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What Is Best Decaf Coffee

Best Decaf Coffee Brands To Buy In 2021

Best natural decaf coffee

Modified: September 15, 2021

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We all love coffee, from its unmistakable caffeine kick to the beautiful swirls of crema on top it gives the spark to get us through the day. However, as much as we enjoy the caffeine rush brought about by amazingly strong Brazilian coffee, caffeine is not for everybody. Fortunately, theres something that can be a good compromise. Enter the best decaf coffee there is!

As there are plenty of options available on the market, you may be left wondering: what is the best decaf coffee? Well, wonder no more as we have collated our 12 favorite decaf coffee brands for you, all backed with in-depth reviews. Plus, a handy guide to help you choose a good coffee for better mornings.

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Top 10 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

You are going to want to make sure that you know what some of the best low acid coffee options are that you can buy. Here are just 10 of the top options that you might want to try out for your caffeine fixes, including:

1) Lifeboost Coffee

This is an organic bean that you can try that has a rich and deep flavor of chocolate while having an aftertaste that is clean. You also get notes of cocoa, caramel, and honey from the Arabica beans and these are slow-roasted in smaller batches to keep the taste intact. The best methods for brewing this brand are French Press, manual or traditional dropper, and espresso.

3) Volcanicas Sumatran Gayo

Another option for the best low acid coffee is this Indonesian blend that has an extremely rich aroma and a delicious smooth taste. This is created using the wet process and the beans are from various volcanic sections from all over the globe.

They have over 130 variations that you can try, including flavored, decaffeinated, raspberry, single-tier, and much more.

4) Java Planet

This brand is non-GMO and creates organic blends using Arabica beans from Colombia that are also roasted in smaller batches to

keep the freshness and taste intact. It has a sophisticated taste that is perfect for snacking and it goes well with cookies and peanuts and it is ideal for having a light cup during the day or even for breakfast.

5) HealthWise

6) Tiemans Fusion

7) Simpatico

8) Puroast

9) Mommee

10) Lucy Jos

Roy Yamaguchi Royal Kona Decaf

The Roy Yamaguchi Vienna roast designation means youre enjoying a lighter roast than espresso, but a darker roast than most American coffee roasts.

The flavor will be deeper but not bitter. There will be a hint of caramel and a bit of smokiness to your coffee, which will serve as an excellent foil for a sweet finish to your meal.

Hawaii Coffee Company offers fans of decaf coffee the chance to enjoy a proprietary blend with this Vienna Roast, developed by Chef Roy Yamaguchi.

This lush, medium to dark Vienna Roast contains 10% Kona coffee beans in combination with a blend of other beans from around the world, for a unique, delicious coffee ideally paired with a great dessert.

Coffee experts at Hawaii Coffee Company work with the award-winning chefs of Hawaii to produce a signature decaf blend for their restaurant patrons.

Now you can serve this coffee to your guests and enjoy it any time of the day! Its ground and ready to load into your best drip coffee maker.

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Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Here we have another blend this time featuring whole beans rather than pre-ground coffee served up in a 1.1-pound bag from Lavazza.

Although the beans are blended and medium-roasted in Italy, they are sourced from the highlands of Central and South America and are 100% Arabica beans.

Lavazza themselves recommend youll get the best aroma and taste when using these beans in a drip coffee maker or French press.

The caffeine is extracted using liquid carbon dioxide a natural method preferable to the solvent method which uses chemicals that can strip flavor and dry out the beans.

The medium roast allows the natural flavors of the bean to shine through, with caramel, nutty and ever so slightly spicy tastes. Youll find it a nice, smooth cup, but it may lack a little intensity for some palates.

Choose The Swiss Water Method Of Decaffeination

Best Tasting Decaf Coffee in the world for Coffee Lovers

There are 4 methods of decaffeinating coffee with the most popular today being the Swiss water method. Its the most effective, and safest method used today. We cover these in detail in our guide: The truth about decaf coffee. Read it out if you really want to get into the science.

The Swiss Water Method of decaffeinating coffee is a certified organic process that naturally removes 99.9% of the caffeine, while keeping all of the flavors as unadulterated by the process as possible.

Heres how the process works:

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What Are The Best Decaf Coffee Pods

If you brew your daily coffee using a single-serve coffee maker, there are still plenty of decent options for making decaf coffee at the push of a button.

The No Fun Jo and Cafe Don Pablo coffees weve reviewed in this guide are two that have K-cup versions. The Donut Shop Medium-Roast Decaf K-Cup, Peets Coffee House Blend Decaf K-Cups, and Dunkin Donuts Original Decaf Keurig K-Cups are worth considering too.

Is Drinking Decaf Coffee Better For You

If you are a die-hard coffee drinker, decaf has probably never crossed your mind. Its hard to imagine coffee without the caffeine kick that so many of us are used to. There are quite a few studies linking decaf coffee to some surprising health benefits. There are studies that suggest decaf can reduce your risk of certain types of cancer.

People who drink decaf have been shown to have less risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes as well, which will reduce the chance of developing Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Lower risk of inflammation and depression is also a researched benefit of decaf coffee.

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How Is Decaf Coffee Made

Speaking of Peets solvent method, there are several ways of decaffeinating coffee beans. All start with the very same coffee beans as caffeinated ones. Any coffee bean can become decaf by going through one of these processes.

Water processing often called Swiss water processing if it’s processed with the Swiss Water Company. Green beans soak up pure water, then it’s extracted. Caffeine is filtered out of the water, then the green beans soak it up again to regain their natural flavor. That’s a simplified way of explaining it, but you get the idea! It’s entirely chemical-free.

CO2 processing liquid CO2 is pumped into a container of water-soaked coffee beans. It draws out the caffeine molecules and leaves behind the larger flavor molecules. It’s a very costly method and the most modern, so it’s rarely used by small-batch roasters.

Solvent processing the coffee beans are either directly soaked in solvent or indirectly . The solvent is then evaporated out of the water or steamed out of the beans.

CO2 processing is the cleanest and most effective, with water processing coming in second. Water processing can result in a weaker flavor if not all of the flavor is soaked back that’s why dark roast and strongly flavored beans perform best with that method.

Volcanica House Blend Best Overall

Best Decaf Coffee Taste Test – We Review & Compare Decaffeinated Coffee Brands

For those who prefer an intense yet pleasant taste with every sip, nothing will make them happy like the House Blend from Volcanica.

Using coffee beans directly from Central and South America, this blend delivers the richest flavor any decaf coffee has.

How does Volcanica make it happen? They use the safe and chemical-free Swiss water process on the richest beans out there, eliminating the caffeine without affecting the taste.

Something youll love about it is the cost. In contrast with other decaf coffee beans, the House Blend is affordable but tasty, so youll go back to it every month.

Highlighted Features:

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How To Choose Safe Decaffeinated Coffee For Better Health

So, you want to drink decaf coffee but dont want harsh chemical residues in it. How do you choose the best decaf coffee?

Start reading the label on your coffee! Look for claims on the packaging like solvent-free, chemical-free, Swiss-water, or certified organic. The processes i just listed dont use harsh chemicals to decaffeinate their coffee.

Want your favorite coffee brand to share more info on how they decaffeinate their coffee? ASK THEM! Reach out via email, social media, or give them a phone call. Talk to them about your concerns and ask for more information.

Reduced Symptoms Of Heartburn And Reduced Risk Of Rectal Cancer

One common side effect of drinking coffee is heartburn or acid reflux.

Many people experience this condition, and drinking decaf coffee may relieve this uncomfortable side effect. Decaf coffee has been shown to cause significantly less acid reflux than regular coffee (


Coffee is probably best known for its stimulant effects.

It increases alertness and reduces feelings of tiredness.

These effects are directly linked to the stimulant caffeine, which is found naturally in coffee.

Some of the beneficial effects of regular coffee are directly attributed to the caffeine, so decaf should not have these effects.

Here are some benefits that probably only apply to regular coffee, not decaf:

  • improved mood, reaction time, memory, and mental function (
  • 47 ).

However, its worth mentioning again that the research on regular coffee is way more extensive than whats available for decaf.


Regular coffee provides many health benefits that do not apply to decaf. These include improved mental health, increased metabolic rate, enhanced athletic performance, and a lower risk of liver damage.

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Sightglass Coffee Hunky Dory Blend

Sightglass Coffee Hunky Dory Blend

The name says it all. This blend goes with the flowchanging its tune a bit with the seasons, but remaining a fan favorite.

When coffee is involved, everythings hunky dory. Dont believe it? Brew a cup of the next product on our list of decaf coffees, Sightglass Coffees Hunky Dory blend, and watch just how quickly your mood turns around.

This drink may not give you the caffeine-induced kick in the pants you need to start the day with a bang, but it will, however, give you a casual dose of the coffee taste you love. The origins of this blends beans vary based on the seasons, but the taste notes toffee, red grape, and bergamot remain the same.

The medium-roasted Hunky Dory blend is mellow and comforting, so try brewing this coffee in the late afternoon or evening, and let its floral and fruity flavors help you wind down after a busy day.

Decaf May Possibly Cause Heart Complications

The Best Decaf Coffee On Amazon â Decaffeinated Coffee ...

Though decay by itself might not be dangerous, the chemicals used in the process could be. The above-mentioned side effects should not stop you from using decaf. It is because the benefits it can offer cannot be underestimated.

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Volcanica Espresso Decaf Coffee Beans

Volcanicas espresso roast is made with dark roast Arabica beans that have been processed with the Swiss water bath method. Dark roast doesnt have to mean bitter, but be aware that these beans offer an intense flavor.

If you gave up on decaf because it was rather flat on the tongue, this coffee can change your opinion and awaken your palate to new possibilities. These beans are aromatic and produce a lush espresso with a caramel sweetness.

You can grind these beans to any grain size and enjoy quality coffee, from espresso to French press.

A burr grinder is recommended for the best quality grind size and for a cool grinding process, which is less likely to overheat the oil remaining in the beans.

The stainless steel blade of a traditional grinder can change the flavor of your coffee and leave you with unpleasant coffee dust.

Top Reason To Go Decaf Coffee Beans

  • To get better sleep.

The Lifeboost Decaf Coffee is a verified product that ensures that the coffee beans are highly organic as they are Swiss water processed.

This high-quality product is recommended by many customers!

When we talk about taste, you will be surprised to know that the flavor gives the hint that there is no caffeine in it. The coffee tastes so good that you can even compare it with regular ones. This means there is no worry about lacking flavor at all.

The coffee gives the impression that the product is made with extra care from scratch. This means it has been given attention to every process starting from picking from the farm until it is brewed and poured into the cup.

The farm where these are grown is very organic in nature, grown in the shade, the trade is also fair. Furthermore, to protect the environment they give a share of it to the Rainforest Trust for wildlife conservation.

These beans are Nicaraguan which are wholesome and contain a few contents of caramel and chocolate with a medium amount of acidity. So when you sip it, all these ingredients pop into your mouth, it gives you a wholesome feeling.

The coffee cost very expensive in terms of the price, but the quality is worth buying since it pays extra attention to every detail in processing.

There is a special edition that is sold, so if you think this coffee is just your type, then go ahead and buy it. This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.


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Moisture Creates A Challenge

All this hot water, steam, and more water mean the moisture content in the green coffee has changed, even after it has been thoroughly dried.

This moisture content affects the temperature changes in the coffee beans during the roasting process, and roasters have to regulate temperature and air flow carefully to avoid letting the batch proceed to quickly or too slowly.

Its not uncommon to see a decaf coffee and a regular coffee, both from the same microlot, have a completely different roast profile, simply because the decaf responds to roasting temperatures differently. And its that kind of detail that can determine whether a decaf coffee tastes delicious or horrible.

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Seattles Best Coffee Portside Blend

Comparing Grocery Store Decaf Coffees – What is Good?

Seattles Best Coffee Portside Blend is great if you want a smooth, medium roast. This decaf coffee has a middle-of-the-road flavor profile thats acceptable to just about everyone, so its a good go-to for a post-dinner coffee for guests.

Unlike more bold and distinctive flavors, its hard to offend anyones taste sensibilities with this coffee.

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Doesnt It Taste Different

It depends on the way the coffee has been decaffeinated. Water decaffeination doesnt alter the flavour profile as much as solvent-based methods. Of course, any process that your coffee goes through changes the flavour to a certain extent, but its probably not as noticeable now as it was years ago .

Best Decaf Coffee Beans Of 2021

gives you the excellent taste of coffee thats well-known and loved, but without the caffeine, which can cause nervousness, jitters, and insomnia.

Here are the 7 best decaf coffee beans of 2021:

We have tested a wide range of decaf coffee beans, and these are simply the best! Keep reading for the full review of our top recommendations for 2021.

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Can Decaf Coffee Be Bad For Health

Studies on decaf coffee show no evidence that it is in any way detrimental to a persons health. These studies have shown that it has the same benefits as regular caffeinated coffee, sans caffeine, jitters, anxiety, digestive issues, and high blood pressure. Some new studies are showing that there is a small chance decaf coffee can help protect against heart disease and type two diabetes. One study says that decaf coffee can help slow fat production and enable a slow and steady weight loss. All of these smaller studies aside, the hard, cold, proven facts all agree that decaf coffee will not adversely affect your health.

Mystic Monk Decaf Mexican Coffee

Best Decaf Coffee
  • Best Product
  • Medium roast
  • Medium grind or whole bean

Our top choice is the Mystic Monk Decaf Mexican Coffee selection. They use simple Arabica gourmet coffee beans to make their decaf with the natural Swiss water process. The result is a medium roast, medium grind bean with notes of chocolate and nuts. Its just the right grind for your standard drip coffee maker and it tastes fantastic at all times of the day. We love that it’s so smooth and flavorful it’s hard to believe that it’s decaf, but it is. It was by far the most flavor-packed decaf bean we tried. It’s our best product for flavor, processing, and quality.

The beans are roasted and ground in the Rocky Mountains, then packaged into simple 12oz/340g bags. You can also buy the Mexican Monk Decaf Mexican Coffee as whole beans if you’d rather grind them yourself .

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Benefits Of Decaf Coffee

If youre a coffee lover, you might scoff at the idea of your favorite cup of joe without its signature shot of energy. And if youre one of the rare people who have never consumed coffee in your life, you might have considered starting with decaf just to see what the big deal is.

A high amount of caffeine in your everyday diet isnt healthy anyway, and decaf coffee takes away this problem because of the extremely low amount of caffeine present in it. The top health benefits of decaf coffee are mentioned below.

  • Lower acidity: Coffee is high in acidity, and your stomach will thank you if you decide to switch to the decaf version. This will also be helpful to your body in the long term.
  • Antioxidants: Coffee is popular for the amount of antioxidants present in it that can cleanse your body, but did you know that you dont need the caffeine in it to obtain the same results? Decaf coffee comes with a large number of antioxidants, the same amount as caffeinated coffee.
  • Improved sleep: While coffee is well known for filling up your body with energy, it can cause your sleep cycle to become irregular. High amounts of caffeine is also known for causing anxiety and increased heart rates, something that you wont have to worry about with decaf.

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