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Where To Buy Douwe Egberts Coffee

Enjoy Consistently Delicious Black And Decaf Coffee Lattes Cappuccinos Espresso At The Touch Of A Button

Douwe Egbert’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee Review.

The Douwe Egberts Cafitesse C-60 is a single-cup brewer with 5 selections: coffee, cappuccino, whipped coffee, café latte, and hot water. Like other Douwe Egberts models, the C-60 is a “liquid coffee” machine, but it uses real milk to make cappuccino. The C-60 can brew a cup of coffee in 9 seconds, or a cappuccino in 14 seconds.

Douwe Egberts machines are a cost-effective coffee option for high-volume and self-serve locations. Coffee is brewed using bag-in-box concentrate, reconstituted with hot water as each individual cup is drawn. The C-60 is unique in its cappuccino capability.

Advantages to the Douwe Egberts system are minimal preparation and cleanup, 24/7 product availability, tight control of product and a consistent, if only fair, product quality. There are no filters or grounds to deal with, and no heated surfaces to worry about.

  • Simple and easy to use machine where drinks are dispensed at the touch of a button
  • The C60 uses real milk, as opposed to milk powder, making the drink more premium and better tasting
  • Compact and fast, dispensing quality black coffee in 9 seconds and only 14 seconds for cappuccinos

From A Little Coffee Shop

Jacobs started as a little coffee and tea shop in Bremen, Germany. Iohann Jacobs loved both coffee and tea and wanted to offer variety to his city so in 1895 he opened his little shop.

He started roasting his own beans in order to offer the freshest, most flavorful coffee possible and treated each variety of beans differently according to its unique characteristics. His coffee is even now said to have the best aroma of any coffee on earth.

Klaus Johann Jacobs took over the company in 1970 and in 1982 decided to merge with Interfood, a Swiss chocolate company, forming Jacobs Suchard. The new company also acquired Brachs Candy in 1987. Jacobs Suchard was sold to Kraft Foods in 1990 with the sole exception of Brachs.

Popular Jacobs Coffee Blends

Jacobs flagship blend is called Jacobs Kronung, also known as Monarch in Russia and Austria. The company also produces Goldene Auslese, Meisterrostung, Cappuccino instant coffee drink and Cronat Gold instant coffee.

Jacobs Kronung is smooth, strong and rich, not at all bitter. It comes in a foil bag with an attractive green overlay that depicts a golden crown resting on a bed of coffee beans. It is vacuum sealed so the package looks and feels like a brick until its seal is broken.

It is very robust, stronger than coffee marketed in America, but doesnt make you jumpy or nervous. Its a good value, too, as you dont have to use as much in your coffee maker than most other ground coffees.

Jacobs Kronung is a very dark roast that is very finely ground. It feels silky smooth in the mouth and youll notice notes of sweet aromatic charred wood with touches of caramel and tartness. It has a medium body with has a charred and roasty edge that dominates the finish but is softened by the sweetness.

Jacobs Meisterrostung is a very strong coffee suitable to use for espresso or coffee dominated drinks such as lattes and cappuccino. If you prefer decaffeinated coffee, Jacobs Night and Day is the one you would choose.

Jacobs Goldene Auslese is much harder to find in stores, and as its name suggests, is a well balanced coffee roasted from carefully chosen beans.


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Commercial Coffee Machines To Buy Rent And Lease

The United Kingdom consumes 95 million cups of coffee per day. Almost 35 million of these are drunk away from home. That means the UK drinks over a billion cups of coffee at work, uni, and cafes every month.

Clearly, theres an enormous market for commercial coffee machines. Offices want to keep their employees happy. Universities want to keep their students alert. Cafés wish to sell their number one product.

If you find yourself in the market for one or more commercial coffee machines, get in touch with us at 0800 955 2129. Well happily discuss our range of products and the various benefits of purchasing, leasing, and buying with you.

Save Extra With 3 Offers

DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee Beans 95 gm: Buy DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee ...

Delivery Associate will place the order on your doorstep and step back to maintain a 2-meter distance.

No customer signatures are required at the time of delivery.

For Pay-on-Delivery orders, we recommend paying using Credit card/Debit card/Netbanking via the pay-link sent via SMS at the time of delivery. To pay by cash, place cash on top of the delivery box and step back.


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How Does Senseo Work

Douwe Egberts is also the manufacturer of the Senseo coffee machine that uses pods instead of filters that you measure coffee grounds into. It is a very convenient machine, perfect when you want just one cup of coffee or for the office.

This machine and method of brewing coffee has become quite popular and youll find them in many homes. Douwe Egberts makes a wide variety of flavors for their pods. First introduced in the Netherlands, Douwe Egberts Coffee has become quite popular in many European countries.

As such, its been updated with additional features and options, a milk reservoir in some models, and different coffee blends. Blends do vary from country to country so its best to see whats available in your local supermarket or online.

Whatever blend or roast you prefer, you will find attention to detail, extensive market development, and quality coffees that make Douwes Coffee a popular choice and a reputable choice as one of the finest coffee distributors in the world.

At PurelyCoffeeBeans, Ive answered lots of questions over the years. Youll find the questions and their answers scattered throughout the site! Im always open to more questions, if youre frustrated or curious, or you want to review a coffee, why dont you drop me a line!

This week we welcome!

Best WishesKenneth

Is Douwe Egberts Coffee Good

Some people are disappointed after they taste Douwe Egberts coffee in a restaurant and then buy the ground coffee or beans to drink at home. This is not the fault of the coffee but of the process!

Douwe Egberts has a special blend of coffee that is sold to restaurants in frozen liquid form. At the factory the coffee is brewed to precise standards any batch that is not perfect is disposed of promptly.

The coffee is then condensed, frozen and packaged for use in a unique Douwe Egberts coffee machine that makes individual cups of coffee. Each cup is consistent in quality and taste and is made within seconds.

If the coffee you buy for your home or office doesnt taste quite like what you had in the restaurant, this is probably why!

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Court Case Against The Province Of Groningen

The Dutch Province of Groningen was sued in 2007 by Douwe Egberts for explicitly requiring its coffee machine suppliers to meet EKO organic standard s and the fairtrade criteria set by Stichting Max Havelaar, most notably the payment of a minimum price for its coffee and a development premium to producer cooperatives. Douwe Egberts sold a number of coffee brands under self-developed ethical criteria and argued that the requirements were discriminatory. After several months of discussions and legal challenges, the province of Groningen prevailed in a well-publicised judgment in favor of the Province. Coen de Ruiter, director of Stichting Max Havelaar, called the victory a landmark event: “it provides governmental institutions the freedom in their purchasing policy to require suppliers to provide coffee that bears the fair trade criteria, so that a substantial and meaningful contribution is made in the fight against poverty through the daily cup of coffee”.

To International Brand Status

Douwe Egberts Dark Roast Ground Coffee Review

Jacobs is now marketed by Kraft Foods in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and other countries of Europe. Its sold in more than 20 countries and is the best selling brand in Germany.

American military personnel stationed in Germany inevitably fall in love with this rich, flavorful coffee and youll rarely find one of them returning home without a few bags of it in their gear. In fact, it is so popular with our military that many commissaries carry it due to continued demand.

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We Are Happy To Be Among Them

There is nothing better than charming coffee aroma which flows into your sleepy morning. Everyday millions of people enjoy their lives by drinking a fragrant dark morning drink. The origin of coffee is covered with mystery. Thousands of legends have been told, hundreds of gods have been created and millions of minds have been lured with the coffee mania.

  • Espresso
  • Organic Coffee
  • Blend Coffees

We are happy to be among them. Our story is very simple and we are sure that it might be familiar to you.We are small company of like-minded people who cant imagine their existence without a coffee flow in it. In our shop you can find many unique recipes that were carefully polished during almost 20 years of experience. We are small company of like-minded people who cant imagine their existence without a coffee flow in it. In our shop you can find many unique recipes that were carefully polished during almost 20 years of experience. In our shop you can find many unique recipes that were carefully polished during almost 20 years of experience.

Famous brands often lose their reputation due to the bad servicing or shipping problems, but we work hard to make you feel comfortable while being a guest at our shop.

Customer Service

Special Offers And Product Promotions

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  • 5% Instant Discount on HSBC Cashback Card Transactions.
  • No cost EMI available on select cards. Please check ‘EMI options’ above for more details.
  • Get GST invoice and save up to 28% on business purchases.

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The Douwe Egberts Coffee Machine At Headquarters

One of the first things I did when my original company became successful was to order a Douwe Egberts coffee machine for the breakroom. For the uninitiated, Douwe Egberts coffee is the best in the world. There are no exceptions. In fact, I was visiting someone in a town called Branson, Missouri several years ago and there was a restaurant that had the perfect cup of coffee. The waitress was kind enough to take the time to go into the back, write down the name of the machine, open it and find the precise blend of coffee inside, and gather a lot of other data that went above and beyond what I asked.

Basically, this has no meaning to anyone except those of you who knew me growing up and realized how much I wanted this machine. Its its everything that it promised to be and it doesnt get old. Its so amazingly cool to me that all I wanted when I was ten years old, reading Value Line reports in that little wooden library cubical was to have my own office, invest money, and drink coffee out of gold rimmed china. Im there. Now, Its just a matter of compounding and seeing how big I can get this empire.

The Douwe Egberts Cafitesse C60 coffee system machine allows us to brew coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and other beverages in a matter of seconds. It was something I had wanted for years and when the original company became successful, it was brought in immediately.

Smaller Businesses Or Institutions

Buy Douwe Egberts Pure Decaf Instant Coffee, Medium Roast ...

The obvious suggestion here would be a smaller bean-to-cup machine one thats been made to deal with fewer cups of coffee per day. Some bean-to-cup machines have been manufactured specifically with large outputs in mind. Theres no need for this kind of overkill if youre serving fewer than 10 people.

On the other hand, smaller companies like young tech startups, often have a more sociable culture. Or employ the odd coffee enthusiast whod be more than willing to make a couple of his colleagues a cup once a day. If this sounds like it describes your work environment, a semi-automatic or fully-automatic machine could be a great choice.

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A Guide To Commercial Coffee Machines

All coffee machines work on the same basic principle. Boiling water is passed through ground coffee beans, infusing it with flavour, and deposited into a container of your choice. Depending on your preferences, milk in various forms and quantities can be added.

Of course, theres much more to it than this oversimplified primer, but its essential to grasp the basics at this point. Commercial coffee machines all enable the above process, but with a wide variety of nuanced mechanisms thrown in for greater convenience or quality.

How Does The Coffee Taste

Youve probably tasted Douwe Egberts coffee if you like to dine in restaurants or if your office buys coffee from Sara Lee Food Services. There are grinds and flavors to suit every taste, whether you like decaffeinated or regular, quality standard issue black coffee or flavored or exotic blends. Check out the different choices of Douwes coffee available to see what you can get.

You can buy the beans freshly roasted or custom ground, in pods or for drip coffee makers. Douwe Egberts makes roasts that vary from light to dark roasted beans and ground coffee so there is a quality coffee for every taste.

Though the coffee does not have as noticeable an aroma as some other coffee brands, you will be able to enjoy its smooth, sweet characteristics in cup. Its consistent nature and full body both please coffee drinkers.

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Whats The Difference Between Renting And Leasing

When you lease a commercial coffee machine, your agreement with the supplier is for a limited amount of time and you have the option to purchase it for a smaller sum than its cost-price at the end of the term.

Renting a machine is also typically for a specified length of time, although this term is usually more flexible than when leasing. However, monthly installments payments dont contribute in any way to eventual ownership.

The Advantages of Hiring or Leasing Your Coffee Machine

  • The coffee machine will be installed and maintained by professionals.
  • Breakdowns are covered by the rental or lease agreement.
  • Installments are fixed, meaning that monthly expenses are predictable.
  • Upgrading to a more suitable coffee machine is possible.
  • Its not a permanent expense. Should it turn out to be a needless investment, contracts neednt be renewed.
  • Smaller payments means that cash will be available for other investments.
  • Short-term agreements allow machines to be used for specific events.

Advantages of Buying a Commercial Coffee Machine

  • The coffee machine becomes an asset for your company.
  • There are no monthly payments and youre not tied to a contract.

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Restaurants Pubs And Cafs

Tasting Coffee Douwe Egberts vs Jacobs Coffee

The two most important driving factors here are: your staff budget and the number of customers you expect to be serving per hour.

If youre expecting a genuinely massive amount of customers, always consider a top-end bean-to-cup machine, regardless of your capacity to hire great baristas.

As the amount of expected customers decreases, and your payroll budget can accommodate it, start considering semi-automatic or fully-automatic coffee machines. Just bear in mind that additional training will be required if you choose the former.

Manual commercial coffee machines should only ever be considered by extremely high-end, niche establishments that want to give their customers a unique experience in addition to a great cup of coffee. Highly skilled baristas that are going to make consistently excellent cups of coffee with one of these machines are very hard to come by, however, and their wages wont be cheap.

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Order Douwe Egberts From The Netherlands Online

Have you found your desired Douwe Egberts coffee? Place your order online today, and we will do everything we can to deliver it to its destination as soon as possible. Besides Douwe Egberts from the Netherlands, you can of course also order other Dutch products from other renowned brands. Thanks to our wide range of products you can always find your Dutch and Belgian favorites.

More Reviews From The Coffee Maven

I’m Bryan but most people know me as The Coffee Maven. I grew up outside Boston, Massachusetts and received my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Providence College. My first introduction to coffee was during my college days, when I used it as a source of caffeine to fuel late-night study sessions, but soon I became obsessed with the chemistry of coffee. How did changes to water temperature or contact time affect its taste? Why do beans from Africa taste fruity while beans from Indonesia taste spicy? I launched The Coffee Maven in February 2017 to explore these questions and help others brew their perfect cup. Welcome to my site, and thanks for reading!

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Previous Orders At Dutch Expat Shop

Don’t live in the Netherlands, but still want to enjoy a cup of Douwe Egeberts coffee? At Dutch Expat Shop you have come to the right place. As an online supermarket we make it possible to ship more than 20,000 Dutch and Belgian products worldwide. With us you benefit from the following advantages:

  • 2,000 real brands
  • Fully insured up to 500 and 100% delivery guarantee
  • Safe and trusted
  • Excellent customer service rated with a 9.1

Where Does Douwe Egberts Coffee Come From

DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee Beans 95 gm: Buy DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee ...

Egberts Douwe founded his small grocers shop in 1753 in Holland, and named it The White Ox . Working together with his wife, Akke, in the Joure village shop, they retailed some of the popular addictions of the era: coffee, tea and tobacco.


They soon developed a good reputation for their top quality coffee and news quickly spread. Their son, Douwe Egberts, in the family tradition, took over the business around 1780. And he soon learned how to exploit a new business opportunity: supplying coffee shops, restaurants, and eateries with their coffee a business they still do to this day.

They soon became the leader for coffee and tea in the Dutch market. Why not check out this wonderful resource that describes the history of Douwe Egberts in much more detail.

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