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Caffeine Free Alternative To Coffee

Rishi Sparkling Botanicals & Tea

Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative?

The highly-respected tea purveyor out of Milwaukee spent three years in R& D to perfect these plant-based potionstheir first for the ready-to-drink categoryand then built a specialty brewery to manufacture them in small batches using artisanal practices. They leveraged longtime trade and import relationships and used knowledge gained on scouting trips to source high-quality exotic ingredients like foraged maqui berries from Patagonia, a unique variety of pungent ginger and hibiscus from Burma, Japanese yuzu, and black lemons from Guatemala direct from farmers and the places they naturally occur. Then they combined those with complimentary dried teas.

Theres nothing manmade involved, and powders, sugars, or flavorings are never added so theres no synthetic aftertaste. The layered ingredients pop with strong flavor but are ultimately light, aromatic, and refreshing. Unlike anything on the market, the current six flavorsBlack Lemon, Dandelion Ginger, Grapefruit Quince, Patagonia Maqui, Schisandra Berry, and Turmeric Saffronalso relay added functional side effects to the imbiber such as reduced liver toxins, clean energy , depression relief, metabolism boosts, anti-aging, inflammation reduction, circulatory support, and increased immunity. If all your pistons are firing properly, you naturally will have more energy and motivation to tackle projects.

You Can Only Stomach So Much Turmeric Charlotte Mills

But while Heinrich says this also doesn’t offer an energy boost comparable to coffee, “there is some research suggesting it could have preventive effects especially in case of infectious diseases, and as others claim also in the prevention of some cancers”. Similarly, some studies have shown some health benefits linked to turmeric. But you won’t see any of these benefits from drinking a turmeric latte, says Charlotte Mills, a lecturer in nutritional sciences at the University of Reading.

“You can only stomach so much turmeric, so to get the effects shown in some of the research, the dose you’d need is incredibly high. I’m not sure you’d get that through a coffee alternative,” she says.

“We’ve been researching coffee for ages,” says Gunter Kuhnle, professor of food and nutritional sciences at the University of Reading. “We know how caffeine acts. Turmeric is used as a spice and colourant in small amounts, but in large amounts in drinks, we don’t know.”

Matcha powder has been a popular recent addition to the hot beverage market in the West

Kuhnle agrees, and says you’re more likely to see adverse effects if you consume a large enough quantity of turmeric.

“Research into the potential toxicity of drinking loads of turmeric, or other plant bioactives, hasn’t been done, which is concerning,” he says.

But there is some research suggesting that consuming turmeric while pregnant or breastfeeding, or on specific medication, such as insulin, can come with certain health risks.

Soda Water With Fruit Juice

Some people find the pleasing fizz of sodas difficult to give up. Mixing plain soda water with a little fruit juice and a squeeze of lemon or lime provides a refreshing alternative.

Some juices that work well are cranberry, raspberry and apple, and grape. However, as many juice products are high in added sugars, it is best to use fresh fruits or opt for 100% fruit juices, where possible.

For more science-backed resources on nutrition, visit our dedicated hub.

commonly use ginseng root and ginseng extract to boost energy, improve memory and concentration, relieve stress and fatigue, and slow the effects of aging.

Anyone wishing to try ginseng as a tea or a supplement should read the product instructions carefully to ensure the correct dosage.

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Teeccino Dandelion Herbal Teas

Im riding the Rasa wave until I burn my dang tongue off. This stuffmade from chicory, burdock, and dandeliontastes vaguely of dark butterscotch. Like a Werthers Original that fell in the fire. Its not a perfect coffee imitation, but its a good adaptogen-packed alternative for people who like a dark, complex blend or want a late-night espresso without the tweaks. Ill fill up my French press and sip on it all morning long.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients


To enhance your mental focus, improve your memory and attention span, this product has ingredients targeted at such aspects of your mind.

Lions Mane Mushroom

Many culprits deplete cognitive function, and among them are oxidative stress and inflammation. Therefore, you need a product that can prevent these two issues. Thats why Mind Lab Pro has Lions Mane Mushroom because it prevents these problems.


If the brain energy goes down, it makes you start forgetting things. You also lose your concentration span and you cannot focus on hard tasks.

Thats why Citicoline is available in Mind Lab Pro because it supports brain cell health. In return, you enjoy better mental health, focus and attention spans.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

This amino acid is very important especially if you have been experiencing mood swings. First, it improves the secretion of happiness hormones such as noradrenaline and dopamine to lift your mood. It can help with stress and depression and it enhances attention span.

Bacopa Monnieri

You could be in the type of job that requires fast mental processing speeds. This is why you are going to need an ingredient such as Bacopa Monnieri, which improves cognitive function a great deal. It prevents inflammation in the brain.

L- Theanine


Oxidative stress and inflammation have a huge negative effect on the cells, including brain cells.

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How To Use Mind Lab Pro

On regular days, when you are not facing extreme mental stress or activity, take two pills of Mind Lab Pro in the morning or in the early afternoon. Take them with a glass of water before you eat anything.

On the days when you are facing a demanding task, you can increase the dosage to four pills and you will still be safe.

No matter how stressed you feel, do not take more than four pills a day.

Daffee: The Best Caffeine

From the time it was discovered, which was thousands of years ago, dates were known to have healing powers. And while science has proved that for sure, we love to eat them mostly because of how delicious these fruits taste.

Generally, when dates are consumed, the seeds are discarded as food waste, whether at home, in supermarkets supply chains, or in food manufacturing. But here at Daffee, there was no way we were about to waste them at all.

We turn those organic date seeds into an excellent coffee alternative drink that is healthy, caffeine-free, gluten-free, non-acidic, yet is a natural energy booster that is full of vitamins, ions, and proteins.

Studies have shown that date seeds possess high amounts of phenolic acids and flavonoids. These compounds are known to have many beneficial effects, including antioxidant, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory activities, that help with the reduction of cardiovascular issues. Date seeds have been also cited to remarkably have up to 10 times higher compounds than its fruits and other popular dietary antioxidant-rich food products.

Thats why Daffee is the perfect sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to coffee for people who are health-conscious and dont want the negative side effects of caffeine.

So, how exactly is Daffee made:

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Coffig Roasted Fig Beverage

  • Ingredients: 100% black figs
  • Aroma: Super sweet and fruity 100% fig aroma, which Im not necessarily wanting in my coffee substitute, but its not unpleasant as long as you like figs.
  • Taste: Coffig has a wonderful, coffee-like bitter note. I love that! It brews up nice and dark with medium body. It definitely has a coffee-like quality, but its also very figgy and a tad sweet for my tastes.
  • Ease of brewing: Brews like regular coffee I use a French press.
  • Overall: 3.5/5. I like this one! Its not the first option I reach for, but it tastes great. I like that it doesnt take a ton of product to brew a cup a little goes a long way.
  • Where to buy it: .

The Reason People May Turn Their Back On Coffee Altogether May Be Over Confusion As To Whether It’s Good For Us

How to: Make a Healthy Coffee Substitute | Caffeine-Free

“A lot of the health benefits within coffee are overlooked, but it’s full of bioactive compounds. There’s a lot more to coffee than just caffeine.”

Traditionally, caffeine-free alternatives were drunk because they were cheaper than coffee. For example, people used to add chicory to coffee to make it last longer, says Kuhnle.

“Old cookery books tend to suggest lots of ways to make coffee last longer, often using homegrown ingredients, because coffee beans were expensive,” he says.

How times change. Now, a beetroot or turmeric latte from a coffee shop is likely to set you back just as much as a coffee.

Ginseng is a stimulant which can have similar effects to caffeine

But the reason people may turn their back on coffee altogether may be over confusion as to whether it’s good for us or not, says Mills.

“Coffee is a very complicated topic. This confusion may be steering people away from coffee to things that are more one-dimensional, things termed ‘superfoods’, for example, are easier for people to get on board with without understanding the details.”

But it turns out that there is no simple answer. The likes of turmeric, maca and moringa lattes either have too small doses to have any beneficial health effects, or may risk causing adverse side-effects we don’t yet understand.

“A lot more research needs to go into these things before we drink them as health drinks,” says Mills. “If you want a caffeine-free coffee, I’d suggest decaf coffee.”

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How To Boost Energy Without Coffee

Mushrooms and mushroom powders are excellent sources of energy that dont contain the high levels of caffeine found within coffee and other products. In particular, Chaga mushrooms and mushroom powders have been a staple for health-conscious consumers.* Chaga has the ability to support a strong immune system and promote overall health.* Its also notably caffeine-free!

While not technically classified as an adaptogen, Chaga has many adaptogenic qualities.* It can also be further enhanced by adaptogens to provide even more benefits to the body and the mind. In particular, the super duo astragalus root and Schisandra berry coalesce with Chaga’s organic strengths to help maintain the bodys natural defenses.*

Types Of Mushrooms For Energy

Weve mentioned Chaga mushrooms as a valuable source of energy. Once considered a staple of East Asian cultural medicine, Chaga is now revered in both the east and the west for its ability to help maintain the bodys immune system all year round.*

But chaga is not the only mushroom that can help improve energy and focus. While Chaga provides an organic boost of energy to the body, lions mane mushrooms and mushroom powders provide a similar stimulus to the brain.*

Lions mane mushrooms have been recognized as nootropics that help support brain health by activating and clearing the mind for optimal cognitive performance.* Lions mane mushroom powders can be further enhanced by adaptogens like bacopa monnieri.* An ayurvedic herb, bacopa monnieri also stimulates the brain with a boost of energy to support optimal mental health and performance.*

Additionally, lions mane mushroom powders are often enhanced by Rhodiola Rosea, one of the organic roots that are healthy adaptogens for energy.* Lions mane powders with Rhodiola Rosea help you avoid burnout by managing your minds responses to anxiety and stress.* By avoiding burnout, you maintain higher levels of energy for longer periods.

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Cafe Don Pablo Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated

Cafe Don Pablo is a brand of Colombian Gourmet Coffee that is decaffeinated.

It is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and has a rich, full-bodied flavor.

The coffee is roasted to a medium-dark roast, which brings out the natural sweetness of the beans.

It has a balanced acidity and a smooth, creamy finish.

Cafe Don Pablo is a great coffee for those who want to enjoy the flavor of Colombian coffee without the caffeine buzz.

It can be enjoyed in black or with milk and sugar.

For those who are looking for a caffeinated alternative to Akava coffee, Cafe Don Pablo is a great option.

It can be substituted in any recipe that calls for coffee, and it will provide a similar flavor profile without the caffeine kick.

Anthonys Chicory Root Granules

Whole Earth Coffee Alternative

Chicory root has been used by various cultures including Egyptians for centuries who valued its curative effects on jaundice, gout, and enlarged livers. When Union blockades cut off the port of New Orleans during the Civil War, Louisianians added it to grounds to extend the coffee supply. Its still served in popular NOLA spots like Café du Monde.

Recreate the unique flavor profile at home by augmenting your stash with these organic caffeine-free granules during brewing. If youre looking for something caffeine-free to sip instead, simply brew Anthonys solo in a coffeemaker. Chicory is high in inulin, like Teeccino, which studies have shown promotes healthy gut bacteria colonization, weight loss, constipation relief, and blood sugar control. Warning: As the chicory plant is in the dandelion family, folks with ragweed or birch pollen allergies should avoid this coffee alternative as it has been known to cause similar reactions.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Llc Sumatra Decaf Organic

Looking for a rich, full-flavored decaf coffee? Look no further than Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLCs Sumatra Decaf Organic coffee.

This coffee has all the flavor of traditional Sumatran coffee but without the caffeine buzz.

The coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans that have been expertly roasted to bring out their natural flavors.

The result is a coffee with a complex taste that is perfect for enjoying any time of day.

Best of all, this coffee can be used as a substitute for Akava coffee, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee without the jitters.

Teecino Java Chicory Herbal Coffee

  • Ingredients: Carob, barley, chicory, dates, almonds, natural coffee flavor, figs
  • Aroma: Nutty, sweet
  • Taste: This one isnt my favorite. It has okay body, but the flavor is a little murky. It tastes a bit hazelnutty to me, too, which I dont love here. Its also a bit sweeter than I like.
  • Ease of brewing: This ones brewed just like coffee. I whip it up in my single serve French press. So add the mix to the pitcher, pour over hot water, and let steep for 5 minutes.
  • Overall: 2.5/5. Drinkable, but not my fave.
  • Notes: I also tried the Mocha version of this product, which I liked even less. Ive never been a fan of flavored coffees so keep that in mind.
  • Where to buy it: I found it at my local grocery store, but its also available on Amazon .

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Top 5 Reasons To Switch To A Coffee Alternative

If you are a dedicated coffee drinker, the idea of switching to anything else or scaling back may seem implausible. After all, coffee is a reliable source of energy for most, and it can be hard to imagine a coffee alternative measuring up to maintain your daily ritual.

However, it’s important to consider coffee’s negative effects on the body, including stomach pain and disrupted sleep. These effects may not always be immediately apparent or true for everyone, but they can still occur over time. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why you should switch to a coffee alternative or cut back by adding a healthy counteractant to your morning brew:

  • High Levels of Caffeine
  • A single 8oz cup of coffee contains about 95mg of caffeine, which is only a quarter of the dangerous dose. However, caffeine can still cause adverse side effects, especially when consumed in large amounts. Medical News Today states that caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, increasing dopamine, noradrenaline, and glutamate. This means too much caffeine can cause symptoms like anxiety, dehydration, headaches, restlessness, insomnia, and more due to the disruption of serotonin regulation in the brain. While the short-term effects of caffeine may not be significant, long-term lack of sleep and anxiety can negatively impact the body.

  • Impact on Blood Sugar Levels
  • Lack of Nutritional Value
  • High Acidity & Impact on the Gut
  • Coffee is Addictive
  • So What Should You Look for in a Coffee Alternative?

    Revenge Of The Normie

    All-natural caffeine alternatives to boost your energy in the morning

    The years 2016 to 2022 were marked by a high level of chaos, with the pandemic as the peak of four years of incoherent yelling. In 2023, as I observe people of all political stripes repelled by the spectacle of a Congress unable to choose a leader, I foresee a move away from the strife and dysfunction. Americans are going to gravitate toward media, experiences and political figures that are just regular degular and rather wholesome. More Abbott Elementary and Ticket to Paradise. More Luddite teens starting book clubs and staring at the stars. Less of the extreme and more of the everyday pleasures. Jessica Grose, opinion writer

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    What Coffee Brewing Method Delivers The Most Caffeine

    Hoffmann tested different kinds of coffees, ranging from instant coffee, espressos, and brewed coffees like pour-overs. And what he found was very interesting. It turns out if you want a big kick of caffeine to get you through a couple of hours of intense work, the brewing method that will serve you best is a pour over. According to hHoffmans tests, 18 grams of his test sample of coffee beans , brewed as an espresso, had 110 mg of caffeine. But brewed as a pour over, they delivered 180 mg of caffeine. Thats close to a 50% jump!

    The 5 Best Substitutes For Chicory Coffee

    Have you ever tried chicory coffee? Its brewed from the dried, ground roots of the chicory plant, resulting in a bold and flavorful beverage.

    Chicory coffee has existed for centuries, used both as an addition to traditional coffee and as an alternative for those who couldnt afford more expensive blends.

    If you want to enjoy chicory coffee at home, you can easily make it by boiling a teaspoon of the dried root along with one cup of water.

    Beyond regular chicory coffee, there are also lots of substitutes that can be used in its place.

    In this article, well discuss five of the best substitutes for chicory coffee.

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