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How To Order Coffee At Mcdonalds

Mcdonalds Iced Coffee Vs Starbucks: Which Is Better

McDonald’s Iced Coffee: What To Know Before Ordering

Trying to decide where to get your iced coffee fix? This article digs into McDonalds iced coffee vs. Starbucks, from quality to price and convenience.

If youre looking to grab a quick iced coffee, there are many options out there but Starbucks and McDonalds both have the advantage of convenience. With drive-thru and pre-ordering options, its clear that both major chains are happy to help coffee fiends get their fix in the most efficient way possible.

But how do you choose a side in the debate about McDonalds iced coffee vs. Starbucks? While some coffee lovers will tell you its an easy choice, there are variables to consider.

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  • Does Mcdonalds Offer A Rewards Program

    Like many cafes and coffee joints these days, McDonalds also has an app for customers. It is available for iOS and Android. You must first download the app and register. The McDonalds app is full of weekly specials and add-on deals for both the restaurant and the cafe.

    You can find the McCafe punch card in the deals section. From here, you can select to order a drink ahead of time, pay, and keep track of how many coffees you have purchased. Its incredibly convenient, especially if you frequent McDonalds a lot.

    When you reach the counter or drive through, you can read off your code to the employee, or they can take your phone and scan the QR code. For every five coffees that you purchase or scan through the app, you will receive a sixth coffee for free.

    Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Ok to the Buttermilk Crispy Sandwich does taste better than the McChicken but with 16 net carbs its not a fantastic choice. However if you leave off the bun youll keep the carbs relatively low and add some fat and protein likely due to the buttermilk breading. If you dropped the tomato you can slash another gram of carbs if you so chose.

    Macros : 16 net carbs, 26.5g fat and 19g protein

    Again, we are making some concessions with our chicken options because they are so limited right now. I hope you at least find this helpful in making better choices for your keto diet.

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    Do People Prefer Mcdonalds Coffee Over Starbucks

    When it comes to coffee preference, its very important to remember that every coffee drinker has different taste, so this question could cause some debate. A lot of people prefer the McCafe coffee to Starbucks because it is less bitter.

    While we cant necessarily say that McDonalds coffee is better tasting than a cup of Starbucks, we can say there are many reasons why people prefer it. One of the main things that people like about McDonalds coffee is that its high-quality java at an affordable price.

    How To Order A Mcbassett Iced Coffee


    The McBassett couldnt be simpler to make. It all starts by hitting your favorite McDonalds drive-thru. First, order an iced black coffee like TikTok creator , then order a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone along with it.

    Take a few sips from your coffee to make a bit of room at the top, and then dip the ice cream cone right in the drink at an angle.

    Swirl the cone around to incorporate the ice cream into the coffee, and then leave the cone angled on the side of the cup to achieve the perfect look. The sweet, cool ice cream will be incorporated into the coffee, making it that much creamier.

    I think I like it better than their flavored iced coffees #mcdonalds

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    The 11 Best Iced Coffee Drinks At Mcdonalds

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    When we think of McDonalds, we mostly think of Big Macs, french fries, and McFlurries. However, McDonalds has also opened its doors to a coffee bar in the middle of the fast-food rush. You can now get lattes, cappuccinos, caramel macchiatos, and choose from a whole list of iced coffee drinks, as well.

    You may or may not choose to sit in a McCafe on a coffee date. But, on those days when you take your kids to get a Happy Meal after school, this coffee section can be a life-saver. An iced latte can give you the energy you need to tackle those long lines and survive the PlayPlace.

    While McDonalds has a wide selection of drinks, only one can be the best.

    Our vote for the best McDonalds iced coffee drink goes to the Iced Caramel Mocha. This tasty iced drink is made using espresso and whole milk with caramel chocolate syrup. You also get whipped cream and caramel drizzle to top it off.

    This drink is pleasingly sweet and the chocolate and caramel flavors are a match made in heaven.

    Weve laid out other favorite drinks from the McCafe menu and ranked them from the yummiest on down. Also, weve included a guide on how to order coffee at McDonalds.

    Mccafe Coffee On Amazon

    You can find a huge variety of McCafe Coffee through Amazon. They sell ground coffee and K-Cup Pods in every roast, including the limited time and seasonal roasts. In addition, you can often find deals on bulk packages for the McCafe Coffee lovers out there.

    You can view the McDonalds Coffee for sale on Amazon here.

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    Iced French Vanilla Coffee

    An unassuming, elegant classic, one of the best McDonalds coffee drinks is the Iced French Vanilla Coffee.

    With iced coffee all the rage these days, you might want to switch things up.

    Try this McCafé drink which spotlights McDonalds medium roast coffee. Coffee is poured over ice and combined with whole milk and creamy French vanilla syrup.

    Dont be confused by plain vanilla syrup. French vanilla tells you that the sweet flavors of the syrup have a richness and depth that plain vanilla doesnt.

    Combine that with chilled brewed coffee for the right amount of bitterness. Finally, milk balances everything.

    Does Mcdonalds Sell Bags Of Coffee

    McDonalds Self Serve Machine

    Yes, you can buy bags of McCafes blend in most grocery stores and on Amazon. However, the coffee grounds are not for sale in McDonalds restaurants presumably because the company wants to encourage customers to buy their ready-made products instead.

    The fast-food titan began selling the signature roast in grocery stores and online back in 2014. In hopes of increasing awareness of their deliciously popular coffee, they released multiple blends for sale in grocery stores, including French Roast, Premium Roast, Breakfast Blend, Colombian, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut.

    To capitalize on the popular invention of the Keurig, and other similar styles, McDonalds also released K-cups. The K-cups are available in decaf, Premium, and French Vanilla.

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    What Makes Mcdonalds Coffee So Good

    When it comes to fast-food coffee, McDonalds is standing out as one of the top competitors. One of the main reasons why the coffee they serve is noted as good by the public is that it never has a chance to go bad.

    So many people go through the McDonalds drive-thru each day and coffee is a popular order. This means that the coffee is selling so fast that it doesnt have a chance to sit around and go bad. Each customer gets fresh coffee in their cup.

    What Kinds Of Coffee Does Mcdonalds Have

    All of McDonalds coffee drinks can fit into two different categories. The first category is Espresso style drinks, all of which come either hot or iced except cappuccinos and the Americano. The second category is brewed coffee, which can be hot or iced.

    Also included in coffee beverages are the Caramel and Mocha Frappes, which are blended coffee drinks.

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    Mccafe French Vanilla Cappuccino

    “At 230 calories, the French Vanilla Cappuccino is not one of the lightest options on the best list, but it does give you 20% of your daily recommended amount of calcium and seven grams of protein,” Yule says. It also contains fewer calories than a McDonald’s Hamburger, she notes, and it contains less than half of the calories of the frappe drinks on the menu.

    Best Keto Meals At Mcdonalds

    Why You Should Never Order Coffee At McDonalds, Like, Ever

    For breakfast, I recommend you order one bunless Egg McMuffin and one bunless Sausage & Egg Cheese McMuffin. I was plenty full after eating those two.

    For lunch or dinner, I recommend the bunless Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Get two if youre pretty hungry.

    If you need a small snack, they have a side salad with 4 net carbs and a 4-piece chicken nugget with 10 net carbs.

    For drinks, you can get a low carb McDonalds coffee, a Dasani Bottled water, Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper, or unsweetened ice tea.

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    Who Should Buy Mcdonalds Iced Coffee

    If your goal is to get your iced coffee fix as quickly as possible, and youre also looking to save a little money in the process, the McDonalds options are a solid choice. Their consistency, convenience, and accessibility cant be beaten. Its also a good option for iced coffee newbies, who may still prefer a sweeter, less intense coffee.

    Drip Coffee Comparison: Mcdonalds Starbucks And Peet’s

    Coffees ranked by taste from best to worst:

  • McDonald’s McCafe Coffee
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • After tasting the coffee from these three chain coffee houses side-by-side, I have concluded that in my opinion, McDonald’s is indeed the best.

    Don’t get me wrong. Starbucks coffee isn’t bad, it’s just bland and unremarkable. Peet’s, on the other hand, is foully bitter . If you find yourself in a Peet’s, stick to the medium roast, tea , or blended coffee drinks.

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    Mcdonald’s Coffee Is Medium Roast

    McDonald’s uses a medium roasted blend rather than dark roasted coffee. The lighter roast brings out the coffee’s nutty, chocolaty undertones without causing excessive bitterness or a burnt flavor.

    Pro Tip: Lighter roasted coffee also means more caffeine. Caffeine is burnt off as the coffee is roasted, so the lighter the roast, the stronger the kick because the less caffeine has been burnt away.

    The Healthiest Iced Coffee Drinks At Mcdonald’s Starbucks And Dunkin’ Donuts

    McDonald’s Iced Coffee Hack

    Nothing says summer-to me-quite like swapping my steamy cup of coffee for a frosty iced or frozen version.

    Recipes to Try: DIY Frozen Mochaccino and More Healthy Coffee-Shop Drink Recipes

    But as a registered dietitian and the nutrition editor of EatingWell Magazine, I can’t help but wonder what the calorie damage is on some of those iced coffee or frozen coffee drinks, especially at popular restaurants like McDonald’s, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Milkshake-thick coffee goodness + whipped cream + chocolate drizzle = diet derailer.


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    The Healthiest Choice: As a nutritionist, I’d be remiss not to mention this: ordering the iced coffee version of each of these drinks can cut the calorie load significantly-in some shops by as much as half. Also, a straight-up iced coffee is, of course, the skinniest sip-most of the 16-ounce varieties deliver less than 100 calories.

    The Worst of the Bunch: McDonald’s Frappe Mocha delivers 560 calories, 24 g fat, a day’s worth of saturated fat , 70 g sugar, 160 mg sodium. I was surprised to learn that it’s comparable nutrition-wise to a Big Mac-which has 540 calories, 29 g fat, 10 g saturated fat, 9 g sugar, 1,040 mg sodium.

    How to Order a Healthier McDonald’s Frozen Coffee Drink: Skip the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle and you’ll save 90 calories, 7 g fat and 4 g saturated fat, plus a little sugar and sodium.

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    Why Does Mcdonalds Coffee Taste Different

    The coffee has a subtle flavor because McDs uses medium-roast beans. Aficionados notice that McDonalds coffee has a nutty flavor with a bit of chocolate. Some people report that the coffee is bitter, too. Because McDonalds is so busy, they change their coffee grounds several times throughout the day.

    What Makes Mcdonalds Coffee Taste So Good

    Most people even if they are not regular coffee drinkers enjoy an espresso drink. Lets just say a lot of milk and various kinds of sugar can make dirt taste good. McDonalds not only adds milk and sugar to their espresso drinks, but the Arabica coffee beans are also a perfect choice for the coffee itself due to their mild flavor profile. Whereas Robusta may be more popular among coffee connoisseurs , the flavor profile tends to be earthier and more on the bitter side, two qualities which keep many people from drinking coffee on a more regular basis.

    While there are plenty of other roasteries out there that can make a smoother cup of coffee, McDonalds provides consistent quality day in and day out, making it not just a go-to place for breakfast, but a great place for the morning joe as well. Its not the best coffee out there by a longshot, but its good quality and easy drinking with nutty and chocolate notes. In addition to the smoothness, one of the best things about Arabica beans is that they can be less acidic than Robusta. This is important for some people, especially if they are prone to stomach issues. If youre eating some heavier food as you would find at McDonalds , you dont need your cup of coffee to push you over the edge into indigestion. Sip away and enjoy.

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    Are There Different Flavors Of Iced Coffee At Mcdonald’s

    Now, onto that variety of flavors we mentioned. McDonald’s doesn’t exactly compare to Starbucks or Dunkin’ when it comes to iced coffee customizations , though they do have a few options available to make your morning drink a little bit sweeter. French vanilla and caramel are the two main syrups offered by the Golden Arches that you’ll be able to find at any of the restaurant’s locations, while some may also have hazelnut and sugar-free vanilla syrups available as well . You can always opt for plain liquid sugar if none of those flavors are your jam or skip the sweetness altogether just make sure to specify that you’d like your iced coffee sans sugar when placing your order .

    As with most coffee shops, you have the option to play around with the flavors that McDonald’s offers to make a delectable combination of your liking. The app makes this especially easy since it presents all the different additives available, including the ones used in other drinks on the McCafé menu, and gives you the ability to customize the amount of each that goes into your coffee. Snickers iced coffee is one possible concoction that calls for the addition of chocolate caramel and plain chocolate syrups, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle to an iced hazelnut coffee . Another is the McBasset, which combines together a black iced coffee and an order of vanilla soft serve from the chain.

    How Do You Order A Blended Iced Coffee At Starbucks

    Why You Should Never Order Coffee At McDonalds, Like, Ever

    Make sure that you order your iced coffee on a regular basis so that it is of the right size. After that, select what type of milk you want, from dairy to nut milk to nondairy, as well as what sweetener you would like added. Contact your barista right away if desired and ask for a special blend of sweetener. Slushies/frappuccino-like blended coffee is made from this process, so drink it right.

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    Can You Buy Mcdonalds Coffee

    In addition to being able to swing by a McDonalds restaurant location and get your brew, you can also buy their coffee pre-ground for use in any flat-bottom filter coffee machine. They also sell K-Cups for Keurig that can make their Premium Roast, Breakfast Blend, Colombian Roast, French Roast, and other select roasts. Keurig has partnered with McDonalds not only to provide black coffee but also K-Cup versions of their espresso drinks. Of course, nothing can replace a real espresso drink, but with the push of a button, you can enjoy a Chocolate Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and Cinnamon Mocha. See Keurigs K-Cup selections for more details.

    Does Mcdonalds Have Its Own Line Of Coffee Products

    If you love the taste of McDonalds coffee but dont want to make a trip to the drive through every time you have a craving, then you are in luck. McDonalds has its own line of coffee that you can buy at local grocery stores throughout North America.

    McCafe coffee is available to buy for nearly any type of coffee maker you have at home. If you make traditional coffee, there is a selection of McCafe grinds and beans. Keurig users can also find McCafe k-cups to use in their home machines.

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    Whats The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Cold Brew

    Cold-brew and iced coffee look similar but are brewed using two different methods. A cold brew is brewed slowly overnight. It usually contains more caffeine and less acidity. Iced coffee is brewed as hot coffee then cooled and poured over ice. You can drink cold brew and iced coffee as-is or doctor them up using your favorite creamers, syrups, and sweeteners.

    Mcdonalds Nutrition For Keto

    Complicated Coffee Orders At Starbucks vs Mcdonalds

    How many carbs are in a Big Mac with no bun? There are 7 carbs and 330 calories. Its a good low carb option. The only problem is that youll need to order two Big Macs to fill up.

    What are the Macros for Bacon at McDonalds? 2g carbs, 10g fat, 11g protein for 140 total calories

    How many carbs does a McDonalds bun have? : 28g carbs, 2g fat, 5g of protein for 150 total calories

    How many carbs in a McDonalds cheeseburger without the bun? 2g of carbs, 10g of fat, 10g of protein for 138 total calories

    How many carbs in a quarter pounder at McDonalds? A regular quarter pounder has 38g of carbs. Out keto version has only 3g.

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