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What Is The Healthiest Coffee Creamer

What About Milk Or Cream

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

We know that the calcium in milk is good for us. It seems like our mothers, not to mention our health education teachers, told us that every single day. Cream? It contains more calories and fat, but its one of the gold standards in a keto diet so it must be good for us as well. Right?

Yes and no.

When you add milk or cream to your coffee, youre adding calories, fat and carbs.

  • Two tablespoons of whole milk: 18 calories, 1.4 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat.
  • Two ounces of nonfat milk: 22 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 0.1 grams of fat.
  • Two ounces of heavy cream: 120 calories, 0.8 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fat.

And thats without the sugar you might add as well.

Sure, those numbers arent huge, but multiply them by four or five cups of coffee a day and theyre eye-opening.

Its true that milk and cream can be good for you. They contain nutrients and protein that promote muscle growth and support bone strength, and they can provide other health benefits as well. But you can get those benefits in healthier ways, too, without adding lots of carbohydrates, calories and fat to your diet.

Thats important, particularly if youre watching your weight.

But what about the fact that milk or cream can cool down your coffee and soften its acidity or simply the fact that theyre delicious when added to a cup of coffee?

Thats where coffee creamers come in.

Best Keto Coffee Creamers

Those on low-fat diets, particularly the keto diet, dont just use their coffee as a morning eye-opener or an afternoon pick-me-up. First of all, its one of the few beverages thats acceptable under keto guidelines, since it doesnt contain enough carbs to kick the dieter out of fat-burning ketosis mode. Just as importantly, its a great vehicle for the added fats required by a rigorous ketogenic diet.

The best-known version of keto coffee is called Bulletproof coffee, which is black coffee blended with either ghee or unsalted grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. They each contribute lots of healthy fat, and the MCT oil is a good source of ketones that can keep the body in ketosis.

Keto coffee creamers usually follow that blueprint, containing a decent amount of fat as well as MCT coconut oil and very few carbs. Theyre terrific for low-carb dieters, and many are just as good for health-conscious coffee drinkers who are watching their weight.

Best Coffee Creamers: From Best

This is an evidence based article

This article has been written by experts and fact-checked by experts, including licensed nutritionists, dietitians or medical professionals. The information in the article is based on scientific studies and research.

It is designed to be honest, unbiased and objective, and opinions from both sides of an argument are presented wherever there is disagreement.

The scientific references in this article are clickable links to peer-reviewed research material on the subject being discussed.

Whats the best car? Thats an impossible question to answer.

If by best you mean most reliable brand, Consumer Reports says its Mazda.If by best you mean best fuel economy, Car and Driver says its the Mitsubishi Mirage.If by best you mean highest satisfaction rating, J.D. Power says its the Audi A3.If by best you mean best electric car, U.S. News says its the Tesla Model S.

Clearly, you cant call a product the best until youve set some ground rules to judge by. And thats unquestionably the case when evaluating coffee creamers.

Are you looking for the best-tasting coffee creamer? The healthiest coffee creamer? The best non-dairy creamer, or the best dairy-free creamer?

And on it goes.

Thats why our list of the best coffee creamers is divided into categories. Whether you just want a yummy creamer, or the healthiest whether you want a vegan non-dairy creamer, or one thats keto-friendly we have you covered.

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What Exactly Is Coffee Creamer Made With

That depends. Coffee creamers are mostly made up of water, oils, and sugar. Theyre typically free from cream or lactose products, but contain milk-derived proteins, so theyre not necessarily dairy-free.

One of the most popular coffee creamer brands, Coffee mate, is filled with partially hydrogenated oils , corn syrup, harmful preservatives, and other refined sugars. Coffee mate doesnt contain any vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, so there are no real nutritional benefits to drinking it. And while it might seem like an innocent dollop of coffee creamer wont do any harm, over time, these chemicals added up are just plain unhealthy to be drinking on a daily basis.

Is Coffee Good Or Bad For Your Health

What is the healthiest coffee creamer?  Ecooe Life

There has been a long debate on this. The most recent discoveries on coffee show that it actually is beneficial for your health and your well being. But for those who are regular coffee takers must know more about coffee. Some people having certain diseases should not consume high quantity of coffee as it can be hazardous for your health.

Apart from the caffeine, it also carries natural ingredients like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and potassium. Research has also shown that the quantity of caffeine present is coffee is good for health and non caffeine components are anti inflammatory that help neutralize any negative effects of caffeine.

The only thing to keep in mind is to consume moderate levels of coffee as drinking certain cups of coffee reduces cancer risk, stabilize blood sugar and is good for heart patients. It also reduces risk of other diseases, including Alzheimer’s illness, diabetes type II, Kidney and liver problems, heart disease and other major disorders

Some of the coffee creamers also have certain ingredients that are not good for your health so you have to choose them quite carefully. There are various forms of creamers available like in the form of liquid, powder, fat free, sugar free, low fat and so on. It all depends on your flavor of choice but you should keep it in mind to consider the health benefits while purchasing any coffee product

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Milkadamia Unsweetened Latte Da Barista Blend

Per one-cup serving: 45 calories, 4g fat, 1g carbs, 1g protein, 0g sugar

Ingredients: filtered macadamia milk, pea protein, calcium phosphate, potassium citrate, potassium phosphate, natural flavor, locust bean gum, salt, sunflower lecithin, gellan gum

If almond milk just doesnt excite you anymore, its time to branch out. Macadamia nuts make for a richer, silkier, less chalky product than almonds. If you prefer flavored creamers, try Milkadamias Unsweetened Vanilla variety.

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Why Are Coffee Creamers Bad For You

Youve heard it before: its always best to avoid super processed chemicals, oils, and artificial syrups and sweeteners. And, unfortunately, thats whats in most coffee creamers on the market. If you turn your coffee creamer around and check out the label, be sure you can pronounce everything thats listed. Otherwise, put it back on the grocery shelf. Nutritionists always recommend checking the ingredient list on the coffee creamer you use to make sure they dont contain these harmful ingredients.

What Is The Bad Ingredient In Coffee Creamers

How to Make Healthy Coffee Creamers – Healthy Coffee Creamer Ideas

Some people cant handle the bitter taste of black coffee, but they do enjoy it with milk or creamer. However, store-bought creamers arent usually made with real milk or cream. Theyre meant to enhance the taste of coffee and they get their characteristics by combining different ingredients and chemicals. Some of which can have negative effects on your health.

Here are some ingredients that you need to keep an eye out for.

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Best Collagen Coffee Creamer Reviews

We believe that life is about more than just the food you eat. Its about the connections you make and the energy you bring to every moment of your life.

Its about giving back, learning from others, and standing together. To make all these things we may become tired sometimes and at that moment we need a coffee with great creamers.

Here we picked some quality creamer that will give the best flavor of a coffee. So lets move into the review of the Best collagen coffee creamer.


No Caffeine After 2 Pm

Coffee is one of the richest natural sources of caffeine in the diet.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which is one of the main reasons coffee is so popular. It gives you a jolt of energy and helps you stay awake when you feel tired .

But if you drink coffee late in the day, it can interfere with your sleep. Poor sleep is associated with all sorts of health problems .

For this reason, its important not to drink coffee late in the day. If you must, choose or opt for a cup of tea instead, which contains much less caffeine than coffee .

Abstaining from coffee after 23 p.m. is a good guideline. That said, not everyone is equally sensitive to caffeine, and some people may sleep just fine even if they had coffee late in the day.

Nevertheless, if you feel like you could improve your sleep, avoiding coffee late in the day could be an effective strategy.

There are many other ways you can improve your sleep quality. Read this article for more science-based tips.


Drinking coffee late in the day could be impairing your sleep quality. Avoiding coffee after 23 p.m. is probably a good idea.

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We Tried 9 Healthy Store

Love a lighter cup of coffee? Switch things up with these plant-based options.

Some of us dont like to drink black coffee, and thats okay. But store-bought creamers tend to have unnecessary fat, added sugar, and artificial colors or flavors that can wreak havoc on your health .

Not to mention the ingredients. Look at what’s in a standard dairy-based flavored creamer and youll find things like water, oil, cellulose, and artificial flavoring. Yuck!

So we sought out the healthiest creamers we could find and brewed up a few pots of coffee to find the ones that also tasted great. After reviewing the options at our local grocery stores, we purchased nine different products that passed our nutritional guidelinesa mix of flavored and unflavored, plant-based and dairy creamers. And believe it or not, the highest-rated ones all happen to be plant-based! Here, our three favorites:

Whether You Are Looking To Make Greater Use Of A Bottle Of Creamer Already In Your Home Or Looking To Take Advantage Of A Store Sale Paired With A Coupon From Our Database Hopefully You’ll Get Lots Of Use From Every Coffee Creamer Product You Purchase

Top 10 healthy coffee creamer

What is coffee creamer used for. Luckily, no matter which flavor of coffee creamer youre aiming for, the base stays the same and only requires two common ingredients. So if you are looking for a simple coffee creamer recipe that will feel like a sweet treat to start your day, then you will most definitely want to check this one out. For example, you can find powdered creamers in caramel and hazelnut, two.

Milk or creamer are widely used by coffee drinkers throughout the world. There are so many flavors of coffee creamer out there that you can add. It is a liquid granular substance which is used to add in the tea and coffee to enhance its taste.

Coffee creamer, or half and half as it is mostly known in the united states, is a light type of cream used in coffee. Now, it’s exploded with a wide variety of options made from plants, including nuts, grains, and even fruits and veggies. A coffee creamer comparison chart.

It is usually a mixture of cream and milk with a percentage of milk fat ranging between 12 percent and 18 percent. Today, though, theyre primarily added for flavor. Make this homemade coffee creamer.

Today i want to present the first installment: Adjust the recipe to taste. See more ideas about creamer container, coffee creamer container, coffee creamer.

In the common terms, people also call it as a coffee whitener. It used to be that there was just one type of coffee creamer: See more ideas about creamer bottles, coffee creamer bottles, coffee creamer.

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Super Coffee Super Creamer

Super Creamer is our choice as the best overall coffee creamer, but it fits best into our keto section because its made with MCT oil, it contains less than a gram of carbs per tablespoon, its unusually low in calories for a keto creamer and it tastes delicious. This is not a non-dairy or dairy-free choice, because it contains both cream and milk protein isolate. Thats not a concern for most low-carb dieters, though.

Super Creamer mixes with coffee almost as well as milk or cream, and there are a number of natural flavors to choose from . One more benefit: even if youre not worried about dieting, MCT oil is known to boost energy to the body and brain, and has been linked to improved cognitive function.

Califia Farms Better Half

This unflavored creamer was our testers favorite of the bunch. Its made of half coconut cream and half almond milk. Tasters liked that it had just a touch of sugar, which took the edge of the nut-milk thing, and complemented the coffees bitterness. Each tablespoon has 20 calories, 1.5g of sat fat, and 1g of sugar.

Buy now: Target, $3.49

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Elmhurst Unsweetened Oat Creamer

Nutrition per serving : 10 calories, 0.5 grams fat , 0 milligrams sodium, 1 gram carbohydrates , 0 grams protein

What we love most about this creamer is its simple ingredient list. The unsweetened flavor has just water, whole-grain oats, hemp seeds, and less than two percent of added minerals and natural flavors. This product does not contain any added gums, to which some people can be sensitive.

Better yet, the creamer is shelf-stable until opened, meaning you can stock up on a few without having to crowd the fridge. If you like flavored creamer, they have Vanilla, Chai and Hazelnut, which are lightly sweetened with just one gram of sugar per tablespoon.

Buy it:Elmhurst Price: $11.98 per 2-pack

Is Drinking Coffee Creamer Bad For You

How to make a healthy coffee creamer!

No, as long as you use the right kind of creamers. These products can liven up your favorite brews without worrying about health complications because most of these do not contain trans fat, milk products, cholesterol, and other unhealthy components. New creamer variations include a blend of healthier milk alternatives, such as soy milk and other flavorings relatively low in calories.

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International Delight: Candy Bar Flavors

These sugar bombs come in a variety of flavors including Almond Joy, Oreo, Resees, and Herseys.

Nutrition facts: : 35 calories, 1.5g fat, 6g carbs , 0g protein

Ingredients: Water, cane sugar, palm oil, contains 2% or less of: sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, carrageenan, mono and diglycerides, natural and artificial flavors, sodium stearoyl lactylate, salt.

Heres Whats In That Coffee Creamer Youre About To Grab And Why You Might Want To Put It Down

It might be time to take your cup of joe black.

Were drinking way more coffee than ever before. In fact: Over 62 percent of Americans drink coffee every. single. day. And those of us who do drink coffee are averaging three cups a day. Thats up five percent from five years ago, according to the National Coffee Association.

And while the health benefits of drinking coffee are constantly being measured research says it can help burn fat, boost energy levels, and lower the risk of type two diabetes that doesnt always account for the added coffee creamers were pumping into it.

Many coffee creamers out there are made of junk dairy from conventional cows that have been pumped full of antibiotics, which is then added to artificial flavorings, inflammatory oils, and sweeteners. You absolutely want to avoid this, says Dr. Hyman, author of Pegan Diet. Its the worst way to start your day and sets you up for a blood sugar roller coaster, cravings, weight gain, and mood swings.

So, while it may seem like an innocent addition to an otherwise healthy morning beverage, you may want to reconsider which coffee creamers youre using . Below, were breaking down the most pressing questions around coffee creamers and providing the most obvious option for a healthier alternative.

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Homemade Healthy Coffee Creamer

Homemade Healthy Coffee Creamer Recipe ! A 4 ingredient, easy recipe that’s healthier than store-bought creamers!

A good friend once said to me, “drinking tea is like getting a friendly handshake, but drinking coffee is like getting a warm hug.” It’s so so true.

I look forward to the warm embrace of a good cup ‘o joe every morning with my breakfast. I do like a touch of sweetness and creaminess in my coffee though ! That’s where this Homemade Healthy Coffee Creamer comes in!

I used to use store-bought non-dairy creamer. However, one morning I went to pour some into my cup and it “glopped” into my coffee. Yes, I used the word glopped because I can’t think of a better way to describe it! I was totally freaked out.

The creamer wasn’t expired and it didn’t have a funky odor. But it was thick and gelatinous and….so not natural! That was the final straw! I was determined to make my own dairy-free creamer that tasted amazing but had no chemicals or weird “gloppy” properties.

If you’re a creamer user like me, you will love that this Paleo Vanilla Coffee Creamer is just slightly sweet but adds a wonderful, deep, complex, vanilla flavor to your coffee!


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