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Nespresso Jamaican Blue Mountain Review

Jamaica Blue Mountain Nespresso Vertuo Tastetest

BUY OR BYE?! *VERY RARE* Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain! REVIEW | Taste With Me |

Jamaica Blue Mountain Vertuo pod has interesting blue line pattern on a silver pot. This shade remnants of the Australia series.I brewed a shot with Nespresso VertuoLine machine. The drink had a dark color and noticeable crema. Its darkness indicated it has 7-8 intensity. I felt a slight peppery aroma, and when I started to taste it, the creamy, velvety texture soothed my mouth. I felt a bit of bitterness on the tip of my tongue. The spicy notes were dominant and touched the front of my tongue, and the chocolatey notes hit my palate.

When I tried it with milk, the creamy texture, and woody, spicy, and peppery taste were enhanced. The woody peppery aftertaste made my drink linger. I must say, the Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain Vertuo capsule delivers one of the best espresso shots. The woody and earthy notes relieve your mind and make your morning wonderful. For More details, read out the below content.

Buy From A Reputable Company

Purchasing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from a verified and reviewed company is the best way to ensure quality. Most companies sell their products on Amazon for fast delivery to your doorstep. However, remember that products on Amazon may not be freshly roasted, which affects the quality of the coffee.

Volcanica stands out as a quality seller, with the best batches, including the prestigious Peaberry grade. In addition, the company strives to roast and deliver the berries to you within the shortest period to preserve the quality of the beans.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Recipe

The exotic woody and rich spice notes of this rare crop make SPECIAL RESERVE JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN worthy of the protected name. We have brewed many incredible recipes with Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain, such as pink latte, chill blue mountain, mocha, etc. Click the link below to find out the easy methods for these recipes.

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Volcanica Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee Wallenford

Yet another outstanding product of the Wallenford Estate is Peaberry Coffee by Volcanica. The coffee is available as whole beans, drip grind, espresso grind, and French press use.

This is one of the rarest coffees because it comes from Peaberry beans. The beans only come from 5% of the crop and produce more nuanced flavors than the rest of the coffee beans.

The floral notes and creamy textures make each sip of Peaberry coffee worthwhile. The beans have a 5.0 pH, which produces a well-balanced beverage.

Each of the berries is handpicked before going through wash processing. The beans are later sun-dried and ground on demand to preserve the tastes. You can purchase a bag of Peaberry coffee in a medium roast.

As with other Blue Mountain coffees, Peaberry coffee beans go through heavy regulation. Peaberry Coffee by Volcanica is certified by the Jamaican Department of Agriculture, Kosher Certified, Direct Trade certified, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Significant Features Of Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Capsules

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee  Worlds best coffee now in ...

We have focused on some significant features of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Vertuo pod. These attributes are enough to differentiate it from all other Nespresso pods. The taste, texture and drink qualities enable us to understand when we should brew this great pod. However, we have brewed it many times a day and in all seasons, and each time, it delivered the best espresso beverages and did not disappoint us. Lets have a complete insight into these features.

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Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain Available Soon

For EU customers at least. Not sure whether that includes UK and no certain news about USA/Canada or other markets. The Original line pod should start popping up in Nespresso stores and boutiques around the first days of December. As preannounced earlier, the pod is a re-release of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with an aesthetic uplifting. Nothing else should be changed.

Where To Buy Blue Mountain Coffee

The important thing with Blue Mountain is to make sure that youre getting the real deal. Although you will find Blue Mountain available on eBay and Amazon, its not a route wed recommend you take when buying your beans.They may not be fresh roasted, and you will have a hard time checking up on the certification.

If your beans come from one of the following plantations, youll be in good hands. Although there isnt much difference in location or growing conditions, each has some subtle differences.

  • Wallenford Estate This estate was bought in 2013 by a philanthropic businessman with the aim to revive the company and continue to product some of the best Blue Mountain gourmet coffee in the world.
  • Clifton Mountain Estate is the oldest plantation still in operation in Jamaica. Sitting at 5000 ft. on the eastern slope of St. Catherines Peak, and often considered the Rolls Royce of Coffee.
  • Flamstead Estate coffee is grown at 3,300 ft and provides a coffee with an aroma that is described by reviewers as incredible.
  • Greenwich Estate coffee is hand-picked, pulped and parchment fermented to give it an incredibly rounded flavor and great mouth-feel.

Interested in visiting these coffee plantations? Here are some Blue Mountain tours you consider.

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% Jbm Coffee Buying Tips

How can you ensure that you purchase authentic JBM coffee beans? Use the following JBM coffee buying tips.

Look for the Seal from the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board

Fortunately, the coffee regulatory bodies in Jamaica appreciate a quality product. Only reputable companies that use real blue mountain beans are certified and allowed to use the Blue Mountain seal, as shown below.

Its best to compare the seal on the packaging with the original one to avoid any confusion. As you shop, youll also notice that few brands have reviews to back up their authenticity.

Look At The Price

Also, expect high prices. JBM coffee beans go for $60-$70 a pound! Peaberry is the most expensive brand. Do not expect prices below $15 per pound.

Look For Paperwork

Certified roasters and sellers will proudly display their certificates on their websites and list them on the product pages. Review each company to see their certifications before purchasing. Look for mentions of:

  • The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board
  • Jamaican Department of Agriculture

Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain Vertuo Brew Size

Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain Taste Test + Review

Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain delivers a 1.3 oz balanced and light espresso shot. It is only compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines as it is a Vertuo pod. Vertuo machines offer six brew sizes.

  • Espresso 1.35 oz

We also tried other cup sizes such as double espresso, alto, carafe, etc., but we got sour, acrid, harsh, or watery drinks. So, I suggest brewing only espresso shots with Jamaica Blue Mountain.

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A Whole New Coffee Concept

Specialty Coffee

To be graded specialty coffee, arabica beans need to score at least 80 points on a 100-point scale with objective quality standards. Most coffee doesn’t make the cut and therefore is not part of our offering to you.

Freshly Roasted

Your coffee is roasted only when the order is received in our roastery for maximum freshness. Coffee starts losing aroma and flavor right after leaving the roaster, and this happens even faster if it is ground.

In All Formats

Coffee is delivered in the most convenient format to you. All coffee is available as whole bean, ground, coffee pods, and even as unroasted green beans for those who prefer to do the coffee roasting themselves.

Ethical & Sustainable

We work directly with coffee farmers and with importers who share our goal of empowering farmers with fair pay and long-term partnerships. We use only low-emission roasting equipment in our modern facilities.

What Is So Special About Jamaicas Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee grows in the Blue Mountain Ranges of Jamaica that rise to 7,500 ft. The beans grow between 3000 feet and 5500 feet. The tropical climate at this elevation provides the best conditions for Arabica coffee plants.

Other coffee beans can grow below the stipulated elevation but are called Jamaica High Mountain, Jamaican Supreme, or Jamaica Low Mountain. Above 5,500 ft. is forest territory, and its illegal to grow coffee there.

Since the mountains are located on the eastern end of the island, the coffee trees are exposed to the North East Trade Winds, which cool the mountains and provide a misty cover for the coffee trees.

The winds also form a continuous cloud cover, which slows the development of the beans. As such, the berries have ample time to develop their aroma and sweet-savory taste.

The slow development is further enabled by the soils, which are products of igneous and metamorphic rocks in the ranges. These soils are deficient in nutrients, highly porous, and susceptible to leaching.

Yet, these tough conditions yield some of the best coffee berries in the world.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Getting Re

In Europe only, so far. It has recently popped up on the Nespresso France website and it is highly probable that it will make its appearance throughout EU within the next weeks, as it usually happens. No news if it will be released in the US and other markets as well. Interesting to notice that the capsule and the package have got an aesthetic update: now the pod is grey with little blue twirls.

Dark Medium Light And Peaberry

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee  Worlds best coffee now in ...

Weve surmounted the difficult bit of this. Now we can talk about you.

You can acquire Blue Mountain Coffee in the same versions youre already acquainted with Medium, Dark, Light, French Roast, and, of course, Peaberry. Companies label their roasts differently, so you might see a few others depending on the distributor. My best advice here is to buy the roast that you like the most. If you typically drink a dark roast, Id encourage you to snag a bag of that. I typically push light roast coffee when it comes to specialty coffees, largely because youll really taste the subtle notes and the origin flavors. You can read our overview of different types of coffee roasts here, but the fact of the matter is that you like what you like. Go with it. If espresso is your coffee beverage of choice, we recommend opting for the Peaberry. It our favorite for making a two-ounce shot of the good stuff.

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Why Is Blue Mountain Coffee So Expensive

Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain is a blend of Jamaica Arabica beans. The Jamaica beans are present at high altitudes in the Blue Mountain region, and it isnt easy to access them. Moreover, the cultivating and harvesting process of these beans is expensive, making Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee an expensive one.

What Is Blue Mountain Coffee

Simply put: its coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, which sit at 7500 ft above sea level are found between Kingston and Port Antonio . This is the highest mountain range in the Caribbean and its warm and humid perfect for cultivating Arabica beans.

What makes a Jamaican coffee a true Blue Mountain Coffee? True Blue Mountain coffee must come from the parishes of Portland, St Andrew, St Mary or St Thomas and at altitudes of between three and five and half thousand feet.

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Flavor Exotic Fruity And Spicy Notes

After brewing, I felt exotic fruity and chocolatey notes when I started to taste my Jamaica specialty coffee. The peppery, cinnamon, nutmeg, or other spicy notes graced my palate in another sip. I took sip after sip, and each sip gave me a new flavor. The robust, woody, earthy aroma soothed my mind, and I felt my single cup was a bouquet of various flavors.

Its An Internationally Protected Brand

Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain Original 2021 – Taste Test

The Coffee Industry Regulation Act has preserved Blue Mountains identity by giving it a globally protected certification mark, awarded by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica . Only coffee certified with this mark can be legally sold as Blue mountain

If it doesnt have that mark? Its not the real deal. We show you how to spot the fakes below.

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What Does Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Like

Jamaicas tropical climate provides the sunshine and water that ideal for coffee plantations. This perfect combination isnt found in many places in the world, which is what makes Blue Mountain one of the world best tasting coffees.

The smooth, clean taste of Blue Mountain coffee has given it a worldwide reputation for excellence. Along with Hawaiis Kona beans, it is not uncommon to hear that blue-mountain beans are on a coffee lovers bucket list.

Expect these flavours:

  • Clean taste with very little bitterness.
  • Aroma: Sweet herbs and florals, with overtones of nuts.

But Theres No Protection For Blends

There is no internationally recognized criteria for calling something a Blue Mountain blend. These may contain less than 10% true Jamaican genius so always check the packaging. And Blue Mountain coffee is not ideal in blends anyway. But people blend it with the other Jamaican coffee to lower the price or with something higher in acidity to round out the flavor profile.

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Hayman Jamaica Blue Mountain Review

Origin: 100% Grade 1 Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee Order: Buy Jamaica Blue Mountain at Hayman , Buy Jamaica Blue Mountain at Amazon One of the most renowned coffee in the world, as reviewed on top speciality coffee guides as Coffee Detective, Caffeine Informer and Coffee Review. Haymans Jamaica Blue Mountain comes from the Mavis Bank in Jamaica, 100% Arabica. Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, caramel predominant. Velvety crema. Some earthy tones can be smelled. At first sip, medium dry, acidic, light bodied. The aroma would have suggested a medium roast but the body a lighter one instead. Persistent aftertaste of herbs. At lower temperatures the acidity becomes more pronounced but

How Does Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Taste

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee  Worlds best coffee now in ...

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has a clean, mildly spicy, and creamy taste, which stands out from the typically bitter coffees.

Each sip carries a warm, nutty, and chocolaty flavor balanced out by medium acidity. To wrap it all up are the rich herbal and floral aromas, with nutty overtones. Overall, we can say that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is mouthwatering.

With each coffee brand, youll notice a transition between three distinct taste layers- chocolate, spice, and fruit.

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Volcanica Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Volcanica Coffee is a reputable coffee roaster based in Atlanta. This family-owned business roasts exotic coffee beans, including the famed Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Volcanica operates on the strictest rules to ensure your gourmet coffee arrives at your table in its freshest form, usually 24 to 36 hours after your order.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from Wallenford Estate delivers a smooth chocolaty flavor profile and fruity orange peels notes that linger long after the first sip. With a pH of 5.1, the Wallenford Blue Mountain coffee comes off as sweet-toned and buttery, with a sprinkle of pungency.

After harvesting, the workers handpick the berries and take them through wash processing. Afterward, the product is dried in the sun on concrete slabs to bring forth the coffees vibrant flavors. Wallenford whole roasted beans are available in medium roast for your consumption.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee- Wallenford is certified by the Jamaican Department of Agriculture. It is also Kosher Certified.

While the price tag on this coffee is high, its worth every penny. The silky texture and sweet aromas present in each coffee cup are guaranteed to elevate your coffee consumption experience.

Nespresso Blue Pod Jamaica Blue Mountain Caffeine Content 66

Nespresso roast and ground coffee pods contain 80 mg of caffeine, enough to fulfill your caffeine needs. The same caffeine content is present in a standard coffee cup. However, Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain has high caffeine content and delivers intense, dark, and bold espresso beverages. When we measured it in our lab, we found 60-102 mg caffeine content in this sumptuous Nespresso capsule.

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Green Coffee Traders 100% Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Green Coffee Traders a respectable provider of fresh roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans. The company handles organic and Fair Trade organic coffees and provides one of the best offerings.

The coffee brew has a balanced flavor, with fruity and nutty tones complementing each other. You can purchase the blue mountain beans in the city roast. The coffee also has no bitterness, which makes it pleasant for every morning or a special occasion.

St In Coffee 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Overview

Nespresso Jamaican Blue Mountain Vertuo 2021 – Taste Test

Ask coffee snobs what the most sought-after coffee in the world is, and a lot of them will say 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Itâs bold and bright with an unusual sweetness and an overpowering aroma. Shade-grown in Jamaica and roasted freshly several times each week by 1st In Coffee, this is the best espresso bean I know.

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What Is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica controls and oversees Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This is because many cheap and knock-off brands try to pass off other coffees as JBM coffee.

The board has since created the Coffee Industry Regulation Act, which preserves the name Jamaican Blue Mountain. And its also a globally protected certification mark. Only authentic beans are certified and carry the seal, which distinguishes them from other coffees.

Genuine JBM coffee beans only come from the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Thomas, St. Mary, and Portland and grow at an elevation of at least 3000 feet.

However, the CIB does not regulate the use, marketing, and sale of the Blue Mountain blend. A blend could have any amount of Blue Mountain coffee, so you can never truly enjoy a pure experience. As such, always check the label for the contents.

Its important to remember that genuine Blue Mountain beans are expensive. Coffee farmers can only produce a limited amount of beans, hence the huge demand and hefty price tag. Whats more, 80% of the produce goes to Japan, leaving only 20% for the rest of the consumers.


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