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Where To Buy Whole Bean Decaf Coffee

Penny Pinchers Decaf Dark Roast Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Decaf Coffee Beans. The Best Approach With Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.

Penny Pinchers Decaf Dark Roast Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee Bean Direct is a brand that brings you coffee that is both economical and delicious. With carefully selected high-quality beans that are then roasted with extra care in the United States, you can expect a simple yet excellent roast from Coffee Bean Direct.

Plus, beans from this brand are almost always cheap, so you can satisfy your coffee craving without breaking the bank. With gourmet beans, you can have a coffee shop like and high-quality drink in your home.

So theres no need to drive to a coffee shop. Just buy some beans from Coffee Bean Direct. The Decaf Penny Pincher option by them is an excellent choice for those among us who desire that coffee flavor but not the caffeine that comes with it.

A strong and hearty brew, the roast has flavors of black cherry, dark chocolate, and molasses. Combining these flavors give the coffee just a hint of tartiness, making it a truly unique and tasty coffee to enjoy.

Best Instant: Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Decaf Coffee

Mount Hagen Decaf Instant Coffee is organic, fair trade, and downright tasty. Customers describe instant coffee as a well-balanced medium roast, one thatâs surprisingly strong but not too acidic.

You can purchase the product in a 3.53-ounce jar or a box of individually packaged servings, the latter of which is ideal for coffee drinkers who are often traveling or constantly on the go. One note: You won’t be able to control the strength of your brew as easily if you’re using a single-serve packet, so if you like a big cup of coffee or prefer a stronger brew, go for the jar.

Roast: Medium | Size: 3.53-ounce jar or box of 25 single-serve sticks | Available In: Instant | CO2 Process

Available in-store and online at various big-name retailers, The Original Donut Shop is a favorite among Keurig owners, beloved by many for providing quick cups of top-grade coffee. Take that same great coffee, subtract the caffeine, and you get the best decaf coffee pods on the market.

Smooth and flavorful, The Original Donut Shop makes its decaf roast extra bold, packing in even more Arabica beans than in its regular coffee. And even though taste buds vary and coffee preferences can be polarizing, this product has received widespread praise for being just as full-bodied as regular coffee.

Roast: Medium | Size: 6, 12, 24, 72, or 96 pods | Available In: K-Cup | Proprietary information

No Fun Jo: Organic Decaf Coffee Swiss Water Process

No Fun Jo Decaf contains 100% Arabica coffee beans for a bold taste thats round and smooth.

This is a great decaf coffee to choose if youre looking for a variety thats organic and free of GMOs. Its decaffeinated using the Swiss water process, fairtrade certified, and has a medium dark roast thats rich, robust, and indistinguishable from the best regular coffees.

No flavorings are added to this blend, but none are needed because the taste is excellent.

This is also a good option if youre looking for a coffee thats very low in acid.

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Which Decaf Coffee Is The Healthiest

If youre looking for further health benefits for your decaf coffee, coffee beans that havent undergone a chemical process in their could be an excellent idea for you.

However, some decaffeination processes use chemicals. Common chemicals include ethyl acetate or methylene chloride to remove the caffeine from the coffee bean. Over the years, some people have expressed concerns about the health risks associated with these chemicals, causing some folks to question how safe decaffeinated coffee is.

If you feel uncomfortable drinking decaffeinated coffee that has used a chemical process for caffeine removal, you should consider brands that use the Swiss water method.

The healthiest decaf coffee is made using the Swiss water method for caffeine removal. Look for SWM on the label when buying your decaffeinated coffee beans. Coffee brands that use this method include Lifeboost, Koa Coffee, and Volcanica Coffee Company.

How Do I Track My Order

Whole Bean Decaffeinated Coffee

When your coffee is roasted and on its way to you, the tracking number will be emailed to you. Deliveries are usually shipped via USPS and we aim for 3-4 days delivery time, depending on your location. Please take note when you order that not all roasters roast and ship 7 days a week, so there may be some lead time before your order is ready at the roaster itself. We indicate this on the coffees order page itself whenever possible. If you order coffee from multiple roasters, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information separately for each roaster.

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Is Decaffeinated Coffee Safe To Drink

Unless youre cracking open an antique can of old fashioned decaf coffee, youre not likely to run into any safety issues with regards to carcinogenic solvents. Still, some people like to avoid foods that undergo extra process steps like decaffeination.

As you just saw in the last section, youre better off assuming all decaffeinated coffee still has some caffeine leftover, no matter what. If your doctor tells you that you must give up all caffeine, every last drop, then your typical bag of decaf from the store will probably need to stay there.

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What Are The Benefits Of Savoristas Craft Decaf And Low

Savorista is dedicated to providing the best coffee beans for decaf coffee drinkers. This is what makes their coffee better than other brands, as they assure that only the best quality of coffee is sold to customers .

They focus on procuring the highest quality beans, ensuring that they are handpicked and only when ripe. During decaffeination, they make sure that the beans are only processed with natural ingredients while completely avoiding harmful chemicals.

When roasting the beans, its done in small batches to avoid burning them. Once finished, theyre shipped out as soon as possible to keep the freshness.

So whether you want to reduce your caffeine for health reasons or simply want to sleep better at night, you can feel good about drinking Savorista.

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Stone Street Coffee Mayan Decaf

Stone Street makes a truly special blend thats one of the best decaf coffee varieties to choose if you not only want excellent favor but prefer to buy sustainable beans.

This is one of only a handful of coffees to be certified by the Rain Forest Alliance, and its also Swiss water processed to maintain its chemical free composition.

The coffees taste is remarkable, with a very smooth flavor, richness from medium roasting, and little acidity.

The beans in this variety are responsibly sourced from Central America, and each batch is micro-roasted for outstanding quality.

Best Overall: Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

Comparing Grocery Store Decaf Coffees – What is Good?

Even though youve chosen to drink decaffeinated coffee, it doesnt mean that you should compromise on taste, richness, or roast quality.

Lifeboost offers the discerning coffee lover a well-regarded decaf coffee bean with all the top caffeinated coffee elements: a delicious flavor profile, full-bodied taste, and pleasant fruity notes.

Like all decaffeinated coffee in the Lifeboost brand, its very well-priced and made according to the Swiss Water method .

We believe that Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee is the best overall decaf coffee bean.

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Best Budget: Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend

This well-balanced medium roast has strong reviews regarding flavor and bang for your buck. It’s crafted from 100 percent Arabica beans, all of which are sourced in Latin America. The decaf, as well as other Seattle’s Best coffees, is easy to find online or in-person. The main setback of this blend is that it can only be purchased in a 12-ounce bag of ground coffee, rather than larger bags of whole beans. The beans are also decaffeinated through a chemical process rather than the chemical-free Swiss Water Process. Seattle’s Best is a subsidiary of fellow Seattle native Starbucks, but itâs far easier on your wallet and typically billed as a hearty, everyday coffee that keeps it simple.

Roast: Medium | Size: 12 ounces | Available In: Ground | Direct Contact Process

As the name suggests, Volcanica Coffee Company uses the high elevations and rich soil of volcanic mountains to create delicious coffee. Its beans are sourced from countries all across the world, then roasted in Volcanica’s home city of Atlanta, Georgia. The brand also uses the Swiss Water method, which removes caffeine with as few chemicals as possible, all while retaining the beanâs flavor palette.

Roast: Medium | Size: 16 ounces or 5 pounds | Available In: Whole bean and ground | Swiss Water Process

Best Medium Roast: Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf Coffee

Koffee Kult sources its beans from over 50 countries and, as a result, offers a wide array of coffees, including several decaf options. Our favorite is the Colombian decaf. It’s a medium roast that’s versatile enough to enjoy at all times in the day, yet it has underlying hints of dark chocolate and a sweet, syrupy finish to set it apart.

The beans used to make it are sourced directly from Colombia and treated via Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate them. You can buy the coffee as whole beans or pre-ground depending on how hands-on you like your coffee-making to be.

Roast: Medium | Size: 12, 32, or 80 ounces | Available In: Whole bean, ground, and K-Cup | Swiss Water Process

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Best Organic: Jo Coffee No Fun Jo Decaf Medium Dark Roast

If you’re going organic and trying to ditch caffeine at the same time, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better-tasting option than Jo Coffee. Its decaf blend combines notes of sweet blueberry and milk chocolate for a rich flavor you canât resist.

No Fun Jo uses the Swiss Water process to decaffeinate its coffee, which leaves the beans with a more complex flavor. The beans are also fair-trade certified and certified organic.

The decaf blend is available in both whole bean and ground, and you can choose between a 12-ounce bag, a 2-pound bag, and coffee pods.

Roast: Medium-dark | Size: 12 ounces or 2 pounds | Available In: Whole bean, ground, and K-Cup | Swiss Water Process

Are The Coffees On The Webstore Flavored

Reserve Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

No. While flavored decafs do exist, as a chemical-free process, we love to celebrate each coffee’s own unique characteristics. The flavor notes you see under the “cup” description are the tasting notes each roaster has found to describe the flavors a coffee evokes from its own natural terroir and roast profile. No flavoring has been added to the coffees on our store.

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Strong And Flavorful Coffee Minus The Caffeine

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce Eats

Many coffee lovers rely on for their morning joe, or for an afternoon or evening beverage. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find decaf options that taste like “the real thing.” That’s because certain decaffeination processes remove key coffee flavors and may result in a lackluster bag of beans. We rounded up our top picks for decaf die-hards, including different roasts, price points, and forms of coffee from whole bean to pod. The various decaffeination processes are also explained in greater detail, all so that you can make the most informed buying decision.

Here are the best decaf coffees to buy.

Every coffee lover wants decaf to taste like the real thing, and Kicking Horse Coffee is up to the challenge. The company’s decaf blend is a dark roast that customers generally describe as rich, robust, and flavorful. You’ll find notes of roasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate in every sip.

Kicking Horse is certified organic and fair trade and roasts all of its beans right at home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Its coffee is slightly more expensive than a standard supermarket brand, decaf included, but it is easy to find both in-store and online. Plus, you can choose between a 10-ounce bag or a 2.2-pound bag.

Lifeboosts Decaf Coffee Organic & Mountain Shade Grown

The newest contender for best Decaf Coffee is Lifeboosts Decaf Single origin, Mountain shade grown, hand picked, spring water washed, sun dried Certified Organic coffee.

The beans are Swiss Water Processed, which is one of the safest and chemical free ways to decaffeinate coffee.

The mountains of Nicaragua is where only the highest varieties of Arábica and Maragogipe bean are grown. Pesticides are not used.

The ripening process is slow, to guarantee the final product has all the organo-leptic properties of a world-class coffee. Its unique washing, sun drying, and humidity process, combined with a rest period for the beans, are only a few of the secrets to this.

So how does it taste?

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Colombian

This five-pound bag of fresh Colombian decaf beans is perfect for the ultimate coffee enthusiast. Enjoy a light to medium roast that is decaffeinated using the pure Swiss water method, ensuring your coffee is free from chemicals.

Simply put, this method involves soaking raw coffee beans in water that already contains natural coffee flavors. The caffeine is naturally extracted through a diffusion process before being replaced with more coffee flavors, so the beans end up full of flavor but without caffeine.

Key Features

  • Swiss water process
  • Light/medium roast

These beans provide subtle hints of walnut and honey, giving decaf drinkers robust, flavorful, and rich coffee. Enjoy a full-bodied taste without the acidic caffeine. The beans are packaged immediately after roasting to ensure optimal freshness.


These San Francisco Bay beans are full of bold flavors, giving you a tasty brew any time of the day. The medium to light roast gives off a light almond flavor with subtle sweet mandarin and chocolate notes.

Key Features

  • Gourmet blend
  • Medium/light roast

This family-owned company promises freshly roasted and packaged kosher coffee backed with a satisfaction guarantee. You will receive quality whole beans to grind up fresh at home to your desired grind size.

The SF Bay company ensures quality by testing each batch of freshly roasted beans before the coffee is approved to be sent out. You will be sure to get a pack of fresh coffee beans to enjoy at any time of the day.


Fresh Roasted Coffee Sumatra Decaf Fair Trade

Where to Buy Unroasted Coffee Beans in Bulk

Fresh Roasted Coffee makes superb varieties, and one of the best decaf coffee blends that they offer is an organic decaf made from Sumatra beans.

Its mountain water processed, which is an all natural method comparable to the Swiss water process, and comes in whole bean and ground form.

Great care is taken to ensure that the processing of the beans is environmentally friendly, including the roasting process. This particular variety is medium roasted, with gives it great body and a taste that will satisfy any coffee lover.

It is fair trade certified! No additives, flavoring, or preservatives are included, allowing you to fully experience all of this coffees flavor notes.

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Koa Coffee Decaf Kona

Koa Coffee produces incredible blends from Hawaiian coffee beans, including their decaf Kona.

The blend is medium roasted to retain the distinct characteristics that make Kona beans such a favorite among coffee lovers. Swiss water processing is used to allow the flavor of the beans to shine.

This is the coffee that many who have been disappointed with other brands of decaf turn to, as its delicious and you truly cant tell the difference between it and regular coffee.

Its wonderful anytime of day, but it works especially well as an after dinner treat.

What Are Savoristas Ordering Options

One of the things I love about Savorista is that they offer a variety of bean, grind, size, and ordering options so you can find what will work best for you. And you can change it up whenever you want.

You can order half-caf or fully decaffeinated coffee and espresso.

When it comes to the packaging sizes, you can buy 10z, 2.2 lb packs or single-serve packets .

For the bean grind options, there are 6 choices to choose from depending on your preferred brew method:

  • Whole Bean
  • Espresso
  • French Press
  • Percolator
  • Single-serve Pour-over

You also have the option of going for a one-time purchase or a subscription. I started with a one time purchase and then quickly signed up for a subscription. I love not having to remember to reorder and I never run out of espresso.

You can also get a Savorista Shuffle subscription and get the newest blends and beans chosen just for you. Or grab a Sample Pack so you more easily find your favorite. Both would make a great gift, too.

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Wild Coffee Lonestar Decaf Coffee

Wild Coffee is a part of Wild Foods Co., which was founded by Colin Stuckert, whose passion revolves around the quality of foods and supplements. Wild Coffee was born of that same desire. Wild Food Co.s entire gig is to focus on real, raw, as close-to-nature-as-possible ingredients. Based on that, you can guess that their coffee is just what youd expect: untainted coffee. Whole Bean, Fair Trade, Organic, and Single Origin harvested from a high altitude and roasted in small batches to retain all the flavor and aroma coffee drinkers love. Their Lonestar Decaf bag is a blend of light and dark roasted beans from Central and South America, resulting in a fresh, low-acid taste without bitterness. They also have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which is a great incentive to give this decaf a try!

  • Fair Trade and Organic Certified
  • 100% Arabica beans


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