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What Are The Healthiest Coffee Creamers

To Make Your Coffee Creamy

Healthier Homemade Coffee Creamer

Those fancy creamers in their colorful packaging may be calling your name, but they’re likely packed with sugar and chemicals. According to Richards, your best bet is to go with unflavored, plant-based creamers. “This will help to avoid saturated fat and excess added sugar,” she explains.

Certified nutritionist Alena Schowalter echoes this, saying her absolute favorite creamer is Oatly Barista Edition oat milk. “It has a neutral taste, silky texture and is made with omega-3 rich canola oil,” she says. “I also love that they fortified it with some potentially critical nutrients on a vegan diet, namely iodine, vitamin D and vitamin B12.”

And if you love dairy and aren’t sensitive to it, there are a few solid dairy options out there. I would stick with organic whole milk, cream or half and halfbut make sure it’s certified organic and free from hormones and antibiotics,” suggests Dawn Jarvis, Garden of Life’s nutritionist.

What Is Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamers are often referred to as non-dairy or dairy-free coffee creamers, which makes one thing clear about these milk-and-cream substitutes: most of them dont contain cream. No milk, either.

Coffee creamers were developed in the mid-20th century. The first product was made from soybeans, but the first commercially successful creamers Rich Products CoffeeRich, Carnations Coffee-Mate , and Bordens Cremora replaced milk fat with vegetable oil and/or corn syrup, in order to replicate the creaminess of milk.

The major brands are still around today, along with another big player which came along a couple of decades later, International Delight. That company added a whole new element to coffee creamers: flavorings like French vanilla, Irish cream and cinnamon hazelnut. Other producers quickly followed suit. The dairy-free creamer market is a mature one, but it remains huge sales of non-dairy creamers still total $3 billion dollars annually.

Fun fact: coffee creamers are big in Hollywood, because theyre cheap, theyre non-toxic and igniting large quantities of creamer can create the huge fireballs that action films are known for.

Youve probably guessed that those ingredients make the majority of commercial non-dairy creamers even more unhealthy than milk or cream. Youd be right. A small sampling:

To put it simply, that aint great and artificial ingredients make things even worse.

Thankfully, there are much healthier coffee creamer alternatives.

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Creamer

Nutrition per serving : 40 calories, 1.5 gram fat , 5 milligrams sodium, 6 grams carbohydrates , 0 grams protein

There may be better ways to satisfy a sweets craving than opting for one of Starbucks’ new at-home creamers. Nutritionally speaking, none of their creamers are all that impressive in fact, we can’t recommend any of them. They’re high in added sugar with about 6 grams per tablespoon.

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Is Drinking Coffee Creamer Bad For You

This can boost your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. You should not consume more than 2 grams of trans fat in a day, and some brands of non-dairy creamer can contain 1 gram per tablespoon. Non-dairy creamer can go bad. One of the perks of non-dairy creamers is that they keep longer than milk or cream.

Other Healthy Coffee Creamer Suggestions

The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Creamers for Your Coffee ...

One of the companies known for producing healthy dairy-free creamers is Califia Farms. Their products are plant-based, low-sugar and available in a wide range of flavors from vanilla and hazelnut, to pecan caramel and mushroom oat. They really are healthy and they all taste good.

If calorie-free rules your dietary choices youre probably familiar with Walden Farms, because the brand offers a huge variety of zero-calorie salad dressings, sauces and syrups. They also sell six flavors of no-calorie coffee creamers which contain no fat, sugar, carbs or gluten, although they do contain undefined cream flavoring, salt and food coloring. That doesnt necessarily make them unhealthy, but we wish they provided more specific information on the ingredients. These creamers dont taste quite as good as the ones weve already mentioned, but zero-calorie, zero carb is obviously tempting.

And in the best of the worst category, Coffee-Mate has a line of popular creamers called Natural Bliss. Theyre made with either milk and cream, or with plant milks most have added sugar and they all have much higher calorie, fat and carb content. But they are all-natural, which is a step up from most major commercially-sold coffee creamers.

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Why I Love Keto

Even though counting calories has its place in losing weight, the success of the Ketogenic diet proves that weight loss is not only a matter of calories in vs. calories out.

The types of food we eat have a huge impact on our bodys ability or inability to store and burn fat. Im no Keto nut, I know that different lifestyle choice is going to work better for different people.

However, the lessons we learn from the Keto diet can be applied to choosing the best coffee creamer for weight loss.

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Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer

Canned coconut milk is a perfect base for homemade coffee creamers. Its thick and has the rich texture of store-bought creamers.

This vanilla coconut milk creamer recipe couldnt be any easier.

Simply dump a can of coconut milk into a glass jar. Then add 12 teaspoons of vanilla extract, seal the jar, and shake for 30 seconds. Optionally, add a small amount of sweetener like maple syrup or honey.

Keep this mixture in your fridge for up to a week.

Positive Effects On Your Body

  • According to the Harvard School of public health, consuming coffee one to three cups reduces the chances of various diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases
  • The consumption of coffee boost metabolism and stimulate the nervous system of our body
  • It is the richest source of antioxidants, which are effective to fight radicals against cancer
  • Coffee improves your mood and boost your energy level instantly.1 to 4 cup of Coffee can help you focus on work, reduce depression
  • 2 or 4 daily intake can accelerate your fat burning process, So somehow coffee help you to loose weight fast
  • Studies have shown that Caffeine lower the risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease as caffeine increase our brain’s activity.

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How Can You Tell If Coffee Creamer Is Bad

Creamer that goes bad generally shows a change in the texture. There are clumps in the cream, or the liquid has become chunky. It is easily detectable for dairy creamer as it starts to curdle when it goes bad. There is a weird or sour smell in the creamer which is also an indicator of the creamer going bad.

Natural Bliss Brown Sugar Oat Milk

It’s tempting to start the coffee maker when thinking about the flavor of this new gluten-free creamer, but you may want to hold off. Brown sugar may seem healthier, but it’s just granulated sugar and molasses, Amidor says. “Added sugar for one tablespoon is four grams, which is equal to the added sugar in one teaspoon of granulated sugar,” she says.

In order to keep the sugar on the lower side, try measuring out this creamer and pouring it into your cup before adding coffee. That way, you know exactly how much you’re consuming. For more helpful tips, here are the 8 Healthiest Ways to Drink Your Coffee, According to Dietitians.

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Exactly What Is Coffee Creamer

Heres the easy answer: its a substitute for the milk or cream you might ordinarily add to your coffee.

Heres the more important answer: its an unregulated mixture of ingredients designed to taste and act like milk or cream. It might contain soy, nut milk or pea protein it might contain oil or corn syrup it might contain added sugar or sugar substitute it might even contain milk or cream.

Ingredients like almond or soy milk are understandable. It also makes sense that some companies might include a little milk or cream, or add sweeteners.

But whats the deal with oil and corn syrup?

Dairy substitutes dont have the same consistency and mouth feel as milk or heavy cream, so they usually wont be as thick when you add them to coffee, and wont feel the way that coffee drinkers expect. Some wont even mix into a cup of coffee theyll just sit on top. Additives like oil and corn syrup are often used as thickening agents, to make a coffee creamer seem more like a real dairy product.

Those ingredients might make a creamer taste delicious or act more like whole milk. But needless to say, oil and corn syrup arent always healthy choices. Thats why we have two different categories of creamer: best taste and healthiest.

That gives us another category for our list: the best dairy-free creamers wont contain lactose or milk proteins.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Powdered Coffee Creamer

Top 10 healthy coffee creamer
Product Name

The best choice for powdered coffee creamer in our list is the Nestle Powder Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla. This French vanilla flavor adds plenty of great sweetness and taste to your morning coffee. This powdered creamer is lactose-free meaning anyone can enjoy this creamer with their coffee.

This premium French vanilla powdered creamer is easy to mix in with your coffee as you simply just pour however much powder you want into your coffee and stir until it turns a lighter color. The end result is a coffee that is smooth and rich in vanilla flavor.

This is one of the more popular flavored creamers around and Nestle is also known for making a very tasty Hazelnut flavor as well. But, for the French vanilla, many people say its the best way to start the morning because it adds plenty of character to that morning coffee. Some people even say that because of the sweetness of the vanilla flavor, they dont need to put as much sugar into their coffee as well.

When buying this Nestle French Vanilla Powdered Coffee Creamer, be sure you have had it before and like it as this pack is quite large. It comes in a pack of 12 powdered creamer canisters with each canister being 15 ounces in weight.

What we liked: we really enjoyed the silky smooth and deluxe flavor of the vanilla in this creamer. We stir it in and it dissolves easily and quickly and honestly, it tastes better than any regular creamer weve ever had.

What we didnt like:What we didnt like:

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Natural Bliss Oat Milk Creamer

If you like your coffee on the sweet side, this creamer should be your new go-to. Tasters loved how creamy this creamer waseven though its plant-based, it has a milk-like mouthfeel that adds subtle body to coffee. And the vanilla flavor is just-right, not too overwhelming. Each tablespoon has 25 calories, 1g of sat fat, and 4g of sugar.

Buy now: Target, $2.99

Can Coffee Cause Weight Gain

Here is the short answer is YES.

Now here comes the long answer. It really depends on quite a few dietary factors . Coffee desensitizes receptors in your mouth that are responsible for picking up sweet tastes.

This makes sugary creamers extremely dangerous. We wont even know how unhealthy our coffee is until we step on the scale.

Every food or drink can cause us to gain weight if we overindulge or choose the wrong types to put into our bodies.

This means that as long as we use our self-control and make smart choices we can have our favorite foods guilt-free, including some delicious coffee creamer!

All of these are calorie-dense, but not in a good way. The calories in these artificial creamers come from saturated fats, sugars, and carbohydrates.

This means that while we are digesting our delicious coffee we are spiking our insulin levels resulting in fat storage, and putting unnatural chemicals in our body that are hard to digest resulting in increased toxicity.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to avoid these artificial creamers completely and focus on coffee creamers that are natural and that will be friendly to our Keto dieters.

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Dunkin Donuts: Extra Extra

The name says it all Extra Extra. This creamer contains extra of all the bad stuff including sugar, preservatives, fat, and carrageenan.

Nutrition facts : 40 calories, 1.5g fat, 6 g carbs , 0g protein.

Ingredients: Milk, sugar, cream, contains 2% or less of: natural flavors, dipotassium phosphate, potassium citrate, carrageenan.

To Make Your Coffee Sweet

How to Make Healthy Coffee Creamers – Healthy Coffee Creamer Ideas

For those who like their coffee sweetened up, there are a few solid options out there. “Honey is a natural sweetener, which can help reduce the amount of added sugar you have in your coffee,” says Richardson. Another option she suggests? Monk fruit extract. “Monk fruit extract contains some incredible compounds that are 300-400 times sweeter than cane sugar. And here’s the real kicker, its virtually calorie-free. That means it wont affect blood sugar levels, and it wont rot your teeth.”

Schowalter notes that a pinch of sugar here isn’t something to feel bad about, so if you add a tiny bit to your coffee, don’t sweat it. But you can also try stevia. “I sometimes like to sweeten my coffee with some vanilla-flavored stevia which is calorie-free,” she says.

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International Delight Cinnabon Creamer

Well, you can feel a little better about putting a tablespoon of this creamer into your coffee, since the numbers are slightly better than Starbucks: 35 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and five grams of carbs, and its cholesterol-free. Those arent the selling points, of course this creamer is based on the flavor of Cinnabons cinnamon rolls, complete with a hint of the cream cheese frosting.

Its dairy- and lactose-free since its made primarily from palm oil and cane sugar, but it does contain carrageenan and the milk-derivative sodium caseinate, so its not a non-dairy product. It is delicious, though. There are many other tasty flavor choices from International Delight, including Irish Crème, amaretto, caramel macchiato and French vanilla, and crazy options like Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream, Almond Joy, Hersheys chocolate caramel and Fruity Pebbles.

Honorable Mention: Nestlé Coffee-Mates Natural Bliss products.

Califia Farms Better Half Coffee Creamer Unsweetened

Per two-tablespoon serving: 15 calories, 1½g fat, 0g carbs, 0g protein, 0g sugar

Ingredients: almond milk, coconut cream, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium citrate, locust bean gum, gellan gum

We love coconut cream for thickening soups, sauces and curries. But its also the key to this creamers silky, rich consistency. Pairing it with almond milk keeps the calories low and offers a boost of healthy fats.

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Prymal Salted Caramel Coffee Creamer

Per four-teaspoon serving: 45 calories, 4g fat, 5g carbs, 0g protein, 0g sugar

Ingredients: coconut oil, ketosweet blend , MCTs, natural flavor, organic coconut milk powder, inulin, erythritol contains 2 percent or less of sodium caseinate, Himalayan pink salt, silicon dioxide, sunflower lecithin, vegetable juice color

We love this non-GMO, keto, gluten-free brand for its naturally sweetened creamers. Theyre all sugar-free, thanks to monk fruit and stevia, but still delicious. Of all the flavors, were big fans of the Salted Caramel, Red Velvet and Cinnamon Dolce varieties. Despite its long list of ingredients , this is a solid pick for those who only like flavored, sweet coffee.

Differences In Fat And Calorie Content

Healthy Coffee Creamer (Dairy

One main difference between these three ingredients is their fat content.

Given that heavy cream is made from the high fat cream found in fresh milk, its the highest in fat. It typically contains 3640% fat, or about 5.4 grams per tablespoon .

On the other hand, half-and-half is made from a combination of cream and milk, so it contains substantially less fat.

Most types of half-and-half contain less than half the fat of heavy cream, consisting of 1018% fat, or about 1.7 grams per tablespoon .

While the fat content of coffee creamer can vary by brand, its typically less than that of half-and-half. One tablespoon of coffee creamer contains approximately 1 gram of fat .

Given their varying fat contents, each ingredient contains varying amounts of calories.

Heavy cream contains the most fat and calories of the three, with one tablespoon containing about 51 calories (


Heavy cream is the highest in fat and calories. Half-and-half and coffee creamer often contain similar amounts of fat and calories.

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Almond Breeze Vanilla Almondmilk Creamer

Per one-tablespoon serving: 25 calories, 1g fat, 4g carbs, 0g protein, 4g sugar

Ingredients: almond milk, cane sugar, almond oil, sunflower oil, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, dipotassium phosphate, pea protein, baking soda, sea salt, vitamin C, gellan gum

Sure, artificial sweeteners save you calories and sugar. But if youre only adding a modest splash of creamer to your morning joe and its safe for you to consume real sugar, go for this smooth non-dairy option. Its sweetened with cane sugar and bursting with almond-based nuttiness.


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