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How To Make Cold Coffee

Ingredients For Homemade Cold Brew

  • Coffee: For the brewing process to work, the beans need to be coarsely ground. They should look quite chunky, as pictured below, sort of like the consistency of kosher salt. Many cold brew aficionados prefer darker roasts, but it is a personal choice. Experiment.
  • Water: In general, good water makes good coffee, cold brew included. So if your tap water has heavy chlorine or chemical tastes, filter it through a Brita or other type of filter to avoid passing on unwanted flavors.

Style Of Brew: Immersion Cold Brew Vs Drip Cold Brew

There are two main ways to create cold brew at home: 1) Immersion , and 2) slow drip .

The immersion method is the favourite way to cold brew because its simple and only requires you have access to:

  • Cold water
  • A glass
  • Coffee grounds

However, it does require that you steep the coffee overnight in the refrigerator for about 11 to 12 hours minimum.

So the major advantage to slow drip is that you can brew a cold one in just 3 to 5 hours, depending on the equipment. Heres what youll need for slow drip cold brew:

  • Water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Slow drip carafe or cold brew maker

That specialised equipment requires some investment of up to $150, or if you want to go commercial, there are $17,000 espresso machines, too.

We suggest using the immersion method also because of its full-bodied flavor for any coffee type. The taste is actually much more diluted with a slow drip coffee brewer, and you also have to choose the right coffee bean depending on the method.

Saves Time In The Morning

You dont have to spend time changing out the filters, cleaning your carafe, and turning on the coffeemaker. All you need to do is combine coffee grounds with water and stick it in the fridge overnight. You could even use milk jugs to create large batches of cold brew coffee, so you only have to do it once or twice per week.

Or if you prefer for a hot cup of coffee in the morning, I wrote another article on heating up cold brew coffee.

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What Is Cold Brew Is It Iced Coffee

Lets get this out of the way first: there is a difference between cold brew and iced coffee. Yeah, cold brew kind of seems like iced coffee because, well, it is technically coffee that is over ice. But its not iced coffee. There are differences in how theyre made, which also result in differences in taste and acidity.

Cold Brew is made when coarse coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for an extended period of time , then strained. It results in a less acidic, ultra-smooth coffee that is then served cold, over ice. It can be made concentrated and then combined with water to the desired strength.

Iced Coffee, on the other hand, is when a cup of hot coffee is poured over ice. It becomes diluted and can often taste watered down and bitter.

Drinks To Make With Cold

How To Make the Best Iced Coffee at Home

1. Mix it with chai tea for a spicy but smooth beverage.

2. Add a shot to hot chocolate, milkshakes, or anything involving chocolate or vanilla. Instant mocha!

3. Blend it into your morning smoothie.

4. Cold-brewed coffee + sparkling water + a few drops of vanilla extract = a great coffee soda. For a mocha soda, stir in a splash of chocolate extract.

5. Make mocktails. Cold-brewed coffee is more flavorful than Kahlua. Add it to vanilla, chocolate extract, and cream, then shake it with ice cubes to make the ultimate Mudslide.

6. Add boiling water to get a steaming cup that’s less acidic than if you started with heat.

7. Swap in cold-brewed coffee for water or milk when making batters for cakes, muffins, pancakes, or crepes.

8. Soak ladyfingers in it to make tiramisu. Layer with shaved chocolate, drizzles of maple syrup, and a 50/50 blend of ricotta and mascarpone cheese, then dust with espresso powder.

9. When making custard or ice cream, substitute half the milk with cold-brewed coffee.

10. Use it for poaching, deglazing, or making marinades.

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How To Cold Brew Coffee

This article was co-authored by Rich Lee. Rich is the Coffee & Food Program Director of Spro Coffee Lab in San Francisco, a California-based company that specializes in craft coffee, experimental mocktails, and culinary food science. Together with his team, Rich strives to bring forth a uniquely transcendent experience, free of stereotypical eats and drinks.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 64,267 times.

Do you want some coffee but it’s too hot out for a steaming cup of joe? Consider making cold brewed coffee instead of the traditional hot brewed methods. It is a tasty and easy way to brew your coffee, although it does take quite awhile to make. Everything you will need to make cold brew coffee is likely in your kitchen already, so get that coffee started now!

Will Iced Coffee Keep Me Awake

So this is one that trips people up. There is a difference between iced coffee, and cold brew. Iced coffee is just that – hot coffee thats been cooled down by adding ice. That means the caffeine content will be exactly the same as if you had just drunk the coffee in the first place. Cold brew is a different matter – its brewed using cold water, which is thought to extract less caffeine so it might well pack less of a punch.

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Tips For Making Iced Coffee With A Keurig

Choose a strong coffee pod for iced coffee. This will help prevent the coffee from becoming too diluted when poured over ice.

Use cold brew coffee if you want a smoother, less acidic beverage.

To avoid diluting your iced coffee, pour it over ice in a glass rather than adding ice to the brewed coffee.

If you want to add flavor to your iced coffee, try using flavored syrups or creamers. This will add a delicious flavor without making the coffee too sweet.

If you have a handheld frother, use it to froth the milk before adding it to the iced coffee. This will make your drink creamier and more luxurious.

Enjoy your iced coffee with a straw for an extra cool and refreshing experience!

Iced coffee recipes for every occasion Theres no need to wait for summer to enjoy a delicious iced coffee. With so many different flavors and recipes available, you can enjoy iced coffee any time of the year.

Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee For Cold Brew


Absolutely! You can use any coffee that you enjoy the best, whether its a specialty blend from unique retailers or an everyday breakfast blend that you consume every day.

The most important thing to remember is youll want the coffee grounds to have a large grind, something similar to raw sugar, as it helps to prevent the coffee from getting too bitter.

Some households might benefit significantly from investing in a standalone coffee grinder, whether manual or automatic, to achieve the perfect ground coffee.

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Can You Heat Up Cold Brew

Finally, if you’re wondering whether you can heat up cold brew, you can. The simplest way is to heat the cold brew in the microwave or in a saucepan on the stovetop. Heating it this way doesn’t change the smooth, acid-free flavor profile of your cold brew. Another approach is to prepare a concentrate, and rather than diluting it with cold water, dilute it with hot water.

Make Iced Cold Coffee

6. Add 6 or 7 ice cubes. For a thicker blended cold coffee use just 2 to 4 cubes of ice.

7. Then pour in 2 cups of chilled milk . To make this recipe, I used whole milk. See FAQs below for low fat cold coffee tips.

8. Blend once for again just a few seconds, until everything is mixed well and you get a nice frothy and foamy layer on top.

9. Pour into tall glasses and serve cold coffee immediately. The frothy top layer will settle into the beverage as it sits, so its best to enjoy blended iced coffee right away.

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Does Cold Brew Have More Caffeine

It depends on who you ask, as some people believe that cold brew is a far more caffeinated option than iced coffee, for example.

However, youll find that cold brew can have more caffeine at its core since it will have lower caffeine to water ratio than iced coffee, but once you add your ice and milk, it will have the same proportion as any other coffee-based drink.

What makes people believe that it has more caffeine is how it is far more flavorful than most other caffeinated beverages you can get from your local coffee shop.

With that said, just because coffee might taste stronger doesnt necessarily mean that it has a higher concentration of caffeine, especially if the brewing methods are substantially different.

Things You Can Buy To Help You Make The Perfect Iced Coffee:

How to Make Iced Coffee [Best Way, Fast Way] Plus Tips and 12 Recipes ...
  • MY FAVORITE GLASS MUGS: I absolutely love these glass mugs and I use them for both coffee and tea. Theyre microwavable and large.
  • TALL GLASSES: I use these for iced tea and iced coffee and any drink where I want to add ice in a tall glass.
  • TALL PLASTIC GLASSES: I also have this set of plastic, non-breakable glasses since we have a pool area and use them outside often in warmer weather. They are dishwasher safe.
  • TALL SPOONS: These are a must if you use the tall glasses!
  • SILICONE ICE CUBE TRAYS: Even if you have an ice maker built-in to your refrigerator, you would totally love these ice cube trays. I love the shape of the cube molds , and they come out super easy with bendable silicone. You may also choose to make ice cubes out of coffee, so these are perfect for that.
  • COFFEE STIRRER STICKS: We have a little coffee station in our kitchen, and since I dont always like to get our spoons dirty these wooden stirrer sticks come in handy.
  • GLASS MEASURING CUP: You might already have one of these in your kitchen, but its definitely a must-have .
  • RE-USABLE STRAWS: I use these for everything I drink these days. This set comes with a straw cleaner, which is a nice thing to have!
  • MY FAVORITE NO-CALORIE SWEETENER: I just started using this sweetener for tea and coffee, and Im obsessed with it. No aftertaste!

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Advantages Of Cold Brew Coffee

Normal hot coffee can be highly acidic, bitter, and slightly lower in caffeine in comparison to a cold brew coffee. However, its the taste and super-smooth consistency that has created such a phenomenon over cold brew in the coffee world.

Here is a quick breakdown of why people are starting to make cold brew coffee at home:

  • Slow immersion method creates an amazing coffee flavor that tastes less bitter.
  • Less watery than a quickly brewed cup of coffee.
  • More concentrated coffee leads to higher caffeination, depending on the coffee beans and time spent steeping the coffee.
  • If you love having ice with your coffee, this approach creates a sweeter, smoother taste.

Here are a few other facts and things to consider for cold brewing coffee.

Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee

Published · by Jacqueline Piper · · This post may contain affiliate links

Easy Iced Coffee | Learn how to make iced coffee with instant coffee – and in less than five minutes. The quickest way of making iced coffee is to use instant coffee granules, because it dissolves instantly, so there is no waiting time for coffee to brew. With this little hack, you use less hot water, so there is literally no cooling time, just delicious, strong iced instant coffee.

So you want to make yourself and your besties some iced coffee to combat the hellfire temperatures this summer? Me too!

What if you don’t have an espresso machine or even a percolator? Instant coffee granules to the rescue! You’ll have cafe-style cold drinks in no time and your guests will name you their new favorite barista, I’m sure of it.

Cold coffee is usually made with shots of espresso, cold water, and then milk or cream. But you can switch out the espresso for a strong mix of instant coffee – no special tools are needed besides a kettle or microwave for heating the water. Easy peasy. Making iced coffee with instant coffee takes only a few minutes!

Stay tuned to my website to find out how to make a Greek-style frappe with instant coffee – a beautiful whipped cold coffee that I’ve been drinking for years.

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Health Benefits Of Cold Brew Coffee

While researching I reached out to the health benefits of coffee. As cold brew is thought to offer many similar effects so thats why along with an easy way to make cold brew coffee I just want you to know health benefits.

Here are some impressive health benefits of cold brew coffee

> Cold coffee may boost your metabolism

The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn at rest. Just like hot coffee, cold brew coffee contains caffeine, which has been shown to increase your resting metabolic rate by up to 11 percent.

> It also boosts your mood

The caffeine in coffee may improve your state of mind. The consumption of caffeine has been shown to enhance mood, especially among sleep-deprived individuals.

> lower rates of depression

Some research even suggests that caffeine could be used as a nutritional supplement to boost brain function and lower the depression rate.

> May lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Cold-brew may reduce the risk of developing these diseases. Drinking at least 46 cups of coffee per day is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

> May reduce the risk of Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease

In addition to increasing your alertness, cold brew coffee may help your brain in other ways. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may affect how your brain functions.

> It works easier on the stomach than hot coffee
> It helps you live longer
> Too easy to make

Best Cold Brew Makers

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

If youd like your cold brew maker to have a bit more style than a jar, we’ve tested all the available makers on the market to bring you the ones that make the very best coffee and that are the easiest to use. Our suggestions range from $25 to $100 you can choose between an electric appliance or a filtration system. To see our picks, head over to the roundup: 7 Iced Coffee Makers to Upgrade Your Morning Routine.

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Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee

Cold brew is similar to iced coffee but not exactly the same. While cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds at room temperature for a long time, conventional iced coffee is made by brewing hot coffee using a standard method and then chilling it either by refrigerating it or pouring it over ice.

The trouble with iced coffee is that it can taste a bit weak once it’s been poured over ice since the ice dilutes the coffee as it melts. This can be remedied by brewing the coffee at double strength for iced coffee. Unfortunately, this can also end up doubling the acidity and bitterness.

With cold brew, it’s possible to brew the coffee at any strength you desire, factoring in that it will be served over ice, simply by altering the ratio of grounds to water. This way you can enjoy your chilled coffee without diluting it and without the unpleasant flavors that can result from hot brewed coffee. Indeed, some cold brew enthusiasts say that cold brew tastes so good, they don’t need to add cream or sugar to it at all.

What Is The Perfect Ratio Of Beans To Water

I find that a ratio of 1:4 for grounds to water is the perfect ratio for making cold brew. For me, this typically looks like 1 cup of beans, ground, to 4 cups of water. This ratio can be used in any amount 2 cups grounds to 8 cups water, etc.

Because measuring in weight is always more accurate, I use about 82 grams of beans for 4 cups or 946 milliliters of water. The amount of whole beans to grounds is one-to-one, meaning the weight of the whole beans will be the same as when they are ground.

Of course, for you to make the perfect cold brew according to your preferences, I recommend playing around with the ratios as you experiment. The 1:4 ratio is a great starting point but if you decide you like it stronger, try more grounds to water.

Note: only about 3 1/2 cups fit in a large mason jar, so I use about 3/4 cup beans to 3 cups water to stay within the ratio. I will also use 1 cup of beans and simply fill the water to the top of the jar, which results in a slightly stronger concentration of cold brew because it has a bit less water.

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Ninja Coffee Bar Method

This post has been updated a few times, and after I first wrote it a few years ago, I got a Ninja Coffee Bar. And it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever!

This system has a special function that lets you brew a single cup of coffee directly over ice … without watering it down. It works perfectly every time, takes minutes to make, and I absolutely love it.

I’ve also used my Ninja to make specialty espresso-style drinks like affogato and lattes. The best thing about it though, is that you can make everything from full pots of coffee to single cups … all without wasteful pods!

Stirring sugar, milk, and ice into the cold coffee.


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