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What Coffee Maker To Buy

How We Tested The Coffee Makers

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Evaluating the performance of a coffee maker is trickier than it might sound. The first step is to know what good drip coffee actually is. According to the Specialty Coffee Association, there are criteria critical to brewing quality java. Mainly these are brewing time and water temperature. Hot water should come into contact with grounds for no fewer than 4 minutes and no more than eight. The ideal water temperature range is between 197 degrees Fahrenheit and 205 F .

To see how well each coffee maker meets that challenge, we log the length of their brew cycles. We also employ thermocouple heat sensors connected to industrial-grade data loggers. That enables us to record the temperature within the coffee grounds while brewing is underway.

We measure the temperature inside the brewing chamber of every coffee maker we test.

After brewing coffee, we take sample readings of the produced coffee liquid with an optical refractometer. Given that we factor in the amount of water and freshly ground coffee used, that data lets us calculate the Total Dissolved Solids percentage of each brew. From there we arrive at the extraction percentage. The ideal range is commonly thought to be between 18% and 20%.

What’s The Difference Between Nespresso And Keurig

Nespresso and Keurig are both popular brands of single-serve coffee makers. Nepresso machines use Nespresso capsules to make espresso drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos. Keurig coffee makers use K-Cups and other compatible pods for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Both brands have several different models to choose from, but overall, Keurig machines tend to be less expensive than Nespresso ones.

What Is The Best Water For Coffee

Taste is always subjective, so there isnt one right answer for the best water for coffee. Hard water is harsher on your machine and will increase the frequency you need to descale. Those with soft or filtered water can still brew tasty coffee, of course there is just a higher chance the coffee can end up weaker. As a positive though, soft water is gentler on your brewing device over time.

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Best Coffee Machine 202: For Your Daily Caffeine Fix

With so many options, choosing the best coffee machine can be a big choice. Here are our top 15, reviewed and rated

There are hundreds of coffee machines on the market, so choosing the best coffee machine can be a massive task. First, you need to decide which type of machine you want: espresso, filter, bean-to-cup, or pod machine. Then it’s a case of deciding your budget. The cheapest coffee machines tend to be filter or pod machines, whereas an espresso or bean-to-cup will be perfect for recreating your favourite coffee shop latte, but will cost a little more.

Once you’ve made that call though, our roundup of the best coffee machine is here to help. We’ve rounded up all the top choices that have been tested by our team of in-house experts, and ranked them based on our user experience and most importantly, their ability to make a delicious brew.

We’ve tested machines that start at around £30, and go well up to £500, and you can expect to find brand like Sage, Breville, Smeg, De’Longhi, and Nespresso in our roundup. For the best coffee machine, just keep on reading.

Buying Guide For Best Keurig Coffee Makers

Buy Pro Series 14

Keurig machines are not just for coffee. You can use this little miracle appliance to heat cocoa and other beverages as well. There’s even a baby formula Keurig available. But seriously, you know you’ll be using it mostly for coffee, so you’ll want one that has the best coffee making features, like being My K-Cup compatible so you can create your own brews.

For the coffee connoisseur, your Keurig should have a programmable brew temperature, water filtration, and an energy-saving mode. If you desire a wider selection of coffee, get a model that accepts third-party cups. But there are plenty of options available that are fully compatible. All Keurig coffee makers feature easy cleaning, but some are larger in size for more demanding use.

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Are You A Multi

How often you drink coffee can be the key factor in what type of brewer you choose. If you know youll drink half a pot or more every day, you may want to opt for a drip coffee maker with a 12 cup capacity. If you only have one or two cups in the morning, you might want a single-serve brewer you can just reload when youre ready.

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

You can get this brewer from Breville with a glass carafe or a stainless steel thermal carafe which is the one you want. It features a gold cup preset mode that automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew times to meet the standards set by the SCA. When the carafe is not in place, the steep-and-release valve automatically holds the water in contact with the coffee for brewing a small cup.

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Looking For Automatic Espresso Machines

We’ve tested to find you the best.


  • Easier to use than the semi-automatic and manual machines.
  • They use freshly ground beans rather than a capsule and you can control the grind to your requirements.
  • You can usually save several ‘programs’ or user profiles with your favourite styles of coffee.
  • Some have ‘self-cleaning’ modes, which minimises the hassle of washing and descaling the machine, but ongoing maintenance is still essential.


  • Can be more expensive than other types of machines, and their higher price isn’t a guarantee they’ll make good coffee.
  • Can be quite heavy, from 812kg.
  • The depth of the machine can exceed 40cm, so you need to be able to spare the bench space.
  • Although they are ‘automatic’, parts will still require regular cleaning and maintenance, particularly the milk container and associated pipes, the drip tray, coffee grounds container and water tank.
  • Depending on the water hardness in your area, descaling will also be important. Some manufacturers recommend water filters which may add to the expense.

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Our Experience With The Keurig K155 Officepro Commercial Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

The Keurig OfficePro doesnt fall short performance-wise. In fact, in every area, this model meets or exceeds the capabilities of the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker. We loved the large-sized reservoir and the touchscreen interface that always lets you know exactly what the coffee maker is doing. Just like the K-Classic, it warms up in under 5 minutes and brews a cup in about 1 minute. The OfficePro gives you greater flexibility because you can choose the water temperature and it allows you to customize the auto-off feature. In short, this model has everything a coffee lover desires.

If you have an office or a work break room, this model is a great fit. However, for home use unless you drink 90 ounces of coffee each day its overkill. The cost is nearly three times that of the K-Classic, and the descaling process is complicated and labor-intensive. Our conclusion is, for home use, this model is just too much coffee maker. However, for office use this is the clear winner over the smaller K-Classic.

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The Best Coffee Maker In 2021

ByKatie Mortram, Tabitha Bakerpublished 17 December 21

Find the best coffee maker for your budget, whether you’re making a cup for yourself or brewing for a crowd

Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker KF6050
Hot and Cold-Brewed System with Thermal Carafe
DCC-T20 Touchscreen 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with LED Touch Display

The best coffee maker can make your morning. If you’re looking to bring cafe quality coffee into your home, though, there are a number of different brewers vying for your attention. We’re helping you narrow your search to the best coffee maker for you, bringing together our top picks from across all corners of the market. Whether you’re after a simple drip-based machine or a high-end espresso machine, there’s something for everyone here.

While the shelves are stacked with premium brewers sporting all kinds of features for baristas to boast about, the key to getting the best coffee maker is to make sure you’re focusing on the best device for you. That means you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars picking up pro-grade features if you won’t use them. In fact, you should focus on combining ease of use with quality brew results and value for money.

Which Type Of Coffee Maker Should I Choose

You may be left wondering which style of coffee maker would best suit you? For those that want the wide array of milk-based coffees, youll find in Starbucks or other coffee shops, one of the best espresso machines is ideal if you feel happy experimenting with creating a puck from scratch while also experimenting with brew volume and duration. Our article, how to use an espresso machine offers plenty of tips and guidance when it comes to these coffee makers.

However, if youd rather outsource this to the coffee maker, one of the best bean-to-cup will ensure you can enjoy barista-style hot drinks in just one or two taps, but they are more expensive than espresso machines.

For a mess-free way to enjoy coffee consider one of the best single-serve coffee machines. Also known as pod coffee makers, these handy gadgets from the likes of Nespresso and Keurig, use capsules containing ground coffee rather than loose grounds. However, this may not initially seem very eco-friendly as many of the capsules end up in landfill. Weve got plenty of tips on how to recycle Nespresso pods to ensure this method is as sustainable as possible.

Alternatively, for a constant supply of Joe without waiting for it to brew, one of the best drip coffee makers is the ideal choice, and theyre more affordable than other styles of coffee machines too. Our guide on how coffee makers work will prove a deeper look at all of these coffee makers.

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How Do You Clean A Single

One of the most common ways to clean a single-serve coffee maker is to fill the water tank with a vinegar and water solution. Simply pour white distilled vinegar halfway up the reservoir and then top it off with water. Brew the solution and then a pot or two of water until it’s completely gone and doesn’t smell like vinegar. You complete this cleaning every few months. For Keurig machines, replace the water filter every two months.

Key Features To Look For

Keurig K525 Single

Clear and simple controls

Digital displays are generally easier to understand than indicator lights, especially when programming the machine.

Adjustable grinder

Lets you adjust the grind to suit the bean and machine.

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Key Features To Look For In A Coffee Machine

Clear and simple controls

Digital displays are generally easier to understand than indicator lights, especially when programming the machine.

Adjustable grinder

This lets you adjust the grind to suit the bean and machine .

Variable coffee strength

This means you can adjust the intensity of the coffee to your taste.


A big espresso machine is fine if you have plenty of bench space in your kitchen, but you may want one that takes up less room.

Froth enhancer

Some machines come with a froth enhancer on the milk-frothing wand. This is supposed to make frothing easier, but it often produces large bubbles rather than the fine foam that’s suitable for lattes and cappuccinos.

If the enhancer is removable you may find it easier to produce fine, velvety foam.

Cup-warming tray

This helps keep your cups at a warm, constant temperature, which stops the coffee from cooling down too quickly.

Double shot

Many models can make two espressos at once, but they often just grind one dose of beans for this, usually about the same amount they’d make for a single cup, which leads to weaker coffee.

If you often make two cups, look for models that make them in quick succession rather than at the same time these models grind a fresh dose for each cup, which is the best way for a good, strong cup of coffee.

Warm-up time

The warm-up times can vary depending on the machine a manual machine might take 12 minutes while a capsule might be about 2030 seconds.


What Coffee Machine Type Offers The Best Value For Money

Pod coffee machines tend to be the cheapest type to buy, with prices starting at around £30 for some Dolce Gusto, Lavazza and Tassimo machines. They can work out more expensive in the long run, though, as pods are more expensive than ground coffee or beans.

Based on drinking two espressos a day over five years, and factoring in the upfront cost of the cheapest relevant Best Buy machine, we’ve calculated how the costs of each machine type add up over time.

The result? At £647, a ground coffee or espresso machine is the cheapest over five years, followed by the bean-to-cup at £867, and coffee capsules at £1,153. The most expensive option is buying a takeaway coffee twice a day it comes in at a staggering £6,935!

Prices correct as of March 2022.

Longevity is also important. To see which coffee machine brands remain trouble-free for longer, see Which coffee machine brand to buy in 2022.

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Most Versatile Coffee Maker: Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System

Think of this kitchen appliance as the Swiss Army knife of the drip coffee maker world. The Ninja programmable brewer offers an uncanny degree of flexibility, making it the best coffee maker for those who don’t always want the same cup. This coffee machine can create everything from solid drip to perfect cold brew or iced coffee to latte-style drinks with its milk frother, and it will adjust the temperature according to your choice. Its thermal carafe will keep tea or coffee hot for up to 2 hours. This programmable coffee maker even lets you brew iced coffee and hot coffee in multiple sizes, from small cups all the way up to full carafes.

How We Test Coffee Makers

The best coffee maker you can buy

We take testing coffee makers seriously and put machines through their paces to see if they really can do everything they promise to. Each machine is slightly different, however, we test each coffee maker for the crema it produces on an espresso, how easy it is to use and set up, and also for consistency from one cup to another.

When were testing, we take into account the overall design of each coffee machine – how it looks, how much space itll take up on your kitchen counter, whether the water tank is removable for easy refills, and how the machine looks as a whole.

For coffee makers with milk frothers, we test the milk texture to see if its silky and smooth and of course, we wouldnt be doing our jobs if we didnt drink plenty of coffee along the way to see how each cup measures up for the overall taste.

We test machines to see how much control you have over each cup of coffee, and whether its a case of simply pressing a button or whether more of a hands-on approach is needed. All coffee makers will require regular cleaning so were always sure to note what maintenance is involved and how easy these machines are to keep in top condition.

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Coffee Maker Types: Automatic Manual Pour

Youve likely seen coffee makers at coffee shops and offices, and might have one at home. Most coffee makers fall into one of a handful of categories: manual brewers, drip brewers, and single-cup brewers. Whether you go manual or choose an automatic drip machine is up to you.

When it comes to manual brewing, there are a few different styles to choose from. Jessica Easto, author of Craft Coffee: A Manual, noted that pour-overdevices require a bit more technique and some work best with special kettles, but there are tons to choose from at a bunch of different price points. If you enjoy the ceremony and ritual of making coffee, a pour-over brewer might be your best choice. Most pour-over devices are shaped like cones, which are set over a cup or carafe, Easto explained. You add a filter and the coffee, and then pour water over it hence the name.

People who drink both coffee and tea will be more familiar with the full immersion style. Full immersion divisions let the coffee steep in the water for the whole brew cycle, like tea, she explained, adding that the most popular example is the French press. It’s super easy and you don’t really need special equipment to use it, so I always recommend it to people trying to dip their toe into manual coffee, she said.

The Best Coffee Makers Of 2022

The Philips 3200 Series LatteGo makes any type of coffee you could wish for, with just the touch of a button. It has an in-built milk dispenser that takes the effort out of making your own latte or cappuccino, and the bean-to-cup design means you’ll end up with the perfect dose of fresh ground coffee every time.

Why we love it

It’s truly luxurious, with the ability to make coffee shop-worthy brews without any real effort on your part. We loved the LatteGo milk frothing system, which has markings to show you how much milk to add for different types of coffee. This cuts down on waste, and you can put it through the dishwasher to keep it perfectly clean.

We love the look. It’s modern without being garish, and while no bean-to-cup machine is small, this one is easy enough to store. It sits perfectly under cabinets with some extra clearance that makes it easy to top up on coffee beans.


You can brew multiple drinks at once, meaning those who have a coffee-loving partner will be sure to win some extra brownie points in the morning, and you can change the temperature, strength, and quantity of your drinks using the smart touchscreen control panel.

Pre-heat is needed, but it doesn’t take too long and the machine flushes any water that may have been sitting in the system overnight before doing a brew, which is great when it comes to making sure your coffee is as fresh as can be.

Why we love it


Homes & Gardens rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

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