isnt a perfect replacement for a hand-pulled shot, but the Prismo imitates one pretty well. The espresso we made with the Prismo tasted strong and flavorful, and it even had a crema-like foam, albeit a weak one.

Contrasts To Other Immersion Brewing Methods

The AeroPress uses finely ground bean, has a short brewing time of 30 seconds and, similar to espresso, uses air pressure to extract flavor. French press uses a much coarser grind and consequently has a much longer brewing time of 4â5 minutes. French press utilizes a metal filter and is unpressurized. Siphon brew uses intermediate fine grinds and has a 90 second brewing time, using a cloth filter, and is also unpressurized. Espresso runs high temperature water at very high pressure through ultra-finely ground coffee. In contrast to the AeroPress, the water is pressurized mechanically, instead of through muscle power.

To lower the environmental footprint, third-party reusable metal mesh filters exist for the AeroPress. Aerobie does not recommend these, saying that coffee made with paper filters has tested better for taste.

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Ease Of Cleaning: Dishwasher

Cleaning the AeroPress Coffee Maker was a piece of cake. It doesnt need much upkeep because the chamber is wiped clean after each use. All that needs to be done is to rinse the seal and dispose of the coffee puck. To do this, remove the filter cap and push the plunger all the way through the chamber until the puck falls out. This should be done over a trash bin in case any of the grounds spills.;

This little coffee maker would make a great gift for any coffee lover.

Then, simply wash or rinse the seal under running water. All of the parts are also dishwasher-safe , but I didnt see the need to use the dishwasher since the cleaning was already so minimal. On occasion, the chamber and seal should be removed and thoroughly washed.;

The Spruce Eats / Cheyenne Elwell

Aeropress Vs Pour Over Which One Makes Better Coffee

How to use an AeroPress Coffee Maker

There are countless ways to brew coffee manually. These various methods are some of the hottest trends in coffee today.

So, it might be overwhelming to walk into a shop and see the brew bar fully stocked with what appears to be the tool collection of a mad scientist or something you saw in Breaking Bad.

But, those are indeed tools for making coffee by hand.

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French Press Vs Aeropress: Which One Is Better

Two of the most popular manual methods for making coffee are the Aeropress and French press.

While the latter is a time tested method enjoyed around the world, the former has been around for just over a decade but has already made an impression on coffee lovers.

Wondering which is best for you? Here are the major differences between the French press and Aeropress and the advantages of each method.

Can You Use Aeropress For Tea

The AeroPress machine can be used to make tea. However, you can only use the inverted brewing method when making tea.

  • First, insert the plunger into the machines column and let it stand upside down.
  • Put the preferred amount of your favourite tea grinds on the column and then add nearly boiling water.
  • Stir the mixture for sixty to ninety seconds.
  • Add a filter to the AeroPress cap and let the machine stand upright. Flip the coffee maker over a cup and then press the plunger through the cylinder until all the tea is extracted.
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    We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your patronage.

    Is Drip Coffee Better Than Aeropress Coffee

    Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker (with 350 Filters, Funnel ...

    In most ways, I would have to say that, no, drip coffee is not better than Aeropress coffee. This is for a number of reasons and, while I dont believe drip coffee is bad, as I drink it on occasion, it just pales in comparison to the tons of options there are aside from it.

    However, if you are looking for coffee that isnt as strong as Aeropress coffee and similar drinks, drip coffee is a perfect way to go. Drip coffee is one of the widest consumer choices in coffee.

    Most drip coffee machines;are fairly inexpensive and you can find them for around the same price as an Aeropress, so neither will set you back much in funds. Although, drip coffee has many redeeming qualities in its autonomy. You can find many variants of the coffee makers, some of which can have timers set, or even add in sugar and such during the brewing process.

    However, I firmly believe that, because of the strength disparity and caffeine content in these two types of coffee, you are wasting some money when you use a drip machine, rather than the alternative. This is a subjective view, of course, but I think that if you arent getting the most out of your coffee, you are wasting money.

    If you dont have a drip coffee maker, as of yet, I would recommend a coffee maker like this;BESTEK;one. It is one I usually always recommend in these articles because it has the programmable timer that I mentioned, and is fairly high quality for the price.

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    What Is French Press

    Where the AeroPress is nice and fast for one person, the French Press offers a more methodical and drawn out way of making your coffee. The beauty of the French press comes from the care you put into making it, so this will require you to have patience and time to make your coffee. For this brew, you will start by precisely measuring out your coffee and add it to your press chamber.

    Once the coffee is added, you will add some water and then wait. The waiting person for the French press is what gives the coffee such a rich and bold flavor that people love it for. Once you let the coffee mix and heat up with the water, you will place on the plunger and separate the coffee grinds from the water so that you now have an upper layer of fresh coffee with a bold flavor.

    Advantages Of The French Press

    The French press, also called a cafetiere or press pot, is a simple device that consists of a carafe, plunger with an attached filter screen, and a lid.

    You place coffee into the carafe, pour in hot water thats between 185 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and allow it to brew for at least three minutes. Once brewing is complete, the plunger is gently pressed down and the finished coffee can be enjoyed.

    This sounds simple, and using a French press really doesnt have to be more complicated than that. However, one of the perks of using it is you can customize just about every aspect of the brewing process.

    If you prefer coarsely ground coffee from home roasted beans, you can use that. If you only have access to regular ground coffee, thats acceptable to use as well simply decrease your brewing time to compensate for the smaller grind size.

    With a French press you can brew for a longer time to get a very bold and robust flavor, or you can brew for a shorter time for a smoother and more subtle taste.

    Compared to the coffee produced by an Aeropress, French press brew has a fuller bodied mouthfeel, is more aromatic, and the flavor has more of a strong bite.

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    What Is The Aeropress Coffee Maker

    AeroPress is a durable, compact and lightweight manual coffee maker invented by Alan Adler in 2005. Its originally designed as a quick brew method, and the brewing process takes only 1 minute. It lets the coffee grounds immerse in hot water in the brew chamber for a short time and forces the coffee out by pushing a plunger. You can get strong and condense flavor using finer coffee grounds. At first, many people consider it a great and cheap alternative for espresso machines and call it AeroPress coffee and espresso maker.

    As AeroPress became popular, coffee geeks invented more creative brewing methods using this coffee maker. And due to its compact size, AeroPress is also the favorite travel coffee maker of all time.

    If you are interested in the story behind the AeroPress, check this Alan Adler interview.

    Aeropress Vs Pour Over

    How to use an Aeropress coffee maker | Aeropress Guide – Pact Coffee

    A couple of the devices you may see on a brew bar at your local coffee place are the AeroPress or a variety of pour over devices.

    AeroPress brewing is, basically, pressurized French press brewing. Put the coffee in the device, add water, wait and press the plunger down. Voila! Coffee!

    Pour over coffee utilizes the same basic principles of automatic drip, except you do it by hand thus controlling the process more exactly. Usually, these techniques utilize a cone, a paper filter, and a mug or decanter.

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    What Grind Is Best For Aeropress

    Medium-fine is the best grind for AeroPress. If the plunger goes down too easily, it means that your grind is too coarse; on the contrary, if you struggle to push it down, your coffee bean grounds are too fine. Ideally, they should look like table salt. Speaking of beans, heres where we listed the best ones for this method.

    Best For Endless Possibilities

    The Delter Press bears some resemblance to the Aeropress, but it adds something to the equation: pressure. The Delter Press is not an espresso maker, but it does, in my experience, brew stronger than the Aeropress. I also found it possible to control the strength to an almost infinite degree by varying the grind, the amount of coffee, and the amount of water. One thing I like better with the Delter is the ability to add more water without starting a new brew, something that’s not possible with the Aeropress.

    Delter suggests starting with a medium to fine grind, but I got enjoyable results even with a very fine espresso grind. To me, this is the best part of the Delterit offers a wide variety of brewing possibilities, making it easy to tailor the results to your individual tastes.

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    What Is The Best Coffee For Aeropress

    To get the tastiest results, the best AeroPress grind size would be between fine drip or espresso grind. You can use pre-ground drip coffee, but it may take more time and a higher quantity of coffee grounds.

    Consumers generally agree on using medium roasts of single origin when using the AeroPress. Additionally, the AeroPress ratio should be about 1:16.;

    If you find a different ratio that works for you, though, go for it! At the end of the day, AeroPress is versatile enough to brew nearly anything.;

    How To Make Aeropress Coffee

    AeroPress Coffee Maker (includes 350 filter papers ...

    A good cup of coffee is an essential part of my morning, and there are many ways to achieve this necessity. Drip coffee makers, single-cup brewers, the French press. But if I had to choose just one way to make coffee, one that delivered good taste and convenience without much expense, I would have to go with the AeroPress a strange-looking little gadget that produces a superb cup of coffee.

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