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Where To Buy Pure Caffeine

What Are The Benefits Of Caffeine Pills

Pure Caffeine: A Teaspoon of Powder Can Be Fatal

The primary benefits of caffeine pills are ones you likely already know: increased focus, increased wakefulness, higher productivity, etc. However, caffeine offers a lot of benefits, extending far beyond the increased focus and wakefulness that is typically associated with it.

Caffeine offers essentially the same benefits whether you consume it in coffee or from a caffeine pill .

Additionally, theres also the benefit of a defined caffeine dosage. When you use a caffeine pill, you know exactly how much caffeine youre getting .

Compare this to coffee/tea, which can vary significantly in caffeine content based on the brewing method used and other factors, and you can see why the consistency of a caffeine supplement may be beneficial to some.

Tested By Accredited 3rd Party Labs

PureBulk’s supplements are tested by accredited third party labs in the USA to ensure their identity, purity and potency. To receive a copy of these test results or any other PureBulk supplement please fill out the COA request form found here.

*NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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If a product that you ordered is low in stock or on back-order, then we will offer the following:

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    Note: During holidays and the holiday season, orders can be delayed beyond shipping times indicated.

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    What Is Caffeine Powder Capsules

    Caffeine Capsules are the perfect supplement to add to your daily regimen. These capsules have a generous 200 mg of caffeine in them and are used to help a person that is suffering from physical or mental fatigue. This is about the same amount of caffeine that is found in 3-4 cups of coffee. The only difference is that it is in a capsule form. The capsule is easy to store. It comes in a bottle and it can be taken on the go. The capsules can be used at any time. They are recommended to be used during daytime hours. Caffeine often helps people focus on the task at hand. If a person has a project that needs to be completed, then they can use the caffeine and they will be able to complete their project. They will be able to think about their given task and block out most distractions. Caffeine is used for alertness and now a person can get their dose without needing coffee or other caffeine items. For example, if a person has a long drive ahead of them or a long commute home, they can use the caffeine capsule and will be alert for the drive. They will not have to worry about falling asleep behind the wheel or being so tired they are not able to pay attention to what is going on around them, then these caffeine pills contain all the caffeine a person will need to be alert. They are easy to use and do not require a prescription from a doctor or other healthcare professional.

    Buy Pure Caffeine Powder Online

    Buy Bulk Caffeine Powder Pure 1000g (1 Kg, 2.2 lb, 35.2 oz)


    Caffeine stimulates the CNS by increasing certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine, and even serotonin. These neurotransmitters have profound effects on the way you feel. Its important to note that an increase in these neurotransmitters leads one to be very alert and active. Caffeine can cross the blood-brain barrier so it can even stimulate your brain to make you more active. Usually, youll start feeling the effects within 45 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee.

    Buy 100% Pure Caffeine Powder Online

    Buy Pure Caffeine Powder Our Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine Anhydrous Powder is a 100% pure white powder that has a bitter taste and meets the most recent United States Pharmacopeia standards. The mesh size is very fine like flour and consistent preventing any grittiness which can be found in cheaper products. This material is Kosher and the products certificate of analysis is available above.

    We source our caffeine from the worlds largest manufacturer of caffeine and is the highest quality you can by. All our caffeine is independently tested in the UK and only bought from approved suppliers with stringent quality management systems and accreditation for your peace of mind.

    DO NOT under any circumstances use a teaspoon or other volume-based measurements to dose this product. A single teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine is roughly equivalent to the amount in 28 cups of coffee.


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    Applied Nutriceuticals Caffeine Capsules

    Applied Nutriceuticals Caffeine Capsules are simple caffeine pills made by a good company. Offering the standard 200mg per dose, these pills will help you feel awake. Theres nothing particularly unique about this product, but they are a good choice nonetheless.

    Whats in it:

    • 200mg caffeine

    Who makes it: This product is made by Applied Nutriceuticals, a mid-sized supplement company focused on producing high-performance nutritional supplements. Founded in 2006, this relatively young company is growing rapidly but has already developed a loyal following of fans and customers.

    Where to Get it

    Who May Benefit From Caffeine Pills

    A lot of different types of people can benefit from caffeine pills, for a variety of different reasons. In this section, well go over the key groups that are likely to experience the most benefit from the best caffeine supplements.

    Really, anyone who enjoys using caffeine and who would like to save some money , the best caffeine supplements can help immensely.

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    Buy 100% Pure Caffeine Powder Online

    Buy 100% Pure Caffeine Powder Online is an extremely important substance usually found in the ever popular drink, coffee. Coffee actually doesnt need much introduction as the drink has been part of history for a very long time.

    100% Pure Caffeine Powder

    Coffee actually doesnt need much introduction as the drink has been part of history for a very long time. Drinking coffee has various benefits. Some would say they feel stimulated, others feel focused at work. At most, every office has coffee pots on percolate for the employees to have their caffeine fix anytime.

    But when it comes to actual fat burning, we have some news for you.hard rhino caffeine powder

    Caffeine Anhydrous as a Fat Burner and Weight Loss product

    Caffeine Anhdrous in Powder Form

    Buy 100% Pure Caffeine Powder Online The ingredient itself has its thermogenic properties that can help with the burning of fats. The presence of Caffeine in the body leads to the increase of epinephrine and norepinephrine.

    Caffeine AnhydrousCaffeine anhydrous comes in the form of an odorless, dry white powder that is very bitter to taste.This ingredient actually has a lot of benefits. One of the main benefits is that it is a potent stimulant.Pure Caffeine Powder can help to maintain awareness.Caffeine Powder has the potential to maintain an increase in work rate for maximising training time.Pure Natural Caffeine Powder can support weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Prolab Caffeine Maximum Potency

    Trying to Buy Caffeine Prank

    ProLab Caffeine Maximum Potency is a simple and powerful caffeine product that offers 200mg of caffeine per serving, which is equivalent to about 2 eight-ounce cups of coffee. This product can be useful for athletes as a pre-workout aid, students and professionals as a focus aid, or just everyday people who want to experience the benefits of caffeine without the expense and inconvenience of buying a cup of coffee. Theyre made by a great company and manufactured in the USA, and they are our overall top recommendation.

    Whats in it:

    • 200mg caffeine

    Who makes it: This product is made by ProLab, a large sports nutrition company based in California. Founded in 1989, ProLab now has decades of industry experience designing and producing high-quality health supplements to fit a variety of needs. ProLab is dedicated to producing foundational, reliable and understandable supplements that produce results. Their specialty is definitely in the athletic field, although they now manufacturer general-purpose supplements, as well.

    Where to Buy ProLab Caffeine

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    Imported Food Inspection Scheme Risk Food

    Pure and highly concentrated caffeine products for retail sale are prohibited under Standard 1.1.1 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. These foods are classified as risk food in the Imported Food Control Order 2019.

    If the food is ready for retail sale and caffeine is present at a concentration of:

    • 1% or greater, if the food is a liquid food, or
    • 5% or greater, if the food is a solid or semi-solid food

    imports of this food will be failed at the border. Importers will be directed to destroy or export the food.

    Sundown Naturals Caffeine Capsule

    Sundown Naturals Caffeine Capsules are unique caffeine pills that offer a sustained release formula. Unlike most comparable products, which tend to take full effect right away, this product aims to provide a sustained-release delivery for about 8 hours. This is accomplished by breaking up the caffeine into little beadlets, which are digested slower than traditional powders. So, in theory, if you take a capsule in the morning, you should get a sustained, slow trickle of caffeine throughout the day to keep you going.

    Whats in it:

    • 200mg caffeine

    Who makes it: This product is made by Sundown Naturals, a large scale nutritional product company founded in 1977. For decades, Sundown Naturals has made it their mission to produce high quality and effective health supplements for their growing customer base. They use natural, sustainable ingredients wherever possible, and avoid the use of artificial additives.

    Where to Get it

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    The Powdered Caffeine Difference

    Caffeine is the most commonly consumed psychoactive drug in the world, normally ingested while consuming chocolate, soda, and of course, coffee and tea.

    In those forms, caffeine is mostly harmless.

    It can keep you awake when you need to sleep and it can worsen anxiety, but it’s hard to drink enough coffee to really hurt yourself fatalities have occurred with the amount of caffeine in about 25 cups of coffee. Some other estimates say it would take the caffeine in 70-120 cups to kill an average person .

    But in its pure form, caffeine can be deadly, and it’s easy to underestimate its power. One teaspoon of pure caffeine contains 5,000 milligrams the equivalent of 25-50 coffees. Between a teaspoon and a tablespoon could be enough to trigger an overdose or even a heart attack.

    In 2014, the FDA called for that easy access to powdered caffeine to stop. In the agency’s latest warning, they told the five companies they have 15 days to respond with the steps they’ve taken to ensure an end to the noted violations.

    For now, pure powdered caffeine is still incredibly easy to get. In February, we found out exactly how easy it is when we purchased half a kilo on the internet.

    Shipping Discounts & Costs

    Buy Bulk Caffeine Powder Pure Pharmaceutical Grade

    Save shipping costs! In Canada you qualify for FREE shipping** if your order is $59.99 or more before tax. Free shipping is automatically calculated during checkout. Please choose the right option for shipping while checking out. It’s as easy as 1-2-FREE! Under this amount, shipping is $7.50 in Canada**.

    Orders made after 8:00 am*** or on the weekend will be shipped the following business day in most cases.

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    *** Eastern Standard Time for all orders

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    How To Use These Supplements

    Caffeine capsules should only be after speaking to a medical professional to make sure that a person is healthy enough and it will not harm their body. While a prescription is not needed to use the caffeine supplements, it is best to make sure that the body can handle it and that a person is generally in good health. Be sure to research the brand of caffeine tablets before use and follow the instructions on the package. Do not settle for cheap imitations. This will also increase the chance of experiencing some side effects. Caffeine capsules can be taken with or without food. If a person notices that the caffeine is upsetting their stomach they should use the caffeine with food. A person should not exceed the daily limit of caffeine. Caffeine may become habit-forming with long term use. This is something to keep in mind before using the supplements. When taken on as needed basis, caffeine capsules can be both safe and effective. A person should not double up on doses.

    Are There Any Side Effects Of Caffeine

    Caffeine can definitely cause some side effects, regardless of how you consume it . The most common side effect is difficulty sleeping, or poor quality sleep.

    Caffeine, particularly when consumed later in the evening, can cause a variety of sleep issues, from trouble getting to sleep, to trouble staying asleep, to trouble getting restful sleep, etc. To help avoid this, do not consume caffeine late in the day, as it takes at least 5-6 hours for half the caffeine in your body to leave your system. For some, it can take even longer.

    Other caffeine side effects include jitteriness, nervousness, restlessness, fast heartbeat, stomach upset, irritability, anxiety, and more. Most of these effects will not happen if appropriate caffeine dosages are followed, but are always possible.

    Caffeine can cause much more severe side effects if too much is taken, so its important to follow caffeine dose recommendations closely. This is particularly true with caffeine pills, as they are so easy to take without putting much thought into it.

    So long as caffeine is taken in appropriate dosages, serious side effects are rare. That said, it can be dangerous at high doses, so tread cautiously and dont take too much. Again, caffeine side effects can happen regardless of how you consume caffeine, so there is no difference between drinking too much coffee and taking too many strong caffeine pills.

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    Pure Caffeine Powder That Killed Aussie Man Is Available In New Zealand

    A Kiwi nutrition expert has expressed her shock that pure caffeine powder like the product that killed a 21-year-old Australian man is readily available in New Zealand.

    Elaine Rush, emeritus professor at Auckland University of Technology, told Stuff the product’s availability made her “very nervous, and very concerned.”

    Have you taken caffeine powder? Get in touch

    Both 200mg caffeine pills and pure powder can be purchased through online and store-front retailers in New Zealand, and are marketed as workout aids or a supplement to keep users alert.

    But Rush “wouldn’t even call a supplement. It’s just a pure chemical.”

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    Australian Lachlan Foote died on New Years Day last year after drinking a protein shake he prepared at home. Last week a coroner’s report confirmed that he died of caffeine toxicity due to the pure powder he added to the drink.

    Rush said that while she didn’t “see any reason for people to be able to buy those pills,” there was at least some self-regulation when a product came in pill form.

    “The size of the pill makes sure that you don’t overdose… and it’s more work to have it.”

    When it came to pure powder, however, it was much easier to take far too much.

    Rush pointed out that one teaspoon of pure caffeine is at 5 grams equivalent to about 33 cups of strong coffee.

    She was horrified to see product images on websites where the powder was sold that showed a teaspoon in it – “to make it look like sugar.”

    Jet Alert Double Strength Alertness Aid

    HONEST REVIEW // 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream & Bright Eyes Masks // Non-toxic, Vegan

    Jet Alert Double Strength Alertness Aid is a top-quality caffeine brand offering 200mg of caffeine in each serving. Its sold in small packages which are very affordable, and its very easy to use at any time of the day. It provides a very convenient and affordable alternative to coffee. Its also sold in fairly small packages, so you can try it out easily without spending much at all.

    Whats in it:

    • 200mg caffeine

    Who makes it: This product is made by Jet Alert, a division of Bell Pharmaceuticals. Bell Pharmaceuticals is a large supplement company based in Minnesota. They specialize in alertness aids, such as this product, but also produce a wide range of other health products and supplements. They are a trustworthy company with a good reputation

    Where to Buy Jet Alert

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    A Small Overdose Of Caffeine Powder Can Be Deadly Said Aasm President Dr Timothy Morgenthaler

    The AASM health advisory supports a recent FDA warning about powdered pure caffeine. The FDA notes that the potency of a single teaspoon of pure caffeine is about the same as 25 cups of coffee.

    Symptoms of caffeine overdose can include a rapid heartbeat and seizures. Tragically, a small overdose of pure caffeine powder can result in death.

    Caffeine is a stimulant that can provide a short-term alertness boost. It can be helpful following a period of sleep restriction or sleep loss. But caffeine also can disturb your sleep if taken in the afternoon or evening. The AASM advises using caffeine in moderation.


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