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Where Can I Order Coffee

Tips On How To Order Coffee In English Easily

How to ORDER COFFEE in English at Starbucks

In the video lesson, I shared common phrases and expressions we use to order coffee in English from the moment you walk in the door of a coffee shop to the moment you leave.

Heres a summary plus some additional helpful language.

Common Menu Items

Here are some common drink items youll see on a menu at coffee shops.

  • Americano: espresso with extra hot water added
  • Cafe au Lait: brewed coffee with steamed milk
  • Cappuccino: espresso with steamed milk and foam
  • Chai: tea with milk, spices and sugar
  • Doppio or Double: two shots of espresso
  • Half-Caff: 1/2 regular coffee, 1/2 decaffeinated coffee
  • Latte: espresso with steamed milk
  • Macchiato: espresso with a very small amount of steamed milk
  • Mocha: a latte with a little chocolate
  • Pour Over or Brewed Coffee: hot water poured over ground coffee
  • Iced: cold, with ice
  • Matcha latte: steamed milk with match powder

Milk & Flavor Choices

When you order your coffee drink, you may be asked what kind of milk youd like, whether youd like any sugar, or a flavored syrup. Here are common choices:

  • Whole milk
  • 2% milk
  • Skinny or skim
  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Is that for here or to go?

Example Phrases for How to Order Coffee in English

  • Id like a coffee to go.
  • Can I get a cafe latte for here please?
  • Ill have a skinny cappuccino.
  • Id like a half-caff with soy milk and no sugar please.

What to Say When Youre Feeling Nervous or You Cant Decide

With those phrases, you can take extra time to think, calm down, and prepare what you want to say.

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Adding Milk And Sugar To Other Coffees

Coffee in France is usually served without milk or sugar, unless you specifically ask for it:

avec lait et sucre, sil vous plaît.

French-English translation: With milk and sugar, please.

Note, if you want soy milk, skim milk, or a sugar alternative like Splenda, you should probably make your way to Starbucks. Most French restaurants and brasseries will only have regular milk and sugar.

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What Is A Cafe Au Lait

  • Cafe au lait is French for coffee with milk. The drink originated in France and made with drip coffee and steamed milk.
  • Its usually made with equal parts coffee and milk but there isnt a set rule with the ratio of coffee to milk.
  • To order this drink at Starbucks, ask for a Caffè Misto.
  • Cafe au laits are one of the simplest coffee shop drinks to make at home, since no espresso is required.
  • A popular part of New Orleans culture, cafe au laits are sometimes made with chicory.

Looking for cafe-quality coffee drinks that are easy to make at home? Try my Iced Mexican Coffee,Iced Mocha, and Iced Coffee with Cream Froth recipes.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

JuneKitten on Buy Me A Coffee

Your arabica coffee beans are roasted within hours of placing your order and shipped to you immediately. It’s as fresh as you can get, without roasting them yourself at home.

For more information, see: About Coffee Freshness

When you order, your coffee beans are roasted to a medium roast, dark roast or espresso roast depending on your option, then ground to how you choose on the product page. This ensures you get the freshest, best roasted coffee possible, and not coffee that has been sitting on store shelves for weeks or even months.

We bag the fresh coffee beans in a valve bag that releases the CO2 while preventing air from entering – guaranteeing your coffee remains fresh and at peak flavour for as long as possible.

While all of the coffees listed here can be roasted dark, we have a specific section for the best espresso beans. While there’s technically no such thing as an “Espresso Bean”, there are some beans that taste better than others during the longer roasting process.

These beans have been specifically selected because they’re great when they’re roasted extra dark, and don’t have that disappointing “burnt” taste.

All of our single origin coffee beans and blends are the best coffee varietal – 100% Arabica and grown at mid-to-high altitudes. With a number of strictly high grown new green coffees coming into inventory every 3 months, there’s no need to worry about mold or spoilage.

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How To Purchase Starbucks Coffee Traveler

If you need to make the purchase for the Starbucks coffee traveler, then you need to have in mind some certain things. I am here to fill you in on those details. I would prefer you to start a mobile order for it. This makes the whole process a lot easier and faster.

You can stay in the comfort of your home or office and still carry on with whatever you have been doing. You can log on to their website or use their app to get this done. Specify exactly what you want and finally place the order.

Before you confirm the order, be sure to confirm also if the price and the total tax is included in it. This is quite important.

Coffee travelers come with twelve 8 ounces cups or eight 12 ounces cups. While making the order, this option will be available so you can choose what you want.

Failure to choose any of the options will lead to them picking an option for you. Alongside the cups which you will have to make a choice from, you also have a bag full of sugars and sweeteners and a 12 oz. cup of creamer.

When you make the order, you may actually want to tweak it a little to suit your taste. You have that option, It is your money. When you change the regular option, the good thing is that they would not even charge you for an extra cup of milk. Well, except it is not a milk alternative.

Also, there are limited amounts of coffee makers in there so doing the pre-order thing will be of much benefit to you.

Difference Between Cafe Au Lait And Latte

Espresso/CoffeeA cafe au lait is made with regular brewed coffee and a latte is made with espresso.

MilkTheres more milk in a latte than in a cafe au lait. A 12 ounce latte would have 10 ounces of milk but a 12 ounce cafe au lait would have 6 ounces of milk.

Drink sizeCafe au laits and lattes usually come in the same size cups, ranging from 8 ounces to 20 ounces.

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About Buy Coffee Canada

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We’re proud to offer over 2 dozens coffees, roasted fresh and shipped right to your door.

Iii Different Prices Depending On Where You Sit

How to order a coffee in Starbucks | English lesson

And speaking of drinking your coffee sur place, another point to note is that the price of the coffee is different depending on where you sit. There may be one price for sitting on the terrace, another price for sitting outside, and a much cheaper price for leaning up against the bar.

This is not usually written on the menu, and if you are standing against the bar, you wont even get a menu. The price difference isnt that large, maybe 1-2 so just keep it in mind as you order.

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How To Order Coffee

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With so many options available at every coffee shop these days, choosing what to drink can seem a little intimidating. As long as you understand coffee vocabulary, however, you can order exactly what you want. Start by deciding if you want a milk-based or black coffee drink. Choose the strength of your drink as well as any flavorings or other extras you want. Finally, let the barista know if you want your drink hot or iced, as well as the size you would like. No more holding up the line: youll soon be ordering like a coffee boss.

Convenient And Keeps Getting Better

This app has always been great and Ive had it since it was called Cloosiv, so Ive seen it go through many updates and changes. Unlike a lot of apps, Odeko has gotten better with each update! If I ever notice a bug/glitch, I check the AppStore and realize theres already an update available and then its fixed. Its a great idea and I love how easy it makes it to order coffee. Im kind of socially anxious, so being able to put in my complicated coffee order online is super helpful, plus it makes me want to visit local coffee shops more. Overall, Odeko is a great app that makes everything more convenient. Highly recommend!

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Iv Coffee After Dessert

In France, coffee is usually served after the dessert , not at the same time. The waiter will bring you your coffee after he removes your dessert plate.

If you do want it at the same time as the dessert, you will have to specify this to the waiter.

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Cafe Au Lait At Starbucks


At Starbucks, the cafe au lait is called a Caffè Misto. Its made with half brewed coffee and half steamed 2% milk.

Even if you dont see cafe au lait or Caffè Misto on the menu, you can easily request one. Its a simple drink most baristas will know how to make.

Since its half drip coffee, you can ask for it to be made with any of their brewed coffees like Pike Place Roast or Blonde Roast.

If you dont specify the milk, theyll make it with 2% steamed milk.

If youre looking for a caffeinated drink with steamed milk but dont want to pay for a pricy latte, get a a Caffè Misto since itll be about half the price.

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Questions You May Have

Is cafe au lait the same thing as a latte?

No, cafe au laits and lattes are two different drinks. Cafe au laits are made with drip coffee as their base and lattes use espresso.

Can half and half be frothed?

Yes. A drink with half and half is called a breve. If you want your cafe au lait with half and half, you can request a breve cafe au lait.

Is cafe au lait the same thing as white coffee?

Some may confuse cafe au laits with white coffeethe difference is that the milk is steamed in a cafe au lait but its cold in a white coffee.

Where To Buy Great Coffee Online

As food businesses across the country shut their doors amid coronavirus fears, coffee roasters are just one of the industries that are hurting right now. But its also one of the easiest to support from your home. A large number of roasters sell their beans online, so you can stock up on coffee for the foreseeable future of pour over and French press brews. These are the rituals that keep us sane, after all. Heres a list of our favorite American coffee roasters that sell and ship their beans online:

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Make Your Next Cup Of Coffee One To Remember

At ORO Caffè, we believe in quality espresso coffee without compromise. We start the day with our coffee as a quiet moment to ourselves, a chance to recollect ourselves and find our peace. It serves as a focal point for conversation and making new memories, whether in a café with friends or with dessert at family dinners. A rich, well-blended cup can also help us find much-needed mindfulness and stress release during busy days at work. Students and adults can vouch for the many situations that coffee got them through, and we can relate!All in all, quality coffee is a big part of Canadian culture. Discover new experiences with ORO Caffè coffee beans and pods, refreshing spring water, superior-quality accessories, and much more.

Difference Between Cafe Au Lait And Cappuccino

How to Order Coffee in English at a Local Coffee Shop Like a Native

Espresso/CoffeeA cafe au lait is made with coffee from a drip coffee machine and a cappuccino is made with espresso.

MilkThe texture of the milk is important when it comes to making a Cappuccino but for a cafe au lait, it isnt as important. As long as the milk is hot or steamed, itll work in a cafe au lait.

Drink sizeCappuccinos are traditionally served in 6 ounce cups but theres no set size for a cafe au lait. As long as theres brewed coffee and milk, its a cafe au lait.

VariationsCafe au laits can sometimes be made with chicory. Cappuccinos can sometimes be made with shaved or powdered chocolate.

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Tandem Coffee Roasters: The Good Thing

Who: Alex Arpaia, staff writerHow:OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker or Kalita Wave 185 DripperWhen: monthlyWhy: This coffee sub isnt for everyone, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Its $35 for a monthly delivery of a pound of beans and a vinyl record of Tandems choosing. It might seem stressful to let someone else send you records, but their selections are often classics like Coltrane, Nina Simone, or Stephen Malkmusstuff most people can probably get along with. The beans Tandem ships are usually from a rotating cast of their single-origin options. Its a treat to wake up on Saturday mornings, put on the latest record, and brew a pour-over.

A Refreshed Take On Refreshment Quality

At ORO Caffè, we aim to make your next cup the best one yet and to do so, we require the right equipment to deliver the right results. Its why were proud to offer a range of stunning accessories and products including Fiori cappuccino cups, milk pitchers, espresso cups, brilliant glassware, still and sparkling spring water, and much more. We also offer state-of-the-art grinders and machinery hand-selected by our coffee experts. Our blends are available in Nespresso and INO-compatible capsules, and we also offer whole-bean blends so you can enjoy your cup of coffee in whatever format you prefer.

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How To Order Coffee At A French Caf

French waiters have a reputation for being rude, and one of those rites of passage of any visitor is ordering a cup of coffee in French, in Paris. Unless it is a venti at Starbucks, you are bound to be disappointed when ordering a caféin France.

And that is because the café will not the beverage you were expecting. For one thing, it will be tiny, about the size of an espresso. In addition, it will likely arrive without any milk or sugar.

So to order coffee in France and get exactly what you want, it is important to know a bit of terminology.

French Phrase
Un café sil vous plaît, One coffee please,
avec lait et sucre. with milk and sugar.

This will get you a rather small cup of coffee however, so for the different types of coffee, you have several different options you can choose from. Buckle up your seatbelts, and allons-y!


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