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Nespresso Flat White Over Ice

What Is An Iced Flat White

Nespresso Barista Workshop – Flat White Over Ice Recipe | CA

An iced flat white is a coffee beverage made with ristretto, cold foamed milk and served on ice.

The iced flat white is very similar to an iced latte, except that the milk is steamed in an espresso machine, not frothed.

For this reason, the iced flat white tends to have a lighter, less chocolaty taste than an iced latte.

You can also top the iced flat white with milk foam, which Ill show you in the recipe a bit further down.

Transport Your Taste Buds To Sunnier Climes With Limited Edition Iced Coffees

Azure blue waters, endless sunny skies and days that go on long after the baking sun has gone down the Australian summer is the inspiration behind the latest iced coffee offering from Nespresso. And its not difficult to see why. The Nespresso coffee experts have created two new coffee blends that match perfectly with ice and transport you to the Australian coast for a refreshingly tasty travel experience, minus the jet lag.

There are two delicious Limited Edition coffees to choose from, each with a super simple three-step recipe that means you can be chilling with your iced coffee quicker than you can find your passport.

For a relaxing lunch break or a post-work chill, try the Long Black Over Ice a combination of south American and east African coffees known for their fresh, fruity and floral aromatics which have been lightly roasted to keep the vibrant aromas intact. Start with ice and sparkling water and extract your coffee over the top for a full-bodied iced coffee with refreshing bright acidity.

Or, for a more indulgent iced coffee for kicking back at the weekend, how about the Flat White Over Ice a blend of darker roasted coffees with bold spice notes. Pour milk over ice and finish with the coffee for a smooth, creamy texture with rich aromatics and an intense, full-bodied finish.

Making An Iced Flat White With Almond Milk

If you want to switch things up and use a milk alternative like almond milk or any other milk alternatives, feel free to do so.

To make this recipe, follow the same steps that Ive mentioned in the recipe above. The only difference is using an alternative to whole milk.

The total calories of the coffee drink will change depending on the milk or milk alternative used. I used 2% fat milk for this recipe, and the coffee contains 122 calories, which is quite a lot.

However, if you want to know how many calories will be in your coffee drink when making it, check out the table below.

Tip: If you want more information about making a flat white with almond milk, check out this iced version here or the hot version here!

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What Ingredients Are Needed To Make An Iced Flat White

To make an iced flat white at home, youll only need three main ingredients:

  • Two ristretto shots
  • 2% fat milk

Its best to use 2% fat milk if you plan to make cold foam because this will create the most long-lasting foam.

You can also use any other milk that you have at home, but the amount of foam may differ. Ive listed a table of the number of calories for the most popular kinds of milk a bit further down.

Iced Flat White Calorie Table

Nespresso Flat White Over Ice Collection

You can use this table to calculate the number of calories that are in this iced coffee. As you can see from the recipe, Ive used 2% fat milk.

You can switch it up however you like, so Ive listed a few of the most commonly used kinds of milk and milk alternatives:

Milk or milk alternative used: Number of calories:
Oat milk 130 calories

Additionally, you can also add some sugar to your iced coffee. Ive listed how many calories youll have to account for when doing so below:

  • Adding one tablespoon of sugar to your iced coffee will add 48 extra calories to your coffee.

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Additional Photos Of Making The Coffee

As you can see from the recipe above, there arent many steps to making this delicious coffee. However, if you want to brew Your Dream Coffee at home, youll want to know how to do so.

This is why Ill be listing some additional photos of the brewing process of this coffee drink down below.

The first thing to make this iced coffee is preparing the cold foam. You can do so by using a Nespresso milk frother like I am.

Or you can use four other techniques for this. Check out this article to learn about the different ways. For example, you can use a handheld mixer for this:

Now, brew the coffee. The recipe calls for two ristretto shots. If you want to learn how to make this coffee, . I made my coffee using the AeroPress:

While your coffee is brewing away, grab the ice cubes from the freezer and add them to your cup like this:

After cold foaming your milk, pour the freshly brewed coffee on top of your ice cubes like this:

Finally, pour the milk on top and make sure to add all those tiny milk bubbles that make a flat white so nice to drink.

You can now add your favorite add-in to the mix. Homemade coffee syrup is the perfect addition to this. Find your favorite coffee syrup here.

Whats An Iced Flat White Drink

Flat whites are a combination of ristretto espresso shots, steamed milk, and milk foam. The typical ratio is one part espresso to two parts milk, with only a thin layer of milk foam. To make an iced version, you can skip the steaming making it even easier to make!

Ristretto espresso is more concentrated and made using finer coffee grounds and about half the water. You can substitute regular espresso, but youll get the best flavor if you try your hand at ristretto!

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Can Flat White Be Iced

A flat white is excellent to be served on ice. The iced version of flat white gives you all the delicious and fluffy flavors from the hot version, but you can now enjoy it on those hot summer days!

The great part about making an iced version of this coffee is that you prepare it in the same steps as youd a hot version and add iced cubes to cool it down completely.

You can also throw in some extra sweeteners, but more on this later in the article.

Tip: Brew the ristretto before heading to bed and let it cool overnight in the fridge. That way, you can quickly make an iced flat white in the morning!

How To Make This Recipe

Nespresso Flat White Over Ice | BR
  • Step

    Place 4 ice cubes in a VIEW Recipe Glass

  • Step03

    Make sure to mix the above before pouring coffee Extraction 0.84 oz Original Flat White Over Ice

  • Step

    Optional: Add 0.34 oz Monin CARAMEL syrup


Place 4 ice cubes in a VIEW Recipe Glass


Make sure to mix the above before pouring coffee Extraction 0.84 oz Original Flat White Over Ice


Optional: Add 0.34 oz Monin CARAMEL syrup

  • Flat White Over Ice Capsule0.84Oz

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Nespresso Canada: Limited Edition Capsules Inspired By Australian Iced Coffee

Its Summer and Nespresso has launched two limited edition capsules inspired by Australian Iced Coffee. The collection includes two capsules, Long Black Over Ice and Flat White Over Ice. I usually drink my coffees hot and never occurred to me that I could make an iced beverage with the Nespresso. Silly me.

Both coffee blends have recommended On Ice recipes, to which you can incorporate Nespressos limited edition Moningourmet syrups including vanilla, caramel and coconut flavours.

Ristretto Vs Regular Espresso

Short ristretto shots of espresso will produce the most authentic flat white. These concentrated shots have a strong, less bitter taste and a thicker, more syrupy texture. Of course, theyre more work to make youll have to pull two shots to get a single ounce of espresso but trust us, its worth it.

If you dont want to mess with ristretto but still have an espresso machine, you can pull a regular shot or two of espresso. Try to keep the coffee-to-milk ratio approximately at 1:2, meaning if you pull two 1-ounce shots of espresso, youll want 4 ounces of milk.

Dont have an espresso machine or portable espresso maker? You can use a stovetop Moka pot, AeroPress, or even Keurig machine and still enjoy your drink! We recommend making your coffee as strong as possible without being bitter. You may also want to reduce the amount of milk so that you end up with a coffee-forward drink.

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Does An Iced Flat White Taste Good

Iced flat white tastes amazing. You get the most delicate and delicious milk foam combined with two shots of robust ristretto, served on ice.

For me, this recipe is one of my favorite coffees to drink in the summer months. I also like to drink cold brew coffee, but I like to prepare myself a nice iced flat white when I want to change things up.

Below, Ill go over how to brew this amazing iced coffee. Its a step-by-step guide, so itll be easy to follow.

After the recipe card, Ill have some photos to explain the steps further if you run into any trouble.



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