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Where To Buy Hawaiian Kona Coffee

The Best Kona Coffee Brands From Hawaii 2021

Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee Co.

Below is a rundown of the best Kona coffee brands originating from or sourced from the Big Island, ranked from best to great alternatives. Part of the ranking forms by how they move across brew methods and how versatile they are to prepare.

Now lets go through this list so that you can choose to get some of the best legit Kona coffee for your own brewing pleasure.

Koa Coffee was a mom & pop sized business in 1997. Since then, they have been roasting and delivering quality Kona coffee to brewers all over the world.

This tri-pack of Kona extra fancy grade from Koa coffee has a clear flavor profile, sweet, and near-zero bitterness. With a medium body that works well black but also great with milk. If you want to enjoy its complexity, try it as a pour-over or in a French press.

I recommend this pick for those who are still deciding on their favorite type of Kona coffee. This is a field trip of extra fancy standard beans from medium-light to medium-dark roast.

Speaking of, 1 out of the 3 packs included in this bundle is the award-winning Private Reserve Kona Coffee. According to Forbes and I agree, this was Best in America at one point and I agree the private reserve beans are my favorite. While this is 100% pure Kona Coffee, its Koas secret blend of different Kona coffee beans.

The Grand Domaine coffee beans, also included, won the Kona Coffee Cupping Contest for outstanding quality and balance.

Where To Buy Kona Coffee Order 100% Kona Coffee Online

The problem where to buy Kona coffee has a solution now. This most famous product of Hawaii is easily present online. There are varieties of this coffee, which received its name from the Kona district of this state. This place is famous for producing the best Arabica in the world. Different kinds of Kona are extra fancy, fancy, Peaberry and prime. Apart from the title of the best coffee, it is also the costliest beverage. These coffee beans have a unique taste that attracts the attention of the epicurean world to utilize it. It enhances the taste buds and quenches the desire of the coffee fans of having an aromatic drink.

Hawaii Coffee Blend Scam

If youre committed to getting 100% Hawaiian coffee, you need to make sure you do your research .

In order to be considered Hawaiian coffee or Kona coffee, blends need to have just 10% of its beans sourced from Hawaii or Kona. That means 90% of the beans can be from anywhere else in the world! So you need to be especially vigilant and look for products that say 100% Hawaiian coffee or 100% Kona coffee.

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The Grades Of Kona Coffee

With the passing of the Kona coffee statute in 1991 , the coffee authorities in Hawaii also made a move to apply a grading system to Kona coffee.

Its an initiative to protect the reputation of coffee Kona from such incidents as the 2002 scandal where a green coffee dealer used Kona coffee bags to sell Costa Rica and Panama beans at a high price. Since then, Konas coffee reputation has been tarnished by such scams.

So if youre shopping for the best Kona coffee, you can use the following grade bands to determine the quality of the coffee in Kona.

ClassificationGrades :

Kona Extra Fancy:

  • Moisture content : 9% 12%
  • Number of Defects: 5% by weight

Prime :

  • Size: optional
  • Moisture content : 9% 12%
  • Number of Defects: 25% by weight

No. 3:

  • Moisture content : 9% 12%
  • Number of Defects: 35% by weight

Natural Prime: OFF GRADE

Mixed Natural Prime

Defect coffee beans are determined by their appearance. Defective beans are often characterized as a bean or a part of the bean that is damaged after milling, where the beans are either broken, cut, or quaker. It also tastes sour and appears discolored, off-color, or not clean.

Also, Kona coffee beans are evaluated according to types.

  • Type I beans mean that the coffee beans are produced two to cherry with a flat shape on one side, and the other is convex.
  • Type II means that the coffee beans produced come to a cherry. The green bean has an oval shape and is round in diameter. Type II beans are referred to as Kona peaberry.

Make Sure You Buy 100% Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee Morning Blend Ground Coffee, 10 oz

When shopping for kona coffee, make sure the package says 100% kona coffee. If a coffee says kona blend, it usually means it has less than 10% actual kona beans, with the other 90% made up of inferior-quality beans. Safeway recently settled a lawsuit involving kona blend, but there currently is no legal protections for coffee farmers at the moment. Until that happens, one thing we can do to ensure that our favorite coffee keeps thriving is to make sure we only buy coffee clearly labeled 100% Kona.

These resources are places with proven track records where you can make sure you will get high quality, freshly-roasted coffee .

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Volcanica Coffee Kona Peaberry Coffee

The Volcanica 100% Pure Kona Peaberry Coffee is Rated as a Top 10 Coffee by Food and Wine Magazine in March 2006. This is as high a quality of coffee as you can find. Peaberry coffee beans are unique and have a much richer flavor. They are only found in 5% of the crop and are removed manually. The flavor of the peaberry is of a finer quality than the rest of the crop and is desired by coffee connoisseurs and passionate fans. This coffee is the simply the best of the best, period.

  • Cup notes: 100% Pure Peaberry Kona coffee. Single Origin and Shade-Grown.
  • Flavor notes: Smooth, Nutty, and Luscious
  • Grade: Extra Fancy

For more information check out our full Volcanica Coffee Review.

Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy Coffee

The Hawaiian Extra Fancy Kona Coffee is very flavorful and full-bodied, with a mellow straightforward character. This coffee has a delicious, lively, floral-fruity taste that consists of jasmine, bright citrus, tart cherries and sweeter caramel. This specific Kona Coffee is extra fancy-grade, 100% Pure Kona Coffee grown in minimal supply on Aloha Farms.


Flavor Notes: Floral-Fruits, Jasmine, Bright Citrus, Tart Cherry, and Sweet Caramel

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Medium Roast

Additional Information:

  • Extra Fancy – Premium Blue Velvet Bag included with 16 oz bags
  • Farm: Aloha Farms
  • Shade Grown

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Where Can I Buy Hawaiian Coffee Without Wasting My Time

The question from where I can buy Hawaiian coffee keeps annoying us. Just like my friend, we tend to waste time on something that is not even at our arms length. You do not have to waste your precious gym timing or movie time to find Hawaiian coffee. You do not even have to wait for some known person to either visit or return from Hawaii. All you need to do is just make an effort to start your computer and search on the internet.

Many companies supply Kona of the best quality from the production place itself. You even do not have to shun the idea of trying the other flavors. There are ample types of Hawaiian coffees from the best selection. An online opportunity gives you the time to read the reviews and then try any of them. There is no doubt that you will have any issue with this uncommon coffee bean. All that requires a little effort is typing the name of Kona Hawaiian coffee.

Where Is Kona Sold

100% Kona Coffee

This is where it gets tricky.

Its difficult to source 100% Kona coffee, which is freshly roasted. But, thankfully, its much easier to buy Kona Coffee online directly from Hawaiian roasters.

There is a caveat though

You need to ensure the supplier that isnt using the Extra Fancy Kona Beans as a label only. On your own, this will likely take some trial and error, but thats why were here to try and guide you to suppliers that genuinely roast real Kona Coffee.

Stay away from anything classed as a blend too, if you want to sip on real roast Kona coffee. We talk through why this is towards the end of this post.

This is also why its still best to try and find a way to buy coffee from the island, from the farmers themselves. You get authentic and quality coffee beans while rewarding farmers directly, and it ensures you only buy the freshest roast coffee directly from the brand.

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What Is Hawaii Kona Coffee

There are several clarifications to be made when referring to Hawaii Kona coffee. Kona coffee is an appellation of origin, as is the case with wines, cheeses, or other foods. There are coffee plantations on several Hawaiian islands, but not all coffee produced in Hawaii is Kona.

True Kona coffee is only grown on the western slopes of two volcanoes on the island of Hawaii, the largest island and the namesake of the entire archipelago. This area is known as the Kona Coffee Belt, a statement of intent.

This explains why there are only a few hundred Kona coffee plantations in Hawaii and why its production is so exclusive .

Volcanica Kona Coffee Hawaii Extra Fancy

When it comes to delivering high-quality Kona coffee, Volcanicais another brand that you can trust.

The companys overall mission focuses on making coffee from beans that grow at altitudes of 3,000 to 7,000 meters, in volcanic soil.

Since the Kona region fits that pattern, it makes sense for Volcanica to have this coffee variety in their portfolio. This solid medium roast has a mellow flavor and isnt too acidic.

Notice that it is labeled as extra fancy, which means that youll be purchasing only the most exquisite and defect-free Kona beans around.

These beans are also available ready-ground, with the mention that Volcanica will only roast the beans once your order has been placed, in order to deliver the coffee as fresh as possible.

Who Would Enjoy This Coffee?

This coffee is perfect for people who enjoy floral fruit aromas, with hints of sweet caramel and tart cherry.

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Why Is Hawaii Kona Coffee So Special

If you are a Mark Twain fan and an avid coffee consumer, then you are most likely familiar with the writers famous praise saying that the rich flavor of these beans is like no other. Sorry Twain, but your influence is not what made Kona so popular!

When someone mentions quality coffee, the first thing that pops into mind is Kona. And there is a good reason for that. The exquisite taste is, obviously, why Kona is a specialty coffee that cannot be dumped in the regular coffee pile, but behind that incredible flavor hide the perfect growing and processing environment and an ideal microclimate:

  • Kona coffee is grown on volcanic-rich soil on the slopes of Kona Mountains, Hawaii
  • The beans get tons of sun but are also perfectly shaded to avoid overexposure
  • The ideal temperature around 70 degrees F
  • There are regular afternoon doses of rain
  • The soil has ideal drainage
  • There is little wind
  • The nights in this region are mild and not too harsh for the plant
  • Constant growing conditions without too many elements of surprise

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The Tactile Sense Of Consistency And Thickness In The Mouth Distinct From Aroma And Taste

Hawaiian Gold Kona Ground Coffee Gourmet Blend, 10 oz (Pack of 6 ...
  • Smooth

Hawaiian Kona is considered to be one of the worlds best coffees. Unfortunately, due to high demand and minimal availability, it is often exorbitantly priced. Our Hawaiian Kona blend contains 10% real Kona coffee combined with a specialty blend of other premium Arabica beans. Its designed to offer the same flavor profile and aroma of a full Kona coffee but at an affordable price. Displaying a mellow body and bright acidity, this true, artisan Kona blend is light roasted and features flavor notes reminiscent of coriander, buttery macadamia nut, & mocha. Give it a try and find out what this Kona thing is all about!

Write Your Own ReviewRECENTLY VIEWED

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Where Can I Buy Kona Coffee From Hawaii

To find out where to buy Kona coffee, as is the case with other premium or gourmet coffees , you have no choice but to go to gourmet establishments or centres that specialize in imported coffees.

Kona coffee from Hawaii is very exclusive, and annual production is not abundant, so prices soar and stocks dwindle at breakneck speed. As you have seen throughout this article, it is not easy to buy Kona coffee on Amazon. There are not too many manufacturers or brands that sell this origin coffee, Hawaiian.

The Taste Of Kona Coffee

If you get the opportunity to taste Kona coffee, you can tell apart the scams from the authentic. Kona coffee has a unique flavor profile and knowing more about it is the best way to tell when youre dealing with the real thing.

Its also important to remember that there are a series of factors that will impact the taste of your coffee, including the freshness, the roast, and the brewing method. When you taste coffee made from authentic Kona beans, you can expect to sense that flavor of brown sugar, honey, and milki chocolate. Some claim they can also sense a bright fruit flavor.

The aftertaste will leave you sensing citrus and nuts, so you can definitely tell that the Kona flavor profile is exquisite and easy to recognize. Kona coffee has an aroma that reminds you of fruit, cocoat, butter, or caramel. When you combine the aroma, flavor, and aftertaste of Kona coffee, you can tell youre dealing with something unique.

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Best Coffee Discovery To Buy 100% Kona Coffee Online Direct From Hawaii:

Our farm was discovered under overgrown very thick tropical jungle. Eleven years later we offer the very best coffee from oldest coffee trees producing the finest of Coffees.

Buy Kona coffee in medium direct from our Hawaii farm. Buy pesticide free coffee from the grower/roaster direct. Visiting the Islands, come celebrate coffee harvest season, a month long party here in the coffee district.

Medium Kona

Buy coffee in dark direct from our coffee store. Buy pesticide free coffee from Hawaii.

Kona Dark

Buy Peaberry coffee in medium/dark roast direct from the tree. Buy the best pesticide free coffee brand from Hawaii.

Kona Peaberry

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee K

Hawaiian Kona coffee, is it worth the price?

We have to be honest with you here. You arent going to get the best coffee experience from a K-Cup. Not only is the coffee pre-ground before shipment, but the Keurig simply isnt the best brewing method. If you really want to use a Keurig, youll get better results if you buy whole bean coffee, grind it fresh, and then brew it with a reusable K-Cup filter.

That being said, Blue Horse makes the best 100% Kona Coffee K-Cups weve tried. Since theyre a small farm who roasts and processes their coffee in small batches, these are the freshest K-Cups youre going to find anywhere.

When brewed, these Kona K-Cups deliver an amazing chocolatey aroma thats characteristic of 100% Kona. The coffee itself has a rich, smooth, authentic Kona flavor thats delicious even when served black.

And, as we mentioned above, Blue Horse coffee beans are handpicked, sun dried, and herbicide and pesticide free following strict Hawaiian guidelines. If you really want a Kona K-Cup, these are the only ones we recommend.

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Always Check The Grade

Hawaiian coffee beans go through the most meticulous testing in the world, with each batch of Kona receiving a grade from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture .

If you want to make sure youre getting the best of the best, you should pay attention to the HDA grade of the Kona. The grade is based on criteria including the size, shape, moisture content and possible flaws in the beans.

Hawaiian coffee is divided into eight grade bands which are:

  • Extra fancy
  • Fancy
  • Natural Prime
  • Mixed Natural Prime
  • Extra Fancy is the highest quality of bean, although any of the first 5 categories can be considered a high-class bean. Grading is affected by qualities like bean size and rarity, which doesnt really affect the taste of the coffee.

    Extra Fancy grades are uniform in colour, size, and contains almost no defective beans. Theyre the most luxurious Kona beans you can get and youll be paying a premium for it!

    But its worth every single penny.

    • Save

    Where To Buy Kona Coffee Effortlessly Instead Of Travelling Everywhere

    The most common issue regarding this coffee is where to buy Kona coffee without travelling back and forth to its native place. The production in Hawaiian island makes it inaccessible to the non-US people. With the advent of the internet, every distance minimizes to just a click away. All the coffee lovers can get their favorite coffee online. No matter even if you are sitting in any part of the world, you can still have the pleasure of enjoying your favorite Kona espresso. This is the magic of the internet that it will not devoid you from the experience of delightful Kona.

    Despite its rarity, you can buy Kona coffee online. There is a small episode of my friend searching the entire city to look for her favorite Peaberry Kona coffee. After days of hunting this particular coffee, she realized that human beings have access to a thing called the internet! She placed her order online and within two days, she was rejoicing her hot beverage.

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