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Which Coffee Makers Are Made In The Usa

Bunn Bt Velocity Brew 10

The Dual Boiler | How to master an Americano using your home espresso machine | Breville USA

Design and Build

This BUNN coffee maker has a double wall and is a vacuum insulated thermal carafe which keeps coffee warm up to two hours. The spray head ensures that the coffee flavour is extracted fully and the stainless steel internal hot water tank helps keep the water heated to the highest temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The reservoir-style home brewer makes as many as ten cups of coffee in 3 minutes. It is made of a stainless-steel water tank with an 800-watt heater as well as an internal thermostat. The spray head design makes the coffee flavour extraction better and the hot water can also be used in order to make a hot cup of tea.

Uses and Capabilities

The carafe is made from stainless steel and is vacuum insulated. It also has a close and brew lid along with a vacation switch. The Velocity Brew can brew 4 to 10 cups within three heads while the spray head creates effective coffee flavour extraction. The hot water tank helps keep it at the perfect temperature, which is why it tastes incredible. The thermal double-walled carafe helps keep the coffee warm. The dimensions are 15 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. It is twice as deep as other versions of it, however, it is rather large so you will have to make space for it on your counter.

Additional Features


  • It is a great looking industrial sized machine.
  • The warming plate helps keep the coffee warm.


Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Press


A simple but elegant coffee maker popular by all kind of coffee lovers and baristas.

The Chemex is made in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Its completely BPA-free, for all the health-conscious readers.

What makes the Chemex so popular is the unique hourglass-shaped design. But they didnt stop there.

Chemex also developed their own filter, a thick specialty fiber filter. According to Chemex, this thick filter keeps bitter elements, oils and coffee sediments in the filter and out of your cup.

So in case you have decided to get the Chemex coffee maker, dont forget to add the Chemex coffee filters to your order. Read more about our favourite pour over coffee makers here.

What To Look For When Buying A Single

Single-use coffee pods vs. reusable filters: Most single-serve coffee makers use store-bought coffee pods, like the popular K-Cup pods from Keurig. Pods are small plastic or aluminum cups that contains pre-portioned ground coffee and a built-in filter. K-Cups and capsules are convenient to use, but are more expensive than using your own ground coffee. And while some pods are recyclable, like K-Cups, you need to remove the grounds and foil first, and check with your local recycling facility that they can process the type of plastic your pods are made from. Soft pods are a popular alternative: The ground coffee comes in a tea bag-like round paper filter, which eliminates the plastic waste.

If you prefer a coffee maker with no pods, there are single-serve machines that feature a reusable filter to fill with your own ground coffee. Reusable filters are definitely the more eco-friendly option, but note that the filters do need to be washed after each use. All of the reusable filters we tested were easy to detach from the coffee maker and dishwasher-safe. We recommend adding two tablespoons of ground coffee into the reusable filter for a six-ounce cup of coffee.

Brewing options: While some single-serve coffee makers brew only one size of a cup, some models provide more brewing options from single espresso shots up to 16 ounces , with coffee choices ranging from basic to fancy .

  • Can use pods for a single cup or filter for a full pot
  • Variety of cup size choices
  • Small footprint

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Top 10 Best Coffee Makers Made In The Usa In 2021

These days American coffee machines are harder to come by. Even if some are made in America, some manufacturers have some of their coffee makers made overseas in order to reduce their costs. However, there are a few real American made coffee makers that still exist out there. Before choosing the coffee maker, check with the manufacturer before the purchasing decision:

Read our latest guide about the best 4 cup coffee makers.

Bunn Grb Velocity Brew 10

Best Coffee Makers Made In The USA

If you are more of a drip style coffee fan then you will do well to get better than a BUNN. All BUNN products are designed and assembled to the highest standards at BUNN HQ in Springfield, Illinois. Most of the parts are also US made but for full transparency there may be a few that are not. However all the products are put together in America. Company founder George Bunn made it his goal to create a fast brewing and great tasting coffee machine and that tradition continues today.

This machine is incredibly fast and can brew a full pot of coffee in around 3 minutes. A full pot is enough for 4 to 10 cups of coffee, around 50 ounces in total.

What we really liked about this one was the drip free carafe. With some of these coffee machines the carafes are pretty poor and they can make a mess when you pour them. Here though the carafe has undergone careful design to make sure it is completely drip and mess free.

You get a three year warranty with this product and if something does go wrong you can contact the BUNN customer services team who are also located in Springfield, Illinois. Drip coffee machines tend to have a reputation for breaking down but that is usually becuase they are in use all day every day and like anything else they give up after a few years of heavy usage. BUNN products are generally very reliable though so you should get a good few years out of this machine.

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Best Coffee Makers Made In Usa

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By Stormi Verret

Whats more American than a piping hot cup o joe in the morning? Well, probably not the brewer you made it with.

If you have tried making a conscious effort to buy an American made coffee maker, you may notice its surprisingly difficult to find a made in the USA label. As more companies outsource their labor to stretch their dollars and increase profits, it becomes increasingly difficult for consumers to find coffee makers made in USA.

But fear not! While it did take a good bit of digging and research, weve have done the legwork for you and curated a list of the best coffee makers made right here in the USA. So, now all you need to do is browse through, and choose the one that is right for you!

How Does A Coffee Maker Made In The Usa Work

Just like a siphon machine is a full immersion coffee brewer when it comes to products that are Made in the USA, there is a lot that goes on besides the Made in the USA label and this is what differentiates such products from the many others that flood the market.

In order for a coffee maker to claim that it is Made in the USA, manufacturers must comply with strict Federal Trade Commission regulations.

Such regulations require that the final assembly of such a product takes place on US soil and the majority of the total manufacturing costs are spent on US parts as well as processing.

There are other complex labeling standards that manufacturers must comply with, especially if an American flag or map is used on the packaging.

A company is allowed to make a qualified claim if the product is made in multiple countries. For instance, a company can specify the percentage of the product that consists of domestic products or label it assembled in the USA.

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Takeya Cold Brew Maker

While you may have heard of the previous three products, chances are Takeya isnt ringing any bells. Thats because this American brand primarily produces water bottles. However, due to the nature of cold brewing, the brand has been able to produce a delightfully simple cold brewing tool for people on the go.

This cleverly designed Takeya brewer is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid & non-slip silicone handle and can produce 4 servings of cold brew. Inside the pitcher is a fine-mesh coffee filter to hold your grounds, so all you have to do is fill, shake, steep, and enjoy. It can also handle hot brewing!

The Takeya Cold brewer is a great option for people on the go looking to reap the benefits of switching to cold-brewed coffee. And of course, all of Takeyas products are made in the USA.

Bunn Bt Speed Brew Best Drip Coffee Maker

The Barista Express® | An easy way to make an Americano coffee at home | Breville USA


  • Type of coffee maker: Automatic drip
  • Capacity: 50 ounces
  • Price: $$

If you want an automatic coffee machine that brews a great cup of coffee but dont want to pay for the premium details of the Ratio Eight, the BUNN Speed Brew drip coffee machine is a fantastic choice. The Speed Brew is an upgraded version of the equally popular BUNN Velocity Brew found further down this list.

Both Bunn models are excellent drip coffee makers that deliver coffee quickly, but we recommend spending a bit more for the Speed Brew if the coffee quality is paramount. Its also a slightly more attractive brewer, with smoother lines and a stainless steel finish.

The speed of the Speed Brew is due to its internal stainless steel hot water tank and accompanying 800 Watt heater, which can provide a perfect temperature of 200 brewing water on demand. The water is delivered to the coffee grounds via a showerhead, which yields a better extraction than the average cheap coffee machine. It takes just three minutes to brew a full 10-cup carafe, about half the time of most coffee makers.

The Speed Brew differentiates itself from the Velocity Brew with its stainless steel thermal carafe, which will keep your coffee hot for hours no warming plate needed.

BUNN is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. Though they source components for their machines worldwide, BUNN coffee makers are assembled in Creston, Iowa.

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Coffee Pots Made In Usa: Can They Make The Perfect Brews

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your machine. As most baristas know they need to get the recommended cup size for the drinks they brew.. You can find this in the owner’s manual of the device. Another is that you should clean it regularly, especially after every use. Coffee pots made in USA also need to be routinely descaled. This will ensure that your appliance lasts for years and does not break down or risk being damaged by mineral deposits. Here is a list of the matters to take into consideration when using your coffee pot.

Top 10 Best Coffee Brands In The Usa

Coffee is one of the most loved and consumed beverages in the entire world. In fact sometimes the world gets divided into two parts namely coffee lovers and tea lovers. There has been huge debate whether coffee is more popular coffee or tea.

Coffee is more preferred in the west whereas tea is more preferred in the east. There has been rise of coffee chains which sells coffees of different kind and each have their fan following. Each of these brands is very famous and has been able to make a name for them. In this list some of the best coffee brands will be mentioned.

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Best French Press: Taoindustry 34oz French Press

French press coffee is known for having a bold and rich flavor, and this TAOIndustry French Press maker is one of the best options made today. This coffee maker is crafted from durable materials and designed to hold up well over time. Its made from tough 18/10 stainless steel and comes with a few reusable filters for long-term brewing. We love how insulated this coffee maker is, helping your coffee stay warm for your return trips to the coffee pot throughout the morning. The maker produces up to four cups of coffee at one time, and is simple to clean.

What We Like

  • Makes 4 cups of coffee
  • Uses reusable filters
  • Comes with helpful measuring scoop
  • Affordable

Frieling Usa Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The 10 Best Drip Coffee Makers Made In Usa

Design and Build

The Frieling is a coffee maker with a double wall made from 18/10 stainless steel. It is great for making French Press coffee or tea. It has a 36-ounce capacity and can measure 10-inches high. It has a mirror finish outside and a brushed finish inside. The full-length handle is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold. It has a two-stage filter system that uses a pre-filter and super-fine mesh which forms zero sediments in the cup. There is also a metal wire inside where the coil presses the plunger against the inside wall.

Uses and Capabilities

The carafe doubles as an insulated serving pitch and is able to retain heat four times longer than glass. It also disassembles easily and can be washed conveniently. It is dishwasher safe and comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects. It is an award-winning machine which is a win for coffee aficionados. It is designed to work well aesthetically and functionally so while it works efficiently, it looks beautiful while doing it. It is a great representative of great taste and quality. It includes a patented dual filtration system which has an exclusive Italian fine-gauge screen and a coil/spring combination.

Additional Features


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Bunn Speed Brew Drip Coffee Maker

  • Brew cycle of less than 4 minutes

  • No pre-heating needed

This Bunn Drip Coffee Maker is called Speed Brew because it can finish a full brew cycle in 4 minutes.


Its easy! The Bunn Speed Brew has an internal water tank that keeps water constantly at brewing temperature. And when you are ready for a new batch of coffee there is no pre-heating of the water necessary anymore.

The spray head of this coffee maker is Bunn-engineered and extends the contact time between water and coffee.

Additionally, its a lime-tolerant spray head which means that minerals, especially when you have very hard water, wont clog it so often.

For you, this simply means less cleaning time!

The 3 Best Coffee Makers Made In The Usa

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There is a good chance that your coffee maker says made in China somewhere on it. The truth is, there just arent a lot of coffee makers made in the USA, largely due to the glass materials and electronics involved.

Worse, many of the lists of American-made coffee makers on the web actually confuse made in the USA with assembled or built in the USA. Im not saying there is anything wrong with buying something that was just assembled here, but its good to know what you are buying before you spend your hard-earned money on it.

So before we get too far into the coffee makers, lets take a look at what it really means for a coffee maker to be made in the USA.

Check price

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Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

Made In Chicopee, Massachusetts

This is a favorite of baristas and coffee connoisseurs all over the world. It has a simple and elegant design and makes a delicious pour-over cup of coffee. See it on .

When I have attended coffee conferences, this is the primary coffee maker I have seen and my favorite coffee place uses the Chemex to serve their coffee.

The Chemex is made in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Its completely BPA-free.

Chemex also developed their own thick filter that is 20-30% heavier than other brands and removes all sediment particles as well as bad oils and fats.

Red Rooster Pour Mason

Astra Espresso Machine Made In USA

Next up, we have the Pour Mason, handmade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. The whole ethos of Red Rooster Trading Co. centers on the importance of having American made products, so if you are looking for craftsmanship and credibility behind your brewer, theyre the ones for you.

This handy little pour over is the epitome of keep it simple, stupid, as you can just pop this no-nonsense brew tool on top of your mason jar, throw in a filter and some grounds, and brew away. It does not have any of the divoting or texturing inside like many other pour-over tools.

However, what it lacks in flair, it certainly makes up for in durability and practicality. You cant exactly pack up your go-to ceramic pour-over for a camping trip. Overall this is a sleek, top-notch tool.

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Best Coffee Makers Made In The Usa

Are you a coffee drinker? If so, we are sure you have your favourite place to buy it. But did you know that there are some cool places where the best coffee makers in the world are made right here in America? It’s true! We may not be able to keep up with China and Japan on manufacturing cars or electronics, but we can still hold our own when it comes to making some of the finest coffee makers available. The best coffee makers in America are made in the USA. To find these manufacturers, look for labels that say “Designed and Assembled in the USA” for appliances such as coffee makers. No matter your coffee brewing needs, there is a perfect machine for you! The top ten best-selling home coffee makers made in the USA are highlighted below to help you find the right one for you. We have also included some helpful tips on making great tasting cups of Joe at home using the best coffee makers USA invented. Read on!

Here are our top 10 favourite products:


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