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Where To Buy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Look For Seal Of Certification

What’s Up With Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Once you receive the bag of roasted beans in the mail, or if you are at a store location that happens to sell blue mountain coffee, you will want to find the seal of certification from the Coffee Industry Board. Having the seal verifies that this product was reviewed and approved for export as it meets all the necessary qualifications.

The seal is blue, with a circle surrounded by the words, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Inside the circle there is a barrel at the center. The background is made of the outline of the blue mountain. There is a silhouette of the county of Jamaica in the middle just behind the picture of the barrel. Within the circle, below the silhouette and barrel is a coffee bean plant.

When on the lookout for imposters, one tell tale sign is the shade of blue on the seal. Those who try to copy the seal tend to make the ink either too dark or too light. It is best to find a copy of the seal online to compare to the color.

Another tip, is to see how crisp the likes are around and in the seal. Some counterfeiters have blurred lines as this can be an identifier of a false product. This may be difficult to detect as the blurring can be a very small amount.

Lastly you will want to check the pictures in the seal. Make sure that the seal only contains all the items as described previously! Check that nothing is missing from the seal and that the alignment is even. If something is off center or a symbol is missing, then it may not be the real deal.

Watch Out For Coffee Blends

When reading through the fine print, be sure to note anything that states if it is a Blue Mountain Coffee Blend. Since there are no regulations on proportions or ratio amounts for how much Blue mountain coffee it takes to make a blend, there is no way to verify if any is actually in the blend.

Look out for text stating that it is 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. If you so happen to get a blend, then check to verify if the seller actually lists the amounts of coffee in the blend. Counterfeiters and scammers wont list the ratio amounts, but those selling an authentic blend should list that information.

Get It Checked From A Professional

Even when you have made sure that every factor checks out from your chosen vendor, getting a second opinion when you actually receive your Jamaican Blue coffee doesnt hurt. After all, buying one of the most expensive coffees in the world isnt a small task. Making sure that you have done it right is only prudent.

Here, you could ask the opinion of any coffee connoisseur who has past experience in tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee by making them a fresh brew from the coffee beans you bought. This would ensure that you have made the right decision and bought 100% authentic coffee for your money. This is an additional step. But if you have never tasted Jamaican Blue coffee before and this is your first rodeo, then this is also crucial in brushing your own coffee identification skills.

After all, the worst that could happen is you get the answer about the coffee not being as original as you thought. But in the long run, it would keep you from making the same mistake again. It would also help you find an authentic vendor all by yourself the next time you are looking to buy Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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Review Of 5 Coffees From Jamaicas Blue Mountains

If youre going to splurge on a high-end coffee, youll want to be careful where you get it from. Here is a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee review with our top picks.

There’s a reason why Volcanica has three entries on this short list. It is a reliable company with deep ties to the growers and producers it works with. That relationship comes from mutual respect and integrity. This offering from Volcanica has great taste and fun packaging. It comes in a miniature wooden barrel that can be reused. Inside the barrel, you’ll find the coffee in a vacuum-sealed bag. It is 100% JBM coffee certified by the Jamaican Department of Agriculture. The beans are grown in the Clydesdale region of the Blue Mountains. The Clydesdale estate was one of the first coffee plantations in Jamaica back in the 1700s. While the original Clydesdale estate no longer exists, the coffee from this area has exceptional qualities. When brewed, you’ll enjoy an intense aroma. In the cup, the coffee has a nice balance with prominent fruit flavors and light acidity. Flavor tones include nuts and chocolate. It has a rich body with a smooth finish. The beans are dried on concrete slabs. These beans come from the Clifton Mount Estate at 2,000 feet above sea level. In addition to the Jamaican certification, this coffee is Direct Trade Certified, Kosher Certified, and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Its An Internationally Protected Brand

10 Best Jamaican blue mountain coffee (Where to buy?)

The Coffee Industry Regulation Act has preserved Blue Mountains identity by giving it a globally protected certification mark, awarded by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica . Only coffee certified with this mark can be legally sold as Blue mountain

If it doesnt have that mark? Its not the real deal. We show you how to spot the fakes below.

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Cubico 100% Pure Jamaican Blue Coffee

Cubico Coffee is another brand that offers premium grade 100% whole bean Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that is freshly roasted while also being affordable.

The medium roast coffee comes in 12oz and 16oz packaging while sporting 4.2 stars against 271 ratings. It comes in $54.95/12oz and $69.95/16oz packages.

Beware Of Blue Mountain Coffee Blends

Despite these strict standards, many companies will still try to market coffees that do not meet the requirements as Blue Mountain coffee. One unfortunately common practice is to blend a small amount of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with lower quality beans to reduce the cost. If you see Blue Mountain coffee being sold at an unusually low price, you can be certain that it is not true Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee.

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But Theres No Protection For Blends

There is no internationally recognized criteria for calling something a Blue Mountain blend. These may contain less than 10% true Jamaican genius so always check the packaging. And Blue Mountain coffee is not ideal in blends anyway. But people blend it with the other Jamaican coffee to lower the price or with something higher in acidity to round out the flavor profile.

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What Does Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Like

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Regardless of how mild and smooth it is, a decent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has a vibrant and bright slight acidity. It should have a clean taste with little to no bitterness and a sparkling aroma with floral notes and sweet, nutty, herbal overtones.

Jamaica Blue Coffee has a refined, mild flavor with a delightful sweetness. Its creamy with chocolate tones to give the coffee complexity, and it exhibits a smooth yet light acidity with a lack of any bitterness. The aroma is bold with floral tones and nutty, herbal notes.

At its finest, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee produces the ultimate cup of coffee, making it one of the worlds premium gourmet coffees.

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Blue Mountain Coffee Cultivation

There is a long period of cultivation and inspection before even one coffee bean is reached 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain and reaches licensed sellers and distributors.

First, coffee is only collected once it is completely red, or cherry ripe. Each farm takes care of its own collection and it is mostly done by manual labor. Next, the beans are floated in water in order to remove the damaged underdeveloped ones.

All Blue Mountain coffee is processed at the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory . Once the farmers bring their selected coffee beans to the factory, the floating process is repeated.

Once the coffee has been floated by the MBFC, collectors come in and collect it daily for pulping. During this process, the coffee is further inspected and washed in order to remove the mucilage. The final product is known as the wet parchment.

Drying the wet parchment can take up to 5 days, it really depends on the weather conditions. Often times factories tend to use mechanical driers in order to help get the moisture of the beans to specific levels.

Beans need resting too. If the above sounds like a tiring process to you, that is because it is. So, the next phase of getting the coffee ready for distribution is actually called the resting period.

This period takes around 10 weeks and is critical to how good the beans will turn out to be. Only after the resting period is over, can the hulling of the beans begin.

Why Is Blue Mountain Coffee Famous

Blue Mountain coffee has been grown in Jamaica since 1728 when coffee was first introduced to the island. This smooth Arabica coffee is sweet-toned, easily had without additives, naturally alkaline and contains vitamins and nutrients making it beneficial for daily consumption.

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Cultivation And Elevation Limits

Here, it is also crucial to know that like most other premium coffees in the world, Jamaican Blue coffee also belongs to the arabica family. This automatically classifies it as a coffee type that needs to be grown at high elevation.

To be specific, any coffee thats grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica needs an elevation of over 3,000 feet to be certified as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Anything less than that doesnt classify it as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, even if its grown at the center of the region.

Technically, the elevation limit for coffee beans to classify as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is up to 5,500 feet. Since any lands above this elevation level now hold the status of national forests, cultivation of coffee is cut-off at this limit.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee : Everything You Need To Know

Flamstead Estate

The Blue Mountains create the perfect habitat to grow coffee. The environment is cool and misty, and there are frequent rains that pass through the regions nutrient-rich, high drainage soil. Since these beans are so prized, cultivation is tightly regulated, and only certified beans can carry the name.

JBM coffee is widely regarded as the best and worth the money youll spend on it. But there are shady people out there, and shady roasters, too. You may want to be cautious when shopping for Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Do your due diligence. There are some things to consider.

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Responsibly Producedtastes So Much Better

Our coffee comes from equitable and sustainable farms at the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, where a sense of respect and community is just as important as our best growing practices.

Coffee is at the heart of the Jamaican economy and helps thousands of people live a decent living wage for them and their family.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Perfect For Waking Up In Paradise

Picture: Our unprecedented Caribbean resorts with Butler Service, provides our most discerning guests with an unimaginably supreme standard of service and luxury, where your every need is anticipated.

The unforgettable taste and sweet aroma of Blue Mountain Coffee has definitely made its way onto the list of reasons Jamaica should be a bucket list destination. These in demand beans have stolen the show as far as premium coffee is concerned and are definitely worth waking up to in a place that will for sure take your breath away!

Insider tip: Planning a Sandals vacation in Jamaica? Here are 43 Wonderful Things To Do In Jamaica!

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History Of The Coffee Type

Jamaican Blue coffee was first grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica in 1728, which was a long while before it earned the moniker of one of the most expensive coffees in the world. But that is where this premium coffee got its distinct name, which has now become the brand title for many sellers of this coffee type.

At the time of its cultivation, the Jamaican Blue coffee grew like any other coffee in the world. Locals treated the grow while having a normal perspective towards it, and consumed it as such. But it took only a few decades before coffee enthusiasts all over the world came together to appreciate the distinct taste and lack of bitterness that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee brought to the table. Thats when the coffees status started to develop as one of the most sought after coffee types in the world.

How To Brew Jamaican Blue Mountain

BUY OR BYE?! *VERY RARE* Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain! REVIEW | Taste With Me |

Think of these beans as an investment in coffee enjoyment. As such, youll want to milk them for every cent that theyre worth. Youll want to maximize both the amount of coffee and the amount of flavor you can get in every cup.

In my experience, the ideal way to do that would be through your drip coffeemaker or using an immersion method such as the French press. These will allow you to slowly sip and savor the full spectrum of flavors that these beans have to offer!

And as with any other bean, make sure you only grind your beans as youre about to use them. This will have your coffee tasting a lot better than if you pre-grind your coffee or buy pre-ground coffee. This is a general rule for all coffees not just Blue Mountain coffee beans!

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What Makes Jamaican Blue Mountain So Special

Compared to other countries that grow coffee, Jamaicas growing region is very small. This is why it is so scarce. Also, around 80% of it gets exported to Japan, which makes it even harder to find in the UK.

The growing conditions are like no other. As previously mentioned, the temperatures can be as high as 27°C at the bottom of the mountain and as low as 5°C at the top. The plants are also grown in volcanic soil, which adds the fantastic flavour.

These conditions can make growing time as long as 10 months, which is around double the time of most other countries coffee.

Harvesting Jamaican Blue Mountain is extremely labour intensive. There are no large, flat growing areas in the mountains and it can be quite dangerous to pick the cherries from these plants.

Between the high gradients, wet slopes and uneven ripening time, harvesting this coffee can be very intense.

Once the beans have finally been harvested, they then go through rigorous quality control. When they are in their green state, they are categorised by size and any defected beans are removed.

Around 85% of beans are chosen for export, with the rest being disregarded because of faults.

Choose Whichever Coffee You Like But Make Sure To Follow The Buying Tips

Apart from the brand that is mentioned above, you can also explore other brands over Amazon. But for the most part, they offer a blend coffee that is not 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

On the other hand, these 3 brands stand out as offering nothing but the purest Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. You should make the decision according to what suits you the best. But ensure to follow the buying tips outlined above to vet each brand on your own as well.

This will give the experience to source out vendors on your own and make the process of where to buy Jamaican Blue coffee a walk in the part than a tedious task. When you do enjoy your sweet, clean and mild Jamaican Blue coffee, make sure to pass the knowledge on to other coffee enthusiasts who could benefit from it. After all, we can all do with some tips when it comes to learning about the vast world of our favorite beverage.

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Great Things Take Time

We take this saying seriously. So serious, that the process of getting this coffee into your hands was quite the journey.

Our coffee is not to be confused as any regular Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Because our core values are honesty and quality, getting certified by JACRA was our #1 priority. Which means, all of our coffee beans are 100% and not just mixed in with other types of beans with JBMC slapped on our packaging.

How To Buy 100% Real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica has a radiant culture and tropical scene that has attracted many tourists over the years. Even if you have never been to the island, you may have experienced it through music. If youve listened to any Reggae musician, most notably Bob Marley, then you may have a mental image of the place.

Aside from infecting the world with rasta culture and irie vibes, Jamaica also has a top secret export that is not so secret, blue mountain coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is certainly one of the most sought after beans on the coffee market. When sold it has to come with a seal of certification.

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Does Blue Mountain Coffee Require Special Brewing

When it comes to brewing the Blue Mountain Coffee there is no right or wrong way! Thankfully it can be sold in varying forms, as the whole coffee bean, coffee grounds, and even as a k-cup for our Keurig fans.

There are some tips to make sure you get the best flavor!

  • The coffee comes vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. Once you have gotten the necessary amount to make your cup of coffee, then press out as much air as you can, then reseal to maintain freshness.
  • For those of us who like to purchase the whole coffee bean and grind them at home, make sure you only get the amount of beans you need to make your cup of coffee. If you grind up all the beans, then they will lose freshness and taste much quicker than if they remained in the bean form.
  • To get the best flavor use the immersion brewing technique. Using a french press or drip technique will get the most flavor per cup since the water is in contact with the grounds for longer.
  • Use water that has already been boiled, and cooled for 30 seconds to a minute. Having the water boiled beforehand, gets rid of any flavor the water may have that could throw off the taste of the coffee.


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