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What To Put On Top Of Coffee Table

Think Beyond Just Looks

How to Tile a Table | DIY IKEA Coffee Table Upcycle

The look of your coffee table styling is vital, but you have to think of the other senses. Weve covered having tactile items you want to touch, but also consider scent. A fragrance candle is the easiest way to do this. I include a candle in most of my clients coffee table styling scenes. It also introduces a nice circular shape to the scene.

Heres my top 18 Aussie candle brands here if you need some ideas.

Divide The Table Into Balanced Quadrants

Once youve divided your table into quadrants, Ro Miller Rynd suggests placing items in each of them to achieve visual balance. They do not need to match each other, but youll want to use things that take up similar space. For example, if you use a stack of books in one quadrant, you will want to use a plant or bowl of similar size in the quadrant diagonal from it.

Play With Varying Shapes

Round coffee tables can be a little tricky. Generally, they look their best when items are arranged in a triangular shape: a stack of books, a tray, and a bowl, for example. Too many square or rectangular items can also make a round surface feel a little off. Playing with a variety of geometric shapes, from circles to hexagons, will help the surface feel more dynamic.

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Appeal To All Of The Senses

Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey believes that the best coffee tables appeal to all of our senses. They are tactile and include items we can touch they include things that smell wonderful like candles or scented wax sculptures they have a small vessel for your favorite candies, and they are also visually interesting. Pro tip: Look for pieces that double as conversation starters.

Photo by Lesley Unruh Design by Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey for SCW Interiors.

Maximize Texture And Shape

12 What To Put On Top Of Coffee Table Gallery

If you love a cohesive scheme then incorporate your coffee table into it seamlessly. Clara Ewart, head of design at London-based interior studio, Kitesgrove explains why:

Coffee tables work most effectively when they coordinate with the room scheme so they do not appear too dominant within the space. We often choose coffee tables with more neutral tones made from natural materials such as marble and timber. Coffee tables need to be durable as well as providing space for more decorative elements such as books, trays and objets.

The more minimal you keep the styling in this instance the better a tray and two different sized bowls that pick up the colors from the cushions and side table are all you need.

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Primary Function Of The Ottoman

First of all, lets talk about this particular combo. Yes, an ottoman can function as a coffee table in some cases but do you want it to primarily be used as a table or as an actual ottoman? Determining this helps you to discover other important aspects of its design. If you want an ottoman that you might occasionally repurpose as a table, its not really worth focus in on how well it can mimic a table. Its more useful to focus on comfort in this particular case.

Go For A Bold Statement

Two coffee table styling tips in one here starting with the rule of three. Visually divide up your coffee table into three sections, now, you can either place items into each section, or only use two and leave one end free.

Coffee table styling tip number two: have one bold statement piece in one of your sections this could be a striking vase full of blooms, an ornament or a stack of books, but it needs to be the largest and tallest item. Then, have a smaller display of something else a stack of books with a paperweight or a scented candle on for example its lovely to use something that has meaning or brings back happy memories.

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Light Up Coffee Table

Add a bit of ambiance to a coffee table by using candles in a vignette. How pretty!

Im using three-wick candles I got on sale at Pier 1. Its Citrus Cilantro! See it HERE.

But dont be afraid to use a tall candleholder topped off with a chunky candle if you need a little height in your decor.

As you are creating a fabulously decorated coffee table you might want to keep these things in mind too

  • vary height
  • keep a tight color palette
  • edit, edit, edit- dont overcrowd a vignette

These 5 coffee table accessories will help you seamlessly create coffee table decor like a pro

  • 1 basket

Hairpin Leg Diy Coffee Table

How to Decorate a Coffee Table | Interior Design

I adore mid-century modern furniture. The trouble is its often insanely expensive. If youre itching to add a retro flair to your living room but cant afford an upscale coffee table, try crafting your own. Youll need some wood planks and hairpin legs which are easy to find online.

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How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Looking for simple ideas on how to decorate a coffee table? You have come to the right post. I have 21 super simple ideas to share.

I know Ive said this before.

But have you watched Grand Hotel? Its on Netflix and its a mystery and a romance all rolled into one with Spanish subtitles and beautiful costumes and people with more issues than Vogue. I am almost done with all 65 episodes and Im going to miss it.

Im going to miss Andres and Cecilia and wondering if Belin will ever leave them alone and let them live happily ever after.

Im going to miss wondering why Alicia and Julio can make out all over the place and Diego somehow NEVER notices.

Im going to miss Inspector Ayala and Fernando and their never-ending quest for the truth.

But most of all?

Im going to miss the scenery and the costumes the decor and feeling like I want to move back to 1907 and live in a hotel in the Spanish countryside.

Those Grand Hotel residents?

They knew how to rock a coffee table.

And today?

In honor of them, today is all about coffee tables and simple styling and ideas to make them prettier.

Here are 21 ideas on how to decorate a coffee table.

Stay With The Classics

If you’re unsure what items to place on your coffee table, take your cue from this display by Jennifer Reynolds Interiors. Classic items can include a stack of small, elegant books or a pretty floral arrangement. Decorative objects, such as this antique magnifying glass, cloche, gold spheres, and wooden box, can function as conversation pieces.

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Mix And Match Coffee Tables To Create An Enticing Design

Minimalist wall decor and a low-profile couch allow you to play with the conventions of living room furniture. Get two coffee tables of disparate sizes one large and square with a simple geometric base and one small and round with a more complex geometric base and max out your potential decor space.

Use The Rule Of Threes

The Strategies on How to Decorate a Glass Top Coffee Table

Abbe Fenimore likes to style coffee tables using the rule of threes. This entails arranging items in odd numbers for a visually interesting aesthetic. This is perfect for adding interest to a large square coffee table, plus it leaves a little space to kick your feet up. Dont feel like you need to fill up every inch of the coffee table, either.

Photo by Emily Hart Design by Abbe Fenimore for Studio Ten 25.

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Showcase A Medley Of Textures

Texture is super important. All too often youll see coffee tables with objects of the same material. Like a glossy vase beside a glossy bird ornament on a glossy tray. Thats too much of the one finish. Ideally you dont repeat the same finish at all. Instead, explore tactile materials that look and feel different.

A Colour Scheme Is Key

The coffee table is a smaller reflection of whats going on in the room overall. So, while the style of the objects is important, so is colour. You dont want a colour on your tray thats nowhere else in the room it will just look odd. Instead, pull colours from places like cushions, rugs and artwork. Itll make the whole scene feel really cohesive.

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The Amen Ottoman Table With Hidden Storage

View in gallery

This is another very well-balanced ottoman coffee table design. The Armen has a removable top which reveals a very generous storage area inside and which can also be placed upside down in which case it becomes a tray, perfect for when you need a flat solid top. Just flip the lid to make the switch. Moreover, the ottoman table has hidden casters.

What To Put On A Coffee Table

On Top Coffee Table Decor Tips

The coffee table is a piece of furniture that ties a room together. A coffee table is often the most obvious statement piece in a house. As such, its important that it is decorated well. For most people, however, this is much easier said than done. With all of the sizes and styles of coffee tables out there, it can be difficult to figure out what to put on it. So, what are some things to put on a coffee table?

For maximum visual impact, consider placing one or several of these items on your coffee table:

  • Floral arrangement or greenery
  • Fun or unique decorative items
  • Cute coasters
  • Seasonal decor
  • A bowl of quick-grab snacks

If you still have some more questions about how to accessorize your coffee table, dont worry. In this post, well discuss this topic in more detail. Just keep reading!

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Ensure Books Are Thick And Themed

A rookie error I do see some people make is having a stack of thin books on the table. Thats OK if its a collection of magazines on a tray, but for the most part you want the books to be thick. You also need to ensure they relate to the home and the room. You dont want a cookbook on your living room coffee table, for example. Keep the book topics inspiring something you can pick up and flick through.

Dont Be Afraid To Change It Up

Rynd reminds us that were not married to one look. Feel free to add new items as you like from your travels or as the seasons change. When youre entertaining, subtract items as you need for extra space. Your coffee table can be always evolving which makes it a favorite and reasonable spot to modify. Lydick similarly advises making sure that any groupings still allow room for entertainingcreate space for coffee, wine, appetizers, etc.

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Introduce Fabric Color And Pattern

Coffee table styling needn’t stop at the pieces you display on top it can extend to the materials used to make it. This might be a marble top or perhaps you want to use a footstool to soften a space. Choose a curvaceous shape, a pretty fabric and an unusual texture, such as this buttoned top, and you have an eye-catching centerpiece for your room.

Diy Photo Covered Coffee Table

Paula Deen Home Put Your Feet Up Square Tobacco Wood Lift ...

Family photos or vacation pictures make excellent gifts as canvas prints, framed artwork, or greeting cards. But, what photo gifts can you give your friends and family once youve exhausted the usual options?

Canon has collaborated with A Beautiful Mess blogger sisters, Elsie and Emma, to create DIY projects using your favorite photos. In this short video, they explain how you can use your pictures to decorate a common piece of furniture and make a great conversation piece:

How To Create Your Own Photo Covered Coffee Table

1. Locate a table. You will need a coffee table that has a 1 centimeter deep lip around the edge. The lip is necessary to contain the resin when you pour it on the surface of the table to cover the photos.

Use a table with a raised edge to contain the resin.

2. Tape off the edges. Use painters tape to cover the edges of the table .

3. Print your photos. Create prints in any dimensions you desirejust make sure they will fit completely on the table top.

4. Plan your design. Arrange your photos on the surface of the coffee table. If you would like to add an extra dimension to your work, consider placing 3D objects like shells, rocks, or other mementos that compliment the images on top of the photos.

5. Glue the photos. Use a spray adhesive to coat the back of the photos and adhere them to the table top. Make sure you lay each photo flat on the surface, eliminating air bubbles as you smooth it down.

Thats all there is to it!

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A Flower Or Plant Is Essential

A flower arrangement or plant is an essential ingredient when styling a coffee table. And you can go fake here if you need to . A plant or flower brings life and softness to the scene, and can break up the potential monotony of too many hard-items.

Heres my list of top fake plant suppliers if youre a black thumb like me.

The Inspire Ottoman With Secret Drawers

View in gallery

Some ottoman coffee tables are more practical and storage-efficient than their design initially suggests. The Inspire ottoman table is a perfect example in that sense. The bottom shelf suggests a practical design from the start but then you also discover the secret tiny drawers and that changes everything.

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Think About The Table From All Angles

When thinking about how to style a coffee table its important you remember that this is a scene you view from all directions. So dont style with the front of your pieces all facing the same way. Of course, when it comes to books the spine is going to face a certain way by design, but other objects can be pointed in different directions.

Diy Upholstered Ottoman Table

How to Build a V8 Coffee Table [easy]

View in gallery

Heres another great example of an old coffee table transformed into a stylish upholstered ottoman. Besides the actual table for this project you also need some foam, adhesive spray, a sharp utility knife, upholstery fabric of your choice and a staple gun. Check out the full tutorial on thiswestcoastmommy for more details.

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How To Style A Square Coffee Table

  • Its wise to break up the table into a few sections three main scenes on the table works well
  • You want to have these objects for a rough triangle shape on the table top
  • Use a rectangular tray as one scene and then cluster items like flowers, a candle and a coaster on it
  • Beside the tray, look to a large object with a random shape like a round bowl or some coral
  • Your last item on the table, sitting beside the tray and odd-shaped object can then be a stack of books

The Basics Of Coffee Table Styling

August 20, 2020Rachel

Today Im also joining 4 of my friends as part of our monthly, Simply Home Series. We are all sharing our favorite tips for styling and sources for coffee table decor. Be sure to check them out at the bottom of this post!

Artfully decorating a coffee table elevates the style and feel of a living space. It adds layers and textures to a room in a small scale, but really makes a room look put together and intentional.

There are many ways all kinds of designers will style a coffee table, but over the years I have learned combinations and a method to the madness that works for me.

The first thing you want to do is gather all the smaller decor items that could possibly work to decorate your coffee table. Pictured above is items I pulled around my house so I could look at everything in one place. Anything that wasnt in the color palette of the room I was working in, I excluded.

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Beautiful Living Rooms With Ottoman Coffee Tables

Check out this gallery of 50 living rooms with ottoman coffee tables . If you’re thinking of getting an ottoman coffee table, this is the place.

Welcome to todays gallery, featuring beautiful living rooms sporting an ottoman coffee table.

Why specifically ottoman coffee tables, you may ask? To begin with, these are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have at your disposal. With myriad uses and placements even within a single room, this hybrid furniture can mean the ability to shift the composition of your living room without any heavy lifting.

The ottoman coffee table can be used as a standard foot rest or guest seating, naturally. It can also function neatly as a coffee table, using a wooden try or reversible cushion top.

The reversible top is one of many styles of surface these units may feature. Larger ottomans may hold as many as four individual cushions, flipping to reveal tray table surfaces and hidden storage within.

The extra space can be moved to laps, and the interiors can hold anything from blankets to board games to remote control collections. Flippable, hinged, raised, or otherwise, the cushions on many of these models are more than meets the eye.

Great at creating an extension for existing furniture or simply matching a given theme with a new place to sit or place drinks, the ottoman coffee table is an aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian addition to any living room.

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