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What Is The Best K Cup Coffee Maker

How We Test Single

The best k-cup coffee makers

To find the best single-serve coffee makers, the kitchen tech experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute tested 15 best-selling and highly-rated models from brands we trust, including AeroPress, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Keurig and Nespresso. When we test single-serve coffee makers, we evaluate how straightforward each model is to set up and use, as well as how easy it is to clean the coffee machine after use. We also consider ease of use when it comes to filling the water reservoir, preheat time and brew time.

When making coffee, we measure how much coffee splatters during brewing and how much drips afterwards. We record the temperature and volume of numerous coffees brewed from the same machine to compare consistency and most importantly, we taste them in search of a full-bodied cup of coffee with little to no acidity and bitterness. Also considered: the cost and availability of coffee pods, refills and paper filters. Our list includes the top-performing machines in our hands-on tests, as well as popular ones from brands our experts have tested in the past and trust. Here are our recommendations for the best single-serve coffee makers you can buy in 2021:

Thermal Vs Glass Carafe

Short answer? Well always be on the thermal squad. Heres where we listed and reviewed the best coffee makers with thermal carafe. Not only are stainless-steel carafes more durable than the glass alternatives, but they also keep your coffee hot for longer without over-extracting it or wasting electricity.

But if keeping your coffee hot is not a concern because a full carafe hardly lasts 10 minutes in your home or office, a glass carafe is a fine choice. Some of the coffee makers that weve included are available with both. Take your pick.

The 10 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

Aside from using a K-cup, brewing fresh coffee for one can be a struggle. Well, it *was* a struggle. Weve found that todays single servers are nothing like the ones we grew up with. Instead, these budget-friendly machines have new technologies that can make one hell of a good cup of joe, at home, and in under five minutes . Plus, they can brew everything from espressos and cappuccinos to lattes and iced coffeeall in a single serving. So, read on for the 10 best single serve coffee machines thatll give skeptics a run for their money.

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Chulux Coffee Maker Review Single

I personally find this machine as one of the best travel coffee makers because it is very hygienic and it comes with a single-use reservoir.

With the CHULUX travel size k cup coffee maker, you can assure that your favorite coffee drink, cider, tea, or hot chocolate is prepared hot and fresh.

It ensures that your coffee is ready in just a matter of minutes. This is because it is one of the best testing single serve coffee makers.

K-Cup Design

This product features a design that is ideal for most K-cups and coffee filters. It is very portable, lightweight and is an ideal travel coffee maker.

If youre looking for an ideal travel size coffee maker, this is your best bet. Your k cup will fit in just fine and you will have a very tasty coffee drink.

Easy to Use

This coffee brewer is also very easy to use. It features a one-touch start button with light which makes it very easy to operate.

The light flashes when the machine is boiling water stay green when its brewing and is programmed to auto shut off in order to save energy. The whole process is less complicated and can be operated by anyone.

Removable Drip Tray

This k cup brewer also features a removable drip tray which is dishwasher safe. This feature allows you to use your favorite cup or mug to brew your coffee.

All the removal parts of this machine are dishwasher friendly. This feature allows you to conveniently brew your favorite drink without having to worry about it being messy.

Quick Service

Finding The Best K Cup Coffee Maker

Gourmia Single Serve K

K-cups and cases are productive to utilize, yet are more extreme than utilizing your own ground espresso. Notwithstanding how some K-cups are recyclable, reusable channels are kinder to the climate.

Delicate cases are in like way famous: Theyre espresso in a tea pack like round paper channel, which wipes out plastic waste.

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Coffee Pods Vs Coffee Grounds

Whats your favorite coffee? The majority of single-serve brewers can be used with single-use pods you buy at a store.

The main advantage to pods is convenience just pop it in, and the machine will do the work for you.

If you dont want to use pods, go for a coffee maker with a filter. Then you can use ground coffee instead.

While ground coffee means work if you ground it yourself, there are also some benefits to it:

  • Save on the cost of pods
  • Less packaging

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker : When One Cup Is Enough

Ah, sweet elixir of life

The average American drinks up to three cups of coffee a day, but that doesnt mean you want all of your servings up front. When all you need is a single cup of joe, youll want one of these single serve coffee makers to do the job.

Here are our picks for the best single serve coffee makers in 2022:

At a glance

The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker accommodates both American- and espresso-style coffees without any of the bitterness or acidity that can come with other machines. The microfilters are efficient in removing grit from your brew, and its signature rapid, total immersion brewing process takes just two minutes. When you dont have a ton of time to spare, this machine is a perfect solution.

Each press makes up to three cups, so its a great fit for both single and two-person households. Made of phthalate- and BPA-free materials, this coffee maker is designed for home use with clean-up that is fast and efficient, lasting just a few seconds. And everything you need comes in a convenient tote bag.

In the box

AeroPress, funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 microfilters, filter holder, zippered nylon tote bag


  • Limited controls for brew strength

  • Not ideal for lighter roasts

At a glance

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker can brew 14 fluid ounces in less than 2.5 minutes. When you brew an 8-ounce cup, the brew time is cut down to just 90 seconds.

In the box

In the box

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Coffee Machine

When the latest info related to Best k cup and pot coffee maker comes available, we will update it as soon as possible. Please check our websites frequently for the most up-to-date research data.

Our team is able to support you with many problems, even the out of Best k cup and pot coffee maker. If you require support with your issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jeaniene Frost

How To Select The Best K

Keurig K Cafe Coffee Maker Review | Best K Cup Machine?

Buying the best of any type of appliance/ device is always a tedious task. It can even be confusing for some of you, given the number of options present in the market. For starters, you can check out the list we have mentioned above. You will find various models in every price range and sorted according to the type of machine. This guide will save a lot of time in research as we have done it for you. Not to mention, we have considered the renowned and upcoming brands which are popular, and most importantly, you can buy it online! If you want to do your research, you should always look for the following features:

  • It should offer adjustable brew sizes.
  • The model which you intend to buy should support both 1.0 and 2.0 k cups.
  • The removable water tank is a must for easier maintenance.
  • It should be straightforward to use, especially for starters.
  • The ideal model should offer support for variable mug sizes.

You can check out our extensive guide on various types of espresso machines here.

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Our Recommendation For 2021

We created this review for coffee-lovers who are willing to see outside the box and try new things. We hope that we managed to tickle your brain at least a bit and that you enjoy reading this text. Our choice for the best k-cup coffee 2021 is Peets Coffee Major Dickasons Blend, Dark Roast. We would like you to try different kinds and make your own choice. In the end, just a little reminder that you can read more about coffee on mykitchenadvisor. There are a lot of texts that you might find interesting like what is the best milk frother and the best Nespresso pods.

  • Topics:

Big Footprint Or Small Footprint

The next thing to look at is the size of the coffee maker machine. This is also one of the most important points when considering buying one. If youre living in a small place like a small apartment or you just want to have one in your room, or you just need one personally for yourself in your office, or youre the type to love miniature, then we recommend buying a small but durable one. But if youre pretty fine with a big one because you prefer quality oversize, then choose the big one. A bigger machine can be better in technology and machine tolerant. But for how long a machine lasts does not depend on the machine alone. You need to be careful and handle it with care to allow the machine to stay a while longer.

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How Much Does A Single Serve Coffee Maker Cost

The cost of single serve coffee makers can vary significantly based on its size and features. Our picks for the best single serve coffee makers range in price from $32 to $200, so there’s something available for every budget.

It’s also important to consider any additional purchases that may be required to use your machine, such as Keurig’s K-Cups and Nespresso’s capsules.

Why Keurig Is Awful For The Environment

7+ Best K Cup Coffee Makers Reviews (2018 Buying Guide)

Like the Labradoodle, Keurig is one of those things whose inventor regretted ever creating. John Sylvan, the inventor of Keurig K-Cups, told James Hamblin of The Atlantic that he no longer uses K-Cups because theyre expensive and bad for the environment.

Making good on their commitment to make all their pods recyclable by 2020, Keurig now makes cups using #5 plastic, also known as polypropylene. This is an improvement over the previously used #7 plastic, or polystyrene, which comprises a cocktail of plastics that cannot be recycled. To understand exactly what this means, we interviewed Steve Alexander, the president of The Association of Plastic Recyclers. Alexander explained that plastics recycling operates in a buyers market. Polyethylene terephthalate , high-density polyethylene , and polypropylene are the most valuable plastics currently in the recycling stream and therefore the most likely to get recycled. But #1 and #2 plastics, which can be found in soda bottles and milk jugs, respectively, have historically larger markets and are more commonly recycled than #5 plastic.

Its hoped that in the process the lid wont be enough of a contaminant and it will still be recycled, Alexander said. But the foil lid is problematic. Alexander said Keurig has done testing at a number of materials recovery facilities and certified that the company’s pods are 90% sortable.

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The Best Keurig Coffee Makers To Buy On Amazon Right Now

Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

When it comes to single-serve pod coffee makers, Keurig dominates the market. And for a good reason: It has innovated the entire home-brewing experience and made it fast and easy for most people. With a pod coffee brewer, you no longer need to wait for the water to boil or grind the beans yourself. Simply pop in a K-cup, close the lid, click the button and youre well on your way to a quality cup.

Youre on your way to becoming a kitchen master. Take the next step and sign up for Chefs Course. Youll get weekly tips, tricks, and recipes from top chefs sent straight to your inbox. Its a whole master course for free.

Almost two decades after its initial launch, Keurig machines are still among the best pod coffee makers you can buy. Here are some of our favorite Keurig brewers that our experts swear by.

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What Type Of Dual Coffee Brewer Do You Even Want

Unsurprisingly, the term dual coffee maker refers to coffee machines that can brew two types or different quantities of coffee. For instance, some dual coffee makers can brew large pots of coffee as well as single servings. Others may brew carafes of filter coffee and espresso, or feature a hot water dispenser that can be used for tea or instant coffee.

When determining which kind of dual coffee maker to buy, it is important to consider what kind of coffee you prefer and the main way you typically adjust your brew.

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Do I Need To Descale My Keurig Machine

Yes, you need to descale your Keurig machine in order to avoid calcium and scale buildup and prolong the life of your coffee maker. While the frequency depends on the level of mineral content in the water that you use, you should remember to descale it every 3 to 6 months. Some models remind you automatically.


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    Who Needs A Single

    Best Compact K Cup Coffee Maker | Review | Great for Truckers

    Single-cup coffee makers have grown in popularity because of their reliability single-cup machines that use pods make a consistent product every time. Theyre efficient, convenient, and offer a huge selection of beverages over 200 coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, including styles from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Snapple, Tazo, and Illycafe.

    With the exception of the Nespresso Citiz , all the coffee makers we tested also allow you to use your own ground coffee if you prefer. A common complaint in the 1990s, when the Keurig system was introduced, was the reliance on pods exclusively. Today, Keurig offers the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, which lets you use your favorite freshly ground blend from your local roaster.

    Brewing one cup at a time also ensures the mug youre drinking is fresh. It cuts down on time and waste too. If the first person to get into the office at 8 a.m. makes a full pot of coffee, but the boss doesnt roll in until after nine, his coffee will be stale, taste burned, and probably end up going in the microwave.

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    How Long Does A Keurig Machine Last

    A Keurig machine is built to last long. However, depending on some circumstances, a Keurig machine may not last very long.

    Typically, a well-maintained Keurig machine should last five or more years. Some reports that their Keurig machines only lasted for a few months may be due to some reasons.

    The most common reasons why your Keurig machine wont last long is incorrect usage and poor maintenance. For some other reason, the unit may have manufacturing defects.

    Top 11 Best Keurig Iced Coffee Maker

    Its the most popular method of quenching a thirst for a cup of coffee and providing some relief from the oppressive heat. A refreshing glass of iced coffee.

    To find the best low-cost Keurig iced coffee machine on the market, check out our list of the best and most ten affordable Keurig iced coffee makers currently available.

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    Gloridea K Cup Coffee Maker For K

    Whether you prefer the premium taste of a flavored K-cup or regular ground coffee beans, this 2 in 1 coffee maker k-cup by Gloridea will do just the trick. While being slim and compact, it does not compromise on its features one bit.

    Easy maintenance is a crucial factor for people with busy schedules. You will achieve some great brewing speeds with this coffee maker as well as ease in operating it. Featuring a built-in auto cleaning and shut-off function, you only have to worry about pressing the buttons and taking your coffee. The machine does almost everything else on its own.

    Most 2 in 1 coffee makers in the market are large in size due to a high capacity carafe side. Although this unit does not have a large capacity carafe brewing option, it makes up for it with its single-serve brewing speed. By the time youre done programming your coffee maker, youll have a fresh cup ready for you. The compact design makes it ideal for RVs, hotels, or kitchens with space at a premium.

    Gloridea has taken into account your hard-earned money and built into this unit a coffee strength adjustment function. This allows you to control how much water you put in, as a result, saving on expensive coffee grounds. You can choose from 6, 8, 10, and 14 oz settings, depending on the mood youre in.

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