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Non Caffeine Drinks At Dutch Bros

Best Rebel Energy Drinks At Dutch Bros:

See inside the new Dutch Bros Coffee kiosk opening in Oakdale

Dont like coffee? No problem. If its caffeine, you can always get decaf. But, if you dont like the taste, consider their own line of energy drinks the Rebel!

I tried a few different flavors and they are all really good. They sort of taste like a grown-up version of Fanta soda. Slightly less sweet, subtle energy kick. You can add any of their syrups to the rebel base or try one of their pre-set flavors.

My favorite combination, by far is: Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Mango. Seriously, it tastes like a tropical vacation DELISH. For all 5 of my favorite Dutch Bros Rebel flavors, read this post here.

I am very sensitive to energy drinks, usually, and these are just enough to feel it , but not enough to make you jittery.

How Much Caffeine Can I Have In A Day

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone metabolizes caffeine differently. However, a general guideline is to consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day.

Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. Consuming too much caffeine can also lead to headaches, nausea, and an increased heart rate.

Dutch Bros Keto Americano

Heres another option if youre looking for a hot coffee.

The Dutch Bros Coffee Keto Americano is one of the best easy keto coffees at Dutch Bros as it contains 0 net carbs! You can also get it iced or hotso it gives you the best of both worlds.

The nutrition fact for all Americano sizes is 0 calories, 12g fat, 0g protein, 0 net carbs.

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Is Dutch Brothers Cheaper Than Starbucks

A Dutch Bros medium is 24 ounces, which is actually the same size as a Starbucks Venti, and costs less than a Starbucks Tall, which means that it is cheaper and larger. Dutch Bros offers fun flavors of coffee as well as traditional flavors, but they also have their Rebel energy drink and I wide variety of kids drinks.

Hazelnut Torani Sugar Free Syrup

Dutch + Sunny Day=
  • Nutrition Facts: 0 Calories, Total Fat 0 g, Sodium 5 mg, Total Carbs 1 g, Total Sugars 0 g, Protein 0 g.

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Finding The Latest Dutch Bros Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the official website of UberEats to place the order from Dutch Bros. of your nearest location.

2. Add the location of your nearest Dutch Bros. outlet and proceed to place the order for your favorite food.

3. Once you have added the food items to the cart, make sure you confirm to place the order. As the menu was unavailable for our region, we couldnt upload further images. However, you can check the availability for your location and schedule the order accordingly.

Frost Vs Freeze Dutch Bros

The main difference between frost and freeze that Dutch Bros serves is that Frost is a Dutch Bros milkshake, whereas a Dutch Freeze is an espresso that Dutch Bros serves. A Dutch frost is a non-caffeinated drink. On the other hand, a Dutch Freeze is a caffeinated drink. Both the Dutch Frost and Dutch Freeze comes in different flavours.

Dutch Frost is basically a milkshake or a classic shake. They are non-caffeine drinks, meaning they do not contain any amount of coffee in them.

A milkshake is made from cold milk with any flavouring and served with whipped cream on top.

They also serve different varieties of milkshake that includes Birthday cake, Ninja, Cotton candy, White chocolate, Strawberry and many more.

A Dutch Freeze is a Dutch Bros espresso or blended coffee. They are caffeinated drinks. Dutch Bros are famous for their caffeinated drinks.

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Where Can You Get It And How Much Does It Cost

According to a Dutch Bros press release, the Orangesicle Rebel was released on August 17, 2022. The drink is available at all Dutch Bros locations.

The Orangesicle Rebel is a featured drink at the moment and will stay featured until the end of August. If you’re not able to make it to Dutch Bros to try it by the end of the month, don’t worry: It’s going to remain on the menu all year, just not in the featured section.

Dutch Bros doesn’t list prices on its website, so we can only tell you what we paid for the Orangesicle Rebel in Arizona. With tax, our medium drink was $6.62. That seems kind of pricy when you can get a can of Monster or Red Bull for just a couple of bucks, but you are also paying for somebody to blend it and put Soft Top on it for you, so perhaps that justifies the cost.

Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items In 2022

Dutch Bros Vanilla Matcha Latte | MegaCanaga

There is a whole community that backs the Dutch Bros Secret Menu. For something that is supposed to be a secret, its quite well-known, so you shouldnt have any issues getting your hands on one of these drinks. When ordering, feel free to use the title of the drink as it is, and your barista will likely know what youre talking about. If they dont, just pull up this guide to explain to the staff person which ingredients are in the drink.

Most Secret Menu drinks at Dutch Bros Coffee are available hot, iced, or blended, but there are some exceptions. For example, if you order a Rebel Energy Drink, it only comes iced or blended. No one in their right mind would want to drink a Blue Raspberry-flavored energy drink at 180 degrees, anyway. Drink sizes at Dutch Bros include 16 ounces, 24 ounces, and 32 ounces.

Like we said, Dutch Bros does things their own way, so some of their terminology may be confusing if you dont frequent the coffee shop. Before we jump into the Secret Menu options, lets take a look at a few key terms youll need to know to understand the menu.

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Electric Berry Lime And Blue Raspberry Rebel

Dutch Bros

Ingredients sparkling water, lime syrup, and blue raspberry syrup topped with whipped cream

  • Small 220 calories
  • Medium 310 calories
  • Large 400 calories

Being one of the few caffeine-free drinks at Dutch Bros, the Electric Berry Lime and Blue Raspberry Rebel gives you a buzz without overloading your adrenals and spiking your cortisol.

Its one of the sweeter options and is the highest in calories on this list but compared to some of the other drinks at Dutch Bros, it is still relatively low in calories. There are 220 calories in a small, 310 calories in a medium, and 400 calories in a large sized drink.

To cut back on the calories, ask for the drink without whipped cream on the top and switch over to the sugar-free raspberry syrup to reduce the sugar content.

Wrapping Up The Best Drinks At Dutch Bros

Those are the 17 best drinks at Dutch Bros from what Ive tasted. Although it takes a bit of driving and queueing to get the drinks, they are definitely worth the chase.

If youre worried about the sugar overload, the brand does have sugar-free alternatives for those syrups, so just ask and youll be taken care of.

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Best Kid Drinks At Dutch Bros:

They have quite a few options for kids, but all of mine prefer the kids frost. They come in three flavors strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Plus, they all come in reusable cups with a lid and a straw BINGO. Also, you can ask for whip and sprinkles and the rainbow sprinkles are so cute the kids love them.

Another fun hack for kids, ask for free lollipops at the window. Most of them have them and will give you one per kid.

For more tips on what to get the kids at Dutch bros, check out this post.

Can You Drink Rebel While Pregnant

Pin on Gotta Drink

I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot give you a definite answer. I would recommend that you speak to your doctor or healthcare provider to get their professional opinion.

Can you drink rebel while pregnant?

There is no definitive answer, as each pregnancy is different. It is always best to speak with a doctor or healthcare provider to get their professional opinion.

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What We Consider Low

The definition for a low calorie drink is broad for some is less than 300, for others, nothing over 50 calories. In this article, we included drinks under 100 calories.

However, pay attention to the drink sizes. Some of our recommendations are small. If you decide to go for a larger size, youd be consuming over 100 calories.

Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks

We compiled a list of suggestions for Dutch Bros low calorie drinks to help you choose a tasty and diet-friendly beverage.

Use our suggestions as a guide, but always do your own research. Drink calories listed below are approximations as ingredients and quantities can vary by location.

Also, the chain switches up things from time to time, so its best to consult your broista.

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Dutch Bros Iced Keto Cold Brew Coffee

The first-ever keto coffee you can order in a coffee shop is the Dutch Bros Keto Cold Brew.

According to them, this is a nitro-infused cold brew, so its a smooth and creamy version of their classic cold brew. It also uses heavy whipping cream instead of whipped cream.

For their iced Keto cold brew with heavy whipping cream, youll get 140 calories, 12g fat, 1g protein, and only 3g net carbs!

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much

Dutch Bros Coffee: Celebrate the holidays with some caffeine

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone metabolizes caffeine differently and therefore has a different tolerance. However, as a general rule, consuming more than 400 mg of caffeine per day can lead to caffeine intoxication, which can cause restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, stomach upset, and rapid heart rate.

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The Beverage Perfectly Encapsulates Summer

Unlike Starbucks’ Baya Energy Drink, Dutch Bros. will sell its own version in stores.

The High Dive Rebel Drink contains peach, pomegranate, and a mixture of passion fruit, guava, orange, and pineapple, which is also known as the chain’s Tropical Fruit flavor blend. It’s served cold, and the company describes it by saying, “If summer as a drink,” on its . According to Brand Eating, it also comes in a non-caffeinated version for those who simply want to try the new beverage for its taste. Furthermore, customers can get this product in a standard iced version or try it as a blended variety for a slushy consistency. This makes the High Dive Rebel extremely customizable.

However, Starbucks does have a leg up in terms of its product accessibility, as Dutch Bros. is primarily located on the West Coast . Furthermore, it is unclear if this drink will make an appearance in stores again after the summer, as it’s currently marketed as a limited-edition product.

Unicorn Blood Blended Rebel

Whats in it: Strawberry and almond syrups, white chocolate sauce, and RebelYoure still drinking Unicorn Frappuccinos from Starbucks? Thats cute. Dutch Bros doesnt have time for that cutesy nonsense, so theyve sacrificed a bunch of unicorns and harvested their blood for this concoction thats delightfully colorful and impossibly refreshing in spite of its macabre undertones.

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Whats In A Unicorn Blood Rebel

A unicorn blood rebel is a person who is rebellious and does not conform to societal norms. They are often creative and unique individuals who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

A unicorn blood rebel is someone who is not afraid to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in. They are often creative and unique individuals who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Pick Good Milk Options

17 Best Dutch Bros images

Milk has a high-fat content, so to lower the calories of your favorite drink, choose a better milk option. If you want to stick with dairy milk, non-fat has the lowest calories.

When it comes to plant milk, almond has the lowest calories, and coconut comes second. Oat milk has the highest calories so skip it.

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The Best Dutch Bros Drinks

With so many options available at Dutch Bros, it can be overwhelming for new customers to decide on what they want. Here is a list of the 10 best Dutch Bros drinks you should start with.

Each of the drinks include stats on calories and sugar. Keep in mind that the information provided is based on a medium-sized drink.

Iced Grand Canyon Og Dark Chocolate

This decadent treat is a Dutch Bros secret menu item, so you should know the components its made of to get the real deal. Start with the cookie breve, featuring macadamia nut and white chocolate flavors.

The Gand Canyon also gets a heavy dose of dark chocolate milk in the coffee for a blend that provides a real pick-me-up.

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Dutch Bros Ninja Frost:

Known someone obsessed with mint chocolate chip ice cream? Is that person you? This is the frost for you! White chocolate and mint syrups are added to the frost base for a creamy, sweet and minty drink you wont be able to stop drinking.

Frosts are available in all sizes, including kid sizes, which makes them perfect for littles ones or a small-sized treat if youre watching your sugars/carbs.

Of The Best Vegan Drinks At Dutch Bros You Need To Try

Insane New Dutch Bros Daydream Rebel Energy Drink

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I also participate in affiliate programs for Instacart, and Organic Wine Exchange. I am compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

10 Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros hallow mag ik wat veganistische koffie alsjeblieft?. That is Dutch for Hello, please can I have some vegan coffee . And why exactly am I starting this post with some Dutch? Well, because it is time to talk about the 10 best vegan coffees at your favorite Dutch themed coffee chain Dutch Bros. In my previous post I covered how to order vegan drinks at Dutch Bros, breaking down every beverage on the Dutch Bros menu . In this post, I am going to list my personal top 10 suggestions for vegan drinks at Dutch Bros. Think of it as a simple and easy go-to list you can use when ordering from your favorite Dutch Themed Coffee huts.

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What’s In The Orangesicle Rebel

This drink might look like an innocuous sweet, blended confection, but it packs a serious caffeine punch. It’s only fitting for even the non-coffee options from this java chain to be filled with enough caffeine to jolt you awake in the morning. This beverage is made with Dutch Bros’ in-house energy drink, Rebel, specifically, the Orangesicle flavor, which is supposed to taste like orange and vanilla . It’s a pretty obvious reference to the classic Creamsicle frozen treat, complete with a cute little ice pop mascot. You can order the drink over ice or blended we went with blended.

The energy drink gets topped with Dutch Bros Soft Top, a creamy, foamy, dairy-based topping. The Soft Top takes the place of the vanilla ice cream in the center of a Creamsicle. However, in this drink, the balance is tipped toward orange rather than cream, with the Soft Top only making up a tiny percentage of what’s in the cup.

How To Order Dutch Bros Drinks

Always order drinks in this order:

1. Drink Size

  • Kids: 10 ounces Only available for kid-friendly drinks: Dutch Frosts, Smoothies, Dutch Sodas, and Not-So-Hots .
  • Small: 12 ounces hot, 16 ounces iced and blended
  • Medium: 16 ounces hot, 24 ounces iced and blended
  • Large: 20 ounces hot, 32 ounces iced and blended

2. Hot, Iced, Blended, or ToastedMost drinks can be prepared hot, iced, blended, and some cold brew drinks are toasted .

3. Name of the drinkThe name of the drink lets the broista know which syrups and flavorings your drink needs. You can order secret menu drinks by name!

4. Customizations Now is when youll ask for: half-caf, decaf, Cubano, white coffee, alt milks, soft top, drizzle, sprinkles, extra scoop of syrup, sugar-free syrups, etc. If you order a coffee drink and dont specify milk, their signature half & half blend will be used.

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White Coffee Cookie Breve

The White Coffee Cookie drink is perfect for customers who need a caffeine pick-me-up but dont like the taste of pure coffee. You can order this drink iced, blended, or hot. This Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drink was featured on the Carson City and is the perfect combination of two of the coffee shops most popular drinks White Coffee and Cookie Breve. According to the Carson City location, the ingredients for the White Coffee Cookie Breve include Chocolate Macadamia Nut, White Chocolate, White Coffee, and Cream.

Dutch Bros Drinks You Can Order From The Secret Menu For Some Instant Serotonin

My absolute favorite!

There’s something comforting about having an old reliable drink order. Keeping it classic with a standard latte or a basic lemonade is never a bad idea. You know exactly what to expect, right? But sometimes, it can be equally satisfying to switch things up with your drink order. We all need a break from the monotony every now and then, and trying something new at the coffee counter is a super simple way to treat yourself to some excitement . This is where the beloved Dutch Bros chain comes in.

For those not in the know, prepare for a crash course. This west coast-based chain is famous for its truly life-changing concoctions. It’s not just a coffeehouseit’s an experience. The offerings aren’t limited to just brew either. The bros have got every caffeinated pick-me-up under the sun. Blended lemonades? Check. Smoothies? Ready and avail. Energy drinks? They’re all there for your mid-afternoon boost, all to the tune of different flavors, from heavenly raspberry to coconut.

If you’re someone who prefers to be in on the underground scene, here’s music to your ears: The Dutch Bros have even got a secret menu! . This is where you’ll see things get weirdin the best possible way.

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