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Where To Buy Coarse Ground Coffee

Cold Brew Lab Organic Dark Roast Colombian Supremo Coffee

Coffee Grind Size for Every Brewing Method

Cold Brew Lab uses USDA-certified organic and pesticide-free 100% organic Colombian coffee.

While the name says the coffee is dark roasted, there are two color profiles. The coffee uses beans that are both dark and medium roasted for a full-bodied and smooth flavor. The ratio of dark and medium beans is perfect.

The company grinds the beans to a coarseness ideal for cold brewing and recommends a 4:1 coffee to water ratio with a cold brew steeping time of 12 to 15 hours the suggested length of time for all dark cold brew blends. The coffee has low acidity, a little sweetness, a smooth flavor, and no bitterness.

Coarse Ground Vs Fine Ground Coffee

Coarse ground coffee has more color variation than the fine ones does. Youll still see distinct chunks of coffee beans in coarse ground. You can literally pick out some of the pieces if you choose to.

Fine ground coffee is literally smooth with no chunks or pieces. Think of it like sugar. You cant exactly pick up fine ground with your fingers like you can with coarse ground. Theres no way to tell the color or any other distinction in fine ground coffee.

Lavazza Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee Blend

Are you hooked on to strong caffeinated coffee? If yes, then youll simply love this strongly flavored and intense dark roast ground coffee blend. The coffee beans used are Arabica and Robusta. This combination is what provides the coffee with the full-bodied flavor.

The coarse grind size here works well with the French Press and Drip methods of brewing. And its not by fluke that Lavazza ranks among the top contenders. The brand has been a part of the market for more than 120 years. Their aim, still, is to deliver an original Italian experience. And thats exactly what they do even now after so many years.

The dark roast is rich with an incredibly intense and fragrant aroma. A touch of chocolate and full-bodied essence is a part of every sip you take. Its the most flavorful, richest, and darkest coffee coarsely ground for your French Press.


What if I tell you that youve found the ultimate French Press brew? Would you believe me? Well, I hope you do, considering just how amazing this French Press Specialty Coarsely Ground Coffee is by Primos Coffee Company.

Medium-roasted, sweet, smooth, and less acidic. The flavor notes also include hints of citrus by the way. And the whole taste remains consistent throughout the cup and the batch. Thats the best part.

Premium, pure Arabica coffee beans produce an easy-drinking, delightful cup of coffee. So if you enjoy a moderately robust and strong flavor, this blend might fit your needs perfectly.


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Stone Cold Jo Cold Brew Coarse Ground Organic Coffee

For people who enjoy a more robust flavor, Stone Cold Jo could be your new favorite. The beans are 100% Arabica and organic and certified Kosher.

The roast has low acidity and is dark and smooth. Meanwhile, the taste is refreshing with hints of grape, chocolate, caramel, and toffee.

The roaster began making coffee at home for family and friends and is detail-oriented. From those small beginnings, the roaster expanded to become extremely popular. The coffee is chocolatey and silky and excellent, both hot or cold.

Organic French Vanilla Flavored Cold Brew Coffee Coarse Ground 1 Lb

Ethix Medium
  • GOURMET COFFEE: Calling all cold brew and iced coffee lovers! Stack Street cold brew ground coffee is handcrafted, flavorful, aromatic and made using premium quality coffee beans. Pour over ice and enjoy!
  • DARK ROAST & COARSE GROUND: Our dark roast coffee grounds are perfect for making premium coffee at home. Make it with your French press and filtered water or make it using a mason jar. A coarse grind makes it ideal for cold brew.
  • RESEALABLE FRESHNESS BAG: Our special packaging keeps the grounds fresh and makes it easy to store. A 3-layer PE and aluminum foil bag with a one-way valve maintains the quality and aroma. Grounds are packed by our highly trained artisans.

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Stone Street Coffee Colombian

This Colombian Supremo coarsely ground coffee is perfect for a delicious cold brew. Since the manufacturer is Stone Street Coffee, worrying about quality makes absolutely no sense.

Its pre-ground coffee made of only 100% Arabica coffee beans. The roast type is dark and grind size is coarse with low acidity to go easy on the tummy. But this is expected from such a popular and reliable coffee brand.

Instead, whats not so obvious is just how delightful the flavor is. Its slightly sweet, smooth, bold, and also well-balanced. So you can expect the slow extraction of your brewing method to bode well with the dark roast and coarse grounds.

Whats inside is certainly something your taste buds havent ever savored. In fact, even the outside i.e. the packaging is on-point. The re-sealable bag the ground coffee comes in is equipped with a degassing valve. This helps in retaining the fresh flavor and aroma of the coffee.

So is this Colombian coarsely ground coffee up to the task of preparing a hard-to-resist cold brew right at home? You can rest assured knowing that the answer to that question is YES.


  • The coffee tastes slightly bitter.

Cuisinart Supreme Automatic Burr Grinder

Typical fine coffee grounds are between grain sizes of iodized table salt or powdered sugar. This allows flow rate to increase with less contact time as the hot water passes through and extract the flavor from the beans.

Medium coffee grounds are the size of kosher grains or sea salt, grind that is too fine or too high will result in under-extracted, tasteless, and lacking flavor.

Coarse coffee grounds that are chunkier and about the same size as cocoa nibs. However, coarse is some of the most versatile types of coffee grounds that can be used.

Coarser grounds are even great to use in percolating machines, or for those coffee pots that make cowboy coffee. In coffee percolators, the coffee grounds ought to be large this ensures that it cannot slip through the small holes in the cup that holds them.

Cowboy coffee style just allows the very coarse grounds to sit at the bottom of the pot to brew in the water. It does not use any filtration or metal plungers. Using a coarser, heavier coffee ground ensures that there will not be any grounds that make their way into your cup when you pour some coffee out into a cup.

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  • Coarsely ground coffee beans are ready to brew for quicker service
  • Blend of premium-quality coffee beans from Colombia
  • Boasts a delicious flavor profile with a full body and clean finish
  • One-way degassing valve and tin tie bag to maintain freshness

French Press Specialty Coffee

The Best French Press Coffee Grind – Your Key To Success

Were finally getting into hot coffees with the French Press Specialty Coffee by Primos Coffee Company. Coming from Nicaragua, the coffee is roasted in Texas, and apparently the company claims that they never blend their coffee which means its consistent. It is a medium roast, so not too bitter. Primo is unique because its direct trade coffee. If you really want this as a cold brew, though, youll have to adjust proportions, but it could work as a pour-over.

  • Flavor: Medium Roast

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Reviews Of 12 Best Ground Coffee Uk

Below you will find our personal pick of some of the Best Decaf Ground Coffee UK market has on offer.

  • Smooth, malty taste with a guilt-free hint of caramel
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Rainforest alliance certification

This decaf ground coffee from Taylors of Harrogate proves you do not need to settle for less when it comes to intensity of flavour and aroma.

This Roast 4 blend has been made with pure Arabica beans, bringing you the very best in coffee flavour and character.

This decaf coffee has been produced using a natural water method, followed by a delicate roasting process that yields a smooth and malty flavour, underscored by a hint of caramel sweetness.

Suitable for use with cafetieres and filter machines, this is an easy choice.

Also adding to the appeal of this decaf coffee is the rainforest alliance certification.

  • Lingering sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

illy Espresso Ground Coffee is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a decaf coffee option that does not skimp on flavour.

This medium roast is made from pure Arabica means, with a fine grind that ensures optima extraction when prepared with espresso machines.

This decaffeinated coffee boasts a lingering sense of sweetness, with delicious undertones of sweet caramel, orange blossom and jasmine.

  • good notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough
  • 100% Arabica Coffee

Brown Bear Cool Brazil decaf coffee scores highly in every respect.

Our Favorite Coarse Ground Coffee Brands

A big issue we and many of our fellow coffee freaks run into when it comes to coarse ground coffee is finding a good pre-ground option. We know, we know pre-ground isnt necessarily ideal when it comes to freshness and filling your cup with strong, rich flavors. Still, its convenient for those of us brewing on a budget or who dont have any extra time in our morning coffee routines to pull out the old grinder.

Besides, getting a consistently sized grind on your own can be a bit of a hassle if you dont have the right kit, so many people opt to skip out on grinding whole bean coffee and go the pre-ground route just to avoid a headache.

No matter your reasons for relying on pre-ground joe, we think youll appreciate our coarse ground coffee suggestions. Theyre all excellent options that keep you from having to compromise too much on flavor, so were confident that whatever you pick will satisfy your needs.

Note: If you need coarse ground joe specifically for cold brewing, we recommend checking out our article on the best coffees for use in cold brew coffee makers here. That list is full of products, ranging from light to dark beans, whose smooth, delicious coffee flavors steal the show when served cold.

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If You Have A Blade Grinder

Blade grinders are not as precise at chopping beans as burr grinders. Also, they dont allow you to choose a grind size. Neither will the grind be as consistent as that provided by a good burr grinder. This means that your beans will be a mixture of coarse and fine grounds more often than not.

However, there is a way to improve this outcome. When using a blade grinder or food processor to grind your beans, you can grind then pause and give it a shake to get a better consistency. You can also use a kitchen sieve. Filtering can dramatically improve both the taste and flavor of the coffee.

Immersion brewing methods, including cold brewing and French press offer a margin for error, but if you grind the beans too finely there will still be a nasty taste and hassle while filtering.

If you dont own a grinder, look at our article that offers advice on grinding beans without a coffee grinder.

So Finally What Are The Coarse Coffee Grinds Best For

Aromas Of Coorg Coarse Ground Coffee 200 gm: Buy Aromas Of ...

The French press uses the coarse grinds best and brings out the optimum taste. Once you know the right amount of coffee to put in your French press, you will love the rich taste of strong and smooth coffee.

If somehow you feel that your coffee is coming in a sour taste, then you should make your coffee Grounds finer. And if it is to be there for your taste, then either reduce your emotion time or use coarser coffee- or do both.

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Grind Coffee Beans Yourself

I cant recommend doing this enough. Itll revolutionize your coffee game from home. For the freshest and best quality coffee, you should be grinding your own coffee beans.

Why do you think Starbucks and other cafes have a coffee grinder going all day and dont use pre-ground coffee from a few days back? Because its not as fresh!

There are some amazing entry-level grinders that are both manual and electric. Well worth the investment to take your at-home barista skills to the next level.

Importance Of Coffee Grind Size

If we could simply squeeze the goodness out of a coffee bean, like we do with orange, coffee grind size would not be an issue.

Yet, the contact between the water and the ground beans impacts our drinks flavor the most. Aside from caffeine, isnt that what we want in a decent cup of coffee, a great-tasting cup? If we grind too fine, our drink will taste bitter. If its too coarse, a weak drink. To make up for one or the other, our contact time needs some serious adjustment.

Sometimes, we could alter the water temperature, but even there, were limited. Water boils at 212 degrees and not past that. If its too coarse, we would have to use way too much coffee, to compensate and still not come up with something drinkable.

If our coffee is too fine, it will take a longer time for the water to flow through the grounds and filter. Some concentration of nasty flavors would linger. The opposite is also true. Flowing too fast would barely extract anything tasty, because of the low contact time between coffee and water. The grind size will also affect your choice of brewing method, as youll see as you continue on.

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Is Coarse Ground Coffee Stronger

If your coffee is too fine then it might taste a bit bitter which usually comes under the strong category of the coffee.

So with that said, it is usually not the case with coarse ground coffee, which means it wont be as stronger.It is recommended that you use the French press for coarsely grounded coffee to get maximum flavor.

Our Top Recommendations Of The Best Ground Coffee Uk

Coffee Grind Size Explained | Guide to Coffee Grind Size !

Coffee as a beverage is subjective to oneâs individual taste. However we have to put together some of our top picks from our shortlist. Read on further below for more detailed information.

  • Strength: 4/5
  • Rainforest alliance certification

If you are someone who values high strength and full flavour, Happy Belly Espresso Crema will definitely impress.

This roast ground coffee packs a real punch with its full-bodied flavour and aromas, while an underscore of sweet caramel and dark chocolate notes make this a very refined choice.

The creamy texture of this coffee will also tick all the right boxes for the more discerning customer. The fine grind of this caffeinated blend also makes it a good bet for those looking for the best ground coffee for espresso machines.

Grown by UTZ certified farmers, Espresso Crema is also a good option for eco-conscious coffee lovers. With no less than four 250g packages of the best coffee grounds, this is also a very affordable choice.

  • Lingering sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

An easy choice of ground coffee for those looking for simple stovetop preparation, with these grounds produced with moka pots in mind.

illy Classico is also a good option for those looking for best ground coffee for cafetiere preparation.

This medium roast coffee will also impress with its flavour.

  • Smooth sweet aroma
  • Supremo Coffee Beans grown in Andes Mountains of Colombia
  • Strength: 3

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More Coarse Coffee Brewing Methods

Weve covered the two most common coarse coffee brewing methods, but just for giggles, lets address two less common ways, too.


If youre making percolator coffee, medium-coarse or coarse coffee grounds are a must since water will filter through them multiple times. If you use smaller grinds of coffee in your percolator, you risk over-extraction and producing some harsh bitterness.

Cowboy Coffee

Now, this method is a little more old-school and a bit grittier literally! but its an excellent way to get extra-strong coffee on a camping trip or if your regular brewing tools are out of commission. When you make cowboy coffee, the coffee grounds steep in hot water while in your mug or pot, and instead of filtering them out, you let them sink to the bottom of your vessel. You sip it slowly, careful not to let any of the coarse coffee grounds slip into your gulps.

Gevalia Special Reserve Guatemala Coffee

Next up on our list of coarse joe recommendations is a delicious single-origin coffee from the popular Swedish coffee company Gevalia.

Only high-quality 100 percent arabica beans hail from the high altitudes of Guatemala. Youll notice that a cup of this medium-bodied, medium roasted brew has a powerful aroma and smoky, cocoa-filled notes that are sure to perk you right up in the morning.

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Best Ground Coffee In Supermarkets:

There are a plethora of coffee brands available in the supermarkets and someone who likes to try out new brands or doesnt know much about different brands can easily get lost.This is the reason that you need an expert suggestion and that is why we have created this table for you.

We have added the best ground coffee brands here so that you dont have to experiment with the bad stuff and only get the coffee that delivers great taste and a well-balanced flavor.

How Long Does Coarse Ground Coffee Last

TGL Co. Medium

All of your freshly ground joe, when stored properly in an airtight canister in a cool, dry place, can last for about one to two weeks.

Of course, were not saying you have to toss your ground coffee into the garbage as soon as 14 days have passed you can still brew it after that date. But, if you want to be sure the resulting cup of coffee is as fresh and flavorful as possible, we recommend brewing it all within that time frame.

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