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Where Can I Get Keto Coffee

Is Keto Coffee Bad For You

Can you drink coffee on keto?

Keto coffee can help you power up your weight loss when youre on a keto diet, while providing additional health benefits. However, the oil, butter and/or ghee used to make keto coffee have nutritional downsides as well.

For example, one cup of bulletproof coffee can contain more saturated fat than the USDA recommends consuming in a full day. And drinking a cup of keto coffee for breakfast may fill you up until lunch , but it wont be helping you get the nutrients youd normally receive from a healthy morning meal.

Heres the takeaway.

The good news: keto coffee, in moderation, is a healthy and beneficial addition to a keto diet.The bad news: its low in nutrients, high in saturated fat, and high in cholesterol.

The bottom line: if youre not on a keto diet, or if you grow too fond of the taste and the energy it provides, its probably not the right choice for you.

And of course, its always a good idea to get medical advice before starting keto or any type of low-carbohydrate diet.

Tips For Eating Out On Keto

Heres how to make your favorite spots into keto friendly low carb restaurants:

  • Skip on the full sugar soft drinks Personally we like to choose a low carb option like Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi.
  • Watch out for butter thats really margarine- Most of the time we think butter means keto options, however often times the little packets of butter you get are margarine, and the butter flavor in meals is actually vegetable oils.
  • With salads, when in doubt, use olive oil as dressing and add avocado for healthy fat. You will also want to skip any high carb toppings such as bread, croutons, or candied anything.
  • Sauces like BBQ, teriyaki, and honey mustard are loaded with sugar if youre desperate for extra flavor, ranch dressing is typically the safer choice when ordering keto fast food.
  • If choosing a side, play it safe with low-carb veggies like cauliflower, asparagus, or mushrooms. You can also ask for something like a chicken salad or side salad.
  • Check salads for croutons.
  • Ask for any breaded items to be grilled instead.
  • Avoid all bread yes, even the free stuff before the meal. Sandwiches should be without the bun or wrapped in lettuce to be keto friendly fast food.
  • Be sure to clearly say no sauce or ketchup! Even keto fast food restaurants can slip up sometimes.
  • Keto Blonde Vanilla Latte

    Like the iced version we went over earlier, you can turn a hot Blonde Vanilla Latte keto at Starbucks by just making a few simple substitutions.

    So, to make this drink keto, just order:

    • A Grande Blonde Vanilla Latte
    • With almond milk or heavy cream
    • Substitute the vanilla syrup for2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup
    • & Add some Whole Earth packets if you need more sweetness

    Although the iced version is delicious, I prefer the hot one because of the milk foam.

    Having said that, if you order the latte like this, it’ll end up being 5 Carbs, and cost $4.75.

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    So What Does Keto Coffee Do

    Keto Coffee is based on the principle that a diet high in fats helps the body hit ketosis quicker. Ketosis is the metabolic state where the body burns fat for energy. Its the goal of many keto dieters who hope to quickly drop pounds.

    The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein diet. It forces the body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose, the bodys go-to energy source produced from carbs.

    When carbs are limited, as is the case with the keto diet, the body begins to break down fat stores while the liver produces ketones, an organic compound that can be used as a backup fuel source. As the body burns more and more fat to meet its daily energy needs, it begins to lose weight.

    Keto Coffee is packed with butter and medium-chain triglycerides oil.

    The liver produces ketones from these fats but only in periods of restricted carbohydrate intake. So, they arent necessarily immediately converted to ketones.

    Additionally, those MCTs help dieters feel full and satiated longer, which can prevent overeating throughout the day.

    That, coupled with the caffeine in coffee, can make a keto dieter feel pretty great, Kristen Mancinelli, a registered dietitian and author of The Ketogenic Diet, said.

    Some of the results are mental clarity, greater alertness, more energy, less hunger, and greater ability to focus.

    Its important to note that these changes are more the result of the caffeine in the coffee rather than the added fat.

    Can You Make Flavored Sugar

    Keto Mocha Coffee Recipe

    Yes, you can make this keto coffee creamer recipe flavored! You can essentially use any liquid extract, but here are a few options:

    • Vanilla creamer Made with vanilla extract
    • Hazelnut creamer Made with hazelnut extract
    • Pumpkin spice Made with pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice
    • Chocolate creamer Made with cocoa powder and vanilla extract

    Amounts for each are on the recipe card below!

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    How Often Should I Drink Instant Keto Coffee

    You can drink Instant Keto Coffee as often as you drink your regular coffee.

    One comprehensive review of 201 meta-analyses finds that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee every day is associated with a reduced risk of several conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological, metabolic, and liver diseases.

    Their Claim 1 The Grass

    True: It is a known fact that at least 60-75% of keto diet consists of healthy fats because your body will start using fat for fuel instead of sugar. Research shows that grass-fed cows produce significantly higher omega-3 amino acids in milk compared to cows that feed on conserved grass . The quality of fatty acids in grass fed butter also differs significantly when compared to conventional butter . MCT oil has been proven to be more effective for ketosis than long-chain triglycerides .

    Bottom line: Grass-fed butter and MCT oil do help promote Ketosis, however, more research needs to be done to determine if powdered grass-fed butter/MCT oil offers the same benefits as consuming the real thing.

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    Keto Coffee With Mct Oil Heavy Cream And Butter: Ketone Readings


    Right, as you can see from the results, Becky had a fairly significant rise in her ketones over the two-hour period.

    She started at 0.8 mmol/L and ended at 1.3 mmol/L.

    I started at a frustratingly low level, 0.3 mmol/L, and ended at 0.7 mmol/L, which in our opinion, was actually a significant rise.

    We say that because I have a hard time getting into ketosis even when I eat very few carbs.

    So, the fact that I started below what is considered nutritional ketosis and then got pushed into ketosis after drinking the keto coffee seemed pretty significant.


    Yeah, I would agree its kind of interesting.

    So, did it help you get into ketosis AND this is not the only time during our testing period that we saw these foods act as ketone boosters almost like you would expect to see with an exogenous ketone.

    So that piqued our interest, to say the least, but before we get into that, lets look at how keto coffee made with MCT oil affected our glucose readings.

    When Should I Drink Bulletproof Coffee On Keto


    These Keto coffee recipes make a great substitute for breakfast . They can be used before the gym in the morning, or if you need a boost in the afternoon. It is perfectly fine to drink this on an empty stomach.

    What I like to do is bring an insulated mug to the gym and leave it in my locker while I work out. I drink a bit of it before the gym and the rest after. It gives me just enough to get me through my workout and I have breakfast waiting for me when I am done.

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    Bulletproof Coffee Without Butter What Is Ghee

    Ghee is basically butter separated into its dairy and non-dairy parts. Its heated to a point where the oil separates from the milk, so the dairy portion of butter is removed and whats left is the only the clarified oil.

    If you have issues with dairy, ghee is a healthier alternative to using butter and is great for people who cant have or want to stay away from dairy. Learn more about Ghee here.

    See, you still have a way to have that keto butter coffee!

    What Is Instant Keto Coffee Made From

    Instant Keto Coffee is made with two main ingredients:

    • 100% Arabica Freeze-Dried Organic Mexican coffee beans
    • MCT oil powder from organic coconuts

    Heres the story behind the organic coffee we carefully chose:

    • Region: Chiapas, Mexico

    In each serving, you will find:

    • 60mg of caffeine
    • 10g of MCT oil powder

    Instant Keto Coffee comes in three delicious flavors you can choose from:

    • Unflavored: Just add hot or cold water for a perfect coffee in seconds.
    • Mocha: with a dusting of cocoa and stevia for a guilt-free mocha latte or cold brew.
    • French Vanilla: with a hint of vanilla and stevia for a perfectly sweet latte.

    Our coffee is completely free of fillers, additives, fake extracts, hidden carbs or sweeteners that kick you out of ketosis.

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    Ketogenic Diet And Caffeine

    On LCHF you have to give up an endless amount of things. The list includes carbohydrates, sugars, starches, alcohol, sodas and many more.

    Giving up so many of lifes pleasures can push us over the edge and ultimately fail to succeed on our chosen diet.

    For many, caffeine is an integral part of life, because it awakens and motivates, stimulates and helps to overcome the lows that a day brings with it.

    At first glance, many would not place coffee on the forbidden foods for a low carb diet.

    If you follow an Atkins diet, however, you cannot consume coffee and caffeine in the first carbohydrate-free phase.

    It is unclear how much caffeine it takes to kick you out of ketosis, but drinking coffee has an impact on insulin sensitivity.

    Who Is Keto Good For

    Keto Iced Coffee  Low Carb Nomad

    ANYONE wanting to use high-quality fat for fuel, and have a kickass day! Some say it tastes like coffee with steamed half & half. The butter and MCT oil create a froth-like milk when steamed. This drink will most likely make you full, which is why some use it as a meal replacement.

    “Endurance athletes are testing these high fat diets out because of the long-term energy benefits”

    The ketogenic diet is really popular now and people are trying it out to see if they can benefit from it. We are finding more and more studies show that a lot of people do well by using fat for their primary fuel source instead of carbs. A lot of people in the Paleo and Ketogenic diet world are familiar with this concept.

    It has been known for awhile that this diet helps with reducing seizures in people with epilepsy, and it becoming more widely used to aide in the symptoms. Endurance athletes are also testing these high fat diets out because of the long-term energy benefits. If you have ever heard of bonking while doing exercise, that is usually because the athlete is running off of carbs , and their glycogen stores have run out, but if your body becomes used to using fat for fuel, it will use your bodys stored fat and not have that effect.

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    Iced Keto Coffee Recipe

    If you are going to make your Keto coffee ice cold, then youre going to

  • Replace the coconut oil with MCT oil
  • Add in some heavy whipping cream for more fat and make it creamy
  • Add iced cubes
  • When making your iced Keto coffee, you can either leave out the coffee or cold-brew it, or blend it up with some iced cubes for something similar to a Frappuccino.

    How To Make Keto Coffee Taste Good Add Some Flavor

    Now that you know the basic recipe for bulletproof coffee, its time to personalize it to your taste.

    Here are a few things you can add to the above to make it taste like the coffee at your favorite coffee shop:

    Add a drop or two of vanilla extract or peppermint extract, or a pinch of cinnamon or even some nutmeg to dress it up a bit. My preference is vanilla, but every once in a while I like cinnamon and nutmeg in my coffee.

    To sweeten it with a natural sugar-free sweetener, I am loving monk fruit sweetener these days. My favorite is this So Nourished sweetener.

    If you are able to handle artificial sweeteners then I LOVE the multitude of flavors they have over at Skinny Mixes! They have this nice Caramel Trio pack which has my favorite flavors in it! Take 10% off your first order by using this coupon code: KETOGENICWOMAN

    UPDATE: These sugar-free syrups now come in a variety of non sucralose flavors! This means that coffee lovers can dress up their keto bulletproof coffee with natural keto sweeteners! See those here!

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    How To Use Instant Keto Coffee

    To turn our single coffee packs into a delicious drink, all you need is:

    • 1 pack of any flavor
    • Hot or cold water, or your favorite milk
    • Anything else you want to add
    • A few seconds

    Heres how you can get started:

    Classic Black Keto Coffee

    • 1 pack of unflavored Instant Keto Coffee
    • Hot water
    • 1 pack of unflavored, mocha, or french vanilla Instant Keto Coffee
    • Cold almond milk
    • 1 pack of mocha Instant Keto Coffee, or the unflavored version + cocoa powder
    • Hot water
    • 1 pack of french vanilla Instant Keto Coffee
    • Hot unsweetened almond milk

    Keto Double Shot On Ice

    How to Make Keto Coffee

    A Double Shot on Ice is basically two espresso shots mixed with milk and sugar then poured over ice.

    So, to make it keto order it like this:

    • Grande Double Shot On Ice
    • Make sure to ask for NO classic syrup
    • Use 2-4 whole earth packets to sweeten it instead
    • Substitute the 2 percent milk with almond milk

    Ordered this way, your double shot on ice should have just 1.5 net carbs, and cost $3.75.

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    Keto Coffee With Heavy Cream Coconut Oil And Butter: Glucose Readings


    Lets look at what keto coffee made with coconut oil did to our glucose readings.

    My glucose started at 83 mg/dL and actually went up, which was very unusual for me, to 86 mg/dL.

    I dont think I have ever had a reading that was higher after two hours on any of our testing days.


    My glucose went up three points as well by the end of the two-hour test.

    Becky: So whats the verdict on Keto coffee made with coconut oil?Will it knock you out of ketosis?

    Keith: No.

    Becky: Okay. Will it break your intermittent fast?

    Keith:Probably not, but it could come down to how your body is handling it.

    We both had a slight raise in our glucose when the coconut oil was blended into our keto coffee.

    Also, I had that jump of glucose to 120 mg/dL with coconut oil alone. That is still an okay glucose reading, but its pushing the limit.


    Yeah. It could have also just been an uncontrolled variable like an issue with the testing strip or something like that.

    For The Crumb Topping

    • Almond flour blanched, superfine, or almond meal.
    • Butter unlike for the cake, the butter for the crumb topping must be cold.
    • Brown sugar substitute Also known as keto brown sugar, its a much more superior to white sugar substitutes.
    • Cinnamon what is a coffee cake without cinnamon?
    • Salt If you use salted butter, you can omit this.

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    Instead Take Advantage Of The Spice Bar

    Skip the preservatives, fake sugars, and flavored syrups and opt to flavor your coffee with any one of the spice shakers at the self-serve bar. You can usually find a selection of:

    • Cinnamon
    • Nutmeg
    • Pumpkin spice

    Many Starbucks locations have stevia packets, which are a great alternative to artificial sweeteners, as long as there arent any added fillers. You can also bring along a packet of monk fruit to sweeten your drink. bring your own flavored collagen powder and spice up your drink with Cinnamon Toast or Vanilla-flavored Collagen.

    Switch On And Power Through Your Day

    Best Keto Coffee Recipe (MCT Oil &  Butter)

    a delicious mix of Arabica coffee and healthy MCT fats.

    Deliciously creamy, Keto Coffee is an ideal way to get those all-important healthy fats and high-quality Ketones that are missing from our modern-day diets in a tasty and easy form that wont break a ketogenic state allowing you to continue to burn more stored fat.

    Mixing delicious Arabica coffee with healthy MCT fats and clean Keto Bodys to help you switch on and power through your day.

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    What On Earth Is It Works Keto Coffee

    That was my reaction when I first stumbled upon it earlier. So what is it?

    Its an instant powdered version of the bulletproof coffee with a couple of extra ingredients, made by the brand It Works!.This brand is famous for their weight loss wraps and one of their latest popular addition is the It Works Keto Coffee.

    Lets talk a little bit about bulletproof coffee first.

    Now I hope you know what a bulletproof coffee is? For those who dont, bulletproof coffee is a coffee with grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil, MCT oil or Coconut oil. I love the taste of grass-fed butter and I love the taste of Coconut oil. I know they have proven health benefits, BUT, Im not entirely sold on the benefits of bulletproof coffee, yet. However, I like the idea of using it to keep up with the daily fat requirement for my Keto diet. I also like the idea of using it during Intermittent fasting.

    Speaking of which, I made and drank my first cup of bulletproof coffee today.

    I made it with grass-fed butter , Extra virgin Coconut oil and a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt. I dont have a blender so I used a Milk frother instead.

    It did a fine job of blending and giving me a nice creamy cuppa! The milk frother is a cheap alternative if you dont have a blender. And its travel-friendly! Now lets get back to the main topic.


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