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What Is Nitro Brew Coffee

What I Didnt Like About The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

What is Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew?
  • The release valve on the nitro brew coffee maker can spray coffee if you release it too fast.
  • Be careful with the inside lip handles they can be sharp due to left-over metal burs.
  • Do not use nitrous oxide with this coffee maker only nitrogen is 100% safe.
  • You have to buy the nitrogen cartridges separately.

Is It Safe To Drink Nitrogen

For hundreds of years, nitrogen gas has been used in beverages. It´s the same stuff you´ll find in some of your favourite beers. The gas is completely safe to consume and a better option than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide gas is used in most drinks, resulting in larger bubbles characteristic of soda and regular beers. Nitrogen gas added to coffee creates a creamy and smooth texture without any milk, sugar or their substitutes. Adding nitrogen adds a little bit of sweetnes to the coffee. The bubbles are smaller and it has an added sweetness similar to what you find in your morning cup of joe from time-to-timebut not too much so as to be overwhelming or cloying. Thats why nitro brew makes the perfect alternative drink for those who want something light while still enjoying their favorite caffeine buzz!

Nitro Coffee is the perfect balance of rich, foamy head and cascading bubbles. It has a visually appealing appearance that leaves you wanting to get up close so see how it looks in motion as well! Plus tasting this beautiful beverage will make your day better too because not only does it taste great but looking at nitro coffee forms an visual appeal with nitro cascading up and forming a perfect foam head.

Healthier Choice Than Regular Coffee

If you still have coffee in your diet, nitro coffee can be the healthier and wise choice to replace your everyday mug of coffee. Unlike other types of coffee, nitro coffee can be enjoyed in its natural form with being garnished with cream.

Several pieces of research have shown that nitro coffee is a healthier option for people who have digestive issues or sensitive tummies. Unlike regular coffee drinks, this drink has a smooth, bold, and unique taste.

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Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Healthy

Because the beverage is smooth, creamy and less acidic than traditional coffee drinks, many people don’t see the need to add sweeteners and cream to make it more palatable. When enjoyed plain, it certainly is a healthier option compared to other beverages that are full of cream and sugar. However, it does contain more caffeine, so those who are trying to limit their intake should enjoy it in moderation.

What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee The Ultimate Guide And 7 Surprising Facts

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System

If youve seen nitro cold brew coffee at a cafe and wondered what it is, this article is for you. Or, if youve been browsing the aisles of your grocery store and seen cans of Nitro Cold Brew on the shelves, this article will explain it all. Maybe youve tried nitro cold brew at Starbucks, and want to make it at home. Below well cover all of this, and more!

You may be wondering things like:

What is nitro cold brew anyway?

How is nitro cold brew different than regular cold brew?

Is nitro cold brew bad for me? Will it fit into my diet?

This stuff is expensive! How can I make nitro cold brew at home? What gear will I need?

Weve got you covered. This is the ultimate guide to nitro cold brew. Well talk about what is, and what isnt nitro cold brew. Then, well take a deep dive into the history of nitro cold brew and how it got its start. After, well discuss the health benefits and if it fits into your preferred diet.

Maybe most importantly, well also explain how to make nitro cold brew at home.

Ready? Lets get started!

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Can You Make Your Own Nitrogen Infused Coffee

Theres no way around it, nitrogen enriched cold brew is expensive. Regular cold brew is already much pricier than regular coffee thanks to the need for a long brewing time and double the grounds, and most shops charge at least another dollar for the nitro version.

If youre hooked on the stuff, consider investing in the tools to make your own at home. The cheapest way to do so is to purchase a whipped cream dispenser, the type with a nitro charger. Fill it with your own homemade cold brew and dispense it into a glass as you would whipped cream. Here are some guides to get you started:

Willing to fork out the cash, but just dont want to leave the house? A few shops are now marketing canned nitro brew. Just make sure you invert it into a glass before drinking. Consuming it straight from the can not only ruins the silky mouthfeel, but also means youll miss out on the drinks visual appeal.

What Is Nitro Cold Brew

It all starts with a standard batch of cold brew. The brewers keep the coffee in a keg under the dispensing counter, where a tube connects it to a dispensing tap. When the barista pulls down on the tap, nitrogen bubbles fill the cold brew thats coming up and out of the system. These gas bubbles are smaller than carbon dioxide bubbles.

That scientific fact means nitro cold brew does not come out looking or feeling like soda. Instead, it comes out looking and feeling smooth and creamy. There is a light-colored crema at the top, which gives way to a deep-brown body below. Many people who have tried cold brew liken it to a draft beer like Guinness in aesthetics and consistency.

Moreover, unlike soda, which is known for not being sweet on its own, the nitro cold brews nitrogen sweetens the drink naturally. While you can add sweeteners to nitro cold brew, the standard practice is to let the nitrogen speak for itself, so to speak. As a result, nitro cold brew is compatible with keto, paleo, and vegan diets.

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Is Nitro Style Coffee Healthy

Nitro style coffee offers the same health benefits as that of cold brew coffee. It is low in acid, which makes it great for coffee lovers who have sensitive stomachs. Its infusion with nitrogen adds a hint of creaminess and sweetness, meaning no more extra sugar or cream a great thing for people who watch their calorie intake.

Nitrogen Gas + Cold Brew Coffee = Nitro Brew Coffee

Brewing a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Stout

Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. There are a few ways nitrogen-infused coffee differs from your regular cup of cold brew. First, your barista will serve nitro coffee cold from the tap or infusion kettle. The beverage starts with regular cold brew coffee. Thats made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for several hours . The mixture is then infused with the nitrogen gas right before its poured. Thats done with special equipment that you might be more used to seeing in a bar than in your local coffee shop.

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What Is The Caffeine Content Of A Nitro Cold Brew

With cold brew coffees in general, its usually not a question of if it has caffeine its a question of how much caffeine is in it. Unless your coffee shop of choice sells decaf cold brew, your nitro cold brew is bound to be caffeinated.

How much caffeine will it have, though? The answer depends on the size you get. If youre going to Starbucks for your nitro cold brew, youre looking at the following amounts of caffeine per serving:

  • Tall : 215 mg
  • Grande : 280 mg

For comparison, the numbers for a regular Starbucks cold brew are:

  • Tall: 155 mg
  • Trenta: 360 mg

Nitro cold brew contains more caffeine than the regular stuff because its more concentrated.

Of course, all of these numbers presume you are not getting a shot or two of espresso in your drink. Youd do best to ask your barista about any additional caffeine youre looking to add to your drink.

Making Nitro Cold Brew At Home:

If you dont live near a coffee shop or consider regularly buying your coffee to be a waste of money, you might consider making your own nitro coffee. In fact, you might like your handiwork better than the coffee bought from a shop.

Heres how you can make an awesome homemade nitro cold brew.

What You Need:

  • Finally, open the canister and into your glass or jar.
  • The quick method makes a lighter and milder brew than the traditional route of brewing cold coffee. People who like their coffee strong will prefer cold brewing their coffee in advance. On the other hand, people who like their coffee mild will prefer the faster version.

    From here, you can simply pour the concentrate over ice and enjoy a simple but amazing drink. You can add a splash of creamer or simple syrup to sweeten things up a notch. You can even add things like whipped cream and other flavorings.

    Want to take things to the next level? Blend your nitro cold brew with ice and the quality creamer of your choice for the iced coffee dreams are made of!

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    Cost Of Making Nitro Coffee

    As a growing trend in the coffee industry, Nitro coffee can prove to be expensive to make at home. This is mainly due to the unique brewing process, and the draft system that is required to serve the coffee.

    Nitro cold brew coffee is not common in many coffee shops, as it requires the special draft systems to be installed. For that reason, the coffee is only available for sale online, or in specialty shops, or Starbucks.

    Nitro coffee can be served straight from the tap, or from the can its sold in. The fact that it is not available in most places has led to its high prices.

    What Is Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew

    Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    If you hadnt guessed already, Starbucks nitro cold brew is coffee thats brewed with cold water and infused with nitrogen. This process is achieved through the pump or with pressurized nitrous chargers. The bubbles from the nitrogen are responsible for its Guinness-like resemblance. Bubbles in nitrogen are tiny in comparison to carbon dioxide, which is why its used. You can pick up a refreshing nitro cold brew from many local stores. However, if you head down the coffee shops, you will typically see it being pulled from a keg. If youre at home and craving the drink on a hot day, you can use a cream charger to emulate the process.

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    Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Keto

    Ketogenic diet has gained popularity recently just as nitro cold brew coffee and it is a high fat, low carb diet. The aim of this diet is to make your body enter a state of ketosis which makes your body use fats instead of carbohydrates as a main source of energy.

    When it comes to whether nitro cold brew coffee is keto or not, the answer is clear. Nitro cold brew is safe to consume if you are on a keto diet. However, you should be careful not to add any sugar to your nitro cold brew coffee, otherwise, it might not OK to consume it in a keto diet.

    Why Does Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Have Lower Acidity

    Cold brew coffee typically has a lower acidity than most hot-brewed, espresso-based coffees. This is because cold brew is usually made with medium to dark roast coffee beans.

    Darker roasts have lower acidities, as the longer, hotter roasting process removes the natural acidity present in raw and lightly roasted coffee beans.

    The cold brewing process also boosts these effects. It is harder for bitter and acidic notes to be extracted when coffee is brewed at lower temperatures, as cold brew is.

    This means that cold brew and nitro cold brew are more suitable than other types of coffee for those who suffer from acid reflux, or even those who find that normal coffee doesnt sit quite right with them. The additional benefits of nitro cold brews natural sweetness and creaminess also make it much easier to swallow quite literally!

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    Use A Whipped Cream Dispenser

    Its super helpful to have a whipped cream dispenser on-hand, and you can find inexpensive ones on Amazon. There a multitude of different uses for it and you will also be able to enjoy a nitro cold brew whenever you want.

    Dilute ½ cup of cold brew with ½ cup of water. Pour your coffee into the whipper and seal it tightly. Charge with one shot of nitrous oxide and give the dispenser a good shake for about 30 seconds. Discharge the canister and pour your nitro cold brew over ice.

    These two steps will surely make the best nitro cold brew ever, and you didnt even have to leave your house for it! This method is economical, practical, and super satisfying.

    Nitro Coffee: Hipster Hype Or Real Benefits

    Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew Coffee vs Nitro Cold Brew

    By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC

    Theres been a lot of buzz about nitro coffee, and even though its silky and smooth like a cold draft beer, it wont leave you feeling foggy or blurry-eyed because its completely free of alcohol. Its the acceptable afternoon indulgence, with a smooth finish and frothy head just like a pint of Guinness.

    Plus, nitro coffee provides the same coffee nutrition benefits as a traditional cup of joe, while supplying more caffeine and less sugar.

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    Best Beans For Making Nitro Coffee:

    The best way to make a great tasting nitrogen cold brew is to start with good ingredients. In this case, go with quality coffee beans with mild flavors and low acidity. For the best results, use 100% Arabica beans as they have a smoother, sweeter taste flavor with notes of chocolate.

    Here are some of the top coffees for a good nitro cold brew

    • Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Cold Press Elixir: These beans are roasted in environmentally-friendly ways and are made from high altitude Arabica beans. You can also get them as whole beans or pre-ground.
    • Intelligentsia Coffee: This medium roast coffee is robust with notes of milk chocolate, along with accents of breakfast teas, lemongrass, and pineapple.
    • Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee: These beans are ground to the perfect consistency for cold brewing. They also brew the sweetest, smoothest coffee ever with notes of caramel and hazelnut. This is the ideal coffee for people with busy schedules.

    The Effect Of Nitrogen On Coffee

    When nitrogen is infused into cold brew coffee, it creates thousands and thousands of tiny gas bubbles. These result in a lighter, frothier beverage that has a more interesting texture and appearance. Due to the nature of nitrogen, it requires a special nitro coffee brewer system that infuses nitro into the coffee, tea, cocktail or other liquid.

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    Nitro Coffee Guide What Is It & How To Make It

    Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks across the globe. There are various types of coffees, with nitro being one of the most sought after. Nitro iced coffee enjoys massive popularity, courtesy of its distinctive taste and unique style of production.

    Just like its name suggests, Nitro coffee is a drink that derives its unique characteristics from the fact that nitrogen has been infused into the drink. On this post, you will learn about every aspect of nitro coffee, from how its made to where you can purchase some.

    How Did They Fix The Problem

    Local Reviews

    As mentioned before, the problem is with oxygen getting into your coffee as it sits for a whole day. It has to have a container that can be purged to there is no air inside your cold brew vessel. This was a tough choice since we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on factory equipment. Not until we discovered something unexpected. We found that using a large wine jug to store our water and coffee grounds were perfect for this. To get the air out, we used a wine vacuum hand pump that has a stopper at the top. It was perfect for pumping-out all the air inside the jug. Our jug was large enough to have one gallon of cold brew coffee. It also fits into the fridge without taking up much room.

    When the coffee was steeped for a day or so, I could then pour the remainder of the coffee into a container with a filter a couple of times. The result was amazing and preserved more flavor than I could ask for. After that, it was only a matter of how to get the nitrogen into the coffee. In the next section, I’ll tell you more about what experiments we found that worked best.

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    Nitro Coffee: Is Cold Brew Better Than Regular

    In the years since its debut, nitro coffee has been popping up left and right in coffee shops and grocery stores alike.

    This unique type of coffee is cold-brewed and infused with nitrogen gas to improve both its taste and texture. Unlike regular coffee, its served directly from the tap and is enjoyed cold rather than piping hot.

    Its often touted as superior to regular coffee, both in terms of taste and texture, as well as the health benefits it supplies.

    This article looks at the key differences and similarities between nitro coffee and regular coffee.

    Nitro coffee offers a thick and creamy texture that sets it apart from regular coffee.

    Similar to other beverages, such as sparkling water or soda, nitro coffee is infused with small gas bubbles that alter the mouthfeel.

    However, while these other beverages are produced using carbon dioxide, nitro coffee is infused with nitrogen.

    This gives it a frothy, foam-like texture and a smooth mouthfeel that is often compared to beer.

    For this reason, ingredients used to enhance the texture of regular coffee such as milk or creamer are typically not necessary in nitro coffee.



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