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How To Source Coffee Beans

What You Should Know Before Beginning

Sourcing and buying the best coffee beans. Pat Grant, Master Roaster, Greenbean Coffee Roasters

To begin with, roasting at home will let you make your coffee just the way you like. It can be a fun hobby, and trying different roasts can expand your coffee horizons.

Before you just buy some beans online though, you should research the different types of beans to get a scope of just how many different flavors there are in the coffee bean world.

If possible, pick a few small batches of beans so that you can try out multiple types. Once you have your beans, make sure you have a good place to store them. If you buy green beans, you will have around a year to cook them. Just make sure to store them in a sealed container, preferably in a temperature and moisture controlled area of your home.

Finally, roasting coffee beans does create a ton of odor. If you are going to roast them in your kitchen, then be aware of this and open some windows if possible.

Sourcing Green Coffee Beans A Buyers Guide

Reading time: 19 minutes.

We know first hand that customers looking at sourcing green coffee beans can have plenty of questions about the process. After all, if youre new to buying green coffee the choices on offer can seem baffling, while the steps involved can be confusing and unclear.

Thats why weve written this buyers guide on how to source green coffee beans. This explains exactly what your choices are, and what happens at each step from placing an order to receiving your shipment.

Write A Business Plan

While it may not be the most exciting part of starting a coffee business, creating a written business plan is essential to the success of your company. If you want to turn a good profit, establish a business plan that includes all your initial costs, ongoing expenses, and projected sales. Determine how much you will charge for your coffee and set a sales goal. Always be prepared to adjust your business plan as your coffee business grows and changes.

Be sure to keep track of your inventory, so you know which products are the most popular and which are not selling as well. This attention to detail will enable you to be efficient with your ordering and reduce product waste. Staying organized will help your coffee business thrive and grow.

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Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Recipe

Cocoa beans make better chocolate when blended with coffee beans. The addition of roasted and ground coffee to unsweetened cocoa powder produces an awesome chocolate experience.The taste is strong and spiced with coffee but balanced by the cocoa. These chocolates are great for making various desserts and sweets, or just enjoy them as-is for an awesome chocolate treat! You can eat spiced coffee bean flavoured chocolate. When spiced correctly, the spiced flavor and aroma of roasted coffee beans will produce an amazing spiced chocolate treat. The same applies to the spiced roasted ground version too. It’s not recommended for children under age 18 to consume these regularly unless given specific medical instructions from their doctor. Because of the caffeine content, only a small amount is needed to cause insomnia or even death the darker versions are more potent.It is best to avoid spiced coffee bean chocolate treats altogether if you are pregnant. Any pregnant woman who eats coffee grounds affects the unborn babies’ heart rate. Here is a chocolate covered coffee beans recipe for you!

Buy Beans From A Respected Source

How to Produce Arabica and Robusta Single Origin Coffee Beans

Its possible youve been buying beans from a barrel in your local supermarket. Well, unfortunately, these beans have probably been exposed to oxygen and U.V. light resulting in a faded poor taste. Buying sealed bags can avoid this problem, but low-quality coffee brands often provide no roast date or source location.

This is because the beans have likely been sourced from several and taken to one plant to roast and package them. Then, they are warehoused and shipped to the store, possibly weeks to months later, already stale.

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The Increasing Popularity Of Single Origin

So how did single origins enter mainstream vocabulary? Well, according to Jeremy Torz, founder and managing director at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, the current interest in them has been influenced by an increase in the number of specialty cafés offering alternative brew methods such as pour overs and AeroPresses. Other coffees can be offered without compromising the core espresso offer, and these coffees have then migrated into the world of espresso, he says. Given the fast pace of our industry and the desire amongst baristas to constantly experiment and innovate, its no surprise that many in our industry are now prepared to ignore convention as we look to reinvent the coffee experience for the 21st Century.

Single origins appear to be particularly popular because of their traceability. Andrew Hetzel from CafeMakers Coffee Consultants explains, Educated consumers that I have encountered are looking for guidance: help interpreting and communicating the complex tastes and sensations that they experience from good coffees. Most consumers are not educated and have no interest in becoming educated, but can be subtly guided to better quality coffees. The accompanying information a roaster or retailer provides is extremely helpful, describing its source in as much detail as possible.

In a coffee movement thats fascinated by increased transparency and innovative methods, its no surprise that single origins are proving popular.

Closing Thoughts On Where To Buy Coffee Beans To Sell

Im sure this post has given you some things to think about when it comes to figuring out where to buy coffee beans to sell in your online store.

It will take a bit of research on your part but the more research that you do, the more that you will learn about the options that are out there.

When youre ready to open your online store, test out the Shopify platform. It is one of the most popular shopping cart platforms online.

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From Mountaintop To Countertop

Our coffee master, Jay Isais, only selects the top 1% of Arabica beans from the worlds best growing regions in East Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific.

We roast in small batches at our facility in Camarillo, CA, where we find the roast that best suits the beans from each origin and captures what makes each countrys coffee unique. In other words, we dont do anything halfway.

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the art of crafting the best tasting coffee requires respecting each individual roast.

Choose Beans That Are Roasted To Order

The Barista Pro | Beans 101: Select the right coffee beans for you | Breville USA

As we have covered, the date of roasting is a major factor to keep in mind when buying Canadian roasted coffee beans.

As such, it is best to avoid mass-produced brands that lack apparent roast dates or relevant roasting information.

The best possible beans to purchase from online sellers are beans that are roasted to order.

This way, the beans that you are receiving will have been recently roasted specifically to fulfill your order, rather than having been mass produced just to lose flavor and quality while waiting on a shelf to be purchased.

Here at Cuppers, we understand the importance of freshness when it comes to roasted coffee beans, and all of our beans are roasted by demand.

This means that the beans you receive from your online order on our shop have been shipped within days after roasting, guaranteeing that the beans received will be at their peak flavor, aroma, and quality.

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Best Coffee Bean Grinders

While its okay to buy and use pre-packaged ground coffee beans theyll never come close to the unique taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.

If youre serious about crafting and drinking the finest coffee, then grinding your own coffee beans is an absolute must. To coffee enthusiasts the difference is like night and day!

If you want to grind your own coffee beans, then you need to look for some specific features and functions when you choose to purchase a coffee bean grinder.

Its a good idea to choose a grinder that has a removable grinding chamber. This will make it quick and easy for you to fill and clean it. Fitting this bill is the Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5 Oz Electric Coffee Grinder. This budget coffee grinder has room for up to 9 tablespoons of beans, enough for 12 cups of coffee. Its stainless steel blades and quiet operation make this our top pick for entry-level coffee grinders.

The next feature we recommend you look for is a one-touch control. This is a super-handy feature that allows you to simply push down on the cover to begin grinding and release to stop. We like the KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder which not only has a one-touch control, but also has measurement markings on the inside of the stainless steel bowl. These let you know at a glance the quantity of coffee beans needed to make 4, 8, 10 or 12 cups of coffee. The bowl also lifts out, making it quick and easy to transfer the grinds to your coffee maker.

The United Kingdom Sources Most Of Its Arabica Coffees From Latin America

Latin America accounted for about half of all British coffee imports in 2019. Brazil supplied the largest amount of green coffee to the United Kingdom, amounting to nearly 49 thousand tonnes in 2019. Brazilian supplies registered an average annual decrease of 8.4% since 2015.

Brazil is the worlds largest coffee producer, producing both Arabica and Robusta , though 95% of exports consist of Arabica. Brazils coffee-producing areas are relatively flat, which has intensified the use of mechanical pickers. This had led to reduced labour costs in Brazils coffee production, lower coffee quality and lower coffee prices, especially in relation to other coffee-producing countries. Low-grade Brazilian Arabica is mostly used in blends.

Other large Arabica suppliers from Latin America to the United Kingdom are Colombia, Honduras and Peru. Colombia supplied over 15 thousand tonnes of green coffee to the United Kingdom in 2019. Colombia is the worlds largest producer of washed Arabica. The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation strategically promotes and markets Colombian coffee, solidifying the countrys established image and brand for high-quality coffees. The Café de Colombia trademark is a registered protected geographical indication in Europe, which is unique among coffee-producing countries.

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The Coffee Variety To Look Out For

When youre looking at a genetic family tree for plants, theres a level thats underneath species: varieties. These are essentially genetic sub-species. Planting specific varieties can have major impacts on the farm-level, but most of them taste pretty much the same. There are a couple outliers, however.

The geisha variety is one of these outliers. The variety was brought from Ethiopia to Panama in the early 1900s, but was lost among the changing farm lines. In the early 2000s, the farm Hacienda La Esmeralda rediscovered the plant on its farm and began to grow it commercially.

Beans from this variety have a unique and exotic acidity that enhances the vibrant floral aromas. In the last twenty years, this variety has captured the imagination of the coffee world. Its certainly one you should trythrough you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Direct Trade Coffee Beans

How To Grow Coffee Beans Indoors / Arabica Coffee Plant

When you buy Direct Trade Coffees, you can feel good about the fact that a bigger share of your money is going directly to the famers.

We pay our famers a large advance way before harvest, which gives them more security. And by having a relationship with us, they get to experience the final product and be proud of their produce.

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Direct Trade Increases Coffee Quality

These experiments would never have occurred without direct trade. Weve seen far greater communication between roasters and farmers, crucial for the pursuit of higher-quality coffee. Producers count on roasters to inform them about market trends while specialty roasters, who are always looking for an exciting new single origin to showcase, can now locate producers easily and learn from them.

Origin visits, increasingly more commonplace, provide a wealth of knowledge for roasters and green bean buyers. In fact, its becoming rare to find a specialty roaster without a first hand, detailed understanding of the impact of farming and processing on their beans. Growers, buyers, and roasters cup on the farm side by side, sometimes up to a whopping 100 coffees in a day, to compare processing profiles and their cupping scoresheets and as both information and coffee are traded, the consumer can notice an increase in the sophistication of the coffees available.

Yet its not just the producers and roasters in this relationship the end consumer also plays a part. How? By acknowledging the superior quality of the coffee. According to Jorge Raul Rivera, Vice President of J. Raul Rivera S.A de C.V and representative of Finca Santa Rosa, El Salvador:

So next time you order a specialty coffee, remember that youre playing a role in the pursuit of higher-quality products and ethical business practices. Feels pretty good, doesnt it?

Has Your Coffee Won Industry Awards Or Been Independently Reviewed By Coffee Experts

Awards and 90+ point reviews are indications that the coffee is among the top of the crop. In addition to Roast magazines 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year award, Crimson Cup has produced coffees that earned outstanding ratings from The Coffee Review. Our coffee has won a Good Food Award and high rankings in the Americas Best Espresso and Compak Golden Bean competitions.

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How To Flavor Coffee Beans

Have you ever wondered how Starbucks or Dunkin flavors their coffee? How do you make vanilla espresso or chocolate latte? How do you make hints of hazelnut and subtle aromas of other spices here and there?

Big businesses often use lower grade beans to keep up with demand. This is one reason flavored coffee is so common. While a Starbucks mocha latte may be a delicious drink, its likely going to be far better at a local coffee shop.

If you have a drink you like, go to a local coffee shop and ask about what beans they use and how they flavor the coffee. Often you can buy the beans on-site and support the business at the same time.

Well explain how flavoring coffee beans is done and how you can flavor coffee beans in your own home.

Ready To Create Your First Business Start Your Free 14

The Oracle® Touch | Beans 101: The importance of fresh coffee beans | Breville USA

2. Choose a theme and customize it

Head over to the Shopify theme store and find a theme thats best suited to your brand. After, you can customize your theme to further brand your store.

3. Set up essential pages

Start with your home-page design and then add essential pages, like shipping FAQs, your return policy guidelines, and your contact us page.

4. Add products and collections

Take product photos, write product descriptions, and start creating your product pages. Organize your products into collections to make it easier for customers to navigate your store.

5. Set-up shipping options

Unexpected shipping costs can add up and eat away at your returns, so youll want to make sure your shipping rates are set up before opening.

Start by adding your shipping zones so you can specify which locations youre able to ship to. From there, youll have a couple of options for how you want to set up your shipping rates:

Check out our guide on setting up a curbside pickup option for your customers for a safe, minimal-contact delivery process.

6. Set-up payment options

Make sure that youve enabled Shopify payments or a third-party payment processor so your customers will be able to pay for their products and complete their transactions.

7. Let customers know youre open for business

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How Much Caffeine Are You Looking For

This is an important question because the caffeine content in your cup can vary a lot between different beans. First off, you should select Robusta beans for the highest starting concentration of caffeine.

Next, many people believe dark roasted beans have more caffeine, probably due to their stronger flavor. However, in reality, it is the opposite, and lightly roasted beans have the most caffeine. So, if your goal is just to get the highest concentration of caffeine in your cup, then a Robusta light roast should probably be in your future.

Begin Creating Online Content

Creating outstanding content for your website is essential to selling your coffee. Here are a few types of content you will need to create for your online coffee business.

  • High-quality photos. People want to see what they are buying before they make a purchase, so fill your site with high-quality photos of your coffee. Include multiple views of your coffee packaging and coffee beans, as well as photos of people brewing or enjoying your coffee. Choose images that engage the senses and are aesthetically appealing. When customers can visualize the product in action, they are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Detailed product descriptions. Make sure to include detailed product descriptions that describe the flavor notes of each coffee product. Compelling copy will engage potential buyers, as well as helping them choose the right coffee for their tastes.
  • Other written content. Use sales copy, blog posts, and other written content to develop your brand voice and share your companys story. Compelling and interesting written content will help customers feel connected with you and your coffee brand, which will lead to more sales. People love to support brands they can trust and relate to, so fill your site with real and genuine content that your customers will enjoy.

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