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How Much Caffeine In Five Hour Energy

How Much Caffeine Is In Your Energy Drink

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Study: Caffeine Info Often Misleading or Missing on Energy Drink Labels

Oct. 25, 2012 — How much caffeine is in your energy drink?

Don’t count on finding out by reading the product label, a Consumer Reports investigation finds.

The consumer group tested 27 popular energy drinks. Eleven didn’t list the amount of caffeine on the label. Among the 16 products that did, five had more than 20% more caffeine than the label claimed. One had about 70% less.

But all of the products had one thing in common: caffeine. Many had lots of caffeine. That raises a red flag for Gayle Williams, CR’s deputy health editor.

“The amount of caffeine in these products is worrisome,” Williams says. “They tout that they are as safe as coffee, but maybe not. They have a lot more caffeine than an 8-ounce cup of coffee.”

That 8-ounce cup of coffee has about 100 milligrams of caffeine, although coffees and teas vary widely in their caffeine content depending on how they are brewed. For example, CR finds that 8 ounces of Starbucks coffee has 165 milligrams of caffeine.

CR says safe limits of caffeine are up to 400 milligrams per day for healthy adults, 200 milligrams a day for pregnant women, and up to 45-85 milligrams per day for children, depending on weight.

Not all of the makers of energy drinks are members of the American Beverage Association, the trade group that represents the soft drink industry. The ABA says its members’ energy drink labels do list caffeine amounts.

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much

Most experts seem to agree that caffeine levels below 400 milligrams per day should be safe, but they are quick to point out that everyone has a different tolerance to the chemical based on age, weight, and the average amount consumed per day. Some people can react negatively to a tiny amount, so we recommend starting slowly and paying attention to how you feel after a shot of 5-Hour Energy shot before you begin to take it regularly. However, most people can consume two shots per day without risking serious health problems if they dont drink any other caffeine throughout the day.

Ingredients In This Homemade Energy Drink:

Each of these ingredients were chosen because theyre beneficial for energy and nutrition:

  • Unsweetened Green Tea:

I started drinking green tea a few years ago after hearing about some of its health benefits. The nutrients in green tea are anti-inflammatory and provide antioxidants. There is caffeine in green tea, but nothing like the levels in store bought energy drinks that tend to make a lot of people jittery or shaky.

You can easily make your own green tea, but its ok to buy store bought too. Youre going to want to check the label to make sure the tea doesnt contain anything other than green teaI like using Pure Leaf brand unsweetened green tea when I dont have time to make my own.

  • Watermelon: Super hydrating and contains vitamins C & A. Watermelon also helps post-workout because it could help relieve muscle soreness and lower inflammation in your body. Watermelon also contains amino acids that help improve circulation.
  • Cherry: Contains natural sugars that dont cause spikes in blood pressure. Cherries are also anti-inflammatory.
  • Lime: Limes have anti-inflammatory properties and contain magnesium, which your body needs for energy production.
  • Honey: Honey is a natural sweetener, and it provides a bit of sweetness for our energy drink as well as some slow burning energy.

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Caffeine Levels Per Serving For The 27 Products We Checked Ranged From 6 Milligrams To 242 Milligrams Per Serving

Theyre everywhere: beverages that promise to keep you energized, revved, and alert. But labels dont have to reveal how much caffeine the products pack. We will. We measured the amount in 27 top-selling energy drinks and shots .

We bought the drinks online or at stores in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, and tested three lots of each product, choosing one flavor, usually fruit. We also sent shoppers to stores all across the U.S. to see where energy drinks are displayed.

What we found. Caffeine levels per serving ranged from about 6 milligrams to 242 milligrams per servingand some containers have more than one serving. The highest level was in 5-hour Energy Extra Strength the lowest in the seemingly oxymoronic 5-hour Energy Decaf. By comparison, an 8-ounce cup of coffee has about 100 milligrams a 16-ounce Starbucks Grande, 330 milligrams.

Five of the 16 products that list a specific amount of caffeineArizona Energy, Clif Shot Turbo Energy Gel, Nestlé Jamba, Sambazon Organic Amazon Energy, and Venom Energyhad more than 20 percent above their labeled amount on average in the samples we tested. On the other hand, one of our three samples of Archer Farms Energy Drink Juice Infused had caffeine about 70 percent below the labeled amount. For the other drinks that list caffeine levels, the actual numbers were within 20 percent of claimed, which we think is an acceptable range for meeting caffeine claims.

Easy Homemade Energy Drink

CAFFEINE!: Review for 5 Hour Energy

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These homemade energy drinks can give you a boost before a workout, but without the jitters and artificial ingredients that sometimes come with store bought drinks and powders. In addition to being safer, theyre cheaper and taste better, too!

Whether youre starting your day or looking to get out of your afternoon slump, this natural energy drink recipe can boost your energy in a healthier way. This sugar free energy drink uses natural sugar in fruit and lightly caffeinated green tea to give you a helpful energy boost!

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Coffee Vs Five Hour Energy

so ive come to the conclusion that my body has grown accustomed to the level of caffeine that i supply it . which means, like with any drug, i have developed a tolerance to this low, one cup dose of caffeine. so i decided to *gasp* cheat on coffee a little. ive been tired for the past few weeks and was looking for something to give me that extra oomph in order to get excited about a boring job with virtually nothing to do. no, seriously. i get paid waaaay too much .so from the ridiculous plethora of energy drinks fighting for my attention and money, i decided on a concoction in a rather tiny package that made big promises .

presenting.from some science lab that functions more like a marketing agency.the contender

versus.the champion.originally from colombia or some south american country.the caffeinated chief that browns your teeth.


i had seen commercials for five hour energy a lot, and decided to give it a try. the ingredients in it sounded beneficial , so at the very least i would get some nutrition from it. while i was reluctant to leave my beloved coffee for more than a few hours, i figured it was worth a try.

coffee vs. five hour energy: FIGHT! *cute Mortal Kombat theme*

and the winnah is..coffee!


: i admit im a little biased. coffee will always be a winner in my heart. aww

How Bad Is Sucralose For You

There has been a conundrum on sucralose safety, some say its harmless while some suggest it might affect your metabolism.

Some people think it may raise your blood sugar and insulin levels, they also think that it may damage the bacterial environment in your gut, but further studies in humans are needed for such claims like this.

The safety of sucralose has also been question when the sweetener is at high temperatures, so to prevent risks avoid cooking or baking with sucralose due to the fact that it might release harmful compounds.

Simply put, the long-term health effects are still unclear. Nonetheless, health authorities like the Food and Drug Administration still considers it to be safe.

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When To Take 5

Take it in seconds, feel it in minutes, lasts for hours.

The best time to take 5-hour ENERGY® is whenever youre tired! If coffee doesnt do it for you any more or you arent a morning person, try it when you first wake up.

After lunch, because that 2:30 Feeling® is real. Research has shown that more than 70% of people will hit a wall after lunch.

You can even try a 5-hour ENERGY® shot before working out or playing sports. Get an energy boost for when you need to get in the zone by having a shot before you get active. But remember, these arent hydration products so be sure to drink plenty of water.

With its convenient go anywhere size, make sure you have a 5-hour ENERGY® shot with you wherever you goit doesnt need to be refrigerated and its easy to take in seconds.

So, are you surprised that 5-hour ENERGY® shots contain the same vitamins, amino acids and nutrients that can also be found in common foods and vitamins? Or that each regular strength 5-hour ENERGY® shot has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of premium coffee?

Try a 5-hour ENERGY® shot today for that feeling of alertness when you need it most. Find it at convenience stores, grocery, retail, club stores and online at 5-hourENERGY.com.

Caffeine must be taken in moderation. Which is also true for 5-hour ENERGY® products. We recommend not taking more than two shots per day, spaced several hours apart.

Side Effects Of Caffeine

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The recommended intake of caffeine for healthy adults is 400mg, which is equivalent to four cups of brewed coffee, 10 cans of cola, or two energy shot drinks.

This means that the maximum amount of 5 Hour Energy that you should drink is only two bottles, but keep in mind that if you ever decide to take two shots of 5 Hour Energy, make sure that you only do it occasionally and not on a daily basis.

Exceeding the recommended amount of caffeine can lead to side effects like:

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Hour Energy For Diabetic

Can a diabetic take a 5 hour energy shot? Can a diabetic take a 5 hour energy shot? Since their ads don’t hype sugar i don’t see why not* Diabetic or not, my feeling is that these things are worse than a waste of money… they don’t really give a benefit and can have unpleasant effects. Again IMO… I think any positives that people report are largely due to placebo effect… Far better to exercise, eat and sleep appropriately. Without knowing more about the diabetic’s situation , it still sounds like a bad idea, unless the patient’s doctor or diabetic nutritionist thinks it’s a good idea. If you’re diabetic or glucose intolerant, the preferred treatment approach is to smooth out the peaks and valleys of blood glucose levels. A “5-hour energy” whatever sounds like it’s intended to SPIKE the blood glucose level high and leave it there. This will stress a diabetic’s insulin-regulation system, something that does not need stressing. Consult the doctor or nutritionist before trying this. More info is needed than given here. The ones without sugar work best. My sister is a type 1, but even after having one she’ll watch for her sugars spiking or dropping out oddly. But she just finished a 14hr shift at work last night and took one, she’s going in for another 14hr shift tonight and will be taking another. If you’re confident in your abilities to properly manage and control your sugars you shouldn’t have a problem. If youContinue reading > >

Does 5 Hour Energy Make You Crash

While you wont experience a sugar crash, you may experience a caffeine crash from the high levels of caffeine present in the drink.

When 5-hour Energy Drinks first came about in the market, it was advertised as a no crash energy drink. Meaning that when you drink it, you wont experience the dreaded slump of energy after.

This, however, has been disputed by research companies and marketing firms, claiming that it does cause a caffeine crash. Since then, the brand has dropped its claims of having no crash.

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Hour Energy Extra Strength Caffeine Content

While 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength caffeine can be VERY HIGH, the key is moderation. Ultimately, the caffeine in 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength is safe all that matters is how much of it you drink.

To learn more about the amount of caffeine in different energy drinks, shots, coffee or tea, check out other products we’ve researched.

How Long Does 5


Again, this is also depends on a number of variables and may vary across individuals.

Firstly, your body size and height may play a part. If you have a large body mass, the caffeine may take a while to circulate your body, causing the effects of caffeine to last longer.

Another variable to take note of is your metabolism. How fast or how slow your body burns and filters out the caffeine is definitely something thats affect how long the effects of 5-Hour Energy lasts.

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Tips For Best Caffeine Use

Drink Plenty of Water

Caffeine is a natural diuretic. A good rule of thumb is to drink a full 8oz glass of H2O with every energy drink to make sure your body stays hydrated. Dehydration causes many of the Caffeines negative side effects, namely fatigue and a lack of concentration. If you notice yourself getting tired after drinking something with Caffeine, reach for more water.

Eat Healthy Carbs

Along with water, healthy carbohydrates are a great form of natural energy for the body. While standard café fare pairs Caffeine with sweet pastries and starchy bagels, a better combination employs fresh fruits and vegetables. For a healthier morning, enjoy a banana or a bowl of baby carrots with your energy shot instead of something sweet and processed.

Remember To Get Sleep

Sleep has amazing restorative properties. While the power of energy shots can easily fuel all-nighters, long periods of sleep deprivation are bad for the body. Best practices dictate getting a few extra hours of sleep after a late night. The grogginess from extra or irregular sleep can be alleviated with a clean, natural source of energy like green tea.

What Is In 5

5-Hour Energy drink has a special blend that can give you a quick boost. This energy shot has great ingredients to help enhance your focus and alertness.

Lets have a look at the ingredients of the special blend:

  • Caffeine
  • Malic Acid
  • Glucuronolactone

Among these ingredients, people know caffeine for its ability to give an energy boost. Additionally, its a stimulant that increases your brain and nervous system activities.

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How To Make This Homemade Energy Drink:

  • Juice the limes and measure out the cherries, honey, and watermelon into a blender or food processor. Add the honey.
  • Blend very wellfor about one minute.
  • Divide the contents of your blender into two bottles of unsweetened green tea. This mixture will be about 4 ounces, so measure two ounces into each bottle. I think the perfect ratio is 10 oz green tea to 2 ounces juice.
  • You can keep this in the fridge for up to five days or so.
  • Healthy Eating Plan Information:

    Q& A with Tim Tools for Better Sleep, Parenting, Fear, How to Boost Your Mood, and More

    Weight Watchers:

    One serving of this homemade energy drink without the honey is 0 Blue Plan Point | 0 Green Plan Points | 0 Purple Plan Points. Adding the honey to this drink would make it 2 Blue Point | 2 Green Points | 2 Purple Points.

    21 Day Fix/Ultimate Portion Fix:

    One serving of this energy drink counts as one sweetener teaspoon and 1/2 purple container . The unsweetened green tea is not counted.

    Find more recipes for your eating plan:

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    Why Do I Need An Energy Drink

    Many people struggle to make it through workouts when theyre tired. This can be especially true when youve had a long day and all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV.

    Traditional store bought energy drinks and energy shots contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients. For example, a popular one lists these as their ingredients: Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Citric Acid, Taurine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine HCI, Vitamin B12, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Colors.

    A few years ago, I compared several popular energy drinks because my son was asking to drink them. I laid it all out so other parents could benefit from my research and what I found was that some of these energy drinks contain as much caffeine as three cans of Coke. The sugar content was less but a lot of these products contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, so Im not convinced thats a win.

    When youre consuming that much caffeine, your body crashes when it starts to leave your system. Making your own sports drink or homemade energy drink with a small amount of caffeine allows your body to benefit from the extra energy without the crash afterward.

    How Much Is Too Much Caffeine

    Even though the FDA allotment allows for a few hundred milligrams of Caffeine in a day, its best not to take that all at once. As shown above, some energy shots can have up to 500mg of Caffeine in a single bottlemore than a whole days worth!

    To make matters worse, the Caffeine that is commonly found in popular energy drinks is often made synthetically in a lab. Artificial Caffeine is absorbed by the body much faster than naturally occurring Caffeine, so the effects of a Caffeine overdose can come fast if precautions arent taken.

    The positive effects of Caffeine include slightly increased heart rate , improved cognitive functions , and the release of adrenaline . As you consume more and more Caffeine, these effects increase, until they eventually become problematic

    Too much of anything is never a good thing, but this is especially true of Caffeine. Once your heart rate surpasses a certain threshold, the positive benefits of Caffeine consumption will wear off. Anxiety and distracted thoughts will set in, replacing the calm concentration of normal Caffeine use. Too much adrenaline will keep you awake much longer than intended, wreaking havoc on your mental state and keeping your brain a constant state of fight-or-flight.

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