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Where Can I Buy Kopiko Coffee Candy

Vincenzo Kopiko Candy Scenes

Kopiko Coffee and Cappuccino Candy Taste Test

You have probably seen or tasted those coffee candies because it’s from the brand, Kopiko! Although what we have here are wrapped per piece, the ones that appeared in Vincenzo come in a medicine-like packaging. It’s priced at P60 and you can buy them through this link.

While we’re here, we’d also like to include Jang Han Seok (Ok Taecyeon‘s all-time favorite candy, Haribo’s Goldbears! Have you ever seen an evil villain who loves munching on gummy bears? Scary but cute! An 80g pack costs P79 online and it’s also available in supermarkets.

Vincenzo Instant Coffee Scene

That instant coffee is from the brand Maxim and is a popular choice in South Korea. Apart from the original, it also comes in other flavors like White Gold but the crowd favorite would be the Mocha Gold. Unlike the usual instant coffee that we are used to, Maxim’s options are not as sweet and milky and have a milder flavor. You can buy a box of Vincenzo’s fave instant coffee for P640 right here or from Korean groceries.

Fun fact: The Korean coffee brand has a building in South Korea called Maxim Plant where you can drink coffee and see how it’s made!

It’s not just instant coffee that Vincenzo has appreciated inside the Jipuargi Law Firm office but also coffee candies. In fact, the Geumga Plaza Tenants are also into this. Remember when Bye Bye Balloon’s Ms. Yang and Seo Mi Ri were tasked to help ChaCenzo by hacking the computer of the museum’s office manager? Ms. Yang’s boss, Park Seok Do , offered them the same coffee candies so they can relax. And who can forget when the tenants were asking him for a piece when they saw Seok Do share it with his employees?

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy In Jar 800g/282oz


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Is There Caffeine In Coffee Rio

Coffee and Candy, the two best things in life together in one easy to eat package. Coffee Rio Assorted Candies are coffee flavored taffies minus the caffeine. Easy to carry with you anywhere and everywhere, just pop one in and be overcome by the delectable flavors of coffee and caramel.

Kopiko Coffee Candy: Buzz Report

Restaurant &  Coffee Shop :: Sweet &  Candy :: KOPIKO COFEE ...

Coffee candy always reminds me of my Bubba , which is a good thing cuz that woman was the best: fun and a partier as much as an old Jewish woman can be and always so sweet and everyone loved her. She had her likes and dislikes, like she seemed to love Coffee Nips. And Salsa. Sitting at a Mexican restaurant, she would eat that shit with a spoon just gulp it down. At the time I thought it was a little insane. Now? Oh I get it. Hell, Herdez Salsa is one of my LOVErs: Shes always there when I need her, shes cheap, and she loves getting eaten

ANY hoo. Coffee candy. Reminds me of Bubba and thats good. Although, I never really liked coffee candy when I was younger and I aint going out of my way now. Even though I love coffee. I drink a big cup every morning and Im addicted and I like being addicted even if the cortisol in it makes me fat. And I love coffee ice cream and coffee drinks and all that. But still. Coffee candy? eh.

Get these. Throw them on a candy dish. Keep the kids away, but invite your friends over to play Scrabble and live it up like Bubba.

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X Kopiko Cappuccino Candy 150g

Who needs a morning cuppa when you can get your daily dose of caffeine in candy form? Made from the highest quality coffee extracts, Kopiko gives you the chance to enjoy the full-bodied flavour of a rich roasted coffee anytime, anywhere!


  • Pack contents: 4 x 150g
  • The original coffee candy
  • Made from premium coffee extracts
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere!
  • Please note: this is an imported product. Contains soy and milk.

What Is Kopiko Candy

Kopiko is an Indonesian brand of coffee confectioneries originally produced in Indonesia by Mayora Indah. It is named after the kpiko coffee bean, found in Hawaii. Kopiko Coffee Candy is currently available in over 80 countries around the world. Kosher Kopiko candies can still be found in Israel, however.

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