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Where Can I Find Bulletproof Coffee

What It Means To Be Rainforest Alliance Certified

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Ways

At Bulletproof, we take pride in everything we do and strive to surpass the norm. This involves having a keen understanding and awareness of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

When we offer coffee to our consumers, we dont want it to be at the expense of the farmers or the Earth. While we have a close, transparent relationship with our partners and frequently visit the farms, we wanted to do more! To bridge this gap that is too often overlooked in the coffee industry, weve partnered with Rainforest Alliance.

It All Starts With Quality Coffee

Coffee doesnt just taste good. It also delivers antioxidants. Caffeine keeps you alert, and it can also boost your metabolism and help you burn fat for energy. Just like the food you eat, the quality of the coffee you drink matters: Bad coffee can make you feel lousy, while the right beans can give you an excellent edge.

About Bulletproof clean coffee beans

You deserve nothing less than the best, which is why you should always invest in clean, toxin-tested, ethically sourced coffee beans. At Bulletproof, our 100% Arabica beans come from coffee farms in Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala to craft consistent roasts for coffee devotees like you.

You can feel good about purchasing Bulletproof coffee beans knowing they follow the Bulletproof Clean Coffee Process, which ensures they are:

  • Handled with care: Our beans are harvested and sorted by a network of passionate farmers who love what they do.
  • Expertly roasted: Our various roasts are what breathe life into our coffee beans. The Bulletproof roasting process is proprietary from Original to French Kick to The Mentalist , each roast has unique flavor notes that shine in your morning cupwere all about those taste tests!
  • Sustainably supported: Bulletproof coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which allows us to support social, economical and environmental change within our farming communities.

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When Do You Drink Bulletproof Coffee

Many high-carb, heavily processed breakfast options such as cereals, toast or pastries provide a quick energy boost, but may disrupt blood sugar and leave us craving another sweet fix. Dave Asprey argues that bulletproof coffee provides the fuel to start your day, whilst offering a low-carb alternative to carb-laden breakfasts.

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The Original Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

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  • 1 cup strong, high-quality coffee
  • 12 tbsp MCT Oil
  • 12 tbsp unsalted, grass-fed butter

When it comes to starting your venture into bulletproof coffee, you should at least try the original recipe once before dressing it up. Just blend the ingredients and enjoy. Youll see an immediate difference in how your thoughts process and your energy throughout the day.

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Ill share a couple of tips with you to make your step over the threshold easier. First, when you get the butter, make sure that its quality, grass-fed butter, but also check that its unsalted. Tasting salt in your bulletproof coffee wont do anything to improve the flavor in fact, its quite the opposite. If you can, use filtered water: filtration removes harsh-tasting chlorine from water, allowing the taste of your coffee to shine through.

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You want the coffee as clean as possible from the start. And when you put the recipe together, pour it fresh off the boil. Using an Aeropress or Chemex is the best way to achieve this.

Finally, make sure you blend it long enough to get the frothy consistency, much the way you want your latte served at a coffee house.

Paleo Chocolate Protein Powder

Bulletproof Coffee  The Nootropics Guide

I first learned of this protein powder from Chris Kresser, a functional medical practitioner whose writings I often read.

We tried it for our family, especially for my teenage son, because Chris mentioned it increases athletic performance and recovery.

I also found it reduces belly fat and increases energy because it contains MCT oil!

Four years later, Im still buying this same protein powder because we love it.

Enjoy the flavor and even add it to homemade ice cream recipes. In bulletproofs it also makes the loveliest, creamy texture. Highly recommended.

Start by using 1/2 a scoop protein powder for every mug of bulletproof.

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Who Might Benefit From Bulletproof Coffee

People who are following a ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diet for health reasons may benefit from drinking bulletproof coffee in moderation.

Drinking a version of bulletproof coffee alongside a healthful breakfast from time to time is unlikely to be harmful to health. A person could reduce the amount of butter and oil they add to the drink to cut down on saturated fat.

Criobru: Honest Energy Coffee Alternative

Crio Bru is a delicious, healthy alternative to coffee made from ground cocoa beans. Like coffee, the grounds are brewed or steeped resulting in a delicious drink. The natural energy boost you get with a cup of Crio Bru comes without the discomfort or or jitters you may experience with caffeine. This delicious coffee alternative is made with 100% Fair Trade cacao beans, roasted and ground using a proprietary process that preserves many of its plentiful health benefits.

Contrary to what some people believe, cocoa contains little to no caffeine instead it has theobromine, a natural and gentle stimulant relative to caffeine. Unlike caffeine which is harsh causing a spike and then a crash theobromine works with your body, not against it, giving you a mild, long-lasting lift without making you feel nervous or jittery.

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A Simple Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

This first Bulletproof coffee recipe is as simple as it gets. To make it, you only need butter, coffee, a blender, and your favorite mug. If youre new to bulletproof coffee and are looking for a recipe to start with, we recommend this one. It will give you an appreciation for what bulletproof coffee is about at a fundamental level and give you a solid foundation to build off of going forward.

  • 1 cup of black coffee
  • ½1 tablespoon butter
  • A coffee mug

My Favorite Flavor And How I Bullet Proof My Crio Bru:

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

My favorite flavor of Crio Bru is Dominican Republic. Like coffee beans, cocoa beans have a variety of flavors depending on where they are grown, and like coffee beans they are a little bitter. I happen to be a dark chocolate lover, so I add some homemade date sweetened almond milk for a creamy slightly sweet bru. If you prefer you can try adding a few drops of liquid Stevia. Stevia is a natural, low glycemic, calorie free way to sweeten your brew without harmful effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Of course you can always use honey or maple syrup. And as mentioned above, some people add a spoonful of grass fed gelatin for even more belly and skin benefits.

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Is Drinking Bulletproof Coffee In Place Of Breakfast Healthy

The nutritionists we spoke with agree that eating a balanced breakfast is a more nutritious way to start your day than drinking Bulletproof Coffee, which can lead you to miss out on important nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals. While not necessarily unhealthy, I can name hundreds of things that would make a better breakfast, Turoff says.

Theres a chance Bulletproof Coffee may leave you feeling fuller for longer, especially if you normally rely on a sugary breakfast, but nutrition is much more complex than simply adding more saturated fat to one’s drink and calling it healthy, Lemein says. There still needs to be a balance of all macronutrientscarbs, fat and proteinin one’s diet.

High In Saturated Fat

Bulletproof coffee contains a lot of saturated fat.

Although the effects of saturated fat on our health are controversial, many health experts believe that high intake can become a major risk factor and, therefore, should be avoided.

While saturated fat can be a healthy part of a balanced diet when consumed in moderation, it can be damaging to your health if consumed in large amounts.

If you are concerned about your high cholesterol levels, you shouldnt drink too much Bulletproof coffeeor better yet, avoid it entirely.

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Top 5 Best Mold And Mycotoxin Free Coffee Brands Of 2022

No one wants to drink moldy coffee, but finding expertly sourced, properly roasted, and third-party lab tested coffee can be a challenge. To help make your search as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of most popular “mold free” coffee’s including Bulletproof, Peak Performance, Isagenix, Kicking Horse, and our very own Natural Force Clean Coffee. We will examine how each company sources, roasts, and tests their coffee beans so you can decide for yourself which mold and mycotoxin free coffee is right for you!

In this article, youll discover:

Locations To Purchase Bulletproof Coffee Both Offline And Online


If you pay any attention to the health industry, then youve likely already heard of Bulletproof Coffee. If you havent, then youre seriously missing out. Bulletproof coffee is an amazing creation a mixture of coffee, a special type of butter, and a special type of oil that mixes up into a drink that really can give you a lot of energy.

If youve been trying to find Bulletproof Coffee, you may or may not have had a lot of success. This is because you cant find Bulletproof Coffee in all locations. There are some specific areas where Bulletproof Coffee is everywhere, yet in other locations, you almost cant find it. So if youve been looking to try Bulletproof Coffee, then read on.

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Japanese Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea

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Mix everything in a blender, pour in a mug, decorate with optional cinnamon, and enjoy!

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I heard about this recipe in the process of seeking out a way to cater to the needs of tea drinkers while creating a different flavor. I was inundated with information about green tea flavors, but I saw information on matcha more than once. So, I started asking around about bulletproof matcha green tea . Ask, and ye shall receive.

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Something I have noticed that is common among bulletproof tea recipes is the way they are altered from the basic bulletproof coffee recipes. For example, as is the case with this particular recipe, Ive found that tea often calls for butter OR coconut oil, not both.

There are also more callings for sweetener of some kind, though most of the recommendations involve Stevia or some other non-sugar sweet thing . I think its the organic nature of tea that makes people take this route, and when it comes to oil and butter, the thinner beverage might become too oily if using both oil and butter in quantity. Of course, those are just conjectures.

What Is Bulletproofing And What Are The Benefits

Bulletproofing coffee simply means that you add a couple of ingredients to your coffee that are high in healthy medium chain triglycerides in other words, fats. Medium chain fats are easily digestible and supply the brain with what it needs for better mental acuity. These fats can also give you more energy, balance hormones, improve thyroid function, and maximize your fat burning capabilities! Healthy fats can also give you the feeling of being full, which is great because you may just end up eating less. To bulletproof coffee most people add a little grass fed butter or ghee and a quality source of MCTs like Bulletproofs Brain Octane Oil.

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Is Bulletproof Coffee Good For You

Although claims suggest that bulletproof coffee may prevent hunger, support energy and be a weight loss alternative to breakfast, there is not enough evidence to confirm this. Moderate coffee drinking may have health benefits, although adding large amounts of saturated fat to your coffee may not be good for the longer-term health of some people. As a meal replacement, bulletproof coffee makes a poor nutritional alternative to a balanced breakfast.

If you’re considering incorporating bulletproof coffee into your diet, it’s worth checking that your blood fats are not elevated. The current advice for those with cholesterol problems is to avoid an excessive intake of saturated fats, including butter. Speak to your doctor if you’re concerned that your dietary choices may have an impact on your risk of heart disease.

Pregnant women are advised to minimise their consumption of caffeine and to eat regular balanced meals, so bulletproof coffee is unlikely to be appropriate.

Bulletproof Coffee Will Muck Up Your Blood Lipids

“Bullet Proof Coffee” Recipe: 3 ways! // Fat-Fuelled Keto Coffee!

A cup of BP coffee supplies more than the generally recommended amount of saturated fat, and while sat-fat isn’t the blood lipid assassin it was once thought to be, moderation is still important.

The saturated fat comes from the big, shovel-sized dollop of butter and, most often, through an equally large scoop of coconut oil, which is a rich source of the medium-chain triglycerides BP coffee drinkers foolishly covet.

That much butter and saturated fat in general, will, in most people, increase the risk of heart disease by dramatically elevating LDL levels and apolipoprotein B levels, the latter of which is particularly worrisome. All that saturated fat will also likely raise fasting blood glucose levels and triglyceride levels. Not good.

Users often justify those problems by insisting that MCT oils help people get leaner and improve body comp. Sure, a couple of studies have shown that MCT oil has a modest calorie-burning effect, but you could probably approximate the same benefit by having only two Tic Tacs instead of three.

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Bulletproofs Commitment To Clean Coffee Production

Bulletproof places a heavy emphasis on closing the loop to ensure transparency and control over all aspects of our process, from bean to brew.

This starts by establishing close relationships with small farms in Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador in order to capture the unique terroirs and flavor profiles representative of these regions.

Additionally, our coffee cherries are 100% Arabica, heirloom varieties that are hand-picked by skilled harvesters and further separated to result in only ripe, intact cherries. Plus, our farms incorporate further cleaning steps to reduce microbiological contamination.

Furthermore, to verify the effective mitigation of mycotoxins, our green beans are always tested. Once they pass the test , they are blended in the perfect proportion and roasted to our carefully defined parameters.

Then, the roasted coffee is cupped by a team of experts who score for a variety of attributes, including fragrance/aroma, flavor, acidity, body, uniformity and clean cup. We enforce stringent cupping scores to guarantee Specialty Grade coffeeevery time.

The result is more than just a medley of divine aromas and flavors. Its an experience!

Turbo Bulletproof Coffee Drops

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  • ½ stick unsalted, grass-fed butter
  • 1 cup coconut oil or MCT oil
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp sea salt

Just combine the ingredients, whisk, and freeze in cube trays! After they freeze, you can store them in the fridge. When youre ready, combine a drop with a cup of hot coffee and blend.

Making your bulletproof coffee in the morning is almost as quick as brewing a standard cup of coffee and pouring in your creamer that contains all sorts of unhealthy sugar and saturated fat. But for those who are really on the run and cant seem to get the alarm set early enough to buy those extra couple of minutes, there is an alternative .

I started keeping bulletproof coffee drops a few months ago because there are mornings I need to just grab and go, and I can drop one of these into the brew at work, even if the coffee there does leave a little to be desired in the quality area.

It still doesnt take a long time to make these, and since you can make them in bulk and store them, its worth spending a few minutes on Sunday to take care of business and assure youll have what you need throughout the week.

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Bulletproof Coffee Will Actually Make You Fatter

Bulletproof coffee isn’t a “fat-burning” drink. It’s actually a fat building or fat gaining drink. Consider that your average cup of ordinary Joe, with a couple of tablespoons of cream, has about 3 grams or so of fat and about 40 calories. Contrast that with a cup of BP, which has about 52 grams of fat and about 470 calories.

Drink two of these, as many BP coffee fans do, and you’ve downed almost the caloric equivalent of a Double Whopper with cheese, which, sadly, is more nutritive than your BP coffee. Hell, you could have eaten 20 fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast and taken in less fat.

Bulletproof Coffee Will Give You Sonic Boom Diarrhea

Can I Drink Bulletproof Coffee Twice A Day? Drinking it twice a day?

The body wasn’t made to ingest a great deal of fat in one sitting. Alaskan sled dogs competing in the Iditarod can pull it off, but not you. Most, or at least many, people who begin using BP coffee experience picture-frame rattling diarrhea. Of course, the body often gets used to all kinds of abuses, and this one is no different.

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Blending It Together: The Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

While our coffee is nothing short of amazing on its own , the roast is only part of the equation

To truly feel the Bulletproof difference, we encourage you to supercharge your morning ritual with sustained energy by incorporating quality fats such as Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee.

The result is this Bulletproof Coffee Recipe that made us, well, famous!

Go one step further by tailoring the taste around the roast profile of your liking and unlock a creamy latte experience that youll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Pro tip: If youre a Bulletproof Coffee drinker and a creamer fan, try our new Bulletproof Original Coffee Creamer. Easy-to-scoop quality fats from grass-fed butter and MCT oil join forces to create the ultimate fuel to power your day.


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