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Coffee Table Books For Photographers

Understanding Flash Photography: How To Shoot Great Photographs Using Electronic Flash By Bryan Peterson

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Another excellent guide from Peterson, Understanding Flash Photography is also a must-read. Flash photography is a worthy challenge for all photographers, and the wide range of lighting products and techniques makes it all the more daunting. Peterson breaks down the options to the basics and gives useful tips any photographer can apply to his or her work. Learning to master the speed light is an excellent skill for photographers of all types. The tips and tricks employed are useful even when dealing with natural light.

Ways Of Seeing By John Berger

One of the widely used and praised books on Art, Ways of Seeing, is based on the BBC series by the same name. This book focuses on how we look at art, and it can help in forming a better perspective on how photographs are being looked at and evaluated. The book critically explores the aesthetics of western culture and how society is being influenced by visual culture.

The Flowers By Dr Lisa Cooper

Dr Lisa Coopers book on flowers gives the insight of the practices and vistas of someone who works with the plants daily, through her work as a leading floral designer and artist. With witty anecdotes. Instruction and photographic essays, you are taken from her workspace to growers farms, with flowers captured in their natural working environment.

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Ganni Gimme More By Ganni

While you may know Ganni for its eclectic prints and seersucker garments, the Danish brand has also documented its story thus far in a stylish coffee table book framed in neon green. Photographers, stylists and designers gather to tell the Ganni story, oriented on sustainable recycled paper telling the story of the brand, its designs and collaborations.

Collection Of Black Utopia Photographs

Life in Pictures

Hans Ulrich Obrist and Deborah Willis

I Can Make You Feel Good: Tyler Mitchell

Many people may be familiar with celebrated photographer and filmmaker Tyler Mitchells polished images for magazines like Vogue or i-D , but the artists personal work, spotlighted in this book, is what Kane loves most. The brightly saturated, full-bleed images of young Black men and women depicted in positions of power or experiencing joy are quieter but still deeply beautiful, he says. There is a richness to the color and light that I find really inspiring, Kane says.

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Compendium Of A Pioneering Designer

Alexandra Cunningham Cameron

As one of the first Black designers to find success in the mainstream U.S. fashion market, Willi Smith was a trailblazer in the world of modern streetwear, known for his affordable yet genre-blurring pieceswhich makes this book of essays on Smiths style evolution an engaging one to have on hand, says Matt Kane, founder of Creatives Want Change, a nonprofit that offers scholarships and programs for young Black designers. Apart from showcasing his fashions, the book documents his collaborations with celebrated artists like Nam June Paik and Christo. Kane hopes the book will make young designers more cognizant of Smiths impact on the industry and this introduction to his work and legacy is a wise choice especially as many of his oversize shapes are in fashion right now.

The Decisive Moment By Henri Cartier

This book by the legend in photography – Bresson, contains some of his photographs as well as his view on the approach to photography. Street photographers especially adore Henri Cartier Bresson for his unique style. The Decisive Moment book is one of the best street photography books and for anyone who wants to understand the views of Bresson towards photography, which has influenced generations of photographers. Bresson lay down his belief in the magical moment when many different elements like interactions, moments, form, and light all come together to form a perfect, visually appealing image. To achieve that one has to be unnoticeable, quick, and attentive.

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Best Surfing Books & Surf Coffee Table Books

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

Lets be honest for a secondsurfers arent exactly known for being academics. While there are plenty of well-read and well-spoken members of our community, there are a lot more Jeff Spicolis among us than there are Matt Warshaws and Cliff Kaponos.

But despite our reputation for being neanderthal beach bums with limited vocabularies and an affinity for Mary Jane, surfing is increasingly becoming a pastime of the educated professional. In other words, surfers are actually starting to read! And thats great news, because as it turns out, there are a lot of great surfing books out there.

Whether youre into novels, memoirs, surf photography books, or even scientific explanations of the physics of surfing, weve got you covered. Dive into our list of the best surfing books and surf coffee table books. If you can read this article, were pretty sure you can make it through a full-length bookas long as the swell doesnt come up!

Los Angeles Portrait Of A City By Kevin Starr David L Ulin And Jim Heimann

Must-have coffee table books

Beyond the beaches and the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles offers so much to seeand so much to love. This comprehensive collection includes the first known photograph taken in L.A. and journeys through the citys cultural and political history for a portrait that is rich and layered.

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How To Create A Coffee Table Book

Ready to get started creating your coffee table photo book? Just follow the simple instructions below:

1. Upload your photos. Upload your favorite photos and memories to your Shutterfly account. Place the photos into specific folders for your project to help you stay on track and organized while creating your photo book.

2. Choose your photo book style and layout. Browse a variety of photo book services and layouts to find the perfect match for your book. Services include make-my-book, in which you select your chosen photos and one of our designers creates the book for you custom path, which offers the maximum amount of customization to bring your photo book to life and simple path, which offers more simplicity than the custom path but more customization options than the make-my-book service.

3. Add photos to your project. If youve chosen the custom path, its time to drag and drop images into the available layouts. If youve chosen the simple path, you can now swap out photos from their pre-arranged layout. Take care not to place duplicate images or leave photo slots empty.

4. Edit photos, captions, and embellishments. Make sure to edit and crop any photos that need fine-tuning. You can also add captions and embellishments during this stage. Try to use the photos, captions, and embellishments to tell a story through the books progression. Also, do your best not to leave any pages overcrowded or empty.

The Story Of Looking By Mark Cousins

There’s more to the act of looking than meets the eye. In The Story of Looking, author and director Mike Cousins examines the untold tale of how our looking selves change and grow throughout our lifetimes.

Released to coincide with the launch of his film of the same name, The Story of Looking takes the reader on a lightning-bright tour of how the study of observing has evolved over the centuries. More than just a photography book, it’s also a deeply personal art gallery, a road movie, and a meditation on visual grammar.

Encompassing everything from holiday photos to propaganda, The Story of Looking illuminates how we construct and perceive the things that we see. Once you’ve read it, you’ll never look at the world around you in the same way again.

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Where I Find Myself: A Lifetime Retrospective By Joel Meyerowitz

A retrospective of one of Americas leading photographers, Where I Find Myself is organised in inverse, chronological order spanning Joel Meyerowitzs entire career to date. Covering all great projects, works inspired by Morandi and coverage of Ground Zero, it is a comprehensive guide to his work and America through his lens.

Planet Earthby Alastair Fothergill

St Augustine Coffee Table Book  PHOTOGRAPHY

Remember that 2006 BBC nature documentary that everyone was raving about a few years ago? Well, this is the companion book, a remarkable collection of photographs captured during the filmmaking process. The book includes more than 400 photos of the stunning vistas and rarely observed creatures that make up this little blue planet we call home.

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Title: The British Isles By Jamie Hawkesworthpublisher: Mackpublication Date: Out Now

The British IslesCourtesy of the artist and MACK

The British Isles chronicles 13 years of varied life across the United Kingdom, in an era when the countrys identity is evolving to become increasingly complex. Through a diverse sequence of portraits and landscapes, Jamie Hawkesworth charts the characters, moods and moments that make up the rich tapestry of his home country, from schoolchildren and shopworkers, markets to estates, cities to construction sites. There is poignancy in the every day there are questions left unanswered. The British Isles is a record of this eventful period in British history one interwoven with outstanding natural beauty, austerity, referenda, celebration, and conflict. §

The Moment It Clicks: Photography Secrets From One Of The Worlds Top Shooters By Joe Mcnally

Advanced techniques are great for students and pros alike to brush up on new and exciting ways to shoot. In McNally’s book, The Moment It Clicks, invaluable tips and tricks are shared from a well-respected industry professional, making it one of the best books to learn photography. While sharing his work, he shares the stories behind each shot and challenges you to approach your projects differently.

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Tuscany Marvel By Cesare Cunaccia

Tuscany is abundant in its beauty, from domed churches in Florence to rolling green hills in the wine regions. One of Italys most romantic regions is brought to life in the pages of Tuscany Marvel, with mire than 200 photographs and illustrations curating the ancient history of the region and its burgeoning fashion roots from Gucci to Ferragamo.

The 14 Best Coffee Table Books Of 2022

Peter Lindbergh -On Fashion Photography- coffee table book

Turn these glorious pages to explore the world from your sofa

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Even the most mobile jet-setters spend some time at homeespecially when a global pandemic leaves many travelers around the world temporarily grounded. So make your home the kind of place that inspires and indulges your wanderlust every day.

Start by stacking up a few coffee table books packed with stunning photographs to take you on a journey right from the comfort of your sofa. Our collection of travel-themed coffee table books captures places, people, culture, and experiences, with images from iconic travel photographers including Slim Arons and Gray Malin. These make ideal gifts for travelers and photo fans. And they make great gifts foryourself, investments that inspire your travels and keep your wanderlust burning brightly even as you kick your feet up at home.

Here, the best coffee table books for travelers.

Derived from Brandon Stantons blog, this book includes more than 500 deeply personal stories.

Dive into the Turkish riviera’s scenery and folklore with this stunning book.

Travel photography combines with the personal stories of 40 women on their journeys through nature.

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How To Choose Perfect Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books may just be the break you are looking for. It can entertain you even when you alone and have none to talk to. It is one of the best things to have that will amuse you and your guests over a cup of coffee. You can check our fantastic collection of books on different subjects giving everyone something to choose from. They commonly have no or little text making it fun for kids to turn pages entertaining them as well. Have you ever been in a situation where you as a guest are waiting while the host it preparing a snack? Well, a good coffee table book will make you feel more at home and keep you entertained. It can also work the other way round amusing your guests while you prepare them a cup of coffee and snacks. These books have several genres, chooses the one that pleases you and family members. A fashion book that keeps up with trend can be fascinating for all. Choosing the right one gets easy at our store with filters for price and brand. The key thing about coffee table books is updating them regularly to please you every time you see it. More the books more the fun!

Understanding Exposure By Bryan Peterson

An excellent primer on how to get out of the programmed automatic mode on your camera, Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure touches on many of the fundamentals of photography. From composition to aperture and depth of field, Understanding Exposure helps both the beginning novice learn the ropes and the seasoned pro learn something new. The book has been ranked #1 on Amazon’s bestsellers for photography reference books and with a good reason. The text also includes some workbook type problems to help you “get it.”

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A Beautiful Ghetto By Devin Allen

After the wrongful death of Freddie Gray, while protests began to erupt due to tensions between Baltimore citizens and police, photographer Devin Allen captured images of the protests and then shared them with the world on his Instagram account. In “A Beautiful Ghetto,” Allen shares powerful black and white images of Baltimore before, during, and after the protests. The book offers a peek into everyday life in Baltimore and features essays from Baltimore natives Wes Moore and D.Watkins.

Custom Photo Books: 8 Types For The Coffee Table

Photo book, Square photo, Coffee table books

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Have you ever wanted to revisit your favorite memories by displaying them in a beautiful photo album on your coffee table for friends and family to flip through? A coffee table book is often times going to be the center of attention for new guests in your home. They can be a great conversation starter for casual and intimate moments alike, and can inspire stories and memories to share with your guests. Shutterflys photo books allow you to display your favorite photos in a beautifully designed medium to stay in your family for generations, and can be a great custom gift to give to loved ones as well.

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Santa Fe Modern: Contemporary Design In The High Desert By Helen Thompson And Casey Dunn

As modernism roundly dominates current architecture and interior trends, Santa Fe Modern explores how some of the best examples of this design theme can be found in the American Southwest. While many of the spectacular homes featured in the book could reside almost anywhere in the world, Santa Fe Modern offers a compelling look at why the marriage of home design and its surrounding environment is so vital.

Five New Coffee Table Books If You Love Photography

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

While there’s no shortage of inspirational photography to be found online, nothing quite beats the physicality of a coffee table book that curates the best images caught on camera. Often focusing on a particular theme or topic, coffee table photography books are the perfect way to take a deep dive into your chosen niche or discover a new area of photography that’s always intrigued you.

Written by:Dom Carter

21 October 2021

In this feature, we’ve rounded up five of the best new coffee table books about photography which we think will inform and entertain creatives from all walks of life. If any of these books catch your eye, be sure to purchase them from the accompanying links for, an online bookshop with a mission to support local, independent bookshops financially.

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Travel Home: Design With A Global Spirit By Caitlin Flemming And Julie Goebel

This book is for the globetrotters intent on bringing stunning style and cultural inspiration from around the globe into the design of their homes. Get inspired to curate gracious interiors that reflect your most cherished places and experiences. And peek into 20 sophisticated homes of designers who did the same.

Best Art: Howardena Pindell: What Remains To Be Seen

Alex Prager Silver Lake Drive – Photography Book – My Coffee table book recomedation.
  • Art examines social & political issues

  • Includes commentary by the artist

  • Book is somewhat large

Howardena Pindell: What Remains to Be Seen provides beautiful art and the story of an artist and activist who used unconventional methods to express her ideas. Howardena Pindell grew up during the Civil Rights movement as a Black woman and faced many obstacles. As an artist, she broke down barriers and explored nontraditional materials like glitter, talcum powder, and perfume. Her work examines social and political issues, and her commentary about feminism and equality in the art world is prominent throughout this book. It makes an entertaining and inspiring addition to your coffee table spread.

Dimensions: 9.38 x 1.16 x 12.25 inches| Number of Pages: 276 | Year of Publication: 2018

  • Could have included more photos

For the history buff in your life, whether you or someone else, History as They Saw It is a glimpse into the past through photographs capturing the most chilling and amazing moments of history. Though at the time these photographs would have been black and white, this book adds color to these historic photos to make them seem modern, as though you could have been there yourself. Though it may seem like just colorized black and white photos to some, a trained eye can see the coloring has been done with such care as to reflect what the image would have looked like, taken in color, during the era of 1839 to 1949, with the tools available at that time.

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