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What Is The Strongest Coffee

Ways To Weaken Strong Coffee

There Is No “World’s Strongest Coffee”

Sometimes you may accidentally add too much coffee grinds into your brewer, and your coffee may not come out to your liking. Or, you could have been adventurous and tried a new type of coffee and discovered that it was too strong.

There are several different ways you can modify a cup of coffee to change the flavor profile.

Most Caffeinated Not The Taste

When it comes to strong coffee, some people may think the potency comes from the coffees flavor. However, strong coffee bases its potency on the drinks caffeine content instead.

For example, dark roast coffees flavor may taste strong, but that doesnt necessarily mean that its stronger than, say, a light roast, because the taste tells you nothing about the caffeine content.

When we discuss the strongest coffee in this guide, were talking about highly caffeinated coffee which typically comes with a bold flavor. When considering what makes the strongest coffee, we look to the brands and beans that contain the highest caffeine content. If you are looking for better tasting coffee, check out our best coffee list for more options.

One Of The Best Strong Coffees For Caffeine

Another coffee that has double the caffeine of regular coffee is the CAF Roast from Black Rifle Coffee. The Black Rifle Coffee Company is veteran-owned and operated, and their CAF roast will give you the jolt that you need to get going in the morning. The CAF Roast by Black Rifle Coffee is a medium roast coffee made from 100% Columbian coffee beans that have been perfectly roasted to give them their flavor. The CAF roast creates a coffee with an aggressive taste while having a rich, smoky flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of day. One of the things we love about the Black Rifle Coffee Company is that theyre veteran-owned, and they hire veterans that have served the country. They also use their profits to give back to the military, law enforcement and first responders.

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Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee

Yes, espresso is stronger than coffee, pound for pound. A shot of espresso contains up to 40mg caffeine per ounce on average. Brewed coffee contains up to 10mg caffeine per ounce on average . This makes espresso up to 4x stronger than brewed coffee. Of course you wouldnt drink the same volume of espresso than you would of brewed coffee.

Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge

Worlds Strongest Coffee

This Robusta-based coffee comes from the Coko region of Rwanda, and it reports 1101 milligrams of caffeine.

Buyers can subscribe to a monthly shipment of fine-grind, medium-grind, and coarse-grind bags, as well as whole-bean bags. Fine grind is typically used to make espresso, while medium grind is best for filters, and coarsely ground beans are best for the French press.

The brand, Maximum Charge, also offers a variety of additional strong coffee blends, including the Cannonball, a Brazilian-Rwandan blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Theres also the Smooth Bore, a nutty and sweet blend thats perfect for espresso.

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Nitro Cold Brew With Sweet Cream Or Cascara Cold Foam

Take their nitrogen-infused cold brew, add in a range of flavored sweet creams or cold foam made with cascara syrup from the coffee cherry and you get the next item on our list. you lose a bit of the caffeine content from the regular nitro cold brew, but you have to make room for the cream or foam somehow.

  • Tall : 200 mg
  • Grande : 270 mg

What Type Of Coffee Has The Most Caffeine


Here is the quick and easy answer to what type of coffee has the highest levels of caffeine. On a per fluid ounce or millilitre, it is undoubtedly a ristretto shot made with robusta coffee beans that are of a dark roast.

A ristretto is a short, focused shot of espresso that is intense and while containing slightly less caffeine it is slightly smaller is quantity 20ml vs 30 ml .

Clearly serving up a whole 12 oz cup of espressos or ristrettos will contain an insane amount of caffeine respectively.

Thus, to give you a much better picture on a per-cup basis of what is the strongest type of coffee, we need to look at the over all total caffeine content as many cups of coffee beat the total amount of caffeine content in both an espresso and ristretto.

Two of the strongest types of coffee are French press and cold brew, both brewed with dark roasted coffee beans, notably with robusta beans.

That is just the short answer, lets dig deeper and get a more detailed answer.

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Lavazza Kicking Horse Coffee

Deep, dark, delicious, Lavazza is one of the strong coffee brands based in Canada and made from Arabica beans. Although the plants are originally grown in Indonesia and South America, the coffee beans are roasted beneath the towering Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks.

This coffee ground offers the aroma of chocolate malt, molasses, licorice, and an earthy finish. In brief, it has a sweet, smooth, and smoky taste. Moreover, its brewing method is either machine drip, pour-over. Its also fine to brew it in the cold but you might not get the best-tasting coffee. Whatever you prepare for drinking, itll surprisingly make you stay focused.

The site seller didnt specify caffeine content, yet its a strong coffee that some purchasers recommend.

What we like

  • It is USDA organic certified and Kosher Check

What we dont like

  • Might not be the choice for those who dislike smoky flavor

Its Really The Brewing Method That Counts

I made the strongest cup of coffee in the world | 10X Brewed Deathwish Coffee

While the flavor profile of the beans is largely determined by the roasting process, the barista really has the final say in terms of strength. If you use more beans per shot of espresso or cup of drip, you get stronger coffee its as simple as that.

Of course, just brewing with an insanely high ratio of beans to water isnt going to produce a cup of coffee that is nice to drink. If you want to make coffee that is stronger than normal, you should use beans that have a naturally high caffeine content instead. The brewing method and recipe you chose will determine the ideal ratio of beans to water.

There are some brews that require a larger amount of grounds than others, such as cold brew. This is because the extraction process is less effective, so more of the coffee is wasted in a way. Conversely, something like espresso brewing effectively uses up pretty much all of the flavor compounds present in the beans, so only a small amount of grounds per cup is required to produce strong coffee.

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The 12+ Deadliest Coffee Brands

There are a lot of pre-packed coffee brands like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee, Black Label, etc but theres a popular trend when it comes to brewed coffee and that trend is to make the most caffeinated cup imaginable.

The trend began in 2013 when Death Wish Coffee, began sourcing better-tasting highly caffeinated robusta coffee beans and using them in their dark roast coffee.

The coffee that most are accustomed to is made from arabica beans which typically have better flavor but a lower caffeine concentration.

Today these highly caffeinated coffee brands are popping up everywhere and even competing for the title of worlds strongest cup of coffee. However, it is important to note that a strong tasting coffee doesnt necessarily mean more caffeine. Bean Poet does a great job of explaining the difference here.

For this article, strongest = highest in caffeine.

Use our Coffee Dosage Calculator to determine how much of these coffees is safe for you.

The Strongest Coffee In The World: 7 Best Picks

What are the strongest coffee brands in the world, where does the extra caffeine come from and what does it mean in terms of taste?

Have you ever had one of those days when a regular cup of coffee just wont cut it?

If you are used to drinking coffee every day, you might gradually build up your caffeine tolerance and feel like the effects arent strong enough.

Or if you need an extra boost to study for your exams, make it through your night shift or finish that important project.

The good news is that some coffees on the market have a higher caffeine content than regular coffee and will give you the extra energy you need to power through the important tasks.

In this article, I am going to look at how does strong-tasting coffee differ from coffee high in caffeine and investigate what is the strongest coffee in the world that contains more than 10 times more caffeine than a regular cup.

And no, its not Death Wish Coffee.

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Popular Dark Roast Strong Coffee

When you drink coffee regularly, you may want a coffee that can get you energized but isnt filled with too much caffeine. If you want a strong coffee that can be consumed throughout the day, youll want to try Peets Major Dickasons Coffee Blend, which is a tasty coffee roast thats loved by many. Peets Coffee Major Dickasons Blend is a dark roast coffee made with 100% Arabica, kosher-friendly beans. Their beans have been roasted to perfection and create a cup of coffee with a rich flavor thats full-bodied and complex. The Peets Coffee is very fresh, so youll need to be sure that you store the coffee beans properly. If you choose the ground coffee beans, store them in an airtight container so that the rich flavors are preserved and dont evaporate.

Black Label Devil Mountain Coffee 1555mg

worlds strongest coffee now available in u s

Without a doubt, Devil Mountain Coffees Black Label is the strongest coffee brand in the world. They boast so much caffeine in their coffee that not even drinking a 6oz serving would be safe for most people. With the tagline So powerful its a sin. they are firmly planting their flag at the top of the mountain.

Caffeine per Ounce 130mg

Type of Beans Unlisted

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Black Label Coffee By Devil Mountain

Caffeine content: 1,555 mg of caffeine per 12-ounce cup

The worlds highest caffeine coffee is Black Label by Devil Mountain. At over 1,500 milligrams of caffeine per serving, this coffee is not for the faint of heart. It is non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, and fair trade. Black Label claims it will give you even energy levels without the jitters, which is rather impressive considering it has the most caffeine out of all the coffees on this list. Despite the shocking caffeine levels, it still claims a drinkable, smooth, bitter-free flavor.

Caffeine content: 1,350 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

With a name thats straight to the point, Very Strong Coffee is made in the UK with 100% Robusta coffee beans, which have naturally higher caffeine levels. Caffeine Informer calls its caffeine levels dangerous, so definitely make sure youve got a hefty caffeine tolerance if you try this one. It offers up a rich and intense flavor, and the website cautions drinkers to enjoy it responsibly.

Countries That Produce The Strongest Coffee

The coffee plant is a beautiful plant that grows fruit. Inside the fruit is the seed, or the bean as we know it. The beans are extracted and roasted, and then ground up to create coffee. The National Coffee Association has an excellent guide on how coffee is cultivated.

When growing coffee, the climate and soil content can have an enormous effect on the coffees flavor, strength, and caffeine content. This combination of factors is known as coffee terroir.

Around the world, coffee is grown in Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, India, and the United States. The NCA also has a guide on where different types of coffee are grown around the world.

Robusta beans are mostly grown in Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, and India. And they are shipped around the world and sold under the brands above, as well as:

  • Lavazza, which uses a blend of 40% Robusta and 60% Arabica
  • Super Strong Coffee by Cannonball Coffee uses a full medium roast Robusta blend
  • Dalat Highlands Robusta Whole Bean Coffee is a 100% Robusta Italian blend

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Iced Coffee With Syrup 280 Mg

This is your basic iced coffee, prepared by brewing hot coffee and adding ice. Make it sweet by adding a syrup of your choice.

Syrup Options: Caramel, chestnut praline, cinnamon dolce, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, toffee nut, etc.

*For nutrition info, check Starbucks syrup stats.

Size: Depends

Sugar: Depends

How Much Caffeine Is In Coffee


There is no specificity in how much caffeine can be in a cup of coffee. Coffee strength depends on various factors, namely types of beans, roast, and coffee grounds. If you drink instant coffee, decaf, brewed coffee, espresso shots, they do not contain excessive caffeine that would be harmful to your health.

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Brewing Produces Strong Coffee

If you roasted a coffee until its as dark as night, youll dissipate most of the caffeine and a lot of the flavor. But youll still get tastes, and itll still be on a strength scale when you brew it.

The darkness or lightness with which you roasted your beans has little bearing on the strength of your coffee. It all boils down to the brewing proportions. If you pour too much water into your coffee grinds, for example, the flavor will be diluted and the coffee will taste like filthy water. If you use too little coffee, youll be chewing it for hours.

As a result, the strength of your coffee is decided on how you make your own cup rather than how your beans are roasted. If you get the water and coffee ratio correct, you can have a cup of coffee that is as weak or strong as you want.

Pike Place Roast Drip Coffee Hot / Venti

Caffeine content: 410 mgCalories: 5

When you order at a Starbucks store and ask for their coffee of the day, you will automatically get a cup with 410 mg of caffeine if you order the largest size. Pike Place Roast is a medium-roasted coffee with a smooth body and rich flavors reminiscent of chocolate and walnuts.

Being the signature coffee of Starbucks, Pike Place Roast is served fresh every day for people who want to know what the brand tastes like if it were a cup of coffee.

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What Does The Strongest Coffee Taste Like

A strong cup of coffee has a high flavor intensity which tastes delicious, rich, and distinctive.

Many people say that when your cup of coffee has bitter and bold flavor or flavorful and thick, you can define it as your strong cup of coffee. While others say that a cup of coffee with high caffeine content will be the strongest one.

However, in more generalized terms, we can gauge strong coffee in the best way as a mixture of both high Caffeine and flavor.

Iced Coffee Cold / Trenta

The Strongest Coffee in the World &  How to Brew a Stronger Cup in 2020 ...

Caffeine content 280 mgCalories 160

If youre up for a quick caffeine fix, order a freshly brewed Starbucks Trenta Iced Coffee. Its your average cup of joe, but with a refreshing twist thats lighter and has more acidity than the hot brewed version.

Usually, getting it plain black is a little too stimulating. Try adding some pumps of simple syrup and a splash of breve milk if youre feeling a little adventurous. Its just the perfect companion if you are trying to pull an all-nighter.

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Will The Strongest Coffee Be Deadly

It depends. Drinking coffee responsibly, which means you should have a maximum of 400 mg caffeine intake per day. But since this coffee, you reach the safe limit, make sure you hydrate water regularly as well as maintain a healthy diet. Simultaneously, you can try to make movements such as stretching, jogging. Doing these tips will lessen the adverse effects like jitter, then youll be fine.

Drinking caffeine at your own risk! But if you have severe anxiety and know your health issues, all strong coffees are perilous to the point that there could be a fatal outcome. Their caffeine amounts can put pressure on your heart.

The Secret Art Of Roasting And Crack

You might know nothing about roasting, but you can sound like a pro if you can just remember the Three-Crack Rule. This wont make any sense now, but it will in a moment.

The roasting process helps coffee beans become what we think of as coffee beans. Its when you take raw or green coffee beans and expose them to heat. This process removes moisture from the bean and also changes the color, aroma and flavor of the green coffee beans into something youd actually want to make a drink with.

Roasters are craftsmen . It takes skilland trial and errorto determine exactly when to remove coffee beans in order to achieve the desired result in a cup of coffee.

As coffee beans slowly heat up, the flavors and acidity begin to change, and the color begins to brown as the sugars and amino acids in the beans react together. Eventually, typically somewhere around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the beans go through the first crack. As the name implies, the beans expand to the point where you can hear them crack. You could remove the beans now and have light roast coffee beans. Or you can keep heating them and allow the body and heavier flavors of your future coffee to build. When the temperature climbs to about 440 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the beans crack again. This second crack releases oils to the surface of the beans.

You dont want to roast coffee beans much beyond the second crack. Unless you want a mugful of charcoal-tasting liquid.

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