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Nespresso Citiz&milk Espresso Machine By De’longhi

Lasted 12 Months But Then Failed Unable To Get Repaired Under Warranty Even Given 2 Year Warranty

De’Longhi Citiz Nespresso & Milk Frother – Test Run

This machine worked well for about 11 months, and we were happy with the coffee it provided. However after 11 months, water started leaking from the back of where you insert the capsule, and got progressively worse, until only half the water was going in the cup, and the rest was running out behind the capsule into the drip tray. The machine is supposed to have a two year warranty, so we returned it to the Good Guys Essendon where it was purchased. Good Guys sent it to their repairer, Service Shed in Keilor East, and said they would get back to…


Great Coffee Love It But

I’ve had this machine for about a week, and have really enjoyed, Coffee is very good.Only one complaint though, after 1 week of very few uses, the pods drop straight into the used pod chamber. The only way I can use the pods is to hold it in place from underneath, until it can slide into the plunger. It’s annoying, there’s no real solution, I’ve tried.

Purchasedin at Appliances onlinefor $312.

Yes – it makes coffee. But, it is so noisy and vibrates so badly that I worry my cup is going to fall off every time I use it. The milk frother also burns milk to the bottom every use and is a big pain to clean off. I don’t regret buying it, but when it breaks I definitely won’t get another.

  • IncentivisedReview

I have been using the Nespresso Machines for a few years now. They are a great little Machine they last forever, and if you have any problems, the customer service team are always there to help. I do not drink or like instant coffee and I especially the enjoy the Nespresso Coffe with this machine. I really look forward to my Cappucino every morning to start the day..


Easy to use, so simple and it takes all makes of coffee pods. The milk frother is perfect for making either hot or cold milk. Coffee is always hot and makes a great start to my day.


Nespresso Citiz Review 202: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of capsules are compatible?

You can use any capsules from Nespressos Original line. Choose from our list of the five best Nespresso Original capsules we particularly recommend Nespressos tasty Roma blend.

Can you use ground coffee?

Yes, if you buy a compatible reusable capsule. Nespresso doesnt sell any, but you can find several types on Amazon like the Cafilas Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules. Just fill the capsule with your choice of finely-ground coffee beans and enjoy!

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Can you make a latte using the CitiZ?

Yes, though the CitiZ will only provide the espresso. Youll need a to complete your creamy latte.

If you buy the CitiZ& Milk bundle, youll get a built-in Aeroccino, Nespressos milk frother, which quickly heats and froths milk. You can then mix your espresso and milk to make a tasty latte! If you have room in your budget, you may want to upgrade to a Nespresso machine with a built-in milk steamer like the Lattissima.

Who makes the CitiZ?

DeLonghi and Breville both make versions of the CitiZ. These models are slightly different in design, though Nespressos interior technology is the same for both. No matter which you buy, you can expect full Nespresso crema!

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When It Works It Works But You’d Better Pray Nothing Goes Wrong

This machine replaced my L’Or when it was faulty and I was excited about the quality in the name of Nespresso. Unfortunately, it took only 6 months for the machine to start having problems and was sent back to Nespresso for “servicing”. This marked the beginning of 4 cycles of returning the same machine for the same issue, that was “fixed” until they finally replaced it, when I had to get a little bit cranky and ask to speak to a manager. Nespresso customer service does…

Purchasedin at Bing Leefor $289.

Nespresso Citiz & Milk Overview

Nespresso CitiZ &  Milk Espresso Machine by De

Nespresso has two lines of capsule-based espresso machines:

  • OriginalLine: Their original line that used a 19 bar pump to extract shots from capsules
  • VertuoLine: Their new line that uses Centrifusion to extract shots from barcode-enabled capsules but also brews standard coffee up to 17 oz

For our money, OriginalLine machines are better than VertuoLine machines because their pump produces more authentic espresso, the coffee tends to be hotter, and there’s no barcode scanning system meaning you can find less-expensive third-party capsules.

The CitiZ & Milk is Nespresso’s best mid-range OriginalLine machine. By “mid-range” we mean any of the machines shy of the Lattissima Series.

What makes the CitiZ & Milkstand out?

  • Best-in-class 34 oz reservoir
  • Powerful 1720W boiler for rapid heating speeds
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Integrated Aeroccino3 frother for specialty beverages

Capable of brewing shots from 1.35 oz to 3.70 oz, the CitiZ & Milk has two programmable brew buttons that easily allow you to customize your shot size. Here’s how it works:

  • Insert a capsule
  • Press and hold the brew button until your desired shot volume is reached
  • Release the button
  • The machine will remember that brew size for every future brew .

    While the CitiZ & Milk doesn’t come with a preset button for Americanos like the Essenza Plus does, you can easily use the programmable buttons to set up your own Americano system:

  • Set one button to be your preferred shot size
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    Are Nespresso Citiz & Milk For You

    The CitiZ & Milk is a great machine if you’re looking for cappuccino and latte functionality without upgrading all the way to one of Nespresso’s more premium Lattissima models.

    If you’re looking for that premium experience, take a look at the Lattissima Plus, which has a milk frother integrated directly into the brewer that combined espresso and foamed milk without any extra pouring on your end for easy one-touch specialty beverages.

    Promotional Terms & Conditions

    TERMS & CONDITIONS: 100 pre-selected coffees for 15 euro with the purchase of an Original Line machine Nespresso

    Receive 100 pre-selected coffees for 15 euro between 04/07/2022 and 29/01/2023 with the purchase of one of the following Nespresso machines:

    The discount will be added automatically to your basket when you add your machine plus one of the two pre-selected coffee packs.

    This offer is only valid for the selected Nespresso machines as mentioned above during the promotion period.

    Your machine is either Nespresso, Magimix, Krups DeLonghi or Sage branded.

    This promotion is not valid in combination with other Nespresso promotions, is linked to your address details and is limited to one machine per household or address.

    This promotion is only applicable once, to be able to redeem this promotion, you must have a Dutch postal address.

    This promotion is only valid on Nespresso machines bought in The Netherlands at Nespresso Nederland.

    The promotion is valid while stock lasts. Nespresso is free to end the promotion sooner than the mentioned end date.

    If you have any questions regarding the promotion, feel free to contact us by calling 0800 022 23 20.

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    The Features & Benefits

    Simply pop your favourite Nespresso capsule into the machine and with a fast heat up time of only 25 seconds, your delicious cup of coffee will be ready in no time. Mechanic ejection of capsules makes for extra convenience. Due to the sliding cup support, the Citiz & Milk has 2 positions, one for espresso cups and one for latte macchiato glasses. With the flow stop system, just set your preferred coffee length and the machine automatically brews coffee to the exact level. For extra safety and energy savings, the machine can automatically power off 9 minutes after the last coffee made. Memory functions are available for Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Espresso, Long Coffee, hot milk and hot water. The removable drip tray makes for easy cleaning.

    A 19 bar pressure pump delivers powerful performance to carefully extract coffee. The Thermoblock heating element ensures that temperatures are always ideal and prevents heat from escaping. Milk coffee lovers will love the handy integrated Aeroccino milk system. Create beautifully frothed milk to prepare the perfect cappuccino in the comfort of your own home. This is a truly versatile machine that youll love using every day!

    This Is My Second Nespresso Machine Wouldnt Buy Anything Else

    Nespresso CITIZ& MILK machine

    I got given my first Nespresso machine in 2009 and it finally brewed itâs finally coffee in May 2021. 12 years for any small appliance these days, especially one used multiple times a day every day of its life, itâs phenomenal.I got given my replacement machine in May as itâs seamlessly filled the old ones spot.Never burns the coffee, never breaks down, always very consistent.My only issue with this machine and the old one is itâs a bit loud but honestly, we got used to the sound and itâs not offensive or disruptive enough to wake …

    Purchasedin at The Good Guysfor $299.

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    Nespresso Citiz & Milk By De’longhi

    With its new design, CitiZ continues to please both espresso coffee drinkers and design lovers, adding a touch of elegance to coffee rituals around the globe. CitiZ& Milk, with its built-in Aeroccino3 system optimized in space, allows you to create incredible milk froth for all kinds of delicious coffee recipes.

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