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Best Coffee Shops Around Me

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden


The best outdoor coffee shop space + food trucks

For the ultimate Austin foodie experience, go to Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden. Go inside to order your coffee or craft beer, and then bring it outside and order food at one of the popular food trucks parked on site.

Cosmic is popular on the weekends both families and dog-owners. Its a really large space, so its great for anyone who needs to run around.

Open A Coffee Shop Near A Pet Grooming Business

Have you ever waited for your pet to be groomed? If so, you’ll know that this potential coffee shop location makes total sense!

Having a coffee shop near a pet grooming business is similar to a laundromat. If you must wait for your pet to be groomed, you will likely drop them off and head over for a cup of coffee.

You may also decide to stay at the local cafe next door too and visit with a friend, do some work on your computer, or enjoy a cup of coffee while you check your email. Like the previous businesses we mentioned, a pet grooming business may attract foot traffic to increase sales. Consider working with the neighboring pet grooming business to give discounts to their customers.

Vibrant & Best Coffee Shops In Asheville Nc

Posted on Last updated: November 11, 2022

Check out the best coffee shops in Asheville, NC. Discover Asheville coffee shops with stellar local brews and ground coffee.

If you are utterly exhausted after a day of touring Western North Carolina or just getting on the road, where can you get the best coffee in Asheville?

And, which Asheville coffee shops use local coffee roasters? Which coffee spots carry gluten-free and vegan treats? Where are all of the desserts?

Best is, of course, subjective. However, we are experts in three things: coffee, booze, and books.

So, where can you buy delicious coffee in Asheville? We are pretty sure everyone already knows about that vintage double-decker red bus, Double Ds.

Trade & Lore will transport you to a magical oasis in a bustling city. Malaprops serves up brews, author talks, and endless local book displays.

For locals and digital nomads, PennyCup Coffee Co. has a gorgeous North Asheville coffee shop.

Grab donuts with your coffee at Vortex . Be sure to pick up a bag of coffee beans at Summit Coffee Co.

As AVL locals, we are sharing our favorite coffee shops in Asheville touristy and off the beaten path. Keep reading for where to find coffee in Asheville. Lets get started!

Looking for an Asheville coffee pairing? Why not grab a donut, too?

This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a commission at no extra cost to you.If you love these guides, support Uncorked Asheville here.

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The Coolest Coffee Shops In San Diego

West Coast cities San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles have been long-heralded as coffee capitals, but it’s high time San Diego ranked right up there with some of the best places to grab a cup of coffee in the country. The often celebrated laid-back, San Diego beach lifestyle is also one of the sweetest settings for sipping fresh cups of small batch coffee on sun-drenched patios accented by homemade pastries, healthy juices and post-surf breakfast items. What makes San Diego stand out is the abundance of small batch roasters, people willing to roll up their sleeves and work on a product for years, then present it with pride in beautifully designed yet welcoming neighborhood shops.From gorgeously modern cafes with charcoal walls, to small, walk-up bars with perfect pour-overs, beachfront coffee trucks and family-run businesses serving rainbow lattes in colors you never dreamed coffee could come in, here is a list of 27 of the loveliest coffee shops San Diego has to offer.Reporter: Katie Bush | Location: Communal Coffee North Park

Want To Build Your Own Coffee Shop Business Tips And Tricks

14 of the Best Coffee Shops Around Denver, Colorado

So, youve decided to dive in and open your very own coffee shop business. Opening a successful coffee shop can be a rewarding experience but the journey there wont always be easy.

If youre looking for some tips and strategies for opening your own coffee shop, this guide is for you!

What kind of business is a coffee shop? Coffee shops are part of the specialty eatery industry, which also includes outlets specializing in products such as donuts, bagels, frozen yogurt, and ice cream.

Tips and tricks to building your own coffee shop business. Aside from a love of coffee, youll want to get a few things in order to get your shop up and running. Here are some tips and tricks for opening your own coffee shop:

  • Research the coffee business. Opening a coffee shop takes a big investment in both time and money. Its important that you spend time now understanding what it takes to run a successful coffee shop. This means reaching out to coffee business owners and learning from their experiences.

You should also visit visiting lots of coffee shops to get an insight into what you want your business to be like.

Consider what you will take from other businesses and what will make you different. Moreover, learn about your customer base.

Who will they be? What are their needs? What time of the day will be the busiest? Knowing your customers well will assist with planning, creating a menu, price points everything really!

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How To Find The Best Location For Your Coffee Shop

*We’ll Keep Adding to This List To Provide You With More Coffee Shop Startups Ideas.

When it comes to starting a coffee shop business, your location means everything.


Without choosing a great coffee shop location, your coffee business will have difficulty maximizing your sales and, therefore, being profitable. In other words, without a great location, your coffee shop will never be the business it was always meant to become.

Most retail business owners know the importance of location, so why is it so hard to pick the right spot?

Often, choosing a poor location results from poor planning, poor research, and over-estimating customer traffic.

You’ll want to spend the time to plan and research before settling on the right location for your coffee shop. You will also want to include counting customers, talking to neighboring businesses, doing market demographic research, etc.

With that said, in this post, we’re going to have a little fun. We’re going to generalize some potentially great locations or anchor businesses that you may consider opening up your coffee business near. Anchor businesses are those businesses that draw in a lot of people regularly.

With all things being equal, we have found that some geographical locations are better than others. Consider these neighboring businesses that you’ll want to start your coffee shop near.

Let’s take a look at a few below:

Open A Coffee Shop Near A Library

Libraries are great locations to start a coffee shop nearby, especially if frequented by local high school, college, and university students. Where young adults are studying, the chances are that they will be looking for good coffee and snacks to fuel themselves!

A steady stream of hungry, tired students needing their caffeine jolt makes libraries a perfect candidate location to set up your cafe or coffee stand nearby. Lots of foot traffic and lots of community groups can generate a steady flow of potential businesses looking for a caffeine boost. Highly profitable takeaway snacks, foods, and baked goods will pair well with this concept and location. From big libraries to small-town libraries, opening up a coffee shop near a library is a potentially excellent location to consider.

Best Coffee Shop Startup Location #2

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The 13 Best Coffee Shops In Durham Nc

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As travel writers who normally work on the go, coffee shops many times serve as our office. This means weve probably spent a lot of time working in Durham coffee shops! So here are our recommendations for the best coffee shops in Durham, NC.

Thanks to numerous weekday and weekend mornings and afternoons writing about North Carolina travel for you, we want to share the best places to grab a cup of joe in Bull City!

And since they inhabit a city thats known for innovation and cultural spunk, these places are known for more than just roasted beans. Youll see why when perusing our favorite coffee shops in Durham.

A few of these places are also featured in our guide covering things to do in Durham. Theyre some of the most awesome spots to visit in Central North Carolina.

Browse Coffee Shops By State

BEST COFFEE SHOPS in NEW YORK CITY and what to see near them

Our organization’s mission is to help the coffee-loving community discover locally-owned coffee shops anywhere in the United States.

Therefore, we are proud to be licensed under Creative Commons. You may share our content so long as it promotes local coffee businesses. by is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0.Based on a work at .

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The Best Coffee Shops In Louisville

Name a better combination than Louisville and a latte

In this day and age, it seems as though ones morning coffee is integrated into the daily routine of life. Before we head to work, we stop at our favorite place for the usual cold brew to keep our spirits bright through the day. More often, we see a growing number of coffee shops popping up on the most popular street corners with offerings of seasonal specials, a revamped customer favorite, or house-made syrups for sale. Today, going to get coffee is a social event itself I mean, who wouldnt want to be recognized by your favorite barista when you order your usual? Totally not speaking from personal experience. Save this guide for the best coffee shops in Louisville!

Quills Coffee Shop

Quills Coffee, a localfavorite, has been around since 2007. The coffee shop was started by twobrothers who were passionate coffee drinkers turned baristas. Quills Coffee specializesin craft coffee, provides seasonal drinks for all customers to enjoy, and is well-knownfor its iced vanilla latte. Quills also takes pride in its unique atmosphere atall of its locations with old garage doors that allow for open space duringthe warm months. Though Quills is rooted in Louisville, its presence hasextended across the bridge to Indiana as well.

Sunergos Coffee

Bean Roastery

1138 Goss Ave.

Please & Thank You

Full Stop Station

1132 E Saint CatherineSt.

Days Espresso & Coffee

1420 Bardstown Rd

Heine Brothers Coffee

Ntaba Coffee Haus

Best Coffee Shops Around Your Location

The list of best coffee shops near me depends on your requirements: Whether you are looking for quality coffee and beans, a relaxing view, or the midnight grind? Are you going for everyday work, a causal conversation, or meeting?

Although being a critical choice for those coffee addicts, Starbucks coffees shops and Peets Coffee are still popular go-to coffee places for a lot of people due to their easily accessible chain stores.

You can quickly find Starbucks coffee near you here and Peets Coffee here. Remember to check the reviews and ratings in Google map before you go to avoid those poorly reviewed ones.

Here is a list that aims to provide you with some ideas, and you can check whether there are any mentioned coffee shops near you:

If there are any good coffee shops near your location you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below to give others a hint when looking for top coffees nearby.

Coffee Shops

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The Blend Coffee & Wine

Two words: coffee flights. Thats right! The Blend is one of the only coffee shops in downtown St. Petersburg that offers a few different options for coffee flights! Your options include a traditional coffee flight with cold brew, latte, caramel, and white mocha, as well as a coffee flight with their white espresso.

The white espresso is something totally unique, that I honestly have never seen done elsewhere! The beans are lightly roasted at a lower temperature. This results in a different flavor profile that yields a higher caffeine content than your standard cup of black coffee.

They also sometimes have seasonal flights, and have a fuzion flight if youre wanting to switch things up!

The Blend has 3 locations, including one with a drive-thru , and Im pretty sure we can expect this awesome brand to continue popping up! My favorite location is the one in the Old Northeast.

There is plenty of room to hang out and enjoy your flight while getting some work done. They also have beer, wine, and bites! AND the cutest shirts EVER! Seriously, I couldnt resist snagging one for myself! Make sure to give them a follow on , as theyre always posting fun, new drinks.

Trade And Lore Coffee

Brooklyn Coffee Shops Near Me

Bistro lights and outdoor seating, local art on the walls and fun drinks combine to make the magic that is Trade and Lore. Its a great place to meet a friend and enjoy an espresso drink I typically stick with plain lattes but I love testing out all of the fun drink flavors at Trade and Lore. Never too sweet and always something that sounds amazing

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Littlefield’s Tacos + Coffee

A place to let the toddler run around while you drink coffee

This large, shady outdoor area is great if you have little kids who need to run around in a safe environment! Grab a coffee from Medici and a breakfast taco from Veracruz, and enjoy a coffee date with a girlfriend while your little ones burn some energy. Its a beautiful, casual, fun outdoor coffee shop in Austin.

Open A Coffee Shop In A Transit Center

Steady foot traffic is vital for a coffee business. Opening a coffee shop at or near a train or bus station will make you visible to hundreds or thousands of people every day. And even if everyone doesn’t buy coffee from you, your location will greatly increase the chances of making a profit.

People getting ready for a trip might want to purchase some food, too, so you should add a selection of sandwiches, toasts, waffles, yogurts, etc., to your menu.

Best Coffee Shop Startup Location #17

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Best Coffee Shops In Chicago In 2023

If you revel in that first sip of coffee in the morning, then youll be delighted to hear about all the best coffee shops in Chicago.

Getting your caffeine fix is a must for fueling each adventure-filled day, and Chicago has everything from classic hipster-esque coffee bars to eclectic neighborhood spots and coffee shops with a unique twist.

As a coffee-lover and Chicago local, Im here to guide you to the best Chicago coffee shops as you discover the best things to do in Chicago.

Disclosure: Travel Lemming is an independent reader-supported blog. You can support us by purchasing via the affiliate links on this page, which may earn us commissions. Thank you!

Bluestone Lane Scott Circle Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Shops in Philadelphia You Must Try to Visit

Coffee shop in Washington, Maryland

Averages a 4.2 star rating.

Coffee shop in Washington, Maryland

Averages a 4.9 star rating.

Coffee shop in Washington, Maryland

Averages a 4.4 star rating.

Coffee shop in Washington, Maryland

Averages a 3.9 star rating.

Coffee shop in Newark, Maryland

Averages a 4.6 star rating.

Coffee shop in Washington, Maryland

Averages a 4.2 star rating.

Coffee shop in Washington, Maryland

Averages a 4.7 star rating.

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Open A Coffee Shop Near A Community Center

A community center offers various group activities that can ensure a constant customer base for your coffee business. From kids, parents, teachers, and community members, a coffee shop could do very well at these locations.

Often, coffee shops create mutually profitable partnerships with community centers. Local communities are constantly organizing various events, parties, or seminars, and they need somebody to provide them with drinks and snacks. Having a coffee shop that is the go-to coffee place would drive-up sales and a loyal customer base.

Best Coffee Shop Startup Location #18

Open A Coffee Shop Near Movie Theaters

Movie theaters and coffee shops are the elements of a perfect date. Movie theaters can potentially bring in a steady, dependable customer base looking to grab a coffee cup before or after seeing a movie.

I am not talking about a giant corporate chain cinema here. I’m talking about the small, independent movie theaters that show foreign films or host the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight. Sure, a movie theater might provide their own coffee, but offering good coffee isn’t why they are in business. Their coffee is usually pretty horrible. This is where your coffee business comes in: offering delicious coffee and a place to begin a date. Consider looking for independent theaters or playhouses in your city. Is there available commercial space?

Best Coffee Shop Startup Location #14

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Top Coffee Shops In Saint Paul

For some people, coffee is a treat for others, its a necessity.

Whether you’re looking for a caffeine fix, somewhere to meet, or a place with just the right vibe, theres a Saint Paul coffee shop for you.

Here are 15 coffee shops we’re stopping at for a pick-me-up:

  • Airy indie venue with light breakfast fare & sandwiches plus coffees in comfy, brick-walled digs. Well known for serving the best quality food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee along with their

  • Golden Thyme Coffee & Café

    Golden Thyme on Selby is proud to serve the most decadent and smooth coffee to the residents of the St. Paul, Minnesota area. We guarantee when you experience all that we have

  • Caydence Records & Coffee

    Combination specialty coffee house and record store. Home to live events.

  • Swede Hollow Café

    Fabulous quiche, espresso drinks, and fresh bakery items, served at a cafe in a historic building with beautiful gardens and patio seating.

  • Workhorse Coffee Bar

    Workhorse Coffee Bar is a welcoming destination offering responsibly sourced and locally roasted coffee paired with stellar customer service -they value building community as well as customers. Workhorse Coffee Bar has been

  • Bootstrap Coffee Roasters

    A Saint Paul roasting company born out of a passion for quality coffee and all of the hard work that goes into it. Stop in to our Roastery and Coffee Bar on

  • Quixotic Coffee

    Calm, woodsy hangout featuring cold-brew coffees, espresso drinks & pastries, plus free WiFi.


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