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How To Make Great Iced Coffee At Home

French Press Iced Coffee Recipe:

How to Make the Best Iced Coffee at Home
  • Bring your water to a boil
  • In the meantime add 2 rounded tablespoons of medium-coarse ground coffee per 8 ounces of water to your french press
  • Take your water off the heat and allow to cool for 1 minute
  • Pour the hot water over the grounds in your french press, stir them a few times
  • Let brew for 3 to 4 minutes
  • Slowly press the plunger to the bottom
  • Pour the coffee over the ice in your shock resistant mug/glass
  • Flavor and sweeten as desired

How To Make Coffee Ice Cubes

I stumbled on this easy ice coffee solution one afternoon as I poured perfectly good coffee down the drain.

Let me explain

My husband brews a pot of coffee every morning and pours me a cup to enjoy as I shower and get ready for the day. More often than not that cup of coffee gets lost on a table or counter top where it gets cold before I drink it.

My husband leaves for work, I get busy, and I pour out a quarter of a pot of leftover coffee

One day, while pouring this cold coffee down the drain, I realized there was a perfectly good use for the leftover coffee in the bottom of the pot> coffee ice cubes!

To make coffee ice cubes simply pour room temperature coffee into an ice-cube tray and freeze it . Pop the cubes out and store them in a freezer bag for a quick iced coffee.

Instant Iced Coffee Recipe

  • Dissolve one packet of Waka coffee into about 3 or 4 tablespoons of room temperature filtered water
  • Stir until all coffee crystals are dissolved
  • Add around 8 ounces of cold filtered water
  • Stir and add desired amount of ice
  • Taste and flavor with cream and sugar

If you didnt make liquid sugar sweetener beforehand, you can easily dissolve some sugar in a little hot water and add it to the iced coffee.

Because the coffee is cold to begin with the hot water wont make a noticeable difference. This is what I do and it works great. Because WAKA coffee has citrus flavor notes I dont find it needs much sugar.

Another delicious cold treat to make with instant coffee is coffee ice cream. Check out this post for a quick/easy recipe.

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What Are The Ingredients In An Iced Coffee

Making iced coffee at home is easy once you know how to do so. Its healthier than the pre-made stuff from the grocery store, and it saves you money.

In addition, you can use your choice of fresh ingredients to make your iced coffee exactly how you like it.

To make iced coffee at home, youll need the following ingredients:

  • Brewed coffee
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional: splash of dairy or a dairy-free alternative or a sweetener

As you can see from the ingredients listed above, iced coffee is made using just two main components, brewed coffee and ice cubes.

Because there are so few ingredients used, its a very easy recipe to make. And what better way to cool off on a summers day than to sip on an iced coffee or two or three!

Down below, Ill talk a bit about the best coffee to make your iced coffee at home. Furthermore, Ill also show you various ways to chill your iced coffee.

Tools For Making Cold Brew

How to make the BEST iced coffee from the comfort of your ...

It took me some time to find the best containers to make my cold brew. I like to use wide mouth mason jars because they are easy to pour from when its time to strain the coffee. You can also put the lid on and gently shake the jar to mix the water and coffee grounds together.

You can fit 3 cups of water in a quart size mason jar, which is perfect for steeping 3/4 cup of ground coffee beans. I usually make double that amount, using two mason jars.

Some of the water will be absorbed by the coffee grounds, so 3 cups of water and 3/4 cup of coffee yields me about 2 cups of coffee concentrate. Remember, youll probably want to dilute your coffee concentrate with some water when you serve it.

Another good option is to combine the coffee and water in a large French press or large liquid measuring cup, since both have a spout for pouring.

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How Long To Steep Cold Brew Coffee

Once your coffee and water are well mixed, let the mixture sit for 12-18 hours to allow the coffee to infuse into the water. The ideal time to steep your cold brew is between 14 and 18 hours. This will give you the best cold brew flavor without the bitterness that could come from steeping too long.

You can either steep your cold brew on your counter at room temperature or in your refrigerator.

What Is The Best Coffee For Iced Coffee

The best iced coffee is made using brewed coffee of your choice. You can use coffee made using the Chemex, Hario V60, or even the French press.

Iced coffee can be made using any of the techniques listed above. Each coffee brewing technique makes for a different flavored iced coffee with unique flavor notes.

For me, using a pour over technique is the way to go. The coffee these coffee brewers produce is very balanced and tastes excellent cooled with a touch of milk added.

If youre going to make iced coffee for the first time, I suggest brewing coffee using your favorite coffee brewer, as you probably already like this coffee.

Did you know you can also make Nespresso iced coffee within minutes?

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Meal Prep Tools For Iced Coffee

  • Pick up some coffee beans or pre-ground coffee such as Lavazza
  • You may need a coffee grinder if you’re using fresh whole beans
  • Check out the it’s a great little coffee maker to use at home and it brews espresso shots too
  • And if you’re feeling really lazy and just want your coffee already, these iced coffee syrups are an AWESOME way to jazz up your summer drinks!

A Little Lesson On Lattes


Before we jump into making a delicious iced latte, lets learn a little bit about the drink itself. Having decent foundational knowledge will help you tinker with the recipe and make perfect lattes.

A latte is simply coffee and milk. Known as a cafe latte in Italy, where it was originally made, it directly translates to milk coffee. Big companies have shortened the name to simply latte. While most shops you go to will make a latte with espresso, the name suggests that you can use any type of coffee or coffee extraction. Lattes are also typically prepared with steamed milk for a couple of reasons: mouthfeel and flavor. The steamed milk adds a creamy texture to the drink when properly steamed. It also stretches the milk, releasing sugar enzymes and effectively sweetening the drink.

For an iced drink, we wont be steaming the milk because the iced latte has a feel all its own. It could also be a bit of a health risk, as theres a small risk that steamed milk could grow unhealthy bacteria when introduced to the ice.

Now that we know all this, we can see that the iced latte is a pretty simple drink. The most important part is the coffee itself, as everything else is added after the coffee is brewed. So, lets make an iced latte!

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Will Iced Coffee Keep Me Awake

So this is one that trips people up. There is a difference between iced coffee, and cold brew. Iced coffee is just that – hot coffee thats been cooled down by adding ice. That means the caffeine content will be exactly the same as if you had just drunk the coffee in the first place. Cold brew is a different matter – its brewed using cold water, which is thought to extract less caffeine so it might well pack less of a punch.

How To Make Great Iced Coffee At Home

1. Start with Quality Coffee Beans

The better the beans, the better the coffee, right? We love using our H.C. Valentine Royal 150 Blend — its apricot, chocolate, and caramel notes are perfect in an iced coffee!

2. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Freeze leftover coffee into an ice cube tray, and pop ’em into your iced coffee the next morning. The best part? When they melt, they add flavor to your brew instead of diluting it. If you really want to get creative, you can drizzle some chocolate or sprinkle a little cinnamon into your ice cubes before freezing them.

3. Flavor Your Iced Coffee Like a Barista

No need to spend a ton of money — here’s how to make your own coffee creamers and flavored syrups.

4. Make a Big Batch

There are several ways to make iced coffee at home, but the most simple way is to brew a pot of coffee in your coffee maker, and stick it in a temperature-safe container in your refrigerator until it’s cold.

If you’re really short on time, you can “double brew”, or add double the amount of coffee grounds you normally use . It won’t taste diluted when you pour it over ice because the coffee is super concentrated.

5. Experiment with Cold Brew

There are differences between iced coffee and cold brew , but cold brew can still be poured over ice and mixed with milk. Here’s how to make cold brew coffee at home in your French press.

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How To Make Homemade Iced Coffee Easy

You can make iced coffee at home with just your pour over, french press, or drip coffee maker and ice. And if you dont even have a coffee maker you can still make it. Lets look at a few ways to brew up some iced coffee easily without the special gear.

You might be wondering if the bitterness will be a problem. If you dont add any milk, cream, or sugar to your iced coffee you might notice a difference when making it in the following ways.

But most of us add some of that yummy stuff, so its probably not going to be that big of a deal for you. If it is, try the cold brew, or AeroPress methods mentioned above.

Helpful Tipmake coffee ice-cubes

Youll notice some repetition in the following recipes because making iced coffee from hot coffee at home is the same as making normal coffee, except you make it a little stronger and pour it over ice in a thermal shock resistant mug/glass.

I usually use 2 rounded tablespoons of coffee to every 8 ounces of water. That way if youre using normal ice cubes they wont dilute your coffee too much because its already stronger than normal.

The only other exception would be the tip about adding ice to your carafe when using an electric drip machine.

So if you already know how to make coffee with an electric drip machine, a french press, a pour over, or just a pot on the stove top skip the next section and go right to How to Make Vanilla Iced Coffee and More Icy Deliciousness.

Iced Coffee Method: Regular Drip Coffee Chilled Overnight

How To Make the Best Iced Coffee at Home
  • Time: 5 minutes brew time plus overnight cooling time
  • Overall rating: 2/10

About this method: According to the National Coffee Association, the ideal coffee-to-water ratio is 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. I prefer a stronger cup and went for 2 tablespoonsfor 1 cupin my drip machine. I made a half pot of coffee, about 2 cups. I placed grounds in the basket, added water to the machine, and flipped the switch on. In minutes, my coffee was ready. I transferred it to a glass jar, waited for it to cool to room temperature, then sealed the jar and placed it in the fridge overnight.

Results: This was my least favorite of all the methods. None of the delicious flavors and aromas that came through in the other methods were represented in this cup. It was bitter , murky, and stale-tasting.

My takeaway: If this is the only way you can make iced coffee, then so be it. But if you are able to try a different way, I recommend that instead.

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Get The Latest Recipes Right In Your Inbox:

This recipe is quick, easy, budget-friendly, and tastes just like the gourmet coffee-shops, if not better!

When you live in California, you have a ton of options for great coffee. But whe you start hitting all the hottest coffee shops around town, it gets to be quite expensive. At one point, I ended up splurging on a $10 latte at Alfreds Coffee!

But as always, nothing beats the homemade version taste-wise and money-wise. And with this easy perfect iced coffee recipe, you wont have to overpay for coffee ever again.

All you have to do is brew your coffee the night before using good-quality coffee beans. That way, it can come to room temperature by the time the morning comes around. Now I have personally never been a fan of pouring hot coffee over ice but if it doesnt bother you, then you can whip this up in the morning its up to you!

Then you can whip up a batch of simple syrup, but only if you need it. A batch should last you for a few weeks, unless you like to douse your coffee in sugary goodness. No judgment here. Then you can add a splash of milk or half-and-half, although I highly recommend the latter.

Now you can skip the hectic Starbucks line and have quality coffee for a quarter of the price right at home!

How Do You Use A Coffee Filter Paper Without A Machine

The filtration method used by a drip coffee maker is designed to let water flow through a wetted paper filter at the rate of about 3/4 cups per minute or 240 ml/min. Paper filters even separate solid particles from liquid, with many small perforations for an even filtering surface.

The process typically takes 20-30 minutes for the coffee water to penetrate the bottom of the pot. You can use a paper filter in your home as an alternative now that most automatic drip coffee makers have been phased out.

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How To Make Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee

The fastest wayto make iced coffee is to make it with instant coffee and its super easy. Just like making iced coffee from cold brew, you dont have to worry about shocking the glass and you dont have to wait for the coffee to cool down.

This really is a super quick way to make iced coffee and it tastes delicious if you use the right kind of instant coffee.

For the following recipe, I use WAKA Coffee. Its got great citrus flavor notes perfect for iced coffee. And its made from 100% Arabica coffee beans which add to the pleasant flavor.

How To Make Your Own Cold Brew

HOW TO MAKE THE BEST ICED COFFEE AT HOME from an ex-starbucks barista

It is so simple and might make you wonder why you havent been making your own cold brew all along!

  • In a large container, combine coffee beans and water. Make sure all the coffee beans are covered and saturated. See the above picture.
  • Cover and allow to sit overnight, 24 hours is ideal. You can store it in the fridge or room temperature if you wish.
  • Set a fine-mesh strainer, and/or line with cheesecloth , over a pitcher or another container.
  • Slowly pour coffee mixture through strainer, allowing all the liquid to seep through. You may need to help push the liquid through the strainer. Pour the mixture through the strainer one to two more times to ensure all the grounds have been caught. Discard grounds after filtering.
  • Place coffee in the fridge, in a sealed container and allow to chill until ready to use.
  • To make an iced coffee, add ice cubes to a glass. Add a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water and mix well.
  • Add sweetener and milk to taste, stir well. Taste and adjust milk and sweetener if needed.
  • Sit back and enjoy!
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    Making The Iced Vanilla Latte

    Vanilla lattes are so easy to make and you dont need to splurge on an expensive vanilla bean to get good flavour with this syrup. Like the rest of the syrups here, the formula is pretty straightforward. Make a plain simple syrup by mixing boiling water and sugar together, then add in your flavouring of choice.

    For this vanilla latte, I used plain old artificial vanilla extract but you could use the more expensive pure extract or opt for the vanilla bean if you can find them. But really, the vanilla latte is the easiest of all to make. Like the machiatto, start with an empty cup full of ice. Brew two espresso shots and pour them over the ice, then stir in 1 cup of milk and add vanilla syrup to your taste. Yum!

    How To Make Iced Coffee

    Youve come to the right place. Im going to show you How to Make Iced Coffee. Watch the video showing you How to Make Iced Coffee, then scroll to the bottom of this post so you can print out the recipe and make it at home. You might also be interested in a more authentic way of making Iced Coffee: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee. Be sure to check out that post because that recipe makes really great iced coffee too! Oh, and Boozy Iced Coffee is another favorite .

    Im not much of a coffee drinker. No sirree. No caffeine needed. My body is hard-wired to have an abundance of natural energy from the moment I wake up. I guess Im lucky that way. I do love the flavor of coffee though coffee candies and coffee ice cream and even those foo foo frozen coffee drinks that contain your total allotted calorie consumption in just a dozen sips.

    Thats why on one rather sweltering afternoon recently, I grabbed my husbands mug o coffee that had been sitting untouched on the counter all day long, and I made myself a rather delicious version of Iced Coffee.

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