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How To Can Nitro Coffee

Now That You Know What Nitro Coffee Is

How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Its time to head down to your local coffee shop to try it. The sweet, smooth, creamy coffee drink is taking over the menu of coffee shops around the world. Its becoming the most sold beverage for many establishments. You can make it your new usual or purchase equipment to help you bring the taste home. Either way, nitro brew coffee is here to stay.

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Acquire Cold Brew Coffee

You have two choices here, either making your own or purchasing a premade cold brew from a local supermarket. If you have the time, we recommend that you make cold brew coffee on your own. Its incredibly simple to follow our guide for how to make a regular cold brew coffee. Its also less expensive, and it means you can use your favorite coffee beans.

Pro tip: Cold brewing tends to eliminate both the brightest and bitterest notes from a coffees flavor to leave an exceptionally smooth beverage. Robustly flavored beans with earthy and chocolatey notes, such as medium roasted Colombians, are a great choice.

In short, steep coarsely ground coffee beans in cold filtered water for 12 to 24 hours and then strain out the grounds using cheesecloth or a paper coffee filter. This process yields a coffee concentrate that should be diluted 1:1 with water before drinking.

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How To Make Nitro Cold Brew

We’re going to saddle up and do this just like we’re making regular cold brew coffee, except we’re going to brew it with just a touch more water so that it’s ready to go and doesn’t need to be diluted.

You’ll need:

  • coarse ground coffee beans
  • cold or room temp water – we live in the city and have great filtered tap water so I just use that.

For ‘equipment’ you need something to strain the coffee grounds, I love using reusable cheesecloth . It’s a fine material and I love that you just rinse it out, wash it, and use it again.

TIP: To achieve a thick, foamy ‘head’ on your nitro coffee a paper strainer/filter is recommended. It will filter more oils out of the coffee, which will help build a foamier pour.

You will need a whipped cream canister or a soda dispenser. A soda dispenser will be a little easier to pour the coffee thanks to the spout design, but if you already have a whipped cream canister on hand there’s no reason to buy the extra equipment.

Once the coffee is brewed and strained, just add it to the canister, add the nitrogen cartridge, give it a shake, and pour into the glass. Let the coffee settle before sipping. This will give the nitrogen time to settle while also building that creamy head on top.

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How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Yourself

The problem with it, however, is that its not easy to prepare. Nitro cold brew has become popular in coffee shops, but its not taken off quite so quickly at home!

Thats because you do need some special equipment to get started. For coffee shops, the investment is quite large, and they need to also train up their baristas to use the equipment. Cold brews alone are already more expensive due to the time it takes to prepare them, and thats before you start infusing them with nitrogen!

Increasingly, nitro cold brew has become available in keg or can form exactly the same way that beer is sold. However, if thats not good enough for you, then you can prepare your own nitro cold brew at home.

Remember, youll need to leave your coffee to brew cold for at least 12 hours , before you turn it into nitro. Cold brews are simple to prepare they are just time-consuming.

Once you have your cold brew ready, you then need a pressurized device to inject the nitrogen into the coffee. Rather than investing in a carbonator, though, you can create the same effect using liquid nitrogen canisters and a whipped cream dispenser!

It takes a little practice, though, to get the perfect cold brew and nitrogen infusion. If you have the time, though, then it can save you a lot of money preparing it at home .

Nitrogen Gas + Cold Brew Coffee = Nitro Brew Coffee

B Sweet Nitro Canning

Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. There are a few ways nitrogen-infused coffee differs from your regular cup of cold brew. First, your barista will serve nitro coffee cold from the tap or infusion kettle. The beverage starts with regular cold brew coffee. Thats made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for several hours . The mixture is then infused with the nitrogen gas right before its poured. Thats done with special equipment that you might be more used to seeing in a bar than in your local coffee shop.

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Can I Use Cold Brew Concentrate

Yes! You can brew a standard recipe for cold brew coffee and just add water before pouring into the soda dispenser or whipped cream canister. This is a great quick option especially if you’re just curious and not used to typically drinking black coffee.

Feel free to experiment with the brew! Add some vanilla or caramel to the coffee before it goes into the dispenser if you love flavorings in your coffee.

Be sure to tell me your favorite way to drink nitro cold brew in the comments! If you made this recipe, please give it a star rating right below in the recipe card!

Why Cant I Use A Nitro Charger That Fits In A Charger Holder For Cream Whippers

There are Nitrogen chargers available on the market that fit in a chargerholder for cream whippers.

WARNING: Do not use those chargers in your cream whipper.

These chargers are NOT produced by iSi and pose a significant risk hazard. Especially related to devices with plastic heads, the 3 times higher pressure in these Nitro chargers can lead to serious injuries. Cream whippers are not designed for these high-pressure ranges and therefore must never be used with Nitro chargers. For this reason, the Original iSi Nitro and the matching Original iSi Nitro Chargers are also not compatible with available nitro chargers for cream whippers.

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Why Should You Serve Nitro Beverages

Nitrogen-infused drinks like nitro coffee are a popular trend in coffee shops and cafes, but is it the right fit for your business? Here are a few reasons why you should consider serving nitro coffee and other nitrogen-infused beverages at your establishment:

  • It’s popular. Nitro coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the coffee industry, and having it on your menu can bring a lot of customers into your business.
  • It’s cost-efficient. Nitro beverages are easy to make and only require a few pieces of equipment. But because nitro coffee is so popular, you can sell it for a premium and make a nice profit without much time and effort.
  • It’s healthier than standard drip coffee. Many people load up their drip coffee with cream and sugar, which makes it unhealthy. Nitro coffee, on the other hand, is less bitter and acidic than regular coffee, so your customers don’t have to sweeten it with sugar and milk. Plus, coffee has lots of natural antioxidants that are good for you.
  • You can make beverages other than coffee. In addition to nitro coffee, there are many other types of nitro-infused beverages you can make. For example, some coffee shops have experimented with nitro green tea, nitro chai, and nitro cocktails.

Were In Orbit The Future Of Nitro

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at Home with Royal Brew

What if saying the words cold and coffee together in the same sentence makes you go NO? Dont worry, theres a nitro kegging company thats looking out for you. BonaFide Nitro has developed what they call the Craft Draft Process, which means you can have your nitro both ways cold for the blistering days of summer and hot for, well, every other occasion.

But lets take it one step further. You want to get gutsy and futuristic? Why not make nitro at home. Yeah, I said it. Sounds scary, right? Wrong! Very soon, a brand-new How-To article is going to be blasting off into hyperdrive to deliver you the tools you need to make nitro coffee in your own kitchen . Stay tuned itll be showcased when its in orbit.

And one last thing: Remember to never ever break the following unofficial nitro coffee rule ice has no place in your nitro coffee. Why? Well, you dont put ice in your Guinness, right? Same goes for your nitro. Enjoy it just as poured.

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What Equipment Do You Need To Make Nitrogen

There are only a few pieces of equipment that your business needs to get started brewing and tapping your own nitro coffee or other beverages. All you need to make nitro coffee is a keg, nitrogen gas, and a nitro infuser box. Nitro infuser boxes are specifically designed to handle the acidity of coffee without rusting or wearing down.

It is important to note that you can make nitro coffee with either hot brew or cold brew coffee, although cold brew coffee is easier to make in bulk.

Keeping up with trends in the foodservice and coffee industry can help bring more customers into your restaurant and boost your profits, and nitrogen-infused drinks like nitro coffee are one of the most popular trends in foodservice today. While nitro coffee started in small coffee shops in select cities, it has grown exponentially and is now becoming available to the general public, which makes it an excellent time to start serving it at your coffee shop or bistro. Plus, because there are only a few pieces of equipment involved and you can offer the coffee for a premium, it’s an excellent investment for your business.

The Best Way To Can A Nitro Latte

La Colombes new Nitro Latte Can is obsessively designed to give you the foam you always wanted in a cold latte

Over the last year, Todd Carmichael, CEO and co-founder of La Colombe Coffee Roasters, began noticing that more than half of customers were ordering cold coffee drinks in the morning instead of a traditional hot coffee. We watched as this cold phenomenon took hold and became actually the dominant way of consuming coffee, he explained in a phone interview. Its like, OK. This is now a temperature we can play with. Carmichael started looking closely at the cold drinks folks were ordering and was generally underwhelmed by their quality. When I looked critically at the drinks that were happening on a cold level, I realized what they really were were hot drinks with ice in them, and I thought that didnt seem authentic or legitimate.

Then, he had an epiphany. A hot latte is coffee, milk, and its vapor. And I realized in the cold category, we didnt have vapor, which is what gives a hot latte its signature fluffy texture. So Carmichael set out on a ten day-long questduring which time, I didnt really spend a lot of time at home. I went crazy in my lab, according to Carmichaelto create a cold drink that would have the same beautiful, velvety texture as a hot latte.

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What Should I Do If My Whipper Has A Leak Or Releases Pressure Prematurely

Ensure that the decorator tip is securely screwed on before using the chargers. Make sure that the head gasket is inserted and not damaged. Check that the whipper head has been properly cleaned. Follow the cleaning instructions given in the accompanying whipper instructions. If you add other ingredients to the cream, ensure that these are dissolved or stirred in. Otherwise clumps may form, blocking the dispensing system. A blocked dispensing system may cause leaks.

How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Premium Coffee Drink, Black ...

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The Nitro cold brew coffee became the new kid on the block six years ago when it was first introduced on the market. Years later, it has managed to maintain that same flair. True fans of this drink cannot get enough. This guide is here to teach you how to make the same tasty brew at home.

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Make The Nitro Cold Brew

Pour your coffee into the whipped cream dispenser. If youre using homemade cold brew concentrate, make sure to dilute 1:1 it with water first. .

Charge the cream whipper with one nitrous oxide charge, and shake it for about 30 seconds. Discharge the gas, turn the canister upside down, and dispense your fresh brew into a waiting glass.

Pro tip: Using a frosty glass from the freezer is the best way to keep your nitro cold brew ice cold without diluting it with ice. Alternatively, you can make ice cubes out of brewed coffee for use in all your chilled coffee beverages.

Carbonated Coffee Vs Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

You can make nitro coffee in the comfort of your own home. It does take some specialized kit, but once youve got it up and running you have nitro coffee on tap!

Carbonated coffee is tricky to make, has a less satisfying mouthfeel, and tastes harsh and bitter. Its not enjoyable on its own and really does need some form of sweetener added.

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Vegan Friendly And Lactose

Artisanal drinks are mostly made with dairy products, which may not be suitable for some people due to allergic reactions triggered by dairy products. These people do not have any choice but to drink black coffee.

This is similar to people to follow certain diets like vegetarians. Vegans can comfortably enjoy nitro coffee since it can be enjoyed in its natural form however, if you order a macchiato, the ingredients can be switched with other products that suit the vegetarian diet.

Nitro coffee is not only vegan friendly, but it is also lactose friendly. It has a natural and sweet cream hence there is no need to add dairy or artificial creams. It is deemed as a great option for people with these conditions but still love a creamy drink with a lingering aftertaste.

Sweetness Without The Sugar

How to Make Nitro Espresso Old Fashioned

When nitrogena colorless, orderless gasis added to coffee, you get nitro brew. Although it may sound like a strange combination, it’s not a totally new phenomenon. ” have been putting gas in beverages for a long time,” says La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael, rattling off sparkling water, soda, and beer as examples.

So why the switch from reliable carbon dioxide to nitrogen, which doesn’t mix with liquid as easily? “It makes the texture more foamy,” says Brian Lovejoy, general manager of coffee for Califia Farms. That explains why a glass of nitro coffee looks similar to a frothy beer, and has a comparable thickness.

“The nitro foam gives a perception of sweetness without anything being added.”

Rather than adding the signature fizz of CO2, nitrogen’s pop comes in the taste department. “The nitro foam gives a perception of sweetness without anything being added,” Lovejoy explains. “It tricks the tongue by hitting it at different places and bringing out more flavor.”

And that’s where its health cred comes in: Unlike other types of coffee, which can sometimes skew bitter, nitro doesn’t require sugar to taste amazing. “You can achieve the taste your tongue likes without adding any sugar to it at all,” says Carmichael.

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What Makes A Nitro Coffee

Thanks to its stunning, stand-out visuals and decadent taste, nitro coffee has become a firm favourite in speciality cafes. Its popularity has been consistently rising for the past few years, which has made it a popular option behind the bars of specialty cafes and commercial coffee shops alike.

It may look super fancy, but a nitro cold brew coffee is simply a cold brew coffee thats been infused with nitrogen. The nitrogen imparts two important elements to the drink: an extra richness and sweetness to its taste, and an incredible visual element, made up of millions of cascading micro-bubbles.

How To Easily Make Nitro Cold Brew At Home

Nitro cold brew is all the rage these days at coffee shops big and small. It is the infusion of nitrous oxide into cold brew coffee, a method that was typically used in brewing dark beer. This infusion makes for a smoother and more mild coffee with a slight sweetness. It is a perfectly chuggable cup of coffee!

You do not need to wait in that 30-minute drive-thru for coffee. Making a nitro cold brew at home is super easy, and you can save the $6 that a small coffee costs at the store. You will need a few items, such as a pitcher, a whipped cream dispenser for infusing, and a coffee grinder.

You will also need a little bit of time on your hands. Nitro cold brew starts with plain and simple cold brew, which takes about 24 hours to steep. You can prep the cold brew beforehand and keep it in the fridge for whenever you are ready to make it nitro.

Here are 2 easy steps to make the perfect cold brew at home.

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Purging When You Add More Cold Brew Coffee

Just like your big wine jug full of cold brew should have the air vacuumed out, so does your mini-keg. As crazy as this will sound, this will help preserve the flavors for longer periods. You need to add new cold brew coffee to the keg and screw on the lid, nice and snug. A fresh nitrogen canister will charge a vessel but not remove excess oxygen, so it needs to be purged for that air. Put a cup under the tap and slowly pull it allowing the gas and air to escape. You mustn’t shake the mini-keg since this will include oxygen into the coffee.

When you can see that no gas or air is escaping anymore, the keg is purged. Then a new gas canister can then be added to the keg. Only after that should you shake the keg to mix both the coffee and the nitrogen together. This makes your nitro cold brew coffee make a distinct cascade effect after its poured. When oxygen is still inside your mini-keg it just looks like beer foam. The cascade effect only happens when oxygen isn’t mixed into the coffee allowing it to flow down to the bottom of a cup, like a waterfall instead of rising.


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