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Who Makes The Best Kona Coffee

Where Can I Find True Kona Coffee

06 What makes Kona Coffee the Best in the World?

Kona coffee isn’t usually sold in supermarkets because of its rarity and purity. You might be able to find it from gourmet coffee shops or farmer’s markets, but you should be careful about buying it from unknown vendors. You don’t want to get ripped off.

Another option is finding it on the web. It’s available from most major online retailers, including Amazon. They’ll ship it to your door with a vacuum seal designed to keep it fresh until you’re ready to brew.

How To Avoid Buying Fake Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive varieties in the world. Sometimes, unscrupulous producers dilute Kona beans with cheaper beans or sell other “fake” Kona coffee. To avoid buying fake Kona coffee, you should know these 3 rules:

Avoid Kona blends

Since Kona is a rather expensive variety, blends are common. Only 10% or less of the beans in these Kona blends are true Kona.

Real Kona coffee is sold in bags marked with a 100% Kona Coffee” label.

Buy Kona coffee grown in Hawaii

Look for Hawaiian coffee companies that include both “Hawaii” and “Kona” on their product labels. Better yet, look for brands that talk about the Mauna Loa or Huallai volcanoes.

Go to a brand’s website and see where it gets beans from. The coffee must be produced in the Kona area of the Big Island of Hawaii. If a different location is specified, the coffee isn’t Kona.

Kona coffee grading

Each pack of Kona coffee is tested and rated by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture . If you’re looking for a premium product, look for the HDOA mark on the packaging.

The HDOA’s evaluation is based on various criteria: shape, size, rarity, moisture content, and bean deficiencies. Usually, the most delicious beans are large in size.

Kona Arabica is classified by type of bean:

Type I This coffee has two beans per cherry, which is normal. Further grading depends on quality.

  • Kona Extra Fancy the highest-quality, most expensive beans
  • Kona Fancy
  • Kona Select
  • Kona Prime
  • Peaberry Number 1
  • Peaberry Prime

Kona Coffee Beans Arent All Equal Check The Grade

The Kona coffee growing region is small but even in this small area, the quality of the coffee can differ greatly. What might be a great-tasting bean in one location might have flaws in another area just a few meters away.

Due to the vast difference in the batches of coffee produced, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and stepped in and grade each batch. To be frank, the Hawaiian Kona coffee possibly goes through some of the most meticulous testing in the world.

The grade of each batch is based on strict criteria and special attention is paid to the shape, size, moisture content, and any flaws that might be present in the beans.

If youre going to buy Kona coffee you should be paying attention to the HDA grade. Remember, these beans are not cheap so make sure youre getting the best Kona coffee you can.

How Are The Kona Beans Graded?

When the coffee is graded the Kona beans can be separated into two distinct types

  • Type I two beans per cherry .
  • Type II one bean per cherry .
  • A typical coffee cherry will contain two beans that are flat on either side . However, in rare situations, only one of the seeds becomes fertilized leaving just one oval seed known as a peaberry .

    Want to learn more take a look at this article What is Peaberry Coffee?

    Kona peaberries make up only 5% of the bean grown in the region. Simply put, out of every 100 bags of Kona coffee beans, just 5 of those bags are going to be Peaberry!

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    Why Is 100% Kona Coffee So Expensive

    Kona coffee has a unique, delicious taste due to the area in which it’s grown. This area affects not just taste, but also price.

    Kona is grown in the United States, where the cost of labor is higher than in other coffee-producing countries. While a farm worker in Colombia might earn just $4 per day, a coffee picker in the US could earn $10 per hour.

    Plus, the distance between Hawaii and the US mainland adds logistical challenges that increase the price.

    But because Kona is real American coffee, it’s worth buyingnot just because of its unique taste but also to support local farmers and help develop the United States’ economy and coffee growing industry.

    The History Of Kona Coffee

    Discover the Best Kona Coffee Brands &  Where to Buy Them

    The coffee plant was first brought to Hawaiis big island from Brazil in the 1820s. Those first plants didnt thrive, but in 1828 Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought additional coffee trees to Hawaiis Kona region.

    There, the Reverend planted them on the western slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanos which is where Kona coffee is still cultivated to this day!

    Even though Kona Coffee has been around since 1828, it didnt begin to attract international attention until several decades later.

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    Kona Coffee Beans By Imagine


    These coffee beans are considered one of the best due to its flavor profile of using the extra fancy Kona beans. These beans are grown in the volcanic soils at an elevation of 2200 feet and are grown close to a Macadamia nut tree. It makes it lower in acidity. This causes the coffee beans to have a distinct nutty taste that accompanies the Kona coffee beans well. Coffee beans are hand selected and air roasted to create the medium-dark roast Kona coffee. This coffee blend is ideal for using a French press, drip coffee machine, automatic coffee machine and a cold brewer.


    • Won the Paris Gourmet 2018 Gold Medal


    How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Kona Coffee At Home

    Brewing the perfect pot of Kona Coffee is not an easy task. If you cant get it right, dont give up hope. Follow these instructions and youll be well on your way to knowing what it takes to brew a perfect cup of Kona Coffee in no time at all!

    Kona coffee is a medium-roast type of coffee bean and can produce a very robust cup of joe when brewed correctly. If it is brewed too strong, like an espresso, for example, the end result tends to be bitter and acidic which is exactly what you dont want!

    A morning cup of Kona coffee is not meant to be like an espresso, as most people will prefer a lighter, less harsh roasting. Applying these tricks and tips can make all the difference in your morning routine!

  • Grind the Kona coffee beans immediately before brewing your pot of Kona Coffee for best results.
  • Use your Kona Coffee maker for best results, regardless of whether it is an automatic drip machine or an individual pour-over.
  • Measure two-level tablespoons of coffee beans per 6-ounce cup into your measuring device.
  • Pour the hot water into the reservoir of your machine and brew immediately. If you are using a pour-over system, you should let the water heat up for about 45 seconds before starting to brew.
  • Brew your Kona Coffee for between 4 and 6 minutes depending on how much of a bold taste you want from the coffee.
  • You can also add half & half cream, milk or light cream to enhance the flavor of your coffee.
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    Best Kona Coffee Beans Of 2022

    March 19, 2018 by Dan R.

    Believe it or not, there are many coffee lovers out there who’ve never heard of Kona Coffee. What was once a little-known type of specialty coffee has catapulted itself into global coffee stardom. This article will discuss what Kona coffee is along with tips on shopping the best Kona coffee on the market.

    Making up just 1% of the world’s coffee beans, Kona Coffee is both rare and a favorite amongst coffee connoisseurs.

    Kona coffee has appellation status, much like all good Italian cheeses and French wines. It can only be grown on the slopes of two volcanoes known as Hualalai and Muana Loa in Hawaii. This area which is known as the Kona Belt is only a 30 mile stretch of land that’s 1 mile wide. With such little land within these areas, it’s no wonder Kona is one of the rarer and more expensive coffees.

    Kona uses Arabica beans and owes it’s reputation to the unique growing environment on the Hawaiian mountainside. The last volcanic eruption in 1801 covered the slopes in lava, and has created a volcanic soil bed which is surprisingly high in nutrients. The volcanic mountains in this range can be anywhere between 500 3000 feet in elevation. This coupled with the sunny mornings, cloudy afternoons and mild nights of Hawaii, makes its ideal climate incredibly hard to replicate elsewhere.

    Konared 100% Kona Coffee

    The best kona coffee in Honolulu

    My final recommendation is KonaRed. KonaRed coffee is an all-natural, non-GMO 100% certified Kona coffee that has been grown in the nutrient-rich lava soil that can only be found in the Kona growing region.

    KonaRed beans are handpicked and slowly roasted in small manageable batches which ensures that special attention can be given to each and every bean. The end result is light-bodied coffee with mellow rounded flavor making for a good option for those of you that are trying Kona for the very first time.

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    Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee

    Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee brand is quite a unique coffee brand as compared to others. No cheap quality blending has been used in the product. Indeed, Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee is grown in a complete natural climate with zero pesticide use.

    Although there is no certified evidence that this coffee is 100% organic, still it is the best coffee brand that you can try. You can expect a perfect blend of flavour and caffeine, which is a notable point.

    This coffee product is loaded with bold flavours that keep it ever-ready to deliver a delicious coffee cup to you. But while grinding, youll have to pay special attention to cleanliness, since Kona Beans are oily in nature- so they can stick inside the grinder.

    Besides, if you utilize an inconsistent manner for roasting beans, it can end up creating challenges for you. But if you are using Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee, then you dont have any need to fear to roast. Thanks to the brand, which maintains a consistent size of the coffee beans that bring out the best quality coffee.

    We loved this brand for Kona coffee, and you can also try it.


    • Enjoy the sophisticated and bold flavour of this smooth coffee
    • Uniformly sized beans deliver a consistent flavour
    • An utterly organic coffee product


    • Beans are slightly oily, so they can easily clog your grinder
    • Need extra force while cleaning the grinder

    Not All Hawaiian Coffee Are Kona

    Similar to how Champagne is worshiped by the French, the Kona Belt region of Hawaii is idolized for its naturally coffee-inducing oasis.

    However, contrary to popular beliefs, the entire 50th U.S. state does not contain a rich, microclimate condition suitable for coffee plantations.

    For example, Maui and Kauais commonly-known islands are not ideal for growing coffee, regardless of their high population of tourists. It also doesnt mean that the coffee from those regions is god-awful. It just means that if you want the best out of the Kona coffee experience, check out the Kona coffee grade.

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    Ive Seen This Kona Stuff At Target Right

    Not quite.

    First of all, the typical âKona coffeeâ you find at your local Target or Walmart is of average specialty .

    Kona coffee is grown in a small strip of land on the western coast of Hawaiiâs Big Island, shown in red below.

    There isnât much of this stuff on the market. As a result, most of the Kona coffee you see is watered down with cheaper beans or isnât even Kona at all.

    The best Kona Coffee is sold farm-direct.

    What Are The Grades Of Kona Coffee Beans

    Royal Kona Medium Roast Ground Coffee

    Not all Kona beans are the same, so Hawaii separates them into the following grades:

    • Extra Fancy
    • Prime
    • Hawaii Number 3

    Usually, if a bag of Kona coffee contains only one grade, the grade will be listed. . But some brands will mix grades for certain packs of coffee.

    For example, Koa will mix Extra Fancy, Fancy, and Number 1 together for certain coffees.

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    The Tactile Sense Of Consistency And Thickness In The Mouth Distinct From Aroma And Taste

    • Smooth

    Hawaiian Kona is considered to be one of the worlds best coffees. Unfortunately, due to high demand and minimal availability, it is often exorbitantly priced. Our Hawaiian Kona blend contains 10% real Kona coffee combined with a specialty blend of other premium Arabica beans. Its designed to offer the same flavor profile and aroma of a full Kona coffee but at an affordable price. Displaying a mellow body and bright acidity, this true, artisan Kona blend is light roasted and features flavor notes reminiscent of coriander, buttery macadamia nut, & mocha. Give it a try and find out what this Kona thing is all about!

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    Whats The Best Brewing Method For Kona Coffee

    Because Kona coffee is packed with such distinct and unique flavors, we recommend using one of our favorite hand-brew methods . If youve bought a bag of these beans grown in a near-perfect climate, pull out your Chemex or French press brewer, so you dont miss even one of the Kona brews fruity notes.

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    Why Are Kona Coffee Beans So Expensive

    The price of a pure Kona coffee is not hype. It is EXPENSIVE. There are so many amazing coffees to consume, why would someone even consider taking a rish on such a luxury?

    What makes Kona coffee brands expensive is both the cost of labor and the demand from tourists wanting to bring home evidence of their Hawaiian vacation.

    The History Of Coffee Growing In Kona

    Kona Coffee Affiliate Program Review-Best American Coffee (Best Hawaii Coffee)

    Kona Coffee in many ways has a history that is as rich as its high-demand flavour. Coffee was first brought to Hawaii in 1817 although these initial plantings were unsuccessful. The first real step towards the Kona Coffee of today occurred in 1823 when Hawaiis King Kamehameha II travelled to Britain with his wife and the governor of Oahu, Chief Boki. Both the King and his wife died, but Chief Boki survived and picked up some coffee plants from Brazil on his way home.

    These plants thrived in the rich climate of Hawaii. The bourbon coffee plants were probably brought to the Kona district of Big Island in 1828 by a man named Samuel Ruggles. The first commercial Kona coffee plantation starting in 1836. No wonder they know how to grow and process beans when they have been doing it for close to 200 years! In the late 1800s this growing industry attracted a range of both Filipinos and Japanese immigrants who worked on the farms.

    However it was only in the 1980s that coffee became significantly important to the island economy as a result of the end of sugar production. There are now around 700 coffee farms in the Kona district, many of which are family owned and passed down from generation to generation.

    A recent threat to this industry was the discovery of the Coffee berry borer in Kona coffee plantations in 2010. This has been combated with some success over the last decade but remains a threat to be aware of.

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    Introduction To Kona Coffee

    Kona coffee is the market name for coffee developed on the inclines of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Areas of the Huge Island of this. It is one of the most costly espressos the world. The customary type coffee roast profile is light, sweet and fruity with traces of zest or nuts. As this coffee is roasted, it first gets kinds of sweetness and natural product.

    As the meal advances the sweetness and fruitiness decrease and the coffee creates body.Our Confirmed Natural 100% good Espresso is a roasted American-developed item and it is the main state in the Amazon where it is grown. What is it about coffee from the Kona Mountains that makes it view so great? The atmosphere and soil where the espresso is developed has perfect conditions for the coffee beans.

    What Makes Kona Coffee So Unique

    Coffee trees growing on dark and spongy soil, which are rich in minerals, are among the most distinguishing characteristics of Kona coffee. Moreover, the rich volcanic soil of Hawaiis Kona area is constantly exposed to a unique and well-balanced combination of sunshine exposures, rainfall, and humid temperatures. The regions excellent growth conditions for the coffee result from a confluence of these variables.

    Additionally, specialists in the coffee business are raving about the flavor of this gourmet coffee. There are few 100% Kona coffees available on the market, but they are mostly blended with other types of coffee. It also comes with a hefty price tag because of its superior quality. It is impossible to cultivate Kona coffee anywhere else since it is expensive. Thus, Kona coffee is in short supply.

    In addition to being paid decently and picking the plants by hand, the labor market for Kona coffee production is held to high standards. As a result, the price of labor is relatively high. As a result, the cost of a product containing Kona coffee is typically between $30 and $60. The expense of shipping Kona gourmet coffees from the island is another factor that raises the price.

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