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Is There Caffeine In Aleve

Besides Dietary Changes What Else Can Help Ease My Period Symptoms

1 INSOMNIA Cause You Missed (Caffeine Metabolism Error)

Read a good book, watch a movie or call a friend to lighten your mood. Also try meditation or relaxation exercises to help reduce your stress levels. Periods are a natural part of life, so the sooner you find the right combination of diet, exercise, medication and other helpful remedies, the sooner you can get back to living the life you want.

Maximum Recommended Daily Dose

People should only use OTC naproxen for a short-term period of between 35 days for pain and no more than 3 days for fever. If they need ongoing treatment, people should consult their doctor first.

For children between 212 years old, the maximum daily dose by weight is 20 mg/kg. They should not be taking more than 1,000 mg in 24 hours.

When OTC medications, children 12 years and older should not take more than 660 mg in 24 hours.

Studies have not shown any benefit in using daily doses higher than 1,000 mg, but some sources suggest a maximum of

  • blood clots

People with high blood pressure should only take naproxen cautiously.

Naproxen can cause sodium retention in the kidneys, which can result in increased blood pressure. A person with high blood pressure should consult their doctor before taking naproxen.

Gastrointestinal side effects of taking naproxen can be severe. Bleeding in the stomach, the formation of ulcers, and stomach or intestinal blockages can occur when taking naproxen. Most often, older adults are the most vulnerable age group for gastrointestinal side effects.

People who have a history of ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding have a 10-fold higher risk for developing a bleed when taking naproxen. For these individuals, even short-term treatment can be risky.

Naproxen may interact with several prescription and nonprescription drugs. Drinking alcohol and taking naproxen may increase the risk of gastrointestinal side effects.

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much

According to a recent study, the average adult living in the U.S. consumes close to 200 to 240 mg per day. Dietitians and nutritionists alike advise people to stay well under the daily maximum amount of 400 mg. Although 400 mg seems like a lot of caffeine to consume in one day, you start counting a few cups of joe, a black tea, and three small cans of soda you had at your desk and you may have already surpassed that number.

Its important to be aware of how caffeine impacts our overall health, including your reproductive system such as your monthly period.

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What Is The Most Important Information I Should Know About This Medicine

Do not give this medicine to a child or teenager with a fever, flu symptoms, or chicken pox. Aspirin can cause Reye’s syndrome, a serious and sometimes fatal condition in children.

Do not take more than the recommended dose. An acetaminophen overdose can damage your liver or cause death.

nausea, upper stomach pain, loss of appetite, dark urine, yellowing of your skin or eyes, clay-colored stools, bloody or tarry stools, coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds.

In rare cases, acetaminophen may cause a severe skin reaction. Stop taking this medicine and call your doctor right away if you have skin redness or a rash that spreads and causes blistering and peeling.

Is Aspirin Safe For Regular Use

Does Aleve Contain Caffeine?

When taken as directed, regular use of aspirin does not seem to increase the risk of kidney disease in people who have normal kidney function. However, taking doses that are too large may temporarily- and possibly permanently- reduce kidney function. In people with kidney disease, aspirin may increase the tendency to bleed. People who already have reduced kidney function, or other health problems such as liver disease or severe heart failure, should not use aspirin without speaking to their doctor.

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Types And Active Ingredients

Midol contains a variety of active ingredients. Active ingredients are in addition to the basic ingredients that make up the form of the pill. There are four different types of Midol, and each includes its own active ingredients. Midol Menstrual Complete contains acetaminophen, caffeine and pyrilamine maleate. Midol Extended Relief contains naproxen sodium. Midol Cramps and Body Aches contains ibuprofen. Midol Teen Formula contains acetaminophen and pamabrom.

  • Midol contains a variety of active ingredients.
  • Midol Extended Relief contains naproxen sodium.

Caffeine Free Headache Medicines

If you experience migraines or severe headaches, chances are that you may take a pain medicine that contains caffeine. The reason manufacturers include caffeine in their migraine medicines is that caffeine typically helps the other drugs in the formula work faster, the Cleveland Clinic notes. However, caffeine has its own side effects as a central nervous system stimulant, such as anxiety and irritability, that you may not want. You have over-the-counter headache pain medicine options that do not contain caffeine.

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Taking Naproxen With Other Painkillers

Do not take naproxen with ibuprofen or other NSAIDs.

Itâs OK to take naproxen with paracetamol or co-codamol that you buy over the counter, but this should just be for short periods of time.

If you often need to take extra painkillers with naproxen or for more than a few days, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Sometimes taking different painkillers together is a good way to relieve pain, but there may be other treatments you can try.

Itâs OK to take other painkillers with naproxen for longer if your doctor has given them to you on prescription and told you to take them together.

If youâre unsure, talk to your pharmacist or doctor.

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Caffeine And Period Pain

What Ibuprofen Does to the Body

Youve probably heard the age-old rumor saying caffeine helps prevent and manage period cramps, but unfortunately that couldnt be more wrong. Caffeine actually restricts blood vessels, even the ones found in the uterus, and increases estrogen which causes cramps to worsen.

Additionally, caffeine has been found to cause irritability, mood swings, and anxiety which can worsen both physical as well as mental symptoms. If youre someone who suffers from digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation, or bloating during your period, you may want to watch your caffeine intake. Consuming caffeine before and during your period can upset your digestive tract which may worsen bowel symptoms. Prostaglandins released by your body during your period can also negatively impact digestion by causing those muscles to contract.

Lastly, caffeine will dehydrate your body, which can cause bloating and severe cramps, so make sure to drink water throughout your day.

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Best For Chronic Pain Fewer Side Effects

Naproxen is a long-acting NSAID, meaning it takes longer to relieve your pain but remains in effect for longer than a short-acting NSAID like ibuprofen. You also dont have to take it as often. This can make it a better choice if you need to take it regularly for pain from a chronic condition.

Another real advantage is that naproxen sodium is associated with fewer side effects than ibuprofen, meaning its safer overall and you may be able to tolerate it if ibuprofen bothers you.

Side Effects From Long

Long-term use of Aleve can make your heart work harder. Aleve makes you retain water, which increases the load on your heart. This extra work can cause pressure on your cardiovascular system and can sometimes lead to a heart attack or stroke. These risks are even greater at higher dosages, even if you dont have any heart conditions or risk of heart disease. Call 911 or local emergency services if you have:

  • chest pain
  • slurred speech
  • weakness in your arms or legs

These are signs of a stroke or heart attack. If you take Aleve and have unexplained weight gain or swelling, especially in your legs and feet, talk to your doctor right away. These may be signs of heart failure. To lower your risk of heart problems, use the lowest dosage for the shortest amount of time.

Prostaglandins maintain the pressure in your kidneys so that these organs can filter the fluids in your body. A decrease in your level of prostaglandins from taking Aleve can cause problems with your kidney function. You may notice fluid retention or changes in how much you urinate. If you notice these changes while taking Aleve, stop taking it and contact your doctor.

People with certain medical conditions may experience more side effects from Aleve than other people. These conditions include:

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What Should I Discuss With My Healthcare Provider Before Taking This Medicine

Do not give this medicine to a child or teenager with a fever, flu symptoms, or chicken pox. Aspirin can cause Reye’s syndrome, a serious and sometimes fatal condition in children.

You should not use this medicine if you are allergic to acetaminophen , aspirin, caffeine, or any NSAIDs .

Aspirin may cause stomach or intestinal bleeding, which can be fatal. These conditions can occur without warning while you are taking this medicine.

Ask a doctor or pharmacist if this medicine is safe to use if you have ever had:

  • liver disease, cirrhosis, a history of alcoholism, or if you drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages per day
  • asthma or seasonal allergies
  • kidney disease or
  • if you use medicine to treat glaucoma or prevent blood clots.

If you take acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine to treat headache pain, seek medical attention if you have:

  • a headache so bad you have to lie down
  • a headache that causes vomiting
  • what feels like the worst headache you’ve ever had
  • a headache that seems different from your usual headaches
  • a headache every day
  • a headache after coughing, bending, exercising, or head injury
  • if you have never had migraines diagnosed by a doctor or
  • if you are having your first headache after age 50.

Ask a doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Taking aspirin during late pregnancy may cause bleeding in the mother or the baby during delivery. Ask a doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant.

Does Aleve Contain Caffeine

Aleve Ingredients Caffeine

According to the Aleve website, Aleve does not contain any caffeine. Aleve does not contain acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin either. Aleve should not be mixed with any other pain reliever unless an individual is explicitly told to do so by a medical professional.

The Aleve website states that Aleve contains sodium. There are 20 milligrams of sodium in each Aleve tablet, caplet, gelcap and liquid gel capsule to make the main ingredient, naproxen, break down more quickly. Aleve is considered to be a low-sodium product, according to the FDA.

Aleve does not add gluten to its products, notes the Aleve website, but there may be small amounts of gluten in Aleve due to the fact that the product is made in a facility where items containing gluten are processed.

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What Are The Acute Treatment Options For Episodic Tension

TTH can be treated with simple over-the-counter analgesics such as aspirin, acetaminophen , ibuprofen , naproxen sodium , and ketoprofen . OTC combination products that contain caffeine provide a useful alternative. Clinical trials demonstrate that the addition of caffeine to a simple analgesic significantly increases pain relief. This effect is referred to as the analgesic adjuvancy action of caffeine.

When OTC medications do not provide adequate relief, prescription drugs can be tried. Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents such as naproxen sodium , 550 mg, or diflunisal , 500 mg, may succeed when OTC NSAIDs could not. Isometheptene-containing capsules are useful and produce few side effects. The butalbital-containing and caffeine-containing products are effective. Minor opioids, including codeine combinations , are also effective. Transnasal narcotics are useful for severe TTHs refractory to other treatments one must be concerned with the potential for overuse of these types of agents. In general, acute medications should not be used more than 2 or at most 3 days per week to avoid rebound headaches.

T. Mollayeva, C.M. Shapiro, in, 2013

Can Naproxen Sodium Cause An Allergic Reaction

Naproxen sodium, the active ingredient in ALEVE®, may cause a severe allergic reaction, especially in people allergic to acetylsalicylic acid or other NSAIDs. Symptoms may include hives, facial swelling, asthma , shock, skin reddening, rash or blisters. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop use and seek medical help right away. Do not take ALEVE® if youve ever had an allergic reaction to ALEVE® or any other pain reliever/fever reducer.

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Ingredients In Aleve What To Look For

There is essentially only one active ingredient in Aleve which we will detail below.

Aleve does not contain acetaminophen, aspirin or caffeine.

Aleve is also not made with gluten but may contain trace amounts of it due to manufacturing processes.

Here is a look at the active ingredient in Aleve:

Naproxen Sodium Naproxen sodium is an anti-inflammatory analgesic that contains a type of sodium that is highly soluble. According to Know Your OTCs, in addition to helping to alleviate minor aches and pains

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Cox Enzymes And Inflammation

Treating Migraine

All of these OTC pain relievers have an impact on proteins called COX enzymes, but one of these medications works differently from the others.


Ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and aspirin are all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with a similar mechanism of action. Because of this, you shouldnt combine more than one type of NSAID as that can increase the likelihood of side effects. Serious risks of NSAIDswith the exception of aspirininclude an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

NSAIDs work by blocking COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes outside of the central nervous system and at the site of damaged tissues. COX enzymes are involved in the inflammatory process, so blocking them counters inflammation and the pain it can cause.


Meanwhile, acetaminophens mechanism of action isnt fully understood, but it seems to increase your bodys pain threshold . Its thought to do this by targeting a protein sometimes called COX-3 thats actually a COX-1 variant.

However, a key difference is that acetaminophen blocks this protein inside the CNS , not outside of it like NSAIDs. This crucial difference means that acetaminophen isnt effective for inflammation-related problems, such as sprains or rheumatoid arthritis.

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Does Midol Really Help

Midol works great for me as a perfect blend of acetaminophen, caffeine and a diuretic to reduce bloating, ease cramping, and keep me going when I dont even want to get up out of bed. It works quickly, usually in less than a half an hour. I have been taking Midol since I was 13 for PMS and menstrual symptoms.

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Understand Your Arthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis can be caused by an injury to the joints, which can break down the cartilage â connective tissue that protects the joints by absorbing stress. What you can do about it:

  • OTC pain medications can help ease minor arthritis pain
  • Physical therapy and exercises can complement your treatment
  • Use hot and cold packs
  • Be sure to discuss with your doctor a treatment plan thatâs right for you

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How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure In Minutes

If your blood pressure is elevated and you want to see an immediate change, lie down and take deep breaths. This is how you lower your blood pressure within minutes, helping to slow your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure. When you feel stress, hormones are released that constrict your blood vessels.

What Other Drugs Could Interact With This Medication

Aleve Ingredients Caffeine

There may be an interaction between naproxen – diphenhydramine and any of the following:

  • acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
  • acetylsalicylic acid
  • aminoglycoside antibiotics
  • amiodarone
  • angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
  • antihistamines
  • antipsychotics
  • apixaban
  • barbiturates
  • belladonna
  • benzodiazepines
  • benztropine
  • beta-adrenergic blockers
  • betahistine
  • bisphosphonates
  • brimonidine
  • diuretics
  • dofetilide
  • general anesthetics
  • glucagon
  • glycopyrrolate
  • heparin
  • herbal products that affect blood clotting
  • hyaluronidase
  • low molecular weight heparins
  • macrolide antibiotics
  • magnesium sulfate
  • muscle relaxants
  • nabilone
  • narcotic pain relievers
  • nefazodone
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • olopatadine
  • oral corticosteroids
  • oxybutynin
  • protein kinase inhibitors
  • quinidine
  • quinolone antibiotics
  • rilpivirine
  • seizure medications
  • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • serotonin antagonists
  • serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
  • sodium phosphates
  • tricyclic antidepressants
  • umeclidinium
  • zolpidem
  • zopiclone

If you are taking any of these medications, speak with your doctor or pharmacist. Depending on your specific circumstances, your doctor may want you to:

  • stop taking one of the medications,
  • change one of the medications to another,
  • change how you are taking one or both of the medications, or
  • leave everything as is.

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Aleve Causes Gastrointestinal Problems

Aleve contains naproxen which is its active ingredient.

Use of Aleve drugs in patients may cause heartburn. Other serious gastrointestinal effects of Aleve drugs include peptic ulceration, allergic sialadenitis and eosinophilic colitis.

Peptic irritation may be asymptomatic.

It is advisable for the patient to undergo occasional monitoring of hematocrit levels.

Most people who are at the risk of gastrointestinal side effects are those who are alcoholic. Thereforre, Aleve drugs should be used with caution in alcoholic patients.

Whats Your Solution To Pain Reliever Confusion

What works for you? Is aspirin adequate or do you experience side effects? What about Advil or Aleve? Are they equivalent or does one work better? And what about Excedrin? As far as we can tell, Extra Strength Excedrin and Excedrin Migraine are identical as far as their ingredients are concerned. Share your own experience with aspirin | Advil | Aleve | Excedrin in the comment section below.

You may also find our free podcast with a leading headache expert of benefit at this link:

Tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraines all call for different approaches to prevention and treatment. What should you know?

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