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How To Make Home Coffee Taste Like Starbucks

How Does The Grind Affect Your Coffees Taste


The grind of your coffee is its physical consistency! This is the size of your coffee particles. Grinding your own coffee fresh will make it taste quite a bit better than pre-ground coffee. However, it also needs to be exactly the right size.

French press coffee needs a coarse grind, pour over needs a medium-coarse, Moka pots and drip filter machines need a medium grind, Aeropress needs a medium-fine grind, and espresso machines and Turkish press need a very fine grind! This guide covers all of this in a lot more detail.

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What If My Coffee Tastes

The temperature of the water can severely affect the brewing process. However, other factors may cause a disruption of flavor in your coffee.

If youve kept your equipment clean and your coffee beans are fresh, but theres still some funky flavor happening, there could be other factors causing problems.

Is Starbucks The Only Place That Serves Cold Foam

It may not expressly be called cold foam, but there are most definitely places worldwide and in the U.S. serving chilled, frothy milk over ice coffee or espresso. These drinks are sometimes called iced cappuccinos a beverage that wouldnt be possible without cold, foamy milk and are particularly popular in European countries. International coffee chain Costa Coffee, the second largest coffee chain in the world behind Starbucks, serves many iced beverages topped with whipped milk.

And cold foam is only becoming more common. Local shops like Sycamore Grounds Coffee House in Texas and Astoria, New Yorks Greek-owned Sweet Habit are doing their own versions of the iced cold foam cappuccino. The Gong Cha chain also serves a version of salted cream called milk foam on top of its teas, that one source says is made with whipped milk, cream, and butter. Most of these versions, of course, lack the foam-optimizing lid, which sort of defeats the purpose.

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What Does Cold Foam Taste Like

Whether or not youll like cold foam depends on how you take your coffee. Because its made with nonfat milk, cold foam might be less flavorful or creamy than what some are used to on their lattes if nonfat milk tastes watery to you, a flavored cold foam topping from Starbucks or elsewhere might be a better option. If you prefer extra creamy coffee, this might not be the drink for you: Cold foam tends to sit at the top of the beverage and doesnt incorporate well into the coffee. Its also not an option for customers who prefer alternative milks such as soy milk.

Grind Fresh & The Right Way

Starbucks tests coffee with beer taste

Connoisseur coffee drinkers all agree that freshly ground coffee will yield the best brew, as opposed to pre-ground batches. As you freshly grind coffee, the grounds are exposed to oxygen and release the flavor and aroma we all know and love, making for a super fresh cup of coffee! Theres a reason why you constantly hear coffee being ground at your local Starbucks! When grinding, make sure you are using the correct method to give you the right size coffee grounds. Flat-bottom filters require a coarser grind, whereas cone filters should use a finer grind.

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What Kind Of Milk Does Cold Foam Use

Despite its relatively creamy consistency, Starbucks cold foam is made using nonfat milk. Generally speaking, nonfat makes a stronger foam than 2 percent or whole milk because it has a larger percentage of protein.

But what makes milk foam to begin with? Milk protein contains hydrophilic ends that are attracted to water and hydrophobic ends that are repelled by water, according to Serious Eats. With the addition of heat or steam, the proteins unfold to form bubbles, with the water-repelling hydrophobic ends of the protein facing towards the center of the bubble and the hydrophilic ends facing away from the center of the bubble. When vigorously shaken or blended cold, nonfat milks high-protein makeup also helps make a more robust foam, albeit with larger bubbles because of the lack of fat.

In A Hurry Skip The Cold Brew Process

Making a batch of cold brew is great, but it needs time to steep at least 12 hours. Japanese-style iced coffee is quicker and the result can be just as jolting. Ingersoll makes hers by brewing a double-strength pot of coffee and then immediately pouring it over ice. When it melts down, it doesnt lose any of that strong coffee flavor, and it doesnt dilute the coffee, Ingersoll said. The key is to pour it over ice immediately to prevent acidity from developing.

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Water Quality Makes A Difference

98% of coffee is made up of water, so it only makes sense that the type of water you use hugely impacts your coffee. Steer free of tap water, and instead choose to use fresh water that is filtered or free of impurities. A reverse osmosis system in your home is a perfect example. Reverse osmosis water removes all contaminates in your water and dispenses water that is 99.99% pure.. Its the purest form of water available and will go great with your morning coffee. This way you arent tasting anything extra besides the coffee itself.

Cheapest Supplies For Making Cold Brew At Home

DIY At Home Low Calorie Starbucks Iced Coffee…less than 100 calories

Half of the reason for developing this cold brew recipe in the first place was to save money. So I tried to figure out how to get every supply and ingredient for the lowest price possible. Heres what I came up with:

Coffee beans Making cold brew concentrate uses an absolutely ridiculous amount of coffee, and if you want yours to taste exactly like Starbucks, you need to buy the expensive Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee . But the secret money hack is to buy recently expired coffee beans on eBay. They work just as well, and Ive been getting them for as much as 75% off retail price! For this recipe, you need 3.3 lb of coffee beans.

Brew bags To make cold brew at home using my immersion method, youll need some sort of porous teabag or filter. And to keep long-term costs down, I recommend buying reusable brew bags. The best ones Ive tried are the Doppelgänger Goods 12 x 12 Reusable Coffee Filters. For my cold brew recipe, youll need two of them.

Coffee grinder If you already have a coffee grinder, you probably dont need a new or special one. Just make sure yours has a coarse grind setting, and you should be good to go. If you dont have one, feel free to buy the grinder I use. You can sometimes find them brand new on eBay for less money.

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Why Is Cold Brew Coffee More Expensive

When you hit up your favorite café, youll likely notice that a cup of cold brew is more expensive than the same sized cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. Why is it so much more expensive? Two factors: Time and materials.

Cold brew coffee steeps for anywhere between 12 and 48 hours, and as we all know time equals money. Also, cold brew coffee requires a greater volume of ground coffee than drip, French press or pour-over coffee. Between the extra time and extra beans, cold brew just costs more to make, so thats why youll pay more.

Consider This The Coffee Lover’s Bible

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Ah, coffee. You wake up each morning and automatically reach for that hot cup of dark, aromatic liquid that has nearly come to be your lifeline. Its almost instinct. What isnt instinct, though, is brewing the same, impeccable quality each and every time, especially after a few too many all-nighters. Luckily, vast scientific research has revealed the top 8 tips to making and enjoying perfectly rich, perfectly flavorful, perfectly delicious coffee whenever and wherever your little soul desires.

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How To Make An Easy Starbucks Iced Coffee

To make this one Starbucks style, brew the coffee and sweeten it with simple syrup before pouring it over the ice. Make sure the coffee is at room temperature or cold, though, or it will melt the ice, watering down the drink.You can also taste and adjust the sweetness before pouring the coffee over ice. Leave it a bit sweeter than usual because the ice will balance it out a bit.

Something In The Water

8 Keto

“One of the most overlooked details and differences between café-quality coffee and home-quality coffee is the other ingredient in the stuff: Water.”

One of the most overlooked details and differences between café-quality coffee and home-quality coffee is the other ingredient in the stuff: Water. While most of us are content to drink and brew with whatever comes out of the tap , any café worth its TDS has had more of a say in what’s in the H2O.

Commercial filtration ranges from simple taste and odor systems to more intense stuff like reverse osmosis, and because your finished cup is roughly 98% water, you better believe that makes a difference. Test it for yourself: Brew yourself two batches, one with whatever water you normally use, and the other with premium filteredbut not distilledbottled water, like Fiji. If your house is water lucky, the difference might be subtle, but if you’re in a less-ideal-water situation, you’ll probably be surprised at the custom-water improvement.

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Coffee And Water Proportion

The best way to ruin your coffee is by using the incorrect proportion. As a general rule for coffee-making, you should use two tablespoons of ground coffee and six ounces of water. Too little coffee ground leads to an over-extracted and bitter brew. On the other hand, too much coffee ground leads to an under-extracted and bland brew. We dont want either, and rather make the perfect brew. If we plan on making coffee at home, we must make sure that we are using the correct proportion to make the perfect flavorful coffee wed love to enjoy each morning.

Experiment With Different Brewing Methods

There is no one way to make coffee, as evidenced by the hundreds of coffee makers available for purchase. You can get a very good cup of coffee from a modestly priced coffee pot, or you can try other methods like a French Press, the pour over method or a Chemex. Its an almost universal belief that coffee made from the coarse grounds used in a French Press yields the most superior cup of coffee. Its rich, bold and very flavorful. If you like to make your coffee one cup at a time, give the pour over method a try. A Chemex works similarly, and you cant beat its beautiful glass construction that makes you feel fancy just using it.

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Pay Attention To Your Beans

How many times have you stood in line at the coffee shop wondering if this will be the day you step out of your comfort zone and try one of the specialty blends of coffee, only to stick with your usual? Now may be a good opportunity to step out of your coffee comfort zone and try something new.

Coffee beans have different flavor profiles depending on where theyre grown, how theyre processed, how theyre roasted and how theyre brewed. Lets say you like Pike Place at Starbucks with its nutty cocoa notes. Consider trying a coffee with a fruitier flavor profile, like theApollo by Counter Culture, which has citrusy notes, or theGuatemala San Sebastian by Perc with notes of berries. Pay attention to which beans you like and how you like them and youll be able to broaden your coffee drinking experience.

Its like wine one day you want to have Cabernet, one day you want a Sauvignon Blanc, Pollock said.

Easy Starbucks Iced Coffee Copycat Recipe


Starbucks makes a mean iced coffee its one of the companys best sellers, especially during warm, summer days. The thing is, making iced coffee in Starbucks-style is incredibly easy and inexpensive. Really, it costs a few dimes to make.

Still, we all buy ours for several dollars. Well, that ends today. Lets make our own iced coffee copycat at home!

The best part? When making your own, you get to say how strong and how sweet you like your iced coffee, and you cant put a price on that.

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How To Make Coffee Shop Coffee With Instant Coffee

Please note: if youve jumped ahead and skipped the sections on how to make instant coffee taste better, how to make espresso with instant coffee and milk frothing, Please go back and read the information because, if you dont you will be missing out on some very helpful information that you need to know in order to make these coffees successfully.

Pay Attention To Your Machines Ideal Grind Size

Contrary to popular belief, not all coffee grounds are created equal so before you pick up a bag at the grocery store, check your machines ideal grind size. A grind that is too fine will result in bitterness, while a grind too coarse will cause the coffee to be weak, lacking flavor and depth. Keep in mind, turkish coffee requires a much finer grind than the typical store-bought size.

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Grind The Beans Coarsely

Heres the only fussy thing about making cold brew coffee: you should take care to use coarsely ground beans. A fine grind can slip through the sieve you use in this method and create a gritty, cloudy end product.

The grind you want is extra coarsea slightly larger grind than youd use for a French press or percolator. If youre buying your beans from a café, simply tell the barista that youll be making cold brew they will know exactly what to do. If youre using the grinder at the grocery store or at home, opt for the coarsest setting.

Easy Starbucks Cold Brew Recipe:


For this guide, were putting together our favorite Starbucks cold brew version: vanilla sweet cream. If you prefer a different flavor or a version without sugar, take look at our brewing tips below! Now lets get started:

  • Medium or dark roast coffee
  • Filtered water

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The Starbucks Espresso Machine

Heres the thing, youre not going to get the same machine that Starbucks uses, for your home. In 1999, the Starbucks corporation worked with the thiny Swiss company Thermoplan to develop an espresso machine exclusively for Starbucks. The result was the Thermoplan Mastrena high performance espresso machine.

The Mastrena espresso machine is a high pressure machine that has a built-in bean grinder. This machine is designed specifically for high output and is commercial grade. You wont find this machine for sale to the public, and even if you did, the price tag would shock most of us. These machines cost between $17,500 and $40,000 depending on the needs of the particular Starbucks location.

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What Is Starbucks Boba

Starbucks Boba refers to Starbucks coffee and bubble tea pearls. The globally popular chain Starbucks is capitalising on the current popularity of boba tea in Western countries by creating drinks with coffee boba balls and popular bubble tea flavours like brown sugar milk tea.

An employee leaked two potential drinks on Tiktok that Starbucks is testing, probably soon to be sold in stores in California and Washington. One is a chai latte with coffee pearls, and the other is a cafe latte with the same pearls.

It is important to note that Coffee Boba is different from Starbucks Boba in two ways. Coffee Boba is coffee and tapioca boba pearls while Starbucks Boba is coffee popping pearls and their own branded coffee.

Combining coffee with boba is an exciting trend that other chains are sure to catch on.

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Can You Add Flavor To Starbucks Iced Coffee

All Starbucks drinks can be flavored and sweetened with syrup. All beverages are available to customize with the syrup you select. An Iced Americano can be ordered without sugar, while an Iced Coffee can be ordered with toffee nuts syrup. You may be required to pay an additional fee for customizations.

Questions You May Have

How To Make Iced Coffee (Easy & Delicious) At Home// Starbucks

How much am I saving by making Starbucks Cold Brew at home?

It costs about $0.53 to make a grande sized cup at home. Starbucks charges around $4.00 for a grande Cold Brew so youre saving $3.47 each time you make the drink at home. Thats a lot!

Can I use any coffee to make cold brew?

Yes, any ground coffee can be used to make cold brew but to make Starbucks Cold Brew, you have to use their blend to get the taste as close as possible.

How can I make a stronger or weaker cold brew?

Since the pitcher packs make a coffee concentrate, you can add less or more water to make it weaker or stronger.

Whats the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee in cold water. Iced coffee is made by making hot coffee, then cooling it down. Iced lattes are made with espresso, from an espresso machine.

Does cold brew have more caffeine than iced coffee?

Yup, cold brew has more caffeine than iced coffee. At Starbucks, a grande Cold Brew has 205 mg of caffeine and a grande Iced Coffee has 165 mg of caffeine.

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