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Can You Make Iced Coffee With Hot Coffee

Why Does Cold Hot Coffee And Coffee In The Fridge Tastes So Bad


As we all agree, if the refrigerator you mentioned is not a commercial freezer, the fridge just cannot cool things soon enough. So putting your coffee in the fridge is almost the same as letting the coffee sit out on the desk, get cold, and calling that cold coffee. It just tastes awful.

It is all because of the oxidation process. Oxidizing creates a bitter flavor and darker color in the coffee. Coffee goes bitter when it gets old. This is exactly the reason why store-bought iced coffee tends to so much sugar and milk: to mask the bitter astringency.

If you can switch from a cup to an airtight container like a mason jar, things might be getting better. As long as you left your coffee in the open air, the process will go extra fast, and even worse, your coffee also picks up other smells from the fridge. Remember, the less air contact in your container, the less oxidation is going to go.

I recommend either switching to cold brew because it keeps longer or trying fresh brews.

Add Dairy And/or Sugar

When your coffee has cooled slightly, go ahead and add your milk or creamer as desired, and sugar if you want. You can also add flavored syrups for additional taste if you wish.

Any time you are making iced coffee from hot coffee it is important to keep in mind a few different things. Below are three important tips to keep in mind when you make cold coffee from hot coffee.

Iced Coffee Vs Cold Brew: What’s The Difference

Garrett Oden

Ever been confused at the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee? I realize it can be confusing theyre both coffee served over ice, after all. But the differences are dramatic enough to learn about.

They are brewed differently, taste differently, and served differently. Different moments call for different iced coffees. Both can be made at home, and each one thrives in different ways.

If you want to brew incredible iced coffee that suits your lifestyle, keep reading.

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Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water

We have tried making your drink with instant coffee in a few different ways. We have found that it works best to use a mixture of warm water, and cold water which will give you the best results for your coffee.

The ratio that we like to use is equal parts warm water and cold water giving you the perfect combination to dissolve your instant coffee. Check out our easy recipe for cold coffee that will be ready in a matter of seconds.

S For Making Iced Coffee

Best Easy Instant Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee has become the favorite beverage of many, especially during a scorching summer. It is much cheaper to make iced coffee at home as compared to buying one of these tasty treats from coffee shop. Besides, you get the freedom to make a cup of coffee with your preferred flavor and strength.

Few affordable coffee shops offer customized coffee, but you can make this dream come true by doing it yourself. The most important aspect of making your own coffee is to enjoy the process.

Have you wondered how to make iced coffee? Here today I will list some methods of making iced coffee to help you. The most popular methods are cold-brewed iced coffee and hot-brewed iced coffee. Read through these steps and learn the process. And as an added bonus below, I have included details on ways to make a Caramel Macchiato Frappe and Instant Iced Coffee.

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How To Make Iced Coffee

The key to making a satisfying glass of iced coffee is to start with a brewed cup of strong coffee, with emphasis on the word strong. By the way, if you want to achieve the best flavor possible, then grind your beans fresh and use a French press or pour over method.

Planning ahead is always helpful when making iced coffee, my friend. Brew a cup of coffee that is strong, perhaps stronger than you usually brew. Then, let it cool until it is close to room temperature.

It wont take too long for that to happen, usually 15 to 20 minutes will give your java enough time to cool off. You can wait that long, right?

  • Fill your glass or stainless steel container with ice
  • Add your strong coffee. The ice will begin to melt, and as it does, it will cool the coffee
  • Keep stirring the coffee until your vessel feels cold enough to the touch so you know the temperature is right.
  • If desired, add milk to dilute the coffee. You can also use cream, half and half, sweetener , simple syrup, vanilla extract, or other flavorings that you like.
  • Give it a taste test. If you feel that the coffee is too strong, then add more water or milk and try again. You can also try using less beans when you brew your coffee so that the flavor isnt as intense.
  • Finish off with more ice cubes, to keep your iced coffee nice and cold.
  • Experiment with different amounts of ingredients until you find the perfect drink for your tastes!

    Do you need the perfect iced coffee glass?


    How Do You Make Iced Coffee

    Youll need a tall glass and a spoon long enough to reach the bottom of that glass.

    Fill that glass full to the rim with ice. If you really want to get serious about your iced coffee, you can make ice cubes out of coffee too. Then you wont get that watered-down effect. And if youre into that flavored sort of coffee then go for it.

    Pour room temperature coffee into the glass.

    Fill it almost to the top.

    Pour in the white stuff. Heres where you get to make a big decision. Do you want to go all out and make this a decadent treat? If so, then add cream or half & half. If you want to go a little lighter, use whole milk or fat-free half & half. And lighter still, use nonfat milk.

    Take a moment to watch the swirls sink to the bottom and mix in with the coffee. Its a magical moment. ð

    Add a couple spoonfuls of sugar or whatever sort of sweetener you usually add to your coffee. In the recipe notes below, I share how to make sugary simple syrup in case you prefer to use that instead of granulated white sugar.

    Stir it all up!

    Add a purple straw. If youre a straw person, that is. And drink up!

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    Store Your Coffee In A Proper Container

    When placing your hot coffee in the refrigerator, if you want to preserve the flavor, then its best to use an appropriate container.

    Stainless steel containers are optimal, as you wont have to worry about odors or flavors from previous beverages being transferred to your coffee. You should also ensure that the lid to your stainless steel container is securely shut, as well, so that your coffee remains properly preserved.

    If you need to store your hot coffee in the fridge and you dont have any stainless steel containers, then there are other containers that you can use instead. Whenever choosing a storage container for your hot coffee, you should refrain from choosing plastic. Plastic has the tendency to absorb flavors and odors, and it can also leach chemicals into your coffee.

    A mason jar is a good alternative container, as it has an airtight seal and can keep your coffee fresh. If you dont have a mason jar, then you can use a similarly airtight container.

    The Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee And Iced Coffee

    How I make iced and hot coffee at home!

    Cold brew coffee may at first sound like iced coffee, but they are two different types of coffee, made in different ways.

    Here is how they differ. Cold brew coffee starts with coarsely ground beans. The grounds are then soaked for 12 to 16 hours in cold water before being filtered and served. This process gives the coffee a different flavor than traditional drip-brewed or French press method, because the cold extraction time allows the heavy, earthy notes to develop and shine through.

    Iced coffee is brewed using the basic drip method, but is served over ice. There are a variety of ways you can make iced coffee from this cold brew, from stirring in milk or cream to adding simple syrup or artificial sweeteners for sweetness.

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    If Youd Rather Not Add Ice To Your Coffee

    Perhaps the idea of making coffee and ice cubes together is a little complicated for your tastes. If so, then theres nothing wrong with indulging in iced coffee without using this option at all. Instead of using water, milk, or cream to dilute your hot coffee, you can simply chill it in the refrigerator overnight. The flavor of coffee is significantly diluted by ice cubes and other liquids, so if you prefer a stronger taste instead, this is an ideal alternative for you to try.

    In addition to these options, here are some others for how to make iced coffee with hot brew:

    • Pour leftover coffee over ice cubes and enjoy!
    • Mix cold brew with hot coffee and add half and half, whipped cream, or any other sweetener that you like.
    • Brew hot coffee and pour it into an insulated container thats kept in the freezer for a few hours. Drink your beverage as soon as possible to avoid it becoming watered down.
    • Use cold brew as a base for iced coffee by adding milk, cream, sugar, and other ingredients after it has been chilled.

    Slow Heating Your Iced Coffee Over The Stove

    Another way to warm up your iced coffee is to heat it up slowly over a stovetop. Grab a pot, kettle, or saucepan and pour your iced coffee into it. Set your stove to low and begin the reheating process.

    Be sure to constantly stir your coffee until it reaches the preferred temperature. This ensures that you dont degrade the coffee compounds, overboil, or burn the coffee.

    With this method, you retain most of the original taste. You can also heat it based on your preference.

    The one disadvantage of using the stove method is that it is hard to determine the optimal temperature that brings out the flavor of the coffee. You also cannot walk away from the stove, or you risk ruining your coffee.

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    Is Iced Coffee Just Cold Coffee

    Iced coffee is made using regular hot coffee that has been cooled completely and is served on ice. So its basically just cold coffee, but with a good amount of ice cubes for that refreshing touch.

    Most of the time, a little milk or half/half is added to iced coffee, which is also different from drinking cold coffee. Most people that like to add a bit of sugar to their daily coffee also sweeten their iced coffee.

    Iced coffee is usually sweetened with syrup instead of raw sugar, as the syrup will dissolve much easier in cold liquids.

    Brewed Directly Over Ice

    At Home Cold Brew Coffee

    The best way to make iced coffee using hot water is to brew the coffee directly over ice. When you do this using your pour over cone or Aeropress, you force the coffee to chill immediately. This keeps all those natural aromas you released with hot water from flying away by cooling them and keeping them in the glass, which preserves a lot of flavor.

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    Since youre extracting the full range of flavors with hot water, iced coffee made this way often has a bright, crisp acidity. Your taste buds perceive the acidity to be stronger since the coffee is ice cold, but the acidity isnt actually stronger. Still, Ill understand if the perceived high acidity doesnt sit well with your preferences.

    Brewing coffee this way with a pour over cone is often called Japanese Iced Coffee or Flash Chilling. The result is rich, refreshing, aromatic, crisp, and satisfying. Since youre using hot water to brew, it only takes 2-4 minutes to make a glass.

    This is how most specialty coffee shops make their iced coffee.

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    Do You Have To Chill Coffee To Make Iced Coffee

    Once you brew your coffee before going to work, the mornings leftovers can be saved in the refrigerator for later on. Pour the mornings leftovers into a pitcher and keep them there for later. Coffee ice cubes are a good option if you dont want frozen. 1 cup of brewed coffee is all it takes to make 1 cup of coffee.

    Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Syrup

    Upgrade your morning coffee with this delicious and easy to make Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Syrup!

    Once you taste this delicious sweetener, you won’t be able to start the day without it!

    This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I do enjoy an iced coffee almost every morning.

    Whether it’s hot or cold out, it’s the perfect boost to my morning. And when I don’t get my morning iced coffee, I get cranky … just ask my husband!

    Usually, I make my iced coffee with milk and a little sugar, but every once in a while I like to add flavored coffee syrup.

    A couple months ago, I was visiting a favorite store, and I happened across a bottle of Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Syrup. It sounded so good to me, but it was expensive, and I didn’t get it.

    I made a mental note though, thinking that eventually I would either buy a bottle or try to make my own version of that flavored coffee syrup.

    Well, I finally got around to making my own Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Syrup, and I can’t wait to share the recipe with you!

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    How To Make Homemade Iced Coffee Easy

    You can make iced coffee at home with just your pour over, french press, or drip coffee maker and ice. And if you dont even have a coffee maker you can still make it. Lets look at a few ways to brew up some iced coffee easily without the special gear.

    You might be wondering if the bitterness will be a problem. If you dont add any milk, cream, or sugar to your iced coffee you might notice a difference when making it in the following ways.

    But most of us add some of that yummy stuff, so its probably not going to be that big of a deal for you. If it is, try the cold brew, or AeroPress methods mentioned above.

    Helpful Tipmake coffee ice-cubes

    Youll notice some repetition in the following recipes because making iced coffee from hot coffee at home is the same as making normal coffee, except you make it a little stronger and pour it over ice in a thermal shock resistant mug/glass.

    I usually use 2 rounded tablespoons of coffee to every 8 ounces of water. That way if youre using normal ice cubes they wont dilute your coffee too much because its already stronger than normal.

    The only other exception would be the tip about adding ice to your carafe when using an electric drip machine.

    So if you already know how to make coffee with an electric drip machine, a french press, a pour over, or just a pot on the stove top skip the next section and go right to How to Make Vanilla Iced Coffee and More Icy Deliciousness.

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    How To Make Cold Coffee With Ice Cream Australian Iced Coffee

    I LOVE Mr Coffee Iced & Hot Coffee Maker HOW TO MAKE VANILLA ICED COFFEE

    This ice cream coffee drink is super simple to make. You’ll need:

    • Cold Coffee
    • Whipped Cream
    • Chocolate Shavings

    Like all iced coffees do, this recipe starts with cold coffee. You can make coffee ahead of time and chill it , or you can use cold brew. It’s up to you.

    To make this drink extra creamy, you’ll combine the coffee with milk. I used whole milk, but feel free to use cream if you’re feeling truly decadent.

    Next, you’ll add any flavorings or sweeteners.

    I wanted to make this Australian Iced Coffee mocha flavored, so I added a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. The syrup adds just enough flavor and sweetness to the drink without making it super sugary or cloying.

    Then, you’ll top off the drink with vanilla ice cream. Go ahead and add a big scoop.

    The finishing touch is a sprinkle of chocolate shavings. A microplane zester is the perfect tool for this, but a regular cheese grater works in a pinch.

    You can also add whipped cream to make this iced coffee with ice cream extra rich, if you wish.

    I kept it simple though … simple and delicious!

    Ideas for Customizing Your Australian Iced Coffee

    The fun thing about this cold coffee with ice cream is that you can totally change it up and customize it to taste!

    Here are some ideas to inspire your Australian coffee creations:

    However you serve it, this is one ice coffee drink that is guaranteed to be delicious. And kind of addictive.

    It’s hard to go wrong with ice cream + coffee, am I right?

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    Enjoy Your Iced Coffee

    Here comes your Dear Diary moment! Place some ice cubes in a tall glass. Pour ½ cup of cold filtered water and the same amount of coffee concentrate into the glass. If you like, you can also add some sweetener or cream.

    Now you can start enjoying the intense flavor of this cold-brewed coffee. Some prefer to consume with a straw, but its up to you. The pleasure of drinking coffee is with you the whole day.


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