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How To Make Your Own Coffee

Competitive Advantages Of Joes Garage Coffee

HOW TO ROAST YOUR OWN COFFEE BEANS | Make a GREAT Cup of Coffee! | Moore Approved

When seeking a private label supplier for your coffee brand, you want a company you can trust for high-quality coffee and excellent service. Joes Garage Coffee has provided coffee roasting and packaging services to thousands of customers worldwide, including both national brands and growing businesses just getting started in the coffee industry. Our experience and expertise mean we know the secrets to starting a successful coffee brand and helping it thrive for years to come. When you choose Joes Garage Coffee as your private label supplier you can expect these competitive advantages to help your coffee brand take off:

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

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Cold brew coffee is amazingly simple to make at home. With my tips youll have the perfect glass of cold brew and will never have to buy it from the store again.

On hot days Im no longer brewing my Chemex coffee . Instead, Ive switched to cold brew coffee for a cooling and refreshing caffeinated beverage.

Youve likely had cold brewed coffee before, either at a local coffee shop or from the supermarket in packaged containers, for the best grab and go drink. But when you find out how easy it is to make cold brew coffee at home youll wonder why you havent been making it yourself all along.

How To Select Your Blend Ratio

You should start by using 40% sweet base note, 40% mid-palate and 20% high notes. Slowly tweak these ratios during the process until you are satisfied with your flavour profile. You may want to roast the component coffees separately in small batches, then brew them together and combine the liquid coffee at different ratios, i.e. 40:40:20, 30:30:40 or 60:20:20.

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Maximize The Space With A Hidden Door

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Create Multiple Streams Of Revenue

Learn how to make your own cold brew iced coffee and ...

Although coffee can have a great profit margin, companies that offer only coffee may not generate enough gross profit to succeed. A customer stopping in for a morning coffee or shopping online to buy more coffee beans will likely purchase just one product at a time. However, coffee shops and online coffee suppliers can create multiple streams of revenue by offering a few different products. When customers have more than one type of product to choose from, they are more likely to make a larger purchase with each transaction. In addition, if one product is not selling as well, your brand can make up for losses with the other products you offer. Here are a few ways to create multiple streams of revenue for your coffee brand:

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These Are Our Favorite Ways To Make Coffee At Home

Not to hate on the 12-cup automatic drip coffee maker taking up approximately a quarter of the counter space in your kitchen, but there are far better ways to make coffee at home. When we want a superior cup of that good brown morning medicineespecially when we spent good money on quality coffee that we took the time to grind ourselveswe turn to a handful of low-tech brewing methods to get the most our of the beans. It’s time to learn how to brew a proper cup. These are our three favorite affordable, small-batch coffee brewing devices and what we like about them.

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Key Coffee Storage Tips:

  • The roast date matters! Coffee is a natural product, and so it has a shelf life. This will vary, but a good rule of thumb is to only buy the coffee youll drink that week. For a more in-depth take on roast dates and stale coffee, check out this guide.
  • Store your coffee in an airtight container at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight. Oh, and never, ever put it in the fridge. Itll absorb the aromas all the other food in there.
  • Good coffee storage leads to good coffee quality. Credit: Michael Flores

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    How Do You Make Coffee Without Electricity

    How you make coffee without electricity depends on what kind of heat you have access to. If youre camping, you can brew cowboy coffee over a fire, or on a camp stove. If you boil water over a fire, be sure you have a safe way to lift the pan of water off the flames after it boils. If you live in an area that loses power frequently, consider keeping a Jet Boil or other camp stove on hand to boil water for coffee. Some things are just too important to leave to chance.

    How To Serve Cold Brewed Coffee

    How to Make Your Own Iced Coffee Concentrate

    Cold brewed coffee can be served iced or piping hot, dealer’s choice. You follow the same method for making the coffee either way, and then either serve it over ice or warm it up in the microwave for a hot cup. When warming it for hot coffee, I often add a splash of water to dilute the coffee before warming. But this, again, is a matter of personal taste.

    Too strong for your taste? Iced coffee does make a particularly strong cuppa joe! If you’re serving it iced, the ice is meant to melt and dilute the coffee a little. If it’s still a bit too much for you, just dilute your glass with some water or milk to taste.

    Ready to give cold brew coffee a try? Below is everything you need to know to make your own batch at home.

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    Step : Invest In A Scale

    To brew better coffee at home, Jazmin recommends using a scale. Before becoming a barista, Jazmin measured her coffee at home with a spoon. It doesnt taste the same, she said. She now understands the importance of accurately measuring your coffee. You need to know how much coffee youre going to use in order to make the perfect cup. Having a scale will help you achieve the right strength and balance for you.

    At Brew Brew, baristas measure 180 grams of whole bean coffee per carafe. Each carafe makes 12 8 oz. cups. At home, for a 6-cup, automatic drip coffeemaker, Jazmin recommends measuring out 90 grams of whole bean coffee onto a small, inexpensive scale before grinding and brewing.

    How To Make Coffee

    Perfect in the morning, as a midday pick-me-up, or alongside a sweet dessert, there’s no bad time for a coffee break!

    Perfect first thing in the morning, as a midday pick-me-up, or capping the evening alongside a sweet dessert, there’s never a bad time for a coffee break. We’ll walk you through the best way to brew coffee so you can get the next pot started!

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    Heres My Go To Recipe For Bottled Coffee

    • 2% Lactose Free Milk
    • 2 shots of espresso .
    • Flavored Creamer to Taste .

    Brew your espresso, add to bottle.

    Add your flavored creamer , to taste. I use about a tablespoon. Add your base the rest of the way. In my case, Lactose Free Milk.

    Close the bottles and refrigerate. Consume within a week or prior to any expiration dates of your ingredients .

    Open, Drink, Enjoy!

    Thats it! . They work great, they are dishwasher safe and are canning quality. I estimate about 195 calories with these ingredients .

    Tell me what you think and what speciality coffee drinks you love to make at home!

    Key Steps To Better Cold Brew At Home

    How to make your own cold brew coffee
    • Get the grind right. Cold brew requires a specific grind. A larger grind something closer to the coarseness of raw sugar keeps the brew from getting bitter overnight. If youve got a small home grinder, its best to grind the beans in batches.
    • Use a higher ratio of coffee to water. This recipe uses a ratio of 8 ounces of ground coffee to 8 cups of water which is 1 ounce of coffee per cup making it easier to scale this recipe up or down. Drip coffee uses about 1/2 ounce of coffee per cup.
    • Strain slowly. The Toddy System that Starbucks uses to brew and strain their coffee relies on gravity to gently remove the cold brew from the grounds. To replicate that at home, youll need to strain the cold brew gently through cheesecloth and a strainer. Avoid pressing or squeezing the coffee grounds, as that extracts bitter flavors. Work in batches to strain as gently as possible. You might be asking yourself, Cant I just strain the coffee with a coffee filter? You could, but it slows the straining process and occasionally the paper filters tear, creating more of a mess than anyone should have to deal with before coffee. My favorite tool for straining my cold brew is actually a nut milk bag.

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    Rule : Choose Good Coffee If It’s Within Your Budget

    Snobbism among coffee drinkers can rival that of wine drinkers, but the fact is that an astonishing world of coffee tastes awaits anyone willing to venture beyond mass-marketed commercial brands. Specialty coffees that clearly state the country, region or estate of origin can provide a lifetime of tasting experiences. There are two major beans on the marketArabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are more widely produced, have a wider range of flavors and are generally considered the “better bean.” By all means, look for 100% pure Arabica beans. The cheap alternatives may contain Robusta beans, noted for their higher caffeine content but harsh flavors. “Nasty” is a term commonly linked to Robusta coffees by Arabica devotees. But these types of coffee can be expensive. If your barista budget has taken a hit, there are plenty of good grocery store brands that deliver your morning buzz at half the price of fancy beans.

    Rule : Buy Fresh Beans

    Without question, coffee is best when used within days of being roasted. Buying from a local roaster is the surest way to get the absolute freshest beans. Be wary of buying bulk coffee from supermarket display bins. Oxygen and bright light are the worst flavor busters for roasted beans, so unless the store is conscientious about selling fresh coffee, the storage tubes get coated with coffee oils, which turn rancid. Coffee beans packaged by quality-conscious roasters and sold in sturdy, vacuum-sealed bags are often a better bet.

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    What Is Cold Brew Coffee

    Thats an important question. Because cold brew coffee is not the same as drip coffee or regularly brewed hot coffee thats been cooled or served over ice. Nope.

    Cold brew coffee never gets hot. Instead of brewing in just a few minutes, its slow-brewed and steeped over 12-15 hours. This translates to coffee thats slightly less acidic and bitter. Instead, its sweeter, more full-bodied in flavor, and truly the best when it comes to iced coffee.

    But heres why youre really gonna love cold brew coffee. You can make a batch on Sunday and have fresh, homemade cold brew for the entire week. Yes, you can meal prep coffee. Awesome, right?

    How To Do It

    Making Your Own Coffee Butter DIY
  • Fill a clean pan with a bit more water than you normally use when you brew your coffee. For example, if you use two cups of water, add an extra 3/4 cup this time. With this saucepan method, some water will be left in the pan, along with the grounds/sludge.
  • Place the pan on your stove and turn on the heat. When the water comes to a boil, add your coffee. A rough amount of coffee is about two tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water, but you can change that depending on how strong you want your coffee. Following cowboy tradition, Im just doing it by eye.
  • Remove the pan from heat and cover immediately. Wait four to five minutes before you uncover the pan. Once you see that all grounds have settled to the bottom of the pan, youre ready to serve your coffee.If the grounds havent settled, try sprinkling a little cold water on them to help them sink.
  • No fancy kettles needed here you can just pour the coffee off the top onto your cup. You can also opt to use a ladle for more filtered servings.
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    Next time you go camping, heres another list that shows you how to brew coffee in the great outdoors.

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    A Roasters Guide To Creating Your Own Coffee Blends

    Coffee blends are something every roaster should master, especially those owning coffee shops and looking to improve their coffee menu.

    Creating new coffee blends is never easy, but when following the right guide, anything is possible. You will also need to have knowledge of which coffees to mix, how to roast beans of different origins, varieties, densities and more.

    Rule 8 Beware The Heat

    Water that is too hot will extract compounds in the coffee that are bitter rather than pleasant. The proper water temperature for brewing is 200°F, or about 45 seconds off a full boil. Once brewed, don’t expect coffee to hold its best flavors for long. Reheating, boiling or prolonged holding on a warming platform will turn even the best coffee bitter and foul-tasting.

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    How Much Coffee Should You Blend

    We recommend you make no more than five coffees per blend. Each coffee should make up at least 8% of the final product. When you make espresso, you grind 17g of coffee, which is on average over a hundred coffee beans.

    Coffee can be brewed in larger batches. When you brew it is important to think about the purpose of the blend and how it will be served.

    Do A Few Things Really Well

    How to Make Your Own Low Fat Vanilla Coffee Creamer

    At the same time, you dont want to branch out too much. New and growing brands often make the mistake of trying to do everything and please everyone at once. Brands that offer a wide variety of products must invest more time and money to develop these products and manage their diverse inventory. When a brand is spread too thin, the overall quality of their products may decline. If you want to be known for your great coffee, focus on creating great coffee. Offer related products without straying too far from your core focus.

    Instead of aiming too broadly, smart coffee brands limit their assortment of coffee products so they can offer a few things that are exceptionally high quality. Narrowing the target audience of your brand allows you to truly satisfy your customers. This is especially true in the coffee industry where flavor preferences and tastes vary widely between demographics, regions and individual customers. By tailoring your products to a niche group of coffee drinkers, you can create products they will love and narrow your marketing efforts for a better return on your investment.

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    Top Easy Ways To Make Your Own Homemade Foot Scrub Using Coffee Grounds

    Coffee grounds is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells from your feet. Keep reading to know more about 10 ways you can make homemade foot scrub using coffee grounds.

    If you are a coffee lover, chances are you might be aware of its skin benefits but have you ever pondered the benefits you are going to get when you use it on your skin as a scrub? Well, this post will serve all of its purpose.

    As your foot contains most of the dead skin cells its needs your proper care and attention in order to make your feet look beautiful.

    Scroll down and have a look at homemade foot scrub using coffee grounds.



    For you to speed up the blood circulation, a coffee scrub is all you need as it contains caffeine which can work as a stimulant.


    Your skin is home to many dead skin cells that just sits at the top of the skin resulting in dry skin with cracked heels. This essential coffee grounds will buff away all the dead skin cells off the skin helping other products sink in.

    Coffee being an antioxidant makes room for the skin cells to guard against the damage caused by free radicals. Moreover, Coffee contains caffeic acid which holds antimicrobial properties that protect your skin against germs and bacteria.





    2 tablespoons coffee grounds

    ¼ cup yogurt

    2. Mix it.

    5. Rinse it off later.

    How To Make Your Own Coffee Single Bags

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    Many people like the convenience of the new Folgers single-serving coffee bags. They’re great when you just want one cup and can they be taken to work or used when going camping. Unfortunately they’re very expensive. Isn’t there a simple, cheap method of making your own single-serve coffee bags out of readily available materials? Yes there is! Make your own using coffee filters!

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