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Where To Buy Waka Coffee

Their Mission: Why Instant

Waka Instant Coffee Review

A company thats all about instant might seems a little weird to your average coffee connoisseur. So lets talk about their mission and vision first. Theyre as follows:

Mission: Help people enjoy coffee more easily, wherever they are.Vision: To be the futures online coffee shop company.

David Kovalevski, the founder and CEO of Waka Coffee, came up with the idea for the company as a busy, working undergrad student living in the Big Apple. Blighted by the high price and inconvenience of coffee shops, he turned to instant but was disappointed by what he found there.

So, now he and his company are committed to making great-tasting, easy coffee thats as versatile as peoples schedules. They accomplish this by making craft-quality instant coffee and selling it online through both their website and via Amazon .

Kenyan Black Instant Tea 45 Oz Bag

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  • Premium tea powder: made of 100% single origin premium black tea leaves from Kenya. Only a small pinch of powder is needed to make a delicious cup of hot or iced tea.
  • No additives: our black tea powder is unsweetened and made without the use of artificial colors, carriers, or fillers. Contains only one ingredient: quality black instant tea.
  • Delicious flavor: tastes like a fresh brew. Bold, full body, with notes of fruitiness. Great to drink black or with milk and/or sugar. The easiest solution for homemade iced teas, smoothies, loaded teas and more.
  • Easy to make: no steeping or brewing required. Simply pour our quality instant tea in your cup or mug, add water, stir, and enjoy. The tea powder will dissolve in your water in seconds. Say goodbye to soggy tea bags and produce less waste.
  • Saves well: our premium instant tea is packaged in a resealable bag with a convenient zipper to save your instant tea when stored. Includes about 200 servings of our recommended amount of instant tea per mug . Packaged in California. While we transition to our new branding and packaging, design of the product received may vary.

Pour ¼ – ½ tsp of tea powder into a cup. For hot tea, add 8-10 fl oz of hot water, stir and enjoy. For iced tea, add 2 fl oz of hot water and stir. Top with 6-8 fl oz of cold water, add ice and enjoy. Visit our How to Brew page to learn more.Store in a cool, dry place.

Number Four Waka Coffee Instant Coffee

Waka Coffee is among the newest instant coffee brands to come on the market, but they have a lot to offer when it comes to taste. This freeze-dried coffee comes with eight packets that you can use with cold water to make iced coffee or hot water if you want a more traditional experience. The freeze-dried coffee made from Waka Coffee is among our top picks due to its smooth and sweet flavor made from 100% Arabica.


  • Caffeinated: This Waka Coffee product contains a high amount of caffeine per serving, which is combined with its smooth flavor to get you into a more energetic state.
  • Value: Its made from a special blend of 100% Arabica bean to achieve its flavor. With the package, youre getting eight packets to make hot or cold instant coffee.


  • Its not an organic product.

Read more about the Waka Coffee Freeze-Dried Coffee here or through their official site.

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Waka Coffee Launches In Central Market And Adds Former Starbucks Exec As New Advisor

Irwindale, Calif. Propelled by outstanding online consumer sales and rave reviews, instant coffee maker Waka Coffee is moving for the first time into brick & mortar retail as it launches in Texass top gourmet grocery chain, Central Market. Consumers can now find Waka Coffees Colombian medium roast, Indian light roast and Colombian decaffeinated single-serve on shelves at all Central Market stores throughout the Texas area for $9.99.

Waka Coffee, founded in 2018, proudly declares that its taste is as great as its reputation. And in fact, Waka has often been selected as Amazons Choice for instant coffee and best instant coffee. Sold on Walmarts e-commerce platform, Waka Coffee has been named as the best instant coffee by numerous publications and professional coffee reviewers.

The instant coffee category in the U.S. is enjoying a market renaissance with sales surging by almost 30 percent in 2020.

Longtime Starbucks Executive Joe Canterbury Joins Waka Team

Waka Coffee, reflecting its online popularity and rapid growth, also announced the hiring of former Starbucks executive Joe Canterbury as an advisor. Canterbury spent many years in executive roles with Starbucks Coffee International and has substantial experience in business development, corporate development/M& A, operations and global expansion, early-stage CPG investing, fundraising and scaling.

Right Ingredients for Wakas Success

About Waka Coffee: A Taste as Great as Our Reputation

For More Information:

That Wraps Up My Instant Coffee Taste Test

Waka Coffee &  Tea: A Comprehensive Review

Needless to say, more expensive does not always equal better coffee.

While you can find reviews of people loving and hating each of these coffees, at the end of the day, the best coffee for you is the one you like, right?

For me, that was the Mount Hagen instant coffee. Its a delicious cup of instant coffee for all my road trips and camping trips, not to mention, its also a great price!

Have you tried any of these instant coffees? What did you think?

We had a lot of fun doing this blind taste test, and I encourage you to give it a try!

You might be surprised by the results.

See you out there,

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Best Cold Brew: Cusa Tea & Coffee Cold Brew

Standard cold brew needs 12 to 24 hours in the fridge before it’s ready to drink, the longest brewing time of any coffee-making method. But these instant cold brew packets from Cusa Tea & Coffee shorten the process to seconds.

One of our reviewers received a free sample of Cusa’s Coffee Variety Pack to test and enjoyed its blend of convenience and quality taste. He found the flavor smoother and less bitter than that of other instant coffees. This is largely due to the brand’s signature Cold Brew Process, which uses room-temperature water instead of harsh hot water. One downside, however, is that the individual sticks make it difficult to brew extra-bold coffee, as they are designed for a specific portion size. Ways to strengthen the coffee include using less water or opening another packet when brewing. That said, the individual sticks make a terrific companion when hiking or traveling.

Cusa sets itself apart from other brands by offering a variety of flavors. There are traditional light, medium, and dark roasts , as well as Mocha, Dirty Chai, and Lemon Dark Roast. Our product tester found that the sweetness of Vanilla Dark Roast paired especially well with soy milk. Cusa also offers instant tea sticks made via the same cold-brewing process.

Roast: Sold in light, medium, and dark roasts | Size: 7, 10, 30, and 100 sticks | Packaging Options: Single-serve sticks | Available In: Instant

Waka Coffee Aid The Environment:

They also pay reasonable wages to workers involved in the production of delicious coffee beans. In the end, Waka Coffee meets the basic requirements of specialty coffee while being the best it can be.

If that isnt enough, 4% of the profits earned when people buy Waka Coffee is donated to charities. Water was chosen as the recipient of all donations. This helps solve the water crisis in poor countries and prevents it from becoming a more serious problem.

The score of coffee beans is not the only difference. The instant coffee brewing method is also different. Waka Coffees main promise is to easily make coffee anywhere without sacrificing flavor. For this reason, using only the best quality coffee does not make instant coffee delicious. Waka Coffee uses a unique process to preserve the flavor of the coffee beans.

To your surprise, the method that Waka coffee uses is the method of freezing. They freeze the coffee first in order to pack the aroma. It is packed effectively by vacuumed packing. This process gives birth to the sublimation of frozen coffee beans. This prevents the re-extraction of the coffee and reduces the bitterness and sourness that can be caused by the heating process.

The last element of this coffee is here to make the Waka Coffee Review special. Unlike other instant coffee companies, Waka Coffee is a coffee that does not contain color or volume additives, or fillers. Its hard to imagine 100% coffee taste in instant coffee, but here Waka coffee offers it.

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Sanka Best Instant Decaf Coffee

Sanka is one of the oldest American brands of instant decaffeinated coffee sold around the world with a smooth blend of mild taste. The sanka is best for peoples who do not like extra flavor or aroma then Sanka is the best choice for them with quality but straightforward instant decaf coffee.

100 % purely collected beans from around the world are used to make Sanka instant decaf coffee. The Natural Method is used to decaf coffee beans, which remove 99.7% caffeine from it.

The Sanka instant decaf coffee comes in packets, which is best for traveling. Open one on the go, add hot water, and you also can enjoy a warm cuppa where youre! To avoid insecure services and products, dont buy from third-party sellers because sometimes it arrives in damaged packaging and expiry.


A Delicious Cup Of Joe

Waka Instant Coffee Chia Pudding

For those who love a morning cup of joe, a little caffeine pick-me-up in the afternoon, or even love enjoying a decaf coffee with dessert after dinner, Waka Coffee is the perfect whole-bean coffee alternative. From low-maintenance preparation to unique flavor notes, Waka Coffee is quickly becoming a new favorite for coffee-aficionados across the world. Give it a go today! And dont forget you can get 15% off your first order of Waka Coffee with the code TRYWAKA.

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Waka Coffee Review: What Makes It Special

The first step to better tasting instant coffee? Better coffee beans.

Waka uses only 100% Arabica beans, which are sweeter, smoother, and less bitter than the Robusta beans found in low-end instant coffee.

They source their Arabica beans from single origins, rather than blending crops from around the world. This allows you to experience the unique flavors inherent to certain regions and lets them tailor the roasts to best highlight the character of each coffee.

Finally, their coffee granules are 100% freeze-dried. The company does not want to compromise the coffee quality, hence, they use an advanced freeze-drying technology to make coffee granules instead of cheaper spray drying. Because freeze-dried coffee isnt exposed to any heat, it doesnt impact the inherent flavors of the coffee.

Where To Buy Waka Coffee

If youre a single-originfanatic through and through, head straight to the source to get your instant brews on To see if a store near you carries this amazing brand, you can check out their store locator tool.

More of a blend-aficionado? Shop select items from the collection on Amazon and Walmart.

Waka was founded by David Kovalevski, who is currently the brands CEO and owner.

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Get A Quick Caffeine Boost With These Top Rated Coffees

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Instant coffee has had a bad rap until recently, going from cheap, low-quality options to high-end, organic, and specialty coffees. Early iterations of the dissolvable drink date back to 18th century Britain, but the idea really took off around 1910 when instant coffee was first sold commercially its popularity increased during WWII and since then has expanded into the more gourmet markets.

Today there are two primary methods of production: freeze drying, where coffee extract is frozen then broken apart, and spray drying, a faster, cheaper process where the coffee extract is sprayed into a chamber of hot air. Lower-quality coffee beans are used for spray drying making a less desirable cup of joe.

While its difficult to find an instant coffee that compares to freshly brewed, our round-up will guide your toward a cup that comes close. Whether for camping, traveling, or for those who simply prefer convenience, here are the best instant coffees to buy.

Overview Of Waka Coffee

Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee, Colombian, Medium Roast 3.5oz Bag ...

Instant coffee tends to have a bad reputation. Bland, chalky, flatthe fast-making beverage has always been loved for its convenience, but never so much for its taste.

With such a seemingly simple idea, quality definitely has to count. And its the quality that has brought Waka Coffee so much attention since its inception in 2018. The brand was founded by David Kovalevski in California after he had an epiphany about fast, affordable, and tasty coffee.

As a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, David used to drink 3 cups a day just to keep up with his studies and full-time job during college. The main issues with that sort of pace? Buying from a coffee shop wasnt in his budget, and making a cup at home just didnt meet any coffeehouse standards.

His solution? A high-quality instant coffee that tastes like a slow-drip but takes just two steps to make. Coming up, this Waka Coffee review will divulge all the delicious details about the brands convenient brews, but right below, youll find a quick summary of the brands highlights:

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Best Value: Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee

Established in 1892, Maxwell House is one of the oldest and most trusted U.S. coffee brands for a reason: it gets the job done. Hot, dependable coffee when you need it.

Like its regular coffee, Maxwell Houses instant coffee is one of the most affordable on the market, comparable to large brands like Folgers and Chock Full o Nuts. Reviews on taste do vary: Some customers swear by Maxwell Houses instant coffee, calling it undervalued and just as good as more expensive blends, while others say that the taste leaves something to be desired. What every coffee drinker can agree on, however, is its affordability.

Maxwell House is also easy to find in-store and online, and if its classic medium roast doesnt excite you, the company also offers a variety of instant coffee flavors, like French Vanilla, Toasted Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and more.

Roast: Medium | Size: 8 ounces | Packaging Options: Glass jar | Available In: Instant, ground, K-Cup, and single-serve filter bags

The Different Varieties Of Waka Coffee

Waka Coffee is a unique type of instant coffee in that it has three main distinct flavors available. These include a light, medium, and even a decaf medium roast for those who prefer a lower caffeine intake.

Light Roast Indian Waka Coffee

Light Roast Indian Waka Coffee comes in a purple package and is a single-origin coffee. Sourced in India, this coffee is a balanced option for those who prefer smooth coffee with a little bit of natural sweetness. Waka Coffees Light Roast Indian is also a favorite among those who do not use any cream or sugar and instead prefer to drink their coffee black.

The main prominent flavor profiles of Waka Coffees Light Roast include:

  • Chocolate
  • Cream

Medium Roast Colombian Waka Coffee

Waka Coffees Medium Roast Colombian is a single-origin coffee sourced from Colombia. Slightly stronger than the light Indian variation, it also has a little bit more acidity than other instant coffee options. This is great for those who love flavored creamers or even heaps of sugar in their coffee.

The main prominent flavor profiles of Waka Coffees Light Roast include:

  • Chocolate
  • Spices

If you are someone who cant handle very much daily caffeine, Waka Coffees Decaf Medium Roast Colombian option will have you smiling. With a flavor reminiscent of the fully caffeinated Medium Roast Colombian, this coffee is bright, acidic, and full-bodied. It can be enjoyed with or without creamers, milk, or added sugar.

  • Citrus
  • Caramel

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Waka Coffee Instant Coffee Review

Wakas beans come from Colombia, India, and Kenya, giving it the full authentic tastes of coffee in those regions. To make any of Wakas brews, simply boil some water and stir in one packet of powder.

Youll find features of the brands best-selling instant, single-serve coffees up next in this Waka Coffee review.

Caffeine isnt for everyone, so thankfully, theres decaf. We know what youre thinking. Instant + Decaf = boring and tasteless, but in this case, thats so not true.

The Medium Roast Colombian Decaffeinated Single-Serve Instant Coffee 8 Servings uses the sugar cane EA decaffeination process to extract the buzzy stuff, leaving you with all the flavor.

This method uses ethyl alcohol made from Colombian sugar cane to rid this tasty brew of caffeine but not leave a weird aftertaste behind like other decafs tend to do. Grab an 8-serving pouch for $12.

Is Instant Coffee Stronger Than Ground Coffee

We Bring The Instant Back | Waka Coffee

It mostly depends on the instant coffee brands youre planning to get. One of the main differences between these two types of coffee is their caffeine contents. To put it in perspective, brewed coffee contains about 60-120mg of caffeine per serving, whereas instant coffee offers 60-80mg of caffeine per serving.

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Waka Coffee Indian Light Roast Instant Coffee

This collection seems to be their newer addition that is aimed to please people who prefer lighter coffee strength. Just like the other collection, you can find the light roast instant coffee in a single-serve packaging as well as larger bags options.

Flavor notes: chocolate and hazelnut. This instant coffee had delightful flavorful imparts notes of dark chocolate and smooth hazelnut. It had low acidity, which is great for people who are looking for low acidity instant coffee, and the dry finish came through as advertised. The brew stood up even with the additions of milk and sugar. We were super impressed!


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