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What Is Mushroom Coffee Good For

Should You Switch To Mushroom Coffee

We tried the mushroom coffee that claims to increase productivity without giving you the jitters

While this unusual concoction might provide some health value, it’s important to remember that mushroom coffee contains only mushroom extract. And experts believe that enjoying the whole mushroom is the best way to get its benefits.

So at the end of the day, you might be better off adding whole mushrooms to your diet instead.

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Is Mushroom Coffee Good For You 10 Surprising Benefits

Youve probably seen mushroom coffee all over social media. Or, maybe youve seen it featured on lists of health and wellness trends. And while you may be aware that eating mushrooms has perceived health benefits, youre probably wondering about the hype surrounding mushroom coffee.

Whats all the fuss?

Why are people drinking mushrooms?

Is mushroom coffee good for you?

The answers just might surprise you.

Mushroom Coffee Is Great For Sensitive Stomachs

Coffee is acidic, so it can trigger acid reflux in some people. The caffeine in coffee can also give some people a stomach ache. But luckily, mushroom coffee offers a solution to both of these problems! Because this kind of coffee has powdered mushrooms in it, it contains fewer coffee grounds than regular coffee.

Mushrooms arent acidic like coffee, so they help reduce the overall acid content of your cup of joe. The mushroom powder also reduces the caffeine content in your cup pretty significantly, which can help prevent you from getting a sore stomach after you drink it.

If youve ever come across the scenario where youve gulped down a big cup of coffee, but still feel tired after our article Why Does Coffee Make Me Tired will answer all your questions!

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Disadvantages Of Mushroom Coffee

These fantastic fungi have all kinds of possible health benefits. But they also have a distinctive flavor. Some folks love it, some hate it. Its mostly a matter of preference and what youre used to.

If you find the flavor of mushroom tea unpleasant, try preparing your coffee a different way. Do you usually add cream and sugar? Try your next cup of mushroom coffee black, and slowly add one variable at a time to see if you can create a beverage to your liking.

The second most referenced downside of mushroom coffee is the cost relative to conventional coffee. It is often considerably pricier, but some dont mind the price for the convenience.

If youre not stoked about paying more but are still interested to try it, why not take a foraging class, pick up a mushroom identification guide, or purchase a mushroom starter log? Learn a new skill, cut out the middleman, and save some moolah.

Is Mushroom Coffee Good For You

ShroomDNA Mushroom Coffee 12 Packs  DNA707

Mushroom extracts can not only complement the flavor of your brew, as noted earlier, it can also provide various nutritional benefits, depending on which extracts are added. Maitake mushroom, for example, may help regular blood sugar levels, and chaga mushrooms could counteract the acidity often found with coffee*. Meanwhile, reishi has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase vitality and strengthen the heart*. Mushroom coffee could also provide a longer-lasting energy boost than a regular cup of Joe that has its caffeine peaks and valleys.

These are just a sampling of what medicinal mushrooms can do. There are many ways fungi can benefit your health and stave off illness.

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Cons Of Instant Mushroom Coffee

You willfind in this section that for the most part all of the cons were also in thepros. Aspects of this coffee can be seen in either light, depending on whatsimportant to you about your coffee. So, lets start where we left off in thebenefits

1.Instant Yes, this was a pro, but it can also be a con. If if youre a coffee connoisseur, this will probably be a bit of a let-down, because instant coffee just never tastes the same. Personally, Im an espresso/lungo/Americano drinker, so it doesnt even compare to a quality, strong cup of coffee or shot of espresso. It all depends on your taste buds, and I like to switch back and forth depending on my mood, since some days espresso is just a bit too much.

2.MCT Oil Again, this was a benefit, but it can also be a negative. For anyone on a lower-fat diet, this added fat wont help . Personally, some days I like to do fasted workouts, so this will break that fast, so Ill stay away from this when wanting to maintain a fast. Theres really nothing wrong with including MCT oil, but sometimes you just want black and/or calorie free.

3.Mushroom Extract Mystery Amount The bag or website does not state how much of any of these mushrooms are in the coffee, and of course amount matters because trace amounts arent going to do a whole lot of good. However, Ryze told me that their proprietary blend contains 2000mg of mushroom.As a reference point, a packet of Four Sigmatic Lions Mane and Chaga blend contains 500mg of mushrooms.

What Is Mushroom Coffee Made With

Not all mushroom coffee is created equal, so always be sure to check out the ingredients and and their potency, which should be detailed on the packaging.

Organic, dual-extracted mushrooms are the gold-standard of Mushroom Coffee – which are exactly what we use to make our Shroom Coffee and Ground Mushroom Coffee.

Here is what you can enjoy in every sip.

Arabica Coffee Organic and sustainably sourced Arabica coffee beans grown on small farms high in the mountains. Also known as mountain coffee, the Arabica species of the coffee is the most popular in the world, thriving at high altitudes for a distinct aromatic flavour. Our beans are roasted to perfection to create a dark, smooth coffee with subtle flavours of cocoa, before being blended and finished here in the UK.

The Benefits of Chaga Mushroom

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract A natural energy enhancer for body and mind, Cordyceps helps to improve cognitive performance and support overall brain health. Cordyceps mushroom stimulates the central nervous system and adrenal glands to support a steady release of energy and fight back against mental fatigue.

3 Benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom that are backed by science

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The Real Difference Between Mushroom Coffee And Regular Coffee

Mushroom coffee has joined the ranks of an ever-growing list of health food crazes in America. According to The Daily Chronicle, the global functional mushroom market is primed to reach $34.3 billion by 2024. The report points to companies that have been incorporating functional mushrooms into beverages like coffees and teas as lending to the market’s growth, but what exactly is the “function” of mushroom coffee? Does it offer more benefits than your standard morning cup? Let’s break down the differences.

We’ll start with regular coffee. It provides that familiar morning wake up, is packed with antioxidants , and tastes pretty darn good, even without whipped cream. Americans love coffee. In fact, the National Coffee Association reports that Americans are drinking more coffee than ever, with total coffee consumption up 5 percent since 2015 and 62 percent of Americans drinking coffee daily. So, can mushroom coffee really sway us away from our regular cup of joe?

Interesting Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee You Must Know

Mushroom coffee: the newest coffee craze | USA TODAY

You probably cant miss mushroom coffee made from Hawaii mushrooms across various social media platforms. Perhaps youve seen it featured on lists of health and wellness trends. If youve ever eaten mushrooms, you may be aware that theyre perceived to have beneficial health effects. But you might be wondering about the hype. Here are the answers in the form of ten interesting benefits.

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Mix It Up With Whole Mushrooms

Whole mushrooms have an impressive nutritional profile so if you truly want to reap the benefits of mushrooms, make sure youre eating them in their whole form sometimes, says Gillespie.

You can eat them raw but if youre worried about the flavor or texture you may prefer to cook them and mix them into stir-fries or pasta sauces.

This is also the safest way to ingest mushrooms as you know exactly what you are getting, says Dr. Kaiser.

Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder


With lions mane, cordyceps, reishi, and chaga, as well as other healthy mushrooms like maitake and shiitake, Sacred 7s mushroom powder extract makes a great addition to our daily routine. All mushrooms are sourced from a natural supplier in Canada, and the resulting powder has no fillers or chemicals. Customers also applaud Sacred 7 for its nice flavor, which is largely thanks to the addition of cocoa powder.

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Is Mushroom Coffee Safe

Mushroom coffee can have unique nutritional benefits, including increased antioxidants, decreased inflammation, and a bolstered immune system*. However, using a pure, organic mushroom extract is critical to making your own, and it helps ensure that you are consuming a high quality product. When it comes to safety, it is good to follow the standard rule of moderation. With DIY mushroom coffee, you can adjust the quantity exactly to your needs. You then have more control than if using pre-made supplement powder packets.

In Asia, mushrooms have been used as food and teas for thousands of years and their safety has been well documented in the scientific literature, especially when only consuming a few grams of a mushroom extract powder.

However, as with all dietary supplements, it is best to first consult with your physician, particularly if you are taking prescription medication or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are There Health Risks And Side Effects With Mushroom Coffee

Is Mushroom Coffee Just Hype?

While there are quite a few claimed health benefits to be had from drinking mushroom coffee, there could be side effects and health risks as well.

The main health risk is that there have been no human studies conducted on how mushroom coffee affects people or if the health benefits are even real. So, while research has been done on animals and other test subjects, until human testing is done, theres no way of knowing if the claims that are being made will hold water.

What this means is that dosage information, who might need to stay away from this type of coffee, and who it would benefit most are all unknown. Theres also no way to know which medicines these mushrooms may interfere with. So for some, this might not be the best idea, especially without talking to your doctor first.

Another downside to mushroom coffee is that its significantly more expensive than regular coffee is, meaning not everyone can afford to buy it on a regular basis.

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Mushroom Coffee: Original Shroom Coffee & Ground Mushroom Coffee Blends

Our mushroom coffee blends have each been created to elevate your coffee routine, whether you prefer the speed and convenience of an instant or the long brew of a rich ground coffee. Meet the blends.

Premium ground Organic Arabica coffee from the mountains of Costa Rica and Guatemala, roasted to perfection for a rich, dark roast. Paired with Chaga, Cordyceps & Lions Mane functional mushrooms for enhanced focus and calmer energy.

Prepare using a Cafetière, coffee filter paper or reusable pods in your coffee machine.

A blend of premium instant Arabica Coffee with dual-extracted Chaga, Cordyceps & Lions Mane Mushrooms, to kick-start your morning and power through your afternoon.

Simply add hot water just off the boil and a dash of milk if that’s your thing.

Mushroom Coffee Is Surprisingly Energizing And A Great Way To Escape The Caffeine Jitters

I love coffee: the taste, the smell, the ritual but it doesnt love me. Like so many others, coffee tends to give me stomach irritation and the jitters. I also dont need anything to mess with my sleep, which is precious enough as it is. A lot of people are sensitive to coffee, which is one reason why mushroom coffee is now trending. And there are so many other mushroom coffee benefits beyond lowered caffeine, including potential immunity-boosting qualities and improved brain function.

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Is Mushroom Coffee Different From Regular Coffee

While coffee is praised very much for its diverse health benefits that dont mean its entirely without several downsides. Certainly, it wont make you blind or a terrible student or any other such serious side-effects. However, in some people, coffee can greatly impact the body in terms of sleep patterns, digestion, acidity, and several other health-related factors.

Mushroom coffee is capable of bringing balanced body stimulation while using much less caffeine than typically found in standard coffee. This also means that you can enjoy the energy boost without having to experience the kind of sleep disturbances normally associated with drinking regular coffee.

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and when you incorporate mushroom, you are effectively adding, even more, thus providing your immune system with a super-boost.

Make It Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Mushroom Coffee?!? – Holistic Approach To Mental Health – Ryze Coffee Review

Mushroom coffee works best when its part of a more comprehensive health plan.

Mushrooms may have some effect, but regular exercise, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and mediation will provide far more benefits than any supplement, says Dr. Kaiser. Mushroom coffee will not make up for bad habits in those areas so work on those things first.

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Buying And Using Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic, the major mushroom coffee producer uses a dual-extraction process that effectively removes both the fat-soluble and water-soluble active compounds from the mushrooms. The process entails liquefying followed by drying the mushrooms to get a powder extract which is then mixed with your regular coffee.

Because people often dont generally like the taste of mushrooms this producer pairs them with other bitter-tasting drinks such as coffee for the perfect smooth-tasting brew. Besides coffee, Four Sigmatic also blends different medicinal mushrooms with tea, cocoa, and/or various herbal products to produce beverages that are supposed to boost your immunity, beauty, productivity, and energy.

Rethinking My Relationship To Coffee

Coffee and I have somewhat of an unhealthy relationshipI drink more than a few cups a day. Its not because of the taste, either, although I enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans and frothy Oatly. Instead, theres something about the consistency of my morning beverage, and how I can always count on it.

For me, coffee is about the ritual. Like when starting a road trip with a piping mug of gas-station brew. Or when camping in the woods and drinking instant coffee around a fire. Whether Im traveling or working at my desk, coffee is my constant companion.

While it was easier to get away with being constantly caffeinated in my twenties, Im noticing its effect much more as I age.

Despite my morning habit, Ive never been much of a connoisseur neither have I been too concerned about the health aspects. My usual routine consists of an automatic drip and whatever ground coffee is on sale. But while it was easier to get away with being constantly caffeinated in my twenties, Im noticing its effect much more as I age, and Ive realized that it may be time to explore a more thoughtful approach to my consumption. This has led me to wonder, are there healthier alternatives to coffee?

Cue: mushrooms.

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What Does Mushroom Coffee Taste Like

Coffee! The earthiness of the mushrooms isnt really perceptible beneath the coffee flavor. So if you choose to sip mushroom coffee, drink it as you like your regular coffee.

Serena Ball, MS, RD is a registered dietitian nutritionist, food writer, and mom of four children. She blogs atTeaspoonOfSpice.comand is the author of the best-sellingThe 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbookand the newly releasedEasy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook.Follow heron Twitter and Instagram.

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Does trendy mushroom coffee live up to the health hype? In short, yes, there are numerous health benefits to be enjoyed from drinking mushroom coffee.

Mushroom coffee is a great way to make the immune-boosting benefits of medicinal mushrooms available to the average consumer. Simply taking a powder of a mushroom extract, and then putting it in your coffee, allows you to take an everyday beverage and boost it up.

And the immune-boosting powers of the mushroom variety used in popular mushroom coffee brands are very real. Mushroom coffee also has a lower caffeine content than regular coffee which helps to lower anxiety levels in people and improve sleep quality.

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How To Drink Mushroom Coffee

Many mushroom coffees on the market are in powder form so it’s simple to mix with boiling water, whisk until smooth, and enjoy. Some mushroom coffee comes ground and looks just like an average bag of regular coffee. This stuff can be made however the drinker likes to make their coffee, be that in an automatic pot, the pour-over method, or pressed.

Mushroom Blend 2000 Mg

Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Western medicine has only recently begun researching their properties, offering the validity needed for medical professionals to justify recommendations.

The ingredients label says that there is a total of 2,000 mg of mushrooms per serving in the product, but it doesnt clarify how much of each mushroom is in one serving.

This means that we cant accurately compare the individual mushroom amounts in this product to relevant mushroom studies.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps sinensis is a rare fungus that grows from the larva of insects. For at least 300 years, Chinese people have been using the fungus therapeutically for fatigue, cough, kidney problems, and more.

A study in 2017 showed that after three weeks of taking 4 grams of a mushroom blend containing Cordyceps militaris, athletes showed greater tolerance to high-intensity exercise.

Its thought that the effects were due to the bodys ability to use oxygen more efficiently.

Another small double-blind study involving 20 elderly men showed that after taking 333 mg of Cordyceps sinensis three times a day for 12 weeks, exercise performance improved significantly compared to the placebo group.


Cordyceps mushrooms have been shown in several studies to improve oxygen intake and exercise performance.

Reishi Mushrooms

Western medicine has only recently begun to study its benefits.


King Trumpet


Shiitake Mushrooms




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