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How To Make Coffee Dalgona

How To Serve And Store

Dalgona Coffee Recipe | How to Make Whipped Coffee | Frothy Coffee
  • Spoon the frothy coffee mixture over a glass of hot or iced milk and stir. Serve with a straw.
  • Garnish with cocoa powder, crumbled cookies, or toffee bits, if you like. You can also drizzle with honey or chocolate syrup.
  • The whipped coffee can be made ahead and stays creamy and scoopable. Transfer in a container with a tight-fitting lid and keep in the fridge for up to 1 week or in the freezer for up to 1 month.

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How The Dalgona Coffee Trend Started

The Dalgona coffee trend started after the recipe went viral across Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook. The whipped coffee is stated to have origins from south Korea, where the drink became trendy. Also, worldwide during 2020 a large majority of people have had to stay at home, DIY recipes and drink trends become popular during this period.

How To Make Coffee Dalgona

Its so easy to make this DIY coffee at home. The recipe calls for a two-step process.

First, combine instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water in a bowl. Whisk and whip the coffee mixture by hand until the mixture becomes foamy and soft peaks form.

If you have an electronic hand mixer, you can certainly use it to whip the coffee mixture.

Next, heat up the milk and add the coffee mousse on top of the milk. Serve immediately.

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This No Coffee Dalgona Recipe Is The Most Fluffy Coffee Substitute Ever In This ”how To Make Dalgona” Recipe You Will Find The Perfect Ingredients To Make This Treat Without Coffee And Without White Refined Sugar This Dalgona Recipe Is Also Vegan Delicious Fluffy Sweet And Such A Treat

Dit recept is ook beschikbaar in het:

Dalgona coffee is currently a huge trend on social media. Although I dont drink coffee, I do drink a coffee-like drink every day with frothed soy milk. The first few weeks I resisted to jump on the trend. Because why change a drink you already like, right? But since temperatures are rising and I dont really mind trying out a new cold version of my daily cup of comfort, I decided to give it a try.

A traditional Dalgona recipe couldnt be more simple. After mixing everything together for a few minutes, the mixture will have the consistency of a light mousse. Spoon into a glass on top of cold plant-based milk, and youve got a deliciously treat. And this is also true for people like me who dont drink coffee. Today Im showing you my healthierDalgona version. Without coffee and without white refined sugar.

Pumpkin Spice Dalgona Coffee Recipe Instructions

How To Make Dalgona Coffee: The Best Dalgona Coffee Recipe
  • First, make the pumpkin spice milk.In your favorite coffee mug, whisk together the milk, pumpkin purée, and pumpkin pie spice.
  • Next, make the dalgona coffee. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment , combine the coffee and sugar. Add the hot water and immediately whisk on medium-high speed until light, airy, and doubled in volume, 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Serve immediately. Use a rubber spatula or cookie dough scoop to scrape the dalgona coffee cream over the pumpkin spice milk. Garnish with a dusting of pumpkin pie spice. Serve immediately with a straw.
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    What Do I Need To Make Dalgona Coffee

    This dalgona recipe is just three ingredients for the coffee mixture itself. I use instant coffee, sugar and hot water.

    To mix the coffee you will need a hand mixer of some sort or a whisk and a bowl that is big enough such that the coffee does not splash out when you are mixing it. When you first start mixing the coffee either by hand or whisk, it is a wetter consistency and tends to go everywhere.

    Tiktok Trend Drink Whipped Coffee

    Whether you call it fluffy coffee, frothy coffee or whipped coffee dalgona coffee has become a hit on TikTok during the quarantine period. Many people shared short video tutorials using hashtags like #dalgonacoffee and inspired others to try it, too. Honestly, Im not sure who was the first but it quickly has become one of the trendiest drinks to make all over social media!

    You want to stir it before you drink because the creamy coffee foam is quite intense. But then youll have a delicious coffee drink that reminds of Greek Frappé coffee or South American Batido.

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    Where Is Dalgona Coffee From

    Okay, this question is the reason why it took me so long to publish the accompanying blog post to . Although it recently resurged in popularity in South Korea, its not actually from South Korea. But when I was researching the origins of dalgona coffee, and simply could NOT find a clear answer. But many of from all around the world commented that they had something similar in their countries and cultures. Heres a round-up of places that have a similar drink:

    Why Is Dalgona Coffee Popular

    Starbucks at Home: How to make dalgona coffee

    Dalgona coffee recently started trending in South Korea in February 2020. Folks started making dalgona coffee at home to replace their typical coffee shop routines. Along the way, many shared short video tutorials on TikTok and Instagram using the hashtags #dalgonacoffee and #. These videos were a hit. In fact, one of the first dalgona coffee tutorials on YouTube now has over 4 million views.

    The dalgona coffee trend arrived later in the United States at around mid-March. Ben Mims, the cooking columnist for the Los Angeles Times, described how the drink went viral in South Korea. I discovered the drink after a friend of mine, , shared Bens article on Instagram Stories. A few days later, dalgona coffee really took off in the States. Many popular websites like Vice and The Cut published their own recipes and similar articles a week later.

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    Tips To Make Dalgona Coffee

  • Coffee Foam: To get that foamy and creamy consistency, do not reduce the sugar in the recipe. You can add more if you want. It is actually the sugar that helps in getting that creaminess.
  • Hot water: Do add hot water when whipping the coffee. The water has to be very hot. If the water is not hot, then you wont get that creamy consistency. Add the amount of water as mentioned in the recipe. Do not add more.
  • Sugar: Use any granulated sugar. It can be white sugar or unrefined cane sugar. But do not use powdered sugars or sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar or dates syrup. Only granulated sugar works.
  • Coffee: Use only Instant Coffee and not other types of coffee.
  • Whipping the Coffee: When beating the coffee mixture, use two kinds of beating. First beat clockwise and then use vertical zig-zag motions. Alternate between the two.
  • Vegan options: Add almond milk instead. I have made dalgona coffee with almond milk and it was good You can even try with cashew milk, soy milk and oats milk.
  • Hot or Cold Coffee: You can make either hot coffee or cold coffee. I have mentioned the cold coffee version here. For a hot coffee, just add hot milk instead of chilled milk.
  • Making Korean Dalgona Coffee is super easy. All you need is a bowl and a wired whisk. You can even use a hand mixer which we use while making cake batter or whipping cream. A mixer-grinder or a small blender will also do.

    How To Make Frothy Whipped Coffee

    Start by mixing the coffee powder, sugar, and hot water using a whisk. I like to combine the coffee and sugar first, then add the hot water. Youll need to mix this quite well! By hand, you are looking at about 4 minutes of vigorous whisking. But you can also use a stand mixer or a hand-held electric mixer. In this case, it will take 1-2 minutes to get that light and fluffy coffee layer.

    Add ice to a glass and pour in the milk. How much ice you use is up to you. I like to add a generous amount so that the milk gets nice and cold.

    Then top with your whipped coffee. You can use a rubber spatula, large spoon, or even a cookie dough scoop to gently add the whipped coffee layer on top of the iced milk.

    Thats it! SO EASY and delicious!

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    What Is Dalgona Coffee

    Dalgona coffee has many names. It is also known as whipped coffee or TikTok coffee. Its a fluffy and creamy coffee, similar to a frappe. If youve never tried dalgona coffee before, it tastes like an iced latte because of its milky and foamy texture, but stronger.

    Its made with 4 simple ingredients, coffee, sugar, water, and milk. Dalgona coffee has 2 layers, the first is made of milk and sometimes ice. The second is the actual whipped coffee that sits on top, like a reversed frappe.

    It has recently emerged from South Korea but has been around for years with roots in Greece and India despite all of the recent hype on TikTok. It took off after a Korean actor named visited Macau where he encountered this frothy beverage. It reminded him of a Korean sponge candy called dalgona candy, hence the name.

    How To Make Whipped Coffee:

    How to Make Dalgona Coffee from Brewed Coffee (Vegan ...

    To begin, youll need three ingredients and two pieces of equipment that you probably already have at home. The beauty of whipped coffee is that its super simple to make, and you wont have to break the bank to try it at home.

    • 1½ cups of cold milk
    • Cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, or cinnamon
    • 1 small mixing bowl
    • 1 serving glass
    • 1 mixer with whisk attachments

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    What Is Dalgona Coffee What Does It Taste Like

    Dalgona Coffee is a frothy coffee drink that is usually enjoyed chilled. Instant coffee powder is beaten along with sugar and water until is creamy, light, and fluffy. Then this layer is spooned on top of iced milk. Because the density of this whipped coffee layer is so much lighter than the milk, it floats on top. It tastes a bit like a Starbucks Frappucino, except it looks prettier!

    Now one thing people often wonder is: how do I drink this? The answer is that you stir the frothy coffee layer into the iced milk layer. This infuses the cold milk with coffee flavor but also lends a fluffiness factor that you wouldnt get with a typical iced coffee. In fact, the frothy texture is what inspired the name Dalgona Coffee. Dalgona is actually a kind of South Korean candy with a spongey texture that resembles the way whipped coffee looks when its all mixed together.

    How To Make A Dalgona Coffee

    There is no one way to make coffee. Whether you are a pour-pver person, an espresso elite or a cafetiere queen, you may have found the perfect coffee for you. However, the coffee is also culturally variable. Even small changes to a technique can make all the difference in the end result. Korea has developed a new technique which results in something known as a dalgona coffee. A dalgona is a milky coffee with a unique look, making it the quintessential TikTock coffee of the year. In Korea, a dalgona is a very sweet and creamy toffee candy. It lends its name to the coffee due to the toffee like appearance.

    At oneHOWTO, you will see how to make a dalgona coffee and why its name is so appropriate. The result is one of the best iced coffee recipes with a creamy texture and sweet taste, just like a drinkable toffee candy.

    • Metal or plastic bowl for mixing
    • Electric mixer or hand whisk
    • A spoon

    To make Dalgona coffee, put the water, soluble coffee and sugar in a bowl or measuring cup. You must do it in equal parts and proportional to the number of diners. The ratio for the perfect dalgona coffee is as follows:

    • 2 tablespoons of each ingredient per person

    If you want to make dalgona coffees for more than one person, simply multiple the number of persons by two for each ingredient. For example, if making it for 2 people, you will need 4 tbsp of each ingredient in total.

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    How To Store Dalgona Whipped Coffee

    Whipped coffee lasts fluffy for quite a few hours in the refrigerator. If youve made too much or youd like to make a big batch of whipped coffee to save time in the mornings: refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 1 week. You may need to mix it though for a couple of seconds just before serving as liquid coffee settles on the bottom of the container.

    Can You Reduce The Sugar

    How to Make Dalgona Coffee | Chowhound at Home Make It #WithMe

    This coffee cream is pretty sweet on its own. Once it’s mixed into the milk though, it isn’t nearly as sugary.

    You can reduce the sugar, but the recipe won’t turn out quite the same. The mixture will turn out darker, and it won’t hold as firm of a peak. I’d recommend making the recipe as written first, then making small changes to the amount of sugar if you find that it’s too sweet for you.

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    I Dont Have A Hand Mixer How Else Can I Make Whipped Coffee

    You can make whipped coffee using a stand mixer, a hand frother or hand whisk and by hand! Making it by hand took me about 8 minutes . The key is to do back and forth/side-to-side whisking in a zig zag motion, instead of only in large circles.

    I would recommend using a whisk and not a spoon because it takes so long with a spoon and your arms will definitely be tired! You do want to ensure youre doing it in a bowl and not a mug or a jar, so that enough air is whipped into it!

    Tips To Upgrade Your Dalgona Coffee

    Want to play around a bit? As long as we need to use instant coffee, why not opting for a speciality one? Speciality instant coffee is getting more attention in the USA at the moment, but its increasing in popularity also in Europe. For instance, The Barn from Berlin has made its own. So, using a speciality instant coffee will bring your dalgona coffee to the next level .

    But just bear in mind that making Dalgona coffee is just a funny way to make a sweet drink and nothing else. Im not a big fan of that, but sometimes its a good solution to quench your thirst during the warmest months instead of drinking a drip coffee.

    Feel free to share your thoughts about this drink, write down your recipe if you think theres one particular that perfectly fit and should worth a try.

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    What Kind Of Milk Should I Use

    The great part about this recipe is that you can make it your own. You can make a dairy-free Dalgona Coffee by substituting cows milk with your favorite plant-based alternative. Warm up a cup of almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, or hemp milk. Any will be delicious underneath a pillow of fluffy whipped coffee.

    You can even flavor the milk if you like. For example, stir in a dash of vanilla or almond extract to give the drink a nutty flavor. Or, a sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for a warming take on a classic pumpkin spiced latte. Why not make the drink even more decadent with a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to turn your Dalgona Coffee into a take on a mocha?

    How To Make Keto Dalgona Whipped Coffee


    Making this delicious keto-friendly version whipped coffee is super easy and makes a delicious treat too!

    To make keto whipped coffee, simply replace the sugar with a 1:1 ratio of your favorite granulated or powdered keto sweetener. Erythritol, allulose, or swerve work best.

    Stevia will not work as well because the whipped coffee needs the sugar in order to form a pale fluffy texture.

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    Tips And Tricks For Making Whipped Coffee

    • You need to use instant granulated coffee to achieve the perfect whipped coffee, rather than brewed coffee grounds.
    • Granulated sugar works best, you can use different varieties such as brown sugar and coconut sugar
    • I prefer to make the whipped Dalgona coffee with a hand whisk as I fee you can really control how thick the mixture is. Although this method is quite tiring! So, feel free to use an electric whisk. Using the electric whisk will almost half the total whipping time
    • You can serve your whipped coffee on top of warm or cold dairy or plant-based milk. I find the foam sits better on cold milk, the coffee initially drips into the milk quicker when hot milk is used and the foam also diffuses faster.

    Video Tutorial For Dalgona Coffee Recipe

    Use the video player below to watch my Instagram Story tutorial on how to make this dalgona coffee recipe! The arrows to the left and right of the frame allow you to skip through the different recipe steps. You can also hit the pause or enlarge buttons on the upper right hand side of the frame to pause or enlarge the frames accordingly.

    Alternatively, head to to watch these Stories on mobile! The circles underneath my bio indicate saved Instagram Story highlights depicting various recipes. Clicking on one of the circles will play the videos you see above. You may need to scroll right to find this dalgona coffee recipe.

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