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Where Can I Buy Gavina Coffee Beans

Best Cuban Coffee Gavina Since 1870 Old Havana Espresso

How to buy the best coffee machine – Which?
  • 2lb Bag
  • Committed to a greener footprint


  • No word on freshness

The strange thing about an espresso roast is that doesnt necessarily mean its roasted exclusively for making espresso.

But in the case of the Gavina, it does make excellent espresso thats nice and strong perfect for adding milk too.

When Im making cappuccino I like a nice strong flavor so tend to opt for a medium or medium-dark roast, enough flavor to punch through the milk without being overpowering.

The Stumptown coffee at the top of the list is also a great choice for lattes and cappuccinos of course but I wanted to give you some options.

This was created with a nod to Cuban coffee culture where espresso is king, and sweetening some milk in an espresso is also the complete norm.

Roasted with care in Los Angles making this an ideal choice if youre anywhere in California.

Smooth taste, great espresso, superb cappuccino.

This Cuban Immigrant Family Has Been Keeping Los Angeles Caffeinated For Half A Century

Gaviña coffee family celebrates 50 years of roasting coffee.

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When you go to Don Franciscos Casa Cubana, a sleek new coffeehouse in the Spring Arcade Building in downtown Los Angeles, you might want to order a cortadito espresso with steamed milk and walk to the rear, past the antique coffee gear on display, past the swank Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machines. There, on the back wall, are striking photos of four generations of Gaviñas.

This is the Gaviña familys first coffee shop, but not their first foray into coffee. This year marks their 50th year of roasting coffee in the Los Angeles area, not an insignificant milestone in a town that sees trends come and go faster than you can Instagram a charcoal latte. From their earliest days, the Gaviñas have served all of L.A. indeed, their story is as L.A. as they come.

Our grandfather in the late 1860s started growing coffee in Cuba, says Pedro Gaviña, who, along with his siblings Jose, Paco and Leonor, run the company today. Their father, Francisco, was born on the farm and expanded the business into roasting when Fidel Castro came to power, however, the family was forced to leave Cuba. They landed in Southern California in the early 1960s and, in 1967, with a small roaster they bought from Bobs Big Boy, restarted their business in a 1,100-square-foot warehouse in Vernon.

In 1984, the Gaviñas entered the grocery aisle.

Top Choice Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee Donut Shop Medium Roast

  • 2-pound bag
  • Tastes great with any brew method
  • Reasonable price
  • No roast date on the bag
  • No smaller bag available

You can easily have a different coffee for every occasion, and every brew method. But I wanted the top choice to be a quality coffee that tastes fresh and delicious no matter how you brew it.

And the Real Good Coffee Co do just that, their donut shop blend is the perfect everyday blend.

A flavor profile of Sweet tasting notes with a slight fruity nuttiness underneath, and all the flavors come through because its roasted fresh in Seattle, the place some consider to be the homeland of specialty coffee.

As a company theyre committed to great-tasting arabica coffee that doesnt cost the earth nor does it hard the earth, only selling whole bean coffee for added freshness.

I chose the Donut Shop blend because its not super out there, its not extremely harsh and strong it just tastes good, in any coffee maker. A medium roast to balance the flavor allowing you to sip and enjoy your coffee at any time of day.

The only things I didnt like are that theres no roast date on the bag, it tastes fresh but I like to know exactly how fresh. And a 2-pound bag is quite big so you might need some sort of coffee container to store it.

One of my new favorite coffee brands and a delicious cup of coffee, plus you can buy it on Amazon for ease.

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Best For French Press Intelligentsia Frequency Blend Direct Trade Coffee

  • 12 oz bag
  • Milk chocolate, dried fruit, and almond notes
  • 100% Arabica
  • Balanced well for French press
  • Not too dark
  • Best drank black, a little light to be adding milk too
  • Only one size of bag available

Intelligentsia are amongst the royalty of Specialty coffee, they started as a small roaster who wanted direct trade with coffee farmers to ensure a fair price and top quality standards.

And while theyve grown to be a big company, they still keep those values of attention to detail, incredibly high standards, and fair pricing.

As for the coffee, its a medium roast with chocolatey flavors that always seem to come through well in a French Press.

I tend to avoid dark roast in a french press since the coffee already comes through thicker and heavier compared to other brew methods.

Intelligentsia sells through Amazon but they ship the coffee themselves to ensure its freshly roasted coffee coming to your door.

The frequency blend is ideal for the French press because its well balanced and a little forgiving if you accidentally over or under brew it. A great-tasting cup of coffee that will set you up in the morning.

A Word On Flavor Notes starbucks decaf espresso beans

Flavor notes of coffee are a strange one because you can read what they are, drink the coffee and not taste any of them.

And thats absolutely fine.

Flavor notes are there to give you a general idea about the feel of a cup of coffee rather than an explicit description of the flavor in the way youd get with, say, an ice cream. Strawberry ice cream should taste of strawberries, but a flavor note of strawberry in a cup of coffee is still going to taste like coffee.

And if you want to get super into your coffee then you can start keeping a little diary talking about flavor notes and such, but if you dont then dont worry about it.

Use it to guide you that if you dont want a smoky flavor probably steer clear, equally if it says milk chocolate notes dont expect sweetness in the sense of sugar added, just appreciate an overall aura of sweetness.

And know that proper coffee tasters go so far as to keep little vials with different types of tree bark in them so that when they say a woody after taste they can specifically say birch or oak, or maple wood aftertaste.

For at-home enjoyment, its a step too far but its what helps coffee roasters keep working harder at their craft to roast beans that are tastier and tastier so they can just fire on.

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Gavina Old Havana Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

The Gavina Old Havan Espresso Whole Bean comes in a 32 -ounce bag filled with all the quality and freshness to make that perfect cup of coffee. Made from 100% Arabica, these beans are regarded as an accurate representation of the Cuban culture.

Nutty and sweet with dashes of citrus, there is a guarantee that your coffee will have a strong flavor and a sweet taste. It sounds irresistible, doesnt it?

The flavor profile of this coffee brand is impressive, with an adequate dose of crema. There is also the lack of that intense bitterness associated with other Cuban coffee brands. Hence, if you like something a little less bitter than the other products on this list, go for this product.

What We Liked

  • Nutty, sweet hints of citrus
  • Not as bitter as other brands

What Could Have Been Better

  • Does not hold up well with milk
  • Burnt aftertaste

Deliver Quality Experience With Gavia Reserve

Crafted by culture, Gaviña Reserve brings the culture of our coffee beans to life. Each of our single origin coffees is responsibly-sourced from trusted coffee farmers in a single country, allowing the soil, climate, and history of that region to fuse with each coffee bean. Our experienced team roasts our coffee to perfection to elevate the flavor and deliver an exceptional coffee experience.

Fill out the form below to receive more information on how to add Gaviña Reserve to your menu.

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Pilon Espresso 100% Arabica Coffee

Closing the list is another product by Pilon. This product comes in the form of granules and stems from a mix of Arabica and Robusta, but is predominantly Robusta. Take note that the product is advertised as 100% Arabica coffee, but is actually a mix of Arabica and Robusta.

The coffee obtained after brewing this product has been termed flavorful and robust. Thanks to the Robusta coffee here, there is that much-needed caffeine required to get the day going.

Any downsides of this product? The Robusta leaves a bitter aftertaste. On the other hand, this is one very affordable product that does not compromise on quality for the price.

What We Liked

Best For Pour Over Gorongosa National Park Premier Whole Bean Coffee Speak For The Trees 12oz

Ask Gail: How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?
  • 12 oz bag
  • No roast date
  • The coffee is a little strong for some

I love a coffee thats giving something back and doing good in the world, and the Gorongosa coffee is doing just that using locally sourced beans and investing all profits back into the restoration of the rainforest.

1 bag = 1 tree planted and one step towards restoring the area which has been decimated by civil war and unsustainable farming practices.

As for the coffee itself, it wouldnt be on this list if it wasnt delicious, dark roast so it is stronger but a pour-over really brings out the flavors of African spices along with a little smokiness and an altogether bold flavor.

It also makes nice espresso if you have the capability to do so with a nice crema on top, but pour-over is probably the best way to enjoy this.

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Where Do The Best

Kona coffee in Hawaii is always a good choice if youre looking for the best tasting coffee, the conditions make it just perfect for delicious coffee. But there are so many countries growing incredible coffee that its impossible to narrow down, Sumatra, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, I could really just keep going.

But Hawaiian coffee is always a real treat if your stuck.

Best Light Roast Wink Blonde Roast Whole Bean Coffee

  • 2.2 lb bag


  • They often sell out so get it quick

One of the surprising things about light roast coffee, Ive always thought, is that it actually has more caffeine than dark roast coffee , which seems to go against what you would expect but its true.

Wink coffee are careful coffee crafters roasting small-batch coffee in a 1923 Jabez Burns Roaster. They are committed to single-origin coffee that comes from Colombian farmers and rotates through the year to always serve in-season coffee for the best taste.

Thats what I love in a coffee roaster, when they show they take the time to do every stage right with no corners cut.

They use Clean Beans which is their way of saying organic and pesticide-free. Because believe it or not having organic beans and being certified organic could be the same product, but to be certified organic you have to pay the premium price for the certification.

Brew up this delicious coffee using any brewing method and enjoy, I think light roast is always delicious in an Aeropress but you live your life and enjoy your coffee.

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Chuck Full Onuts Cuban Roast Ground Coffee

There are no nuts in this coffee, but it sure is 100% premium coffee. With sweet notes, a lively aroma, and a delicious taste, this is one coffee that is deserving of the word premium in its name.

This Cuban dark-roast is Kosher certified and ships fresh, thanks to its stainless steel container. This product is also gluten-free and can be brewed using a Moka Pot or an automatic coffee maker.

The Chuck Full O Nuts Beans taste excellent with sugar. The only downsides are the bitter aftertaste and the high price tag.

What We Liked

  • Different brewing methods can be used.
  • Gluten-free and easy to preserve,

What Could Have Been Better

  • Aftertaste is bitter.
  • Expensive

Cafe Bustelo Cuban Espresso Dark

Products  Page 2  Don Francisco

A gourmet coffee product with a fantastic smell and a rich taste, the Cafe Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee is one of the best Cuban-based coffees on the market.

Even better, it works with a variety of brewing methods while adding cream and sugar to taste. It already tastes excellent and is freshly ground, with optimal flavor being released upon brewing.

The coffee is also available in ink cups, which means you do not have to worry so much about convenience anymore. Get going first thing in the morning with this great-tasting blend of Cuban beans.

What We Liked

  • Rich flavor and excellent taste

What Could Have Been Better

  • It has a bitter aftertaste.

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What Is Mcdonalds Most Popular Coffee

Drip coffee at McDonalds is by far their most popular beverage- they sell about 500 million cups a day in the United States alone. Though drip coffee is the most popular in sales, the Mocha and Caramel Frappes are also extremely popular. Although they are popular for an afternoon sweet, they might not make the best choice for your morning coffee since they are not made with brewed coffee or espresso. Instead, McDonalds uses a coffee extract to flavor their frappes.

Fresh Cup Field Test: Gavia Coffee Proud Espresso Partner


Gaviñas product portfolio includes a lineup of espressos, available as whole bean and fine grind. Enjoy straight, with milk, or use as a base for hot and cold drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos.

THE CLASSIC is Café Gaviña Espressothe first coffee the company roasted and packed in the United States. It has a full body and rich, chocolaty flavor.

ORGANIC is a traditional espresso with balanced flavor and sweet caramel notes.

FAIR TRADE is a blend of Fair Trade certified coffees with fruity undertones and a hint of chocolate.

OLD HAVANA is a medium-dark roast with nutty, sweet notes.

NUEVO MUNDO is a lighter espresso blend with berry-like notes.

Gaviñas pride extends beyond their product. They partner with customers to help grow their coffee business. Their business consultants have years of experience in the industry and share their expertise to help train your staff and develop drink menus. Gaviña offers hands-on training in coffee basics, espresso, latte art and brewing, because they understand that a skilled staff is key to success.

Members of the Gaviña familywith four generations of coffee roasting traditionare involved at each step of the process, from sourcing high-quality coffees to cupping samples. Their pride is in their attention to detail.

Visit Gaviña Coffee in Booth #2014 at Coffee Fest Los Angeles, August 19-21.

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What Kind Of Beans Does Mcdonalds Use

McDonalds uses 100% Arabica Coffee beans as opposed to Robusta. Arabica is known for its smooth and consistent flavor. It appeals to the masses due to its drinkability, moderate caffeine content, and versatile pairing with many foods. Needless to say, its clear why McDonalds would choose such a coffee bean. Their Premium Roast is a medium roast.

The primary suppliers for McDonalds coffee beans aside from McDonalds themselves are Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, Newmans Own, Green Mountain Coffee, and Seattles Best. Gaviña has supplied the majority of coffee beans to McDonalds since 1983. This whole bean coffee is ground fresh in their espresso machines for each espresso drink. However, the drip coffee comes pre-ground and pre-packaged for ease of brewing since the majority of coffee drinks that McDonalds sells is brewed coffee.

Best For Moka Pot Sf Bay Coffee Moka Java Whole Bean

Tips For Buying Coffee Beans
  • 32 oz bag
  • medium roast
  • I prefer a smaller bag so it stays fresher

Moka by name, moka by brew.

And while these arent the same Moka this is really nice in a Moka pot, the medium roast stops it from getting too overpowering and with the right grind the sugar flavors really come out giving you that little bit of sweetness to your brew.

I like to see roasters boast about the lengths they go to to ensure a great cup of coffee, and the San Francisco Bay roasters do just that, describing how much the beans get tested before and after the shipment arrives with them.

And about how they take careful measurements through every minute of the roasting process and have a full cupping after every roast to ensure its all gone to plan.

Thats what we need in the coffee world, people who care about the coffee theyre making.

But whats strange is this Moka Java, has no coffee beans from java, or mocha coffee beans from Yemen. Rather just a name based on two general coffee nicknames.

The coffee comes from Indonesia and Central Africa and while still delicious that does cause some confusion.

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Best For Cold Brew Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast Whole Bean 22 Pound Certified Organic Fairtrade Kosher Coffee

  • 2.2 lb bag
  • No roast date on the bag
  • No smaller bag option

Why have normal coffee when you can have kick-ass coffee?

I really like what Kicking horse coffee are all about, they dont take themselves too seriously, they want to keep things playful with the different blends of coffee they have, and they roast great coffee.

Thats pretty much all I want from any coffee company!

The Kick-Ass coffee blend is made with Indonesia & South American coffee beans and it makes a mean cold brew.

It makes a mean any brew to be honest but theres something about the slight smokiness that works super well in cold brew coffee.

Ground coarse you get some nice vanilla smells which compliment well if youre looking for a sweet Starbucks-Esq sweetened cold brew drink. But black or with a little cream that slight sweetness keeps it a really smooth cup of coffee.

And while I dont tend to love a dark roast this one has a lot of subtlety in it, a range of flavors that are delicious hot or cold, and when you open the bag you can tell they only use quality beans.

Roasted in Canada and shipped out fresh its an ideal coffee bean for cold brew.


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